How To Become A Hunting Product Tester In 2023 | Full Guide

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that 13.7 million Americans hunted commercially or recreationally in 2011. Over $33.7 billion was brought in by these hunters for the trade. Given these figures, it shouldn’t be a shock that many individuals want to become hunting product testers and are interested in serving as field testers for hunting gear.

Companies frequently use distributors or marketing agencies, which employ product testers to assess products, ascertain their capabilities, and ascertain the usage they can withstand. When marketing the product, the company bases its claims on the opinions of the product testers. 

As a product tester, you’ll utilize a product or carry out specified tests following a protocol and assess the product using metrics important to the business. Following that, you will provide the business with thorough feedback regarding your product usage and any additional pertinent information you may have.

You can execute product testing more effectively if you better understand how the product should operate, the experience it should deliver, and the company’s expectations of the product.

Are you aware that various outdoor and hunting equipment is available for hunting product testers to test out? You can test multiple products as long as you stay within the maximum number of monthly tests because hunting and outdoor activities call for various gear. 

Before you become a hunting product tester, arm yourself with more knowledge, which is why this article was put together.

Who is a Hunting Product Tester?

A hunting product tester is a person who uses or performs certain tests using hunting gear by a method and assesses the hunting gear using criteria that are important to the business.

A hunting product tester follows up by providing the business with in-depth comments regarding his experience with the equipment and any further valuable information he may have.

Hunting Product testers’ jobs give exclusive access to new items before they are released, and hunting product testers frequently get to keep the product after the testing is complete. There are lots of people who test hunting gear in a wild setting. 

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Why Do Hunting Equipment Manufacturers Hire Product Testers?

Employing hunting product testers for hunting equipment allows businesses to assess each item’s capabilities and range of possible applications. The corporation then makes claims about the product when selling it based on the product tester’s input. 

Businesses frequently make products available for persons to test to understand how the market might respond to a particular product. In this manner, the business can predict if the product it is about to introduce will be well-received by its target market. The chosen hunting product testers receive the free trial products and are asked to provide honest feedback after utilizing the product, whether favorable or unfavorable.

Are Hunting Product Testers Legit?

Yes, several legit and trustworthy hunting product testers exist for hunting functions in various businesses. Product testing is crucial to these industries’ business operations since the information hunting product testers gather for testing purposes is frequently used as a main marketing talking point. 

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What Are The Eligibility Requirements For Hunting Product Tester?

It takes a special kind of person to test hunting equipment. Unlike kitchen or office equipment or shoes, it cannot be tested by anyone. To be able to give the product producers the accurate information they require, a hunting product tester must be an actual regular hunter.

If you frequently spend a lot of time outdoors hunting in challenging situations, you can be a great aid and will be easily hired for hunting product tester jobs. As long as you have experience and are at least 17 years old, it doesn’t matter what gender you are.

How To Become a Hunting Product Tester?

It takes work to get hired for hunting product tester jobs. It isn’t just about writing a product tester application. Here are specific steps we can recommend that will position you well for the role of a hunting product tester:

#1. Make Direct Contact With Manufacturers

To become a hunting product tester, contact the businesses that produce the products you want to test. In the fall, many employers accept resumes. 

Offer to record yourself using it on video or create a list of the product’s advantages and disadvantages. 

#2. Take Up Freelance Writing

Well-read and well-written hunters are considerably more likely to be approached by manufacturers or outside parties to serve as hunting product testers.

Even if your first few tasks are unpaid, offer to write hunting-related pieces for publications like “Field & Stream,” “Outdoor Life,” “Bowhunter,” or “Whitetail Journal” to build your reputation. Pick subjects that highlight your areas of expertise.

The number of hunting product testers opportunities and the worth of the items you are asked to test will increase as your writing credentials do.

#3. Make contact with outside organizations.

Several organizations, such as Field and Stream, the North American Hunting Club, and BackpackGearTest provide the opportunity to become a hunting product tester. Usually, you must complete an application outlining your interest in becoming a hunting product tester and your level of expertise. 

Some businesses choose which candidates to test what products using a point system. For instance, evaluating specific products or engaging in online activities may earn points. All levels of testing experience are welcome. Thus, this is a fantastic place for novice hunting product testers to start.

