15 Online Colleges In Maryland For International Students

Although it’s a small state, Maryland has a lot to offer prospective college students. Being Maryland college students provides them with the highest-quality and most affordable education online, making it one state with one of the best online colleges for international students.

So, if you are trying to enroll in an accredited online college in Maryland as an international student, you are in the right place.

Online colleges in Maryland serve diverse populations with flexible educational opportunities that help learners update or acquire new skills.

Also, you can maintain a full-time job and continue your education. Some schools even offer fast training to get your bachelor’s degree in less time.

This article will list the best online college in Maryland for international students, what they offer, and how online education can open up new opportunities.

Why Study in Maryland for Online College?

Online colleges in Maryland serve diverse populations with flexible educational opportunities that help learners update or acquire new skills. 

Flexibility serves as the primary allure of virtual classrooms, which provide single parents, full-time workers, underserved populations, and laid-off employees with the opportunity to earn online degrees while juggling multiple obligations.

There are a lot of reasons why you can study in Maryland online colleges is:

  • Online colleges in Maryland have one of the best programs.
  • The online degrees at the University of Maryland Global Campus rank highly among similar programs.
  • Studying in any of the online colleges in Maryland will give you the ability to learn your dream profession and the opportunities to improve your technical skills.
  • Also, enrolling in any of the online colleges in Maryland will allow you to save money.
  • You will have the flexibility to work and school at once.
  • In addition, online colleges in Maryland are accessible.  

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15 Top Best Online Colleges in Maryland for International Students

Here are the best online colleges in Maryland for international students.

  • University of Maryland-University College
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Anne Arundel Community College
  • College of Southern Maryland
  • Towson University
  • University of Maryland, College Park
  • McDaniel College
  • Stevenson University
  • Frostburg State University
  • Capitol Technology University
  • University of Maryland-Baltimore County
  • Goucher College
  • Salisbury University
  • Prince George’s Community College
  • The Community College of Baltimore County

#1. University of Maryland-University College

Admission Rate: 51%

Graduation Rate: 85%

Tuition: $6816

University of Maryland-University College in Adelphi is one of the best online colleges in Maryland for international students. Also, UMUC is the institution system’s primary distance education provider.

It has over 30 bachelor’s degrees, 15 master’s degrees (several with numerous specialties), and two Ph.D. degrees in management.

Graduates and undergraduates can also get certificates. At UMUC, not every program has to be entirely online; instead, students can select a hybrid program to attend certain in-person classes on weekday evenings or weekends.

In addition, Middle States Commission on Higher Education accredits UMUC.

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#2. Johns Hopkins University

Acceptance Rate: 11%

Graduation Rate: 93%

Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, is one of the best online colleges in Maryland for international students. 

The college’s School of Arts and Sciences, Carey Business School, School of Education, School of Engineering, School of Nursing, and School of Public Health all provide online degree programs.

At John Hopkins University, you will discover a full-packed experience with the knowledge you will use today and in the future.

Furthermore, the institution has four standout degrees in computer science, electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, and environmental engineering. 

These degrees teach a quantitative, data-driven approach to research and help students seek out cross-disciplinary approaches to problem-solving.

Courses are mostly taught in an asynchronous format, allowing maximum scheduling flexibility as you work toward your degree. So, if you wish to transfer to Johns Hopkins, you must have completed at least 12 college credits.

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#3. Anne Arundel Community College

Admission Rate: 100%

Graduation Rate: 32.3%

Anne Arundel Community College in Arnold, Maryland, is also one of the best online colleges in Maryland for international students.

The college offers more than a dozen associate degrees online, with most programs in business topics.

Also, students who desire to transfer to a four-year institution to finish their bachelor’s degrees should pursue associate-level transfer degrees.

Furthermore, the college offers nearly 20 online programs leading to certificates, most of which are in business or computer information systems.

Along with fully online programs, students can enroll in individual online courses for credit or non-credit courses for personal growth or job training.

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#4. College of Southern Maryland

Admission Rate: 100%

Graduation Rate: 30.0%

The college of southern Maryland is one of the best online colleges in Maryland for international students. This college has seven degrees that students can get through online classes.

Students who finish these three associate degrees can transfer to one of the around 60 partner universities.

Online career associate degrees are available in alternatives, such as computer information systems, information services technology, and web development for students seeking immediate employment skills.

Additionally, there are online certificate programs that are shorter versions of these career programs that require students to take less coursework.

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#5. Towson University

Acceptance Rate: 79%

Graduation Rate: 76%

Towson University in Towson, MD, is one of the best online colleges in Maryland for international students. This college offers certificates and master’s degrees in various disciplines, such as autism studies, information technology, human resources, occupational science, nursing, and media, all delivered through the Blackboard learning platform.

Furthermore, Towson university offers an online bachelor’s completion program in allied health; distance learning shines at the graduate level.  

So, to ensure that online students face the same rigorous education as their campus counterparts, the college offers the Online Edge Program to assist instructors in honing their skills in online education.

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#6. University of Maryland, College Park

Acceptance Rate: 51%

Graduation Rate: 85%

The University of Maryland-College Park is also one of the best online colleges in Maryland for international students.

