10 Best Online MBA Programs In Louisiana

MBA programs offer a lot of opportunities to students and working professionals. For personal development and professional enhancement, some schools in Louisiana offer online MBA programs that allow students to manage their busy schedules and alternate between school and work.

These programs are usually online, blended learning formats. Hence, this article is on the best online MBA programs in Louisiana. These selections were made based on the Kiiky team ranking methodology.

Louisiana universities offer excellent online MBA degrees. This explains the 68% increase in enrollments in online MBA courses in Louisiana.

This increment is higher than the national growth of 11%. In ranking these top online MBA programs, we consider the duration of the program, accreditation, and school reputation.

The table below highlights different types of MBA, the best online MBA programs in Louisiana, and many other questions relevant to our course of study.

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What Are The Different Types OF MBA?

The options shown below are some of the most common MBA concentrations/degrees:

Is MBA Difficult To Study?

MBA is relatively easy to study. If you’re an average student, don’t think MBA courses are challenging to crack. You can easily handle the course because the subjects in MBA are not too hard.

You’ll quickly scale through MBA courses if you study well and work hard.

Eligibility for MBA Program

The prospective applicant must satisfy one of the following eligibility criteria for admission to the MBA program. A graduate degree under the 10+2+3 or 10+2+4 pattern under any discipline, securing at least 50% marks in aggregate from a recognized university.

How Much Does it Cost to Get an Online MBA?

Technological advancement has enabled one to secure an MBA degree online. Online MBA programs charge tuition per credit hour.

Depending on the school, tuition for online MBA programs ranges from $841 for in-state students/per credit hour to $963 for out-of-state students. Average tuition annually is around $35,489.27 for in-state students to $39,842.20 for out-of-state students.

To enrol for an online MBA program in Louisiana, click the link attached to it to get viable information on their tuition fees.

What Is MBA Salary?

This refers to how much you may earn with your MBA degree. The median starting salary for business school graduates in the U.S. hit $110,000 for the first time in 2017, according to an annual survey by the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC).

That’s a jump of $10,000 over 2015’s starting salary.

How Do I Study for MBA?

Studying for MBA online can be very tasking. However, it would be best if you aimed mainly to excel in your exams.

And to achieve this, you must find the best way to manage all distractions. The tips below will help you study once you enrol in an online MBA program in Louisiana.

5 Study Tips for First-Time MBA Students

  1. Be prepared. “Always prepared” isn’t just the motto for the Boy Scouts. …
  2. Increase your reading speed. For MBA students, investing time in increasing reading speed before your first semester will pay off later. …
  3. Create a daily schedule and stick to it. Break studying into smaller blocks. …
  4. Schedule regular breaks.
  5. Limit TV time.

10 Best Online MBA Universities in Louisiana

#10. University of New Orleans


The University of New Orleans offers flexible, asynchronous learning and unique fields of study, such as Romance Languages, Urban Planning, and Transportation, from bachelor’s to master’s programs.

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All courses are taught by UNO faculty members, assuring the same rigorous education as offered to on-campus counterparts. Students in online courses will use the Moodle learning platform, Adobe Connect for web conferencing, compressed video courses, and some content on iTunes U.

Equally, all the vital university services, including academic advising, career services, and counselling services, are available to online students at UNO.

Tuition Fees$7,150

Number of Programs9

Acceptance Rate60%

Graduation Rate38%

Financial Aid25%

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#9. Louisiana State University at Alexandria


This is the only state-supported undergraduate university in Louisiana. LSUA provides a broad spectrum of affordable undergraduate degrees in a robust academic environment that challenges students to excel and creates proactive and reciprocal relationships that meet the needs of the diverse student body and community it serves.

Louisiana State University Alexandria now has 10-degree programs entirely online. LSUA has offered distance learning since 2001, including those in English, Psychology, Criminal justice, elder care administration, and many more.

The program requires 120 hours of study, whether an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. A full two years for the associates and two years for the bachelor completion.

Students will also enjoy the convenience of accelerated courses, multiple start dates, generous transfer credit acceptance, and a free online orientation course.

Tuition Fees$4,984

Number of Programs7

Acceptance Rate33%

Graduation Rate28%

Financial Aid75%

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#8. University of Louisiana at Lafayette.