#4. Create a local podcast, website, or blog.

Another way to become a hunting product tester is to create a blog or website dedicated to hunting, with a gear-focused section, and attract involvement from other hunters. Or create a T.V. program about finding a nearby cable access channel. 

There is a significant demand for media coverage of the sport from the sheer volume of hunting and fishing shows on cable T.V. channels. Your chances of being approached by a manufacturer to test a product or to become a hunting product tester substantially improve as you gain popularity and more viewers.

#5. Attend exhibitions and conferences.

Major hunting shows, like the Western Hunting & Conservation Expo or the Annual Northeast Fishing & Hunting Show, allow hunters to network with outdoor enthusiasts, retailers, manufacturers, and brand promoters. 

Demonstrate your love for the sport and gear knowledge with a friendly, proactive attitude. Inquire about field testing opportunities from booth staff, and make connections with other hunters who may have connections to manufacturers. This will enhance your aspiration to become a hunting product tester.

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Do Hunting Product Testers Get Paid?

Yes, hunting product testers get paid. Don’t anticipate making much money from your testing job because you want to test for outdoor and hunting equipment. This is because if you are interested in making more money from hunting product tester jobs, you must test more things, and you can only test hunting equipment in ten minutes.

To truly evaluate a product, you must take it out into the woods, subject it to various conditions, and repeat the process the next day or even more. 

You can test out hunting and other outdoor gear without cost and get free help offered every day of the week for 24 hours. Along with the pleasure you experience from evaluating a product for free, you will earn a decent wage.

You will receive payment and get to retain every product you test as part of the professional and organized product testing procedure. 

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Are There Available Hunting Product Tester Jobs?

Yes, several testing jobs and roles are available for Hunting product testing, each with a specialization. Four typical hunting product tester jobs are listed below: 

#1. Concept testing 

This entails a group of testers investigating a hunting product’s concept and making predictions about how well it will do commercially. Teams will frequently conduct user surveys and offer various product ideas to executives as part of concept testing. 

#2. Market testing

A hunting product tester can further carry out market testing. A product is put on the market for market testing to determine how consumers will react to it, how it will perform across different demographics, and what improvements could improve the product’s quality and boost sales. This product testing assists the sales teams in determining whether a product is worth investing resources in, such as advertising, labor hours, and distribution.

#3. Testing for quality assurance 

A hunting product tester can test for quality assurance. Quality Assurance takes place in a controlled environment. Before a product is introduced to the market, testing teams will carefully examine its effectiveness and dependability. Teams of testers will assess different important metrics for the business.

#4. A/B testing

In this testing, two product versions are contrasted, and the test groups use surveys to ascertain which characteristics customers find valuable. 

Can I Become a Hunting Product Tester From Home?

While it is hunting season, there is a broad variety of outdoor and hunting gear waiting for you to test with an experienced tester, allowing you to sample various items from various firms worldwide. 

The program uses in-home product tests, which deliver the item right to your door and ask you to give feedback after using it via an online survey.

A career as a hunting product tester can be an excellent choice if seeing things before they go on sale and evaluating them at home appeals to you. Product testing is a professional option as well.

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What is The Average Salary For Hunting Product Tester?

All product testers in the U.S. make an average salary of $45,972 per year. Of that, $43,175 is the base income, and $2,797 is extra money like commissions or bonuses. The average national salary for product testers with 15 years of experience is $62,915, which includes a base salary of $59,255 and bonus pay of $3,660.

Hunting Product Tester Program

To understand how the market would respond to a specific product, businesses typically offer products for consumers to test. The business will thus be able to determine in advance whether the product they plan to introduce is popular with their target market. 

The persons who have been selected are delivered the free trial products, and they are asked to provide open feedback—whether it is favorable or unfavorable—after experiencing the product.

Best Product Tester Club

Want to test items for a living while staying at home? Join Product Tester clubs or sites. The top product testing clubs and sites in the USA and worldwide, which pay product testers for their opinions on software and consumer goods, are listed in this section.

Product testing is a profitable business. Before releasing new products, companies pay product testers hundreds of dollars to assess their goods and respond to surveys.

