When is The 11 Plus Exam 2024?

When is The 11 Plus Exam
When is The 11 Plus Exam

Entrance exams are a significant test of the knowledge process that evaluates the students’ abilities which qualifies them to be selected into certain types of schools, especially in the UK. The 11 Plus exam is one such exam that is used by selective secondary schools in the UK to evaluate the academic abilities of students seeking admission into grammar schools.

The 11 Plus Exam is a standardized test taken by students between the ages of 10 and 11 seeking admission into a grammar school in the UK. Grammar schools are highly selective schools that offer rigorous academic training; so taking and acing the 11 Plus Exam is a must-do for students who want to attend such schools.

In this writing, we will explore more information about the 11 Plus Exam when it will be held in 2024, and how to prepare for it.

What is a Grammar School?

A grammar school is a type of secondary school in the United Kingdom and some other English-speaking countries that lays strong emphasis on academic education and traditional subjects. 

Grammar schools are known for their rigorous and selective admissions process, and they typically admit students based on their performance in entrance exams like the 11 Plus Exam.

Grammar schools are state-funded. This implies that they don’t charge fees, and there is a great deal of competition for places.

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Where are the Grammar Schools in England?

Here is a list of counties/metropolitan boroughs that have state grammar schools;

  • Bedfordshire
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Cheshire
  • Essex
  • Gloucestershire
  • Hampshire
  • Hertfordshire
  • Kent
  • Lincolnshire
  • London
  • Manchester
  • Medway
  • Northamptonshire
  • Nottinghamshire
  • Oxfordshire
  • Reading
  • Shropshire
  • Slough
  • Solihull
  • Southend-on-Sea
  • Staffordshire
  • Suffolk
  • Surrey
  • Sutton
  • Thurrock
  • Warwickshire
  • Wiltshire

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What are the Selection Criteria for Getting into a Grammar School?

Generally, the selection criteria for grammar schools are different from school to school, but most grammar schools use a combination of the following variables:

  • 11 Plus Exam: This is a standardized test that is typically taken by students in their last year of primary school. The 11 Plus Exam assesses the student’s academic ability in English, mathematics, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning.
  • Prior academic achievement: Grammar schools will also look at the student’s prior academic achievement, such as their grades in primary school.
  • Headteacher’s reference: The student’s headteacher will also provide a reference, which will comment on the student’s academic ability, potential, and character.
  • Parental questionnaire: Parents may also be asked to complete a questionnaire about their child’s education and background.

In addition to the above factors, some grammar schools may also consider the following:

  • Sibling priority: If the student has a sibling who already attends grammar school, they may be given priority.
  • Catchment area: Some grammar schools give priority to students who live in their catchment area.
  • Educational Challenges: Some grammar schools may have places available for students with educational challenges.

When is the 11 Plus Exam Registration

Generally, different schools or consortiums have different dates for 11 Plus registration. However, most schools will be accepting applications from the beginning of May each year. 

To get information regarding the exact date to register for the 11-plus exams, you can frequently check the websites of the desired schools or consortiums for your ward. You can also contact the school directly.

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When is the 11 Plus Exam Registration Deadline?

The 11 Plus registration deadline varies depending on the school or consortium. However, most schools and consortiums open registration in the spring of the year before the exam. 

To be current with information regarding the 11-plus registration deadline, it is important to check with the individual schools or consortium. You can find this information on the school’s website or by contacting the school directly.

11 Plus Exam Registration and Timeline

The exact dates will vary between schools and regions, however, below are the key dates and events in the grammar school application process. It is vital to confirm important dates and deadlines with your chosen school.

April/May 2024: Most grammar schools will open their 11 Plus registration in April or May, with deadlines typically in June, July, or August. Buckinghamshire automatically enters all primary children for the 11 Plus exam, and parents must actively opt out if they do not wish for their child to participate.

September 2024: The 11 Plus exam is typically held during the first two weeks of September, but please check with your schools for specific dates.

October 2024: 11 Plus results are typically posted in mid-October.

March 2025: National Offer Day is on March 1st, 2025 when school allocations are confirmed.

September 2025: New students begin Year 7 at their respective grammar schools.


Taking the 11 Plus exam requires adequate preparation; so you must know when the exam will be held for the year. The exam typically takes place in September or October of the year. However, the exact date can vary slightly depending on the specific school.

So if your child is about to take the 11 Plus exam, you need to research the exam date for that particular school.

FAQs- 11 Plus Exam

What papers are in the 11+?

GL Assessment 11+ Practice Papers Bundle of All Packs (12 Packs) The Great value bundle contains four sets of three practice paper collections for verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, mathematics, and English.

How does the 11+ work?

The 11+ can include four disciplines: verbal reasoning; non-verbal reasoning, maths, and English. All need multiple choice answers, except English, a written work. Verbal reasoning: These questions are about solving problems and following sequences with words and text.

What is the pass mark for 11 plus in Surrey?

The challenging nature of these exams reflects the high academic expectations of Surrey’s grammar schools, each known for its strong commitment to educational excellence. Pass mark (Sutton): Aim for 75%+ in our practice tests. Pass mark (Kingston): Aim for 80% in our practice tests.



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