15 Online Floral Design Classes in 2022 | Free & Paid

With the beauty of nature, flower design can change any space. You can learn to make your own flower design, and even earn as a florist by taking any of the Online Floral Design Classes.

Floral design classes or floral schools are popular among those who want to learn how to become florists or arrange flowers. You may learn from skilled, accomplished florists from the comfort of your own home with online floral design classes.

We’ll go through what to look for when choosing the best online floral design classes, compare our top picks, and address some frequently asked floral design questions.

If you’re looking for online floral design classes, check out these suggestions, which cater to all skill levels, from beginners to budding floral professionals. 

Can I take online classes on Floral Design?

Floral design schools and floral design classes can teach anyone how to design and put together flower designs for any occasion using online platforms.

The majority of Floral Design Classes concentrate on certain aspects of flower care and design. While some platforms provide a single floral design program, others provide a series of workshops that educate students for a future in floristry.

In the subject of floristry, practical knowledge and expertise are highly recognized. Although a floral certificate is not essential to work as a florist, it can help lay the groundwork for a profession and provide valuable real-world experience.

What to consider when selecting the Best Online Floral Design Classes

When looking for the best online floral design programs, there are a few things to think about. Some examples are:

Pricing and Platform

A floral school’s website or an online learning platform can both provide Floral Design Classes. A website that provides educational content, resources, and teaching all in one place is known as an online learning platform.

Students will be able to purchase the lesson individually or as part of a subscription, depending on the platform.

Students who choose a subscription-based learning platform can enroll in as many classes as they desire for one set charge. However, if students are only interested in taking one class, a subscription may not be the best option.

Student Skill Proficiency

It’s critical for students seeking an online florist class to enroll in a course that matches their skill level and knowledge.

Students who are new to flower arranging should look for classes that are designed specifically for them. The content in the intermediate and advanced classes will be oriented toward those with more expertise or who wish to learn more about specialized techniques.

Curriculum and Class Length

Some classes are only an hour-long, while others are ongoing courses that last a few weeks. Students should select a class that corresponds to the amount of time they are able and ready to devote.

Some floral design classes concentrate on a single design or project, while others cover a wide range of topics and design styles. A student should carefully examine the course description to ensure that the curriculum meets their expectations.

Required Materials

Floral tape, scissors, pruning snips, floral foam, preservatives, containers, and flowers are common materials that students will need to bring with them. Some platforms will mail materials to pupils or provide discount codes so that they can buy flowers in bulk.

Access to Information

Students usually get lifetime access to stand-alone classes. Students can only access classes purchased through an online subscription platform for as long as they keep their subscription active.

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What are the Online Floral Design Classes?

Having discussed a bit about the value of online floral design classes, let’s begin the discussion on the best online floral design classes available for you. They include;

1. Flower Arranging: Learn how to arrange like a Pro – Skillshare

The first online floral design class on our list is on Skillshare, and it’s taught by flower expert Denise Porcaro.

Denise has spent the last 10 years focusing on her New York-based firm, Flower Girl NYC, where she has devoted time to her main passion: flowers, despite having a background in film production design.

In six short classes, Denise will show you how to put together beautiful flower designs from the perspective of a professional. She is familiar with floral designs for different capacities and event types.

As a beginner’s course, this is a great place to start learning basic skills, becoming inspired and gaining confidence to take new steps in the profession.

You’ll learn how to choose the best option, work with certain materials, choose vessels, and trim flowers and branches appropriately throughout this lesson.

2. Floral Composition Design and Creation – Domestika

This best-selling Domestika course is perfect for creative beginners looking for inspiration and assistance as they begin their journey into the realm of flower creations.

Throughout the course, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of floral composition, flower classification, color theory, and how to preserve your designs like a pro.

You’ll also learn how to create a personal process and style by brainstorming references.

You’ll make three possible compositions for your class project: an oasis block centerpiece, an elongated centerpiece, and a ceiling floral installation.

Constructing these objects will provide you with the necessary tools to create compositions for a variety of events and spaces.

3. Flowers Arranging-Creativebug

Studio Choo creators Alethea and Jill teach these Floral Design Classes on Creativebug, a platform for all types of makers.

The floral pair has collaborated on this course to teach you how to make floral centerpieces from scratch, drawing on their combined experience in book writing and many magazine articles.

Your instructors will show you how to employ seasonal materials, layer with branches, berries, and flowers for a seemingly seamless result, and build up techniques to assemble natural-looking designs for holiday-inspired centerpieces.

Other abilities addressed in this course include color mixing, movement creation, and sculpting.

4. The Complete Guide to Flower Box Arrangement – Udemy

While it’s common to think outside the box, Mei Wang shows you how to uncover incredible potential by thinking in the opposite direction.

Your tutor will show you how to make beautiful, boxed flower designs that will impress even the most discerning flower enthusiasts throughout this class.

You’ll learn how to make magnificent, long-lasting box vessels, recycle materials, and include background and filler flowers using simple techniques and drills, all while working on seven mini-projects.

This lesson includes a portion dedicated to designing flower arrangements for special events and seasons, which is wonderful information to get you started on your next Valentine’s Day present or to inspire your holiday table setting this year.