The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is the second-largest university in Louisiana, with over 19,000 students, and offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees. Their offerings range from humanities to the hard sciences, and they are among the nation’s leaders in areas such as environmental biology, nursing, and computer science.

Equally, they are among the top 180 universities in the United States in R&D expenditures.

At the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, potential online learners take a readiness assessment to ensure they can handle the unique demands of online education. They choose from four undergraduate degrees, six master’s degrees, one doctorate (the Doctor of Nursing Practice), and three graduate certificate programs.

Again, these fully online programs begin with an orientation in the Moodle platform and then a virtual meeting with an advisor.

Once courses begin in earnest, students can look forward to excellent tech support, career counselling, online tutoring, and library resources to help them maximize their educational pursuits.

Tuition Fees$5,407

Number of Programs5

Acceptance Rate51%

Graduation Rate54%

Financial Aid44%

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#7. McNeese State University


Established in 1939, McNeese State University is nationally ranked as one of the top public universities in the United States. It is recognized as one of the finest regional universities in the South. It is known for having one of the best returns on investment for tuition and high average starting salaries for its graduates.

Furthermore, from the associate in general studies to master’s and specialist programs, McNeese State University offers programs through Louisiana Online, using the Moodle learning platform.

Students can take advantage of generous transfer credit options and prior learning assessments to get a jump-start on degrees in the field such as business, education, nursing, psychology, management, and the like.

Equally, online learners can expect to participate in their online classes at least three to five times weekly. In addition to robust student resources for online students, special scholarships and financial aid options offered through McNeese State University put online learning in even closer reach.

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Tuition Fees$5,147

Number of Programs12

Acceptance Rate64

Graduation Rate45

Financial Aid34

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#6. Nicholls State University


At Nicholls State University, online students can choose from 15 diverse associate or bachelor’s programs and a post-baccalaureate certificate in applied business.

Students can complete their fully online courses in eight-weeks accelerated sessions, allowing a bachelor’s degree to be completed in three years or less.

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Further, Orientation to Nicholls Online prepares students for the rigors of distance learning; then, students are ready to begin taking their first course through the Moodle learning platform. Classes begin in January, March, June, August, and October.

Tuition Fees$4,922

Number of Programs13

Acceptance Rate83%

Graduation Rate45%

Financial Aid37%

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#5. Northwestern State University of Louisiana


At the Northwestern State University of Louisiana, online learning is front and centre, meaning students can choose from 40 fully online programs. These include everything from the associate of general studies to Doctor of Education or Doctor of Nursing Practice, though most online offerings are at the master’s level.

Fast-track classes during the fall and spring are eight weeks long, while summer courses are four-week and eight-week commitments. 

Moreover, Courses are delivered via Moodle and feature online lectures, discussion boards, and online class meetings via WebEx. All students, including out-of-state students, enjoy flat-rate tuition for online learning.

Tuition Fees$5,180

Number of Programs: 35

Acceptance Rate62

Graduation Rate40

Financial Aid49

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#4. Louisiana Tech University


Louisiana Tech University was founded in 1894 in Ruston, Louisiana. The university adheres to the equal opportunity provisions of federal and civil rights laws. It does not discriminate based on race, colour, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, or disability.

Students at Louisiana Tech University can choose from any of its online MBA programs in Louisiana – a bachelor’s degree and several post-baccalaureate options in such fields as engineering, education, history, and business.

Equally, students attend courses through the popular Moodle learning platform. They enjoy a wealth of resources at Louisiana Tech, including the Office of Student Affairs/Advancement, full bookstore and library services, and much more.

Tuition Fees$6,401

Number of Programs11

Acceptance Rate63

Graduation Rate57

Financial Aid75

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#3. Louisiana State University


This university is an Agricultural and Mechanical College commonly known as LSU. It offers master’s degrees and graduate certificates for online learners.

Through Louisiana State university online MBA, students can venture into business, education, social work, construction management, and other fields.

In addition to tech support with the Moodle learning system, other student resources include a robust library system, helpdesk, disability services, proctoring services for test-taking, and the LSU Center for Academic success.