The school has a lot of online program options, especially at the graduate level, which you can choose from as a student in the school.

Some examples of the available programs are Graduate certificates and master’s degrees in engineering, library science, public health, nursing, and entomology.

Furthermore, students pursuing online programs at the University of Maryland-College Park will receive the same in-depth education their campus counterparts receive and use many student services.

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#7. McDaniel College

Acceptance Rate: 81%

Graduation Rate: 67%

McDaniel College in Westminster, MD, is a private liberal arts school and one of the best online colleges in Maryland for international students that offers fully online and hybrid distance learning programs for graduate students.

The college features a wide range of specific options that focus on the education field, with both master’s degrees and certification programs.

Furthermore, as an online student, you can earn master’s degrees and certificates that prepare you for careers in education and schools, such as the MS programs in school librarianship, educational leadership, TESOL, and curriculum instruction. 

Available certificates in this area include disability services in higher education, school administration, learning technologies specialist, and equity and excellence in education.

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#8. Stevenson University

Acceptance Rate: 89%

Graduation Rate: 56%

Stevenson University is a private, independent institution founded in 1947 in Stevenson, MD. It is one of the best online colleges in Maryland for international students.

Distance learners can choose from various undergraduate and graduate programs, including popular investigative sciences and legal studies.

Also, online students earn a master’s degree in crime scene investigation, cyber forensics, digital forensics, and forensic science.

Furthermore, Stevenson offers associate to bachelor’s programs in nursing and bachelor’s to master’s options in several fields, which gives it an added feature.

With these programs, you can earn both degrees and save time and money on multiple courses. Tuition reductions are available for students pursuing their degrees through one of Stevenson’s partnerships. 

These partners are on a predetermined list located on the online homepage of community colleges and healthcare organizations.  

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#9. Frostburg State University

Acceptance Rate: 74%

Graduation Rate: 54%

Frostburg University is a state university in Frostburg, MD, and one of the best online colleges in Maryland for international students. They offer both online and hybrid courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

FSU’s RN to BSN nursing degree prepares students with online classes and some hands-on, supervised training at facilities near the student. 

In addition, the school has more online degrees at the master’s level in business administration, recreation and parks management, applied computer science, and special education.

As an incoming freshman, you can take introductory and necessary courses online to start making headway toward your degree before your first fall semester.

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#10. Capitol Technology University

Acceptance Rate: 84%

Graduation Rate: 48%

Capitol Technology University is a private nonprofit school and one of the online colleges in Maryland for international students that offers online degree programs in flexible synchronous and hybrid formats.

Most degrees at Capitol are graduate level, but distance learners can earn Bachelor of Science degrees in business administration, cyber and information security, or management of cyber and information technology.

For these undergraduate programs, you may be able to complete your junior and senior year coursework entirely online.

Online master’s degrees can be completed in an accelerated format, with eight-week and 16-weeks courses entirely online. 

Also, Master’s students can prepare for careers in quickly growing technological fields with degrees in computer science, cybersecurity, and cyber analytics.

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#11. University of Maryland-Baltimore County

Admission Rate: 69%

Graduation Rate: 69%

The University of Maryland-Baltimore County is a public research institution and one of the best online colleges in Maryland for international students; that was established in 1966.

The institution has four online master’s degrees and three post-baccalaureate certificates. 

Some distance learning programs in the field of education, emergency health, information systems

Also, instructional systems development offers cutting-edge training over three to four years for master’s students and one year for certificate seekers.

Also, the university’s instructional system development program produces technically-trained professionals who go on to careers at places like IBM, the National Security Agency, T. Rowe Price, research hospitals, and many others.

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#12. Goucher College

Acceptance Rate: 79%

Graduation Rate: 71%

In Baltimore, MD, Goucher College is one of the best online colleges in Maryland for international students. Goucher College offers a large number of low-residency graduate programs.

You must attend intense, on-campus residencies twice a year during most programs. 

You can also deliver your coursework online, with some classes offered asynchronously and other students required to participate in real-time sessions.

Furthermore, Goucher does not offer any online programs that do not require a residency. 

Goucher’s M.F.A. in Creative Writing also requires residencies, usually scheduled each semester. The creative writing program also allows students to intern with a literary journal, magazine, newspaper, or publisher.

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#13. Salisbury University

Acceptance Rate: 78%

Graduation Rate:  67%

Salisbury University is also one of the best online colleges in Maryland for international students. It offers an online master of social work (MSW) degree accredited by the CSWE (Council on Social Work Education). 

Courses are available in seven-week blocks throughout the year. Students accepted to the regular program can expect to complete the 62 credits required for the MSW degree in three years.

Furthermore, You can get an online Master of Science in Geographic Information Systems Management (MS-GISM) degree from Salisbury University’s Department of Geography and Geosciences.

This course is the country’s only fully online MS-GISM program with a distinct focus on public GIS administration.

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#14. Prince George’s Community College

Acceptance Rate: 100%

Graduation Rate: 7.5%

Prince George’s Community College is one of the online colleges in Maryland for international students. The university delivers more than 250 online courses using several formats.