Here is a list of the best Product Testing Clubs or companies:

  • Brooks
  • Smiley 360
  • Vocal Point
  • PINCHme
  • JJ Friends & Neighbors
  • Toluna Influencers
  • Pinecone Research
  • i-Say
  • Vindale Research
  • Influenster
  • BzzAgent
  • Social Nature

#1. Brooks

The Brooks website is for athletes who wish to try out the most cutting-edge running shoes and gear. You will receive the equipment you must test in the snow or sun during your morning jobs.

An application for Brooks Product Testing must be filled out and submitted. They will contact you if the business decides you qualify for product testing. As a tester, you will be expected to assess athletic footwear and apparel honestly. The corporation will make better Brooks Sports items using the information.

#2. Smiley 360

BzzAgent and Influenster’s product review programs are comparable to Smiley360. You can gain points by filling out surveys and participating in online product conversations. Only US citizens are presently permitted to access the website.

You will get a survey after creating a free account that will help the business determine what kinds of products to send you for evaluation. When you score 20 points and finish a “mission,” you will receive free items. You will accrue more points as you participate more in the activities.

#3. Vocal Point

Women from all over the world can use Vocal Point to evaluate various items. However, only U.S. residents can order the products. You can try out various goods, respond to questionnaires, and share your impressions with your friends.

To join the group of product testers, sign up as a member. The business will email you a survey to see if you are eligible for free samples. The product samples will be mailed to you.

Vocal Point is a fantastic forum for women wishing to submit product reviews. You should create an account if you live in the U.S. and want free samples and items.

#4. PINCHme

PINCHme is available to U.S. citizens who want to test and evaluate various consumer goods. Leading brands’ items will be available for free trial. Following your registration as a PINCHer, you will get free samples to test out.

Enter your name, email, password, birthdate, gender, and zip code to sign up using an existing Facebook account or to establish a new one. You can pick which samples to include in the PINCHme box. Samples will be delivered free of charge to your area. In return, you will need to provide thorough product reviews.

PINCHme is a straightforward program that enables U.S. citizens to test various goods from well-known companies. It’s a good choice for hunting product testers.

#5. J.J. Friends and Neighbours

A consumer opinion service called J.J. Friends & Neighbors allows you to rate various Johnson & Johnson items. The program’s ability to accept children under 18 as participants is one of its distinctive features.

They will ask you to complete a membership survey when you sign up. You will be invited to participate in product reviews if deemed qualified. Additionally, you can participate in online polls and surveys. You might also be asked to participate in a focus group interview with 6–8 people for about two hours.

#6. Toluna Influencers

A market research website called Toluna pays users to provide open comments—complete questionnaires about various products. You can also accrue points by participating in surveys and inviting others to join Toluna.

Enter your email to join. You can participate in polls, surveys, content ratings, and online discussion forums once you sign up as a member. Each survey you complete will give you points. By completing a survey, you can gain between 1000 and 6000 points.

For those looking to make money by participating in product evaluation surveys, polls, and other activities, Toluna is a wonderful market research website.

#7. Pinecone Research

The US-based market research firm Nielsen owns Pinecone, a reputable product testing club. You will receive compensation for finishing online surveys. Additionally, the business holds lucky draws twice weekly for $500 and once every three months for $4,500. US, Canada, France, and Germany residents are eligible for the program.

After signing up, a brief questionnaire will be sent to you so the business can learn more about your preferences. Every survey that takes between 15 and 20 minutes to complete will earn you points. For each survey you complete, you will receive 300 points, each worth $3. After they expire, the points will still be valid for a year.

Because it is by invitation only, signing up for the program is more complex. You will only be given the invitation form if you satisfy the unknown company profile standards.

#8. i-Say

Ipsos, a French-based market research firm, owns the reputable product survey website i-Say. For providing iSay with your opinions, you will receive prizes. You can express your thoughts on various products, entertainment options, advertisements, and more. Connect with other i-Say users and respond to polls about hot subjects. You can design your poll as well.

You can start doing online surveys as soon as you join up. On the website, each Point is equal to around $0.01. You can exchange the points you earn from taking surveys for gifts and entries into online prizes.

#9. Vidale Research

For anyone looking to take paid surveys online, Vindale Research is a reliable resource. Every day, the website adds hundreds of new online questionnaires. Any internet-connected device can be used to complete the survey. Instead of being worth points, each survey is worth money.