5. Create Wedding Flower Centerpieces and Bouquets – CreativeLive

Weddings are one of the first things that come to mind when we think of floral designs.

This CreativeLive course offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to participate in a fun session on creating bridal-inspired floral designs over the course of seven hours.

Kiana Underwood, the instructor, will show you how to transform basic flowers into breathtaking works of art and how to draw inspiration from nature while conveying romanticism through your creations.

Kiana will explain how to prepare flowers for gorgeous, individualized bouquets, flower crowns, and corsages that will be used to decorate wedding venues and accessorize brides and attendants.

This course is a great choice whether you’re thinking about pursuing an event planning career or if you’re the one in charge of preparing your big day and looking for creative ways to stay on budget.

6. Floral Decoration: Joyful and Colourful Compositions

Justine Beaussart will demonstrate how environmentally responsible approaches are at the heart of many of the most stunning flower displays you see every day.

Although most of the floral design workshops in our book address sustainability, Justine’s passion and job as an artist are to promote it.

Making a floral design without floral foam: a more environmentally responsible method is one of the highlights of this workshop. During this time, you will learn about basic flower varieties and categories (main, secondary, and fillers), as well as essential tools and vessels.

Justine will wrap up the class by coaching you through your class project, which is to create a floral composition based on a topic of your choice. Your instructor will also demonstrate how to price, sell, and photograph your work.

Other Online Floral Design Classes available by ranking include;

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7. Best Overall: Penn Foster Career School

You can become a proficient flower designer in just five months if you enroll at the Penn Foster Career School.

This comprehensive flower design course is for those considering a career in the field. This site provided the best balance of features out of the full course offerings focused on career florists.

The learning environment is well-designed and has a mobile-friendly design as well as progress tracking.

You’ll be assigned a dedicated success coach once you’ve enrolled. The program covers seven courses, including Design Tools & Basics and Floral Design Business.

The tuition is in the middle range, at $899 if paid automatically monthly or $769 if paid in full. Students will be required to purchase certain additional supplies in addition to the program fee in order to do hands-on floral exercises at home.

It’s also worth noting that the Penn Foster Career School is accredited both regionally and nationally.

8. Best Budget-friendly: Skillshare

Skillshare is a standout for online learning, with features like reviews and course previews.

The floral design coursework available on Skillshare is more suited to a hobbyist or someone who already has a basic understanding of the subject and wants to try out some new approaches.

If you want to start a career in floral design, consider taking any of the online floral design classes below on Skillshare.

  • design a hand-tied bouquet,
  • Flower Designs for Container Gardens,
  • Design a Dried Floral Bouquet, and more floral design, classes

The most popular one on Bouquet Making has been taken by over 4,000 students.

This site was named Most Budget because it offers the best value for your money. All of the floral design courses are offered for $14 per month as part of a low-cost monthly membership.

You can even attend one or more floral lessons for free if you have a free trial.

9. Best for Career: Ashworth College

Penn Foster Career School and Ashworth College are also good places to start a floral design career. There are, however, some distinctions between the two possibilities.

For those who want to graduate with a diploma in hand and attend a live commencement ceremony, Ashworth College may be a better choice.

The course is divided into 16 modules, with topics such as Basic Design Techniques and Wedding Design covered. This floral design program lasts four months, but you have up to a year after enrollment to finish your coursework.

Depending on how you pay, tuition is either $699 or $899, which is a terrific deal when compared to some of the more expensive options.

Ashworth College is a well-regarded institution that is a great option for anyone wishing to advance their profession. Penn Foster, on the other hand, was the best overall since it provided more upfront information regarding courses and the learning experience.

10. Best Option for Beginners: American School of Flower Design

Do you want to learn from a famous floral designer? You can at the American School of Flower Design. Michael Gaffney teaches workshops there, which are great for beginners wishing to dip their toes into the floral design world.

You’ll learn how to perfect one popular flower design in each class. Each class will teach you how to master one popular flower design and will include the flowers and tools needed to construct the design.

Furthermore, each session includes the flowers and equipment needed to make the design, making the $150 per lesson even more affordable.

Your flowers will be sent via FedEx overnight shipping once you purchase a class, and the lesson will be accessible to view instantly.

11. Best for Continuing Education: Floral Design Institute

Once you’ve earned a diploma in floral design from an approved university, your study doesn’t end there. Floral designers that are always expanding their expertise and earning new qualifications are the most skilled.

The Flower Design Institute offers a popular floral program called Advanced Floral Design Certification. This organization has started giving an online option, making the certification even more accessible to those who are unable to travel.

You must have completed their Basic Floral Design course or 500 hours of on-the-job training to register. Florists will benefit from this instruction in Wedding Design, Contemporary, European, and Asian Design, Tropical Flowers, and Floral Marketing.

The cost is $950, but you’ll also need to buy fresh flowers and supplies for some jobs.

12. Best for Hobbyists: Udemy

Udemy, like Skillshare, has a large number of classes on a variety of topics. Users can also get reviews and course previews on this site, as well as detailed instructor profiles.