Most online classes follow the campus academic calendar and are asynchronous, so students can access the content anytime. Some courses are entirely online but offered in an accelerated format shorter than a semester.

Furthermore, PGCC has four online Associate in Applied Science degrees, two in business and two in criminal justice or legal studies. 

Students who want to transfer to a four-year school can earn a transfer degree in general studies with several possible majors. Also, business students can earn a business transfer degree online.

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#15. The Community College of Baltimore County

Acceptance Rate: 100%

Graduation Rate:  11%

The Community College of Baltimore is ramping up its online offerings, and by the fall of 2018, it will have 15 associate degrees and five certificates available online. 

Also, the college scores highly on flexibility by offering 14 start dates throughout the year for online courses and programs.

Students can choose from five-course timeframes: five, seven-, 10-, 12-, and 15-week classes are available.

Furthermore, online students can complete the degree in 21 months, completing 21 classes by taking two classes in each seven-week term, making it one of the best online colleges in Maryland for International students.

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What are the Benefits of Choosing an Online College in Maryland?

Here are the benefits of choosing online colleges:

#1. The “Home” Advantage

Digital learning has made learning exciting and fun for students. Learning from anywhere would not be possible without the emergence of the internet and its excellent connectivity throughout the nation. 

Thanks to the digital era, you can now learn from the comfort of your home through online classes.

#2. Avoid the Traffic

Online classes have eliminated the necessity of traveling daily to attend coaching classes, which, too, after school can be pretty exhausting. 

Rush hour traffic is not something you have to deal with. Alternatively, you can grab a glass of water or milk, freshen up, and begin learning at your leisure at home.

#3. Save Time and Money

Transportation used to take a lot of time and money. You can save time, money, and energy by using virtual classrooms, which is one of its main benefits. You can take some time to rest and recharge.

#4. Increases convenience and flexibility

Online classes are essential because they are much more convenient and flexible than traditional learning platforms. 

This flexibility allows you to balance your school work and family obligations while excelling in your studies. It also enables you to access additional courses and pursue hobbies too.

#5. Enhance Self Discipline

Succeeding in online classes requires self-discipline among students. As you progress with online classes, you don’t need a teacher, parents, or friends to push you to complete an assignment.

Online classes strengthen your self-discipline in other aspects of your life, like physical fitness and mental stability, and even build better relationships.

#6. It Optimises Focus

With online classes, it’s much easier for you to focus on what you’re doing. You can concentrate and study in the right environment. You can wear a pair of headphones if your surroundings are distracting.

If you’re struggling to concentrate in traditional classes, online classes might be an ideal option for you.

#7. Networking Opportunities

One benefit of online education is the ability to network with peers from all around the country or even from other nations.

This opens an array of other opportunities to collaborate with other students to implement a project. 

What are the average Tuition Fees of Online Colleges in Maryland?

The average cost of tuition and fees for in-state students attending four-year public schools in Maryland is slightly above the national average. 

However, out-of-state learners at public institutions in Maryland pay more than $1,000 less than the national average.

The average tuition for private schools in Maryland is more than $10,000 higher than the national average. Most learners need financial assistance to fund their college education regardless of the school type. 

Meanwhile, online learning also makes you culturally sensitive and accustoms you to fit into other environments easily when exposed to different cultures.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there is a comparison between in-state tuition ($9,289) and out-of-state tuition ($24,353).

Are There Scholarships For Online Colleges in Maryland For International Students?

Here are some of the scholarships:

  • AFCEA Washington, DC Chapter Scholarships
  • Cynthia E. Morgan Memorial Scholarship
  • Edward T. and Mary A. Conroy Memorial Scholarship
  • 2+2 Transfer Scholarship
  • Howard P. Rawlings Guaranteed Access Grant
  • Hal and Jo Cohen Graduate Nursing Faculty Scholarship
  • Esperanza Education Fund Scholarship
  • Korean American Scholarship Foundation (Eastern Regional Chapter) College/Graduate Scholarship, etc.

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FAQs About The Best Online Colleges in Maryland For International Students

Is it worth it to do online college?

Online programs are worth it, depending on the student’s circumstances. Contrary to popular belief, online programs are not easier than on-campus programs. Online programs aren’t necessarily more affordable, but they can be.

Can you get an appointment with an online degree?

In short, yes. Historically, recruiters have had concerns about unaccredited online programs known for offering degrees to anyone who can pay for it. They’re far less concerned nowadays – as long as your degree comes with accreditation.

What are the advantages of taking online courses?

– Online courses are flexible
– It brings education rights to your doorstep.
– Online courses help you meet interesting people.
– Also, online courses give you real-world skills, etc.

Can international students enroll in online colleges in Maryland?

An F-1 student may only enroll in one online or distance learning course every term or semester to fulfill their full course of study.


After reading through this article, you will see that enrolling in any of the online colleges in Maryland as an international student will give you the opportunity to gain knowledge and communication skills. Also, you will be able to advance in your field.

Good luck!!!



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