Following your demographic data, Vidale Research will fit surveys to you. You can browse surveys or subscribe to email updates for new surveys.

The fact that you receive money instead of points for completing the survey on this website is an important feature.

Options for payment: Users receive cash payments via PayPal for each survey they complete.


Customer feedback testing system UserTesting has been in operation since 2007. You must complete a sample exam following your profile and demographics. You will be hired as a tester if your responses meet the criteria. The product tester may originate from any country in the world. To participate in product testing, you only need a computer, a webcam, and an internet connection.

Enter your email address and complete a practice exam to register. If they determine you are qualified, you will get an email about possible product testing opportunities. On the goods you utilize, you can provide feedback. You will be paid by the company one week following the test

One of the first and most reputable websites for testing products is UserTesting. The majority of product testers have welcomed the tests’ prompt payout. However, others have said that the qualifying exams will require your patience.

#11. Influenster

Another fantastic website for testing products and receiving freebies is Influenster. VoxBoxes, complimentary themed boxes of products for evaluation, will be delivered to you. 

Currently, they exclusively distribute VoxBoxes to reviewers in the U.S. and Canada. But no matter where you live, you may join the community of product testers.

A non-personal media account or an email address can be used to sign up for Influenster.

#12. BzzAgent

BzzAgent is a fantastic website that enables you to test things, interact with other reviews, and post product comments online. You’ll get invitations to participate in online polls where you can score BzzScore. You are likelier to receive free products for review and private use the higher your score.

You must be a US, Canada, France, Germany, Brazil, or the U.K. resident to sign up as a BzzAgent. Take a few surveys after creating an account to help the business match you with products. After registering, you can begin accumulating Bzz that are added to the BzzScore. Review the item, write a report, and Bzz about it on your social network pages.

#13. Social Nature

You may evaluate new natural brands on Social Nature. By joining the program, you are allowed to test and review upcoming products. You may review a ton of products on the internet. If you live in the U.S. or Canada, you can register.

You must register for an account by providing your email to join. Click the WANT button after choosing the item you are interested in. You will receive the product through the mail so you can test it out and post a review on social media.

Businesses test their products through product testing clubs to learn how the target market will respond to the product. Knowing whether customers will like or reject the goods is helpful to them. Selected people receive free trial products and are asked to give an honest review after utilizing the product. Several businesses also offer you money or other gifts to evaluate their items.

Tips on How to Get Selected to be a Hunting Product Tester

Numerous clubs and organizations provide members access to free hunting equipment and special prices. Utilize the free trial offers that hunting firms give. Many hunting outfitters offer a free trial. 

Programs that let you use the equipment for a short time.

Observe hunting-related businesses on social media. On their Facebook and Twitter accounts, hunting businesses frequently announce competitions that provide free hunting equipment.

Take part in surveys on hunting. Companies frequently undertake market research on potential new hunting products and provide free equipment in exchange for opinions on the current offerings.

Visit outdoor expositions. They frequently distribute free hunting equipment and other outdoor goods during outdoor expos.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I test brand-new hunting tools and products?

Start by reading reviews written by other hunters who have used the equipment and performed research. You can get an impression of the product’s performance and features from this.
Read up on the item on the manufacturer’s website or in the product manual.
Visit shops to examine the goods in person. Ask store employees about features, functionality, and cost.
Join a hunting-related online community and seek advice from seasoned users.
Test the product under different circumstances. Try it in various hunting-related terrains, temperatures, and weather conditions.
In a review, describe your interactions with the product. Include information on things like use, accuracy, and durability. Inform other hunters about your review online.

How does one meet the requirements to test products?

There are no formal educational prerequisites for working as a product tester. However, to get an appropriate appraisal, most businesses look for individuals who are knowledgeable about and familiar with their products.

Product testing, is it a form of marketing?

Test marketing gives metrics on the real in-market performance of the product. In contrast, product testing collects data on enhancing the product and can help you evaluate relative satisfaction.


Becoming a hunting product tester is an aspiration to hang out in if you are an experienced hunter who wants to test items and get paid.

All the processes that guarantee products work as intended are part of a product testing career. Product testing might be an excellent career choice if you are interested in quality control, product functionality, and durability testing.



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