The biggest distinction between Udemy and Skillshare is the method of payment. Each course on Udemy has purchased a la carte, which means that taking many classes will cost more.

There are, however, many more floral design courses—upwards of 50—and they are generally more comprehensive. Floral Design—Not Just Flower Arranging, Floral Design 101, The Complete Guide to Flower Box Design, and other courses are available.

Classes range in length from 45 minutes to three hours and focus on modern flower design techniques.

These fashionable designs are popular among hobbyists, but they don’t replace the underlying knowledge provided by some of the applications mentioned. The workshops cost between $25 and $100 and do not include any flowers or supplies.

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13. Most Creative: Team Flower

Team Flower provides a welcoming online learning platform for all things floral to students. The online community that the corporation has developed for its students is one of the site’s key draws.

Their website has almost 2,000 followers, while their Instagram account has over 50,000.

The online classes offered by Team Flower are divided into three categories: design, business, and growing. The course content is creative and entertaining, despite the site’s flaws.

These are the educators you want teaching you how to build floral designs that seem like they belong on an influencer’s Instagram feed.

Each course description includes information on what to expect as well as cost. For example, the Bouquets and Personals session contains six hours of teaching and costs roughly $499 if paid in full (an eight-month payment plan is also available for $74 per month).

Each session comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

14. Fusion Style Floral Design Masters Course – Udemy

For students interested in diving deeper into contemporary flower design, the 3.5-hour Fusion Style Floral Design Master Course tackles advanced techniques and floral design philosophy.

The Fusion Style Floral Design Master Course, available through Udemy, focuses on sophisticated structural designs including binding/tatami, chicken wire, hammering, and integrated tatami and hammering.

The lesson is taught by World Floral Design Champion Mark Pampling, who focuses on modern floral design in order to prepare students for work in today’s floristry industry.

Pampling discusses floral design ideas and advanced construction techniques for adding height and shape to tall installations and modest designs.

15. Design Stunning Floral Designs

Design Stunning Floral Designs is a 30-day course offered by MasterClass that guides students through the creation of five floral designs.

Maurice Harris, a Los Angeles-based floral designer and one of the hosts of HBO Max’s Full Bloom, a floral design competition show, will teach the workshop.

The course offers an introduction to floral design as well as instruction in single-stem, table, bouquet, and wreath designs to students of all abilities.

Students should keep in mind that assignments will have due dates throughout the semester, which differs from the requirements of a stand-alone session.

The course emphasizes developing skills through individual projects that become more difficult, culminating in a trademark design in each student’s own style.

What will I learn In an Online Floral Design Class?

The lessons here cover a wide range of floral design abilities for both amateur and professional florists. Design a Hand Tied Bouquet, Flower Designs for Container Gardens, and Design a Dried Floral Bouquet will all be covered in Skillshare courses.

Design Tools & Basics and The Business of Floral Design are two courses offered by the Penn Foster Career School.

If you enroll in the Floral Design Institute’s Advanced Floral Design Certification course, you will learn how to improve your talents in Wedding Design, Contemporary, European, and Asian Design, Tropical Flowers, and Floral Marketing.

What are the advantages of taking Floral Design Classes Online?

Everything from basic knowledge to advanced technical abilities can be learned through online flower design lessons. Here are a few more advantages of taking design lessons online.

  • Take the class at your own pace.
  • Choose your projects and materials.
  • Choose a class that is appropriate for your skill level and expertise.
  • Concentrating on a single method.

How Much Do Floral Design Classes Online Cost?

Workshops, extended programs, and solo courses are all accessible as an online floral design class. The cost of programs varies substantially depending on whether they are studied online or at a specialized floral design college.

Individual lessons can cost anywhere from $24.99 to $150, while annual learning platform subscription rates can be as low as $180 for unlimited classes on a variety of topics.

The costs of attending a floral design school range from $1,850 for an intense weeklong program to $2,350 for a 120-hour basic curriculum if a student is interested in more career-focused programs.

For students with a basic instruction certificate or florists with at least 500 hours of job experience, several institutions offer subsidized advanced programs. Keep in mind that some floral design schools may provide financial aid to help with tuition.

What will I require for an online floral design class?

Each class will specify which resources you will require. If you opt to take a class on Skillshare or Udemy, you will be responsible for purchasing and obtaining the flowers, tools, and other additional materials.

The fee for each lesson at the American School of Flower Design includes the flowers and supplies required to finish the design. They’ll be delivered to you via FedEx overnight shipping.


You will learn everything you need to know about flowers while working at your own pace in the comfort of your own home and following the step-by-step training in our proven online programs.

Although the floral design industry has grown in recent years, there is still more ground to be covered in terms of using creative, sustainable ways and breaking the rules of more traditional approaches to this profession.


You can absolutely teach yourself the art of floristry

Florists can make decent money

While you will not get rich as a florist, you may still be able to make pretty decent money.

Many people assume you need a degree, license, or formal certification to become a florist before you start working in floral design, but formal certification is not a requirement to work as a floral designer

You can get into this job through an intermediate apprenticeship in floristry. This will usually take 2 years to complete as a mix of workplace learning and off-the-job study.




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