Tuition Fees$8,038

Number of Programs: 8

Acceptance Rate76%

Graduation Rate: 67%

Financial Aid: 57%

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#2. University of Louisiana at Monroe


The University of Louisiana at Monroe offers online MBA programs in Louisiana. Programs range from associates to doctorates; fields of study include health sciences, education, business, behavioral sciences, humanities, and general studies through ULM online.

Furthermore, online undergraduate programs follow an 8-week schedule, while graduate programs stick with the ULM semester schedule.

Likewise, As part of the school’s commitment to distance learners, ULM Online students receive vital support services, such as personal advising, tech support, and proctoring choices.

Tuition Fees$5,788

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Number of Programs33

Acceptance Rate76

Graduation Rate41

Financial Aid62

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#1. Loyola University New Orleans


One of the 10 Best Regional Universities of the South, according to U.S. News & World Report, Loyola University New Orleans offers in-demand, accredited programs in a fully online format.

Based on a long history of academics, Loyola University New Orleans offers one of the best online MBA programs in Louisiana. Programs are offered across all levels and many fields – bachelor, master’s, and doctorate programs in such fields as business, criminology and justice, mass communication, nursing, pastoral studies, and more.

The Plus-30 Credit-Completion Program is for anyone who earned a bachelor’s degree but needs more hours to qualify for credentials in their field. All programs are entirely online, featuring asynchronous, accelerated courses allowing ultimate flexibility.

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Tuition Fees$36,983

Number of Programs6

Acceptance Rate68%

Graduation Rate63%

Financial Aid98%

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How Long Do Online MBA Programs in Louisiana take?

Online MBA programs in Louisiana have become increasingly popular over the years as they offer flexibility and convenience to students who cannot attend traditional classroom settings.

One of the prospective students’ most commonly asked questions is, “how long does it take to complete an online MBA program in Louisiana?” The answer to this question varies, depending on the school’s curriculum, course load, and student availability.

Online MBA programs in Louisiana typically take 18 months to three years. However, some schools may offer accelerated programs that can be completed in as little as one year.

Prospective students must research different schools and offerings before applying to determine which program best suits their needs.

Another factor that affects the duration of an online MBA program is whether a student enrols full-time or part-time.

Online MBA programs FAQs

What is A Master of Business Administration?

A Master of Business Administration, commonly known as an MBA, is a postgraduate degree in Business Administration; it covers a wide range of Business fields, such as marketing, accounting, and management. This article explores the requirements of an MBA degree program and its benefits.

Is MBA and CA the same?

 MBA is different from CA. MBA is a general degree, whereas CA is a specialisation of sorts. Secondly, what matters are your grades in BCom and MBA and type of institutions you pursue them from. An MBA from a greater Noida College is not Equivalent to MBA from IIMs(older ones) and some other top-rung institutes.

Do an MBA degree has benefits?

Any graduate degree, particularly an MBA, will add different benefits to a career. MBA degrees are the standard job qualification for various business and management positions. Graduate schools are always a great place to network with students, professors and others who may provide future job help and opportunity.

What are the best Jobs for MBA Graduates?

The 10 Best Jobs for MBA Graduates
1. Chief Technology Officer. …
2. Computer and Information Systems Manager. …
3. Financial Manager. …
4. Health Services Manager. …
5. High-End Management Consultant. …
6. Information Technology (IT) Director. …
7. Investment Banker. …
8. Investment Fund Manager.
9. Marketing manager
10. Sales Manager

How long does it take to complete an online MBA?

An online MBA typically takes two years to complete. However, some accelerated programs can be completed in 18, 15, or even 12 months, whereas some part-time programs can take three to six years to complete.

What affects a university’s reputation?

The reputation of the university itself strongly impacts the reliability of the online degree program it offers. … The reputation of the online program is also impacted by accreditation. Employers look for MBA degrees earned from AACSB-accredited programs.


The online MBA programs in this article offer a fantastic opportunity to work and learn. Only the best MBA programs online have been listed based on the program’s quality, faculty strength, school awards, types of courses provided, rankings, and reputation.

Graduates with an online MBA have the experience, skills, and professional networks they need to advance their careers, even in a tight job market. MBAs give individuals the practical business expertise they need to climb the career ladder at their current organization.

This article explains all you need to begin your pursuit of an MBA degree online.



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