Top 10 Grammar Schools in London in 2024

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Finding the top grammar schools in London can feel like a difficult thing to do. London has various boroughs and towns, each with its grammar schools. Some grammar schools are also located outside the common areas.

As a parent or guardian, ensuring your child gets a quality education is a priority. But making this choice can be complex and also easy in some instances. Meanwhile, certain schools might have extra admission requirements for your child to fulfill.  

This article will highlight the finest grammar schools in London. You should explore other sources if you’re looking for schools outside London or other parts of the UK. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at the best grammar schools London has to offer.

What Are Grammar Schools?

Grammar schools are state-funded secondary schools in England and Northern Ireland that select their pupils through an entrance examination taken by children at 11, known as the “11-plus”. There are 163 grammar schools in England and 69 in Northern Ireland.

Furthermore, grammar schools strongly focus on academic achievement and traditionally offer a curriculum emphasizing the classics (Latin and Greek) and mathematics.

However, in recent years, grammar schools have expanded their curriculum to include more modern subjects like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Additionally, UK grammar schools are controversial. Some people believe that they provide an excellent education for academically gifted students and that they help to promote social mobility. 

Others argue that they are unfair to students who do not pass the 11-plus and that they create a two-tier education system. Grammar schools also make up a small portion of state schools in the UK, accounting for less than 1%, as stated by the National Grammar Schools Association (NGSA).

These schools are selective, requiring all applicants to take the 11+ exam and conduct one or more interviews. Despite this, attending a grammar school comes at no cost, and nearly all of them rank among the highest-achieving schools in the UK.

As a result, the competition for spots in grammar schools is enthusiastic. Every year, hundreds of thousands of students sit for the 11+ exam hoping to secure a place in one of the 163 grammar schools across the UK.

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Why You Should Attend London Grammar Schools

London grammar schools offer a fantastic education that helps students do well in school and life. These schools are known for having challenging classes and a great way of teaching that helps students think and learn a lot. 

Besides learning, students can also do fun activities like sports and art. This helps them become good at many things and not just studying. The schools are also great because they have students from all over the world. 

This helps students learn about different cultures and how to get along with different kinds of people. Meanwhile, the teachers in these schools are amiable and help students learn in a safe and sound place.

After students finish school, they still have lots of help. Many successful people used to attend these grammar schools, and they helped out the new students. Thus, this can mean getting advice, chances to work, and help in jobs.

List of The Top 10 Grammar Schools in London | 2024

The list below is our roundup of the ten best grammar schools in London:

  • Tiffin Girls School
  • Wallington High School for Girls
  • St. Michael Catholic Grammar School 
  • Beths Grammar School
  • The Latymer School
  • Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School
  • Enfield Grammar School
  • Queen Elizabeth’s School
  • Bexley Grammar School
  • Nonsuch High School for Girls

Top 10 Grammar Schools in London in 2024

Now that you know the meaning of grammar schools and why you should attend London grammar schools, let’s show you our list of the best ten grammar schools in London.

1. Tiffin Girls School

Tiffin Girls School is prominent among the top London grammar schools and ranks first on our list. It is also acknowledged as one of the finest grammar schools in England, even though we lack a specific ranking. 

The students at Tiffin Girls School achieve impressive academic outcomes, which are well-validated by their past performances. For instance, in 2020, more than 85% of GCSE grades at Tiffin Girls School were either 8 or 9. 

Additionally, 35% of A-Level grades received the highest mark of A*. These remarkable achievements naturally lead to intense competition for admission to Tiffin Girls School.


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2. Wallington High School for Girls

The next on our list of the best London grammar schools is Wallington High School for Girls. It is closely linked to Nonsuch High School for Girls as a sister school. Also, they share the same 11+ entry system, consisting of two stages. And this grammar school is situated in Sutton. 

Further, the school’s curriculum aims to provide a thorough education, helping students surpass anticipated achievements.


3. St. Michael Catholic Grammar School

Located in the London Borough of Barnet, this girls’ grammar school is affiliated with the Catholic faith. This means that, apart from offering excellent education and a wide-ranging curriculum, there’s a distinct Catholic influence in the school’s values. 

The exams for this school take place relatively every September, which is earlier than many other schools. Considering only 128 openings for the 2022 intake, the competition to secure admission is intense.


4. Beths Grammar School 

Beths Grammar School is a boys’ grammar school in Bexley, London. The school also features a mixed sixth form for older students. 

Moreover, it gained recognition as a Technology College in 1995 and was among the earliest schools to be acknowledged as a High Performing Specialist institution in 2005. 

Following its most recent assessment, Beths Grammar School was rated outstanding across all evaluated aspects, making it among our list of best London grammar schools.


5. The Latymer School

The Latymer School is the first mixed school among the top grammar schools nationwide. Situated in Enfield, it is London’s 7th-best grammar school. 

The school is recognized for its prestigious reputation and exceptional academic achievements. While the GCSE grades for 2020 are yet to be disclosed, noteworthy is that in 2020, nearly 30% of A-Level grades attained were A*. 

This accomplishment led most of its students to secure spots in some of the country’s most esteemed universities. 


6. Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School

Based in Bexley, London, Chislehurst, and Sidcup Grammar School is a well-respected educational establishment with a storied history of delivering top-notch education. The school’s academic framework is designed to motivate students and push them toward their highest potential. 

Its comprehensive curriculum spans sciences, math, humanities, languages, and arts, reflecting students’ varied passions and future paths.  Distinguished by their expertise, the Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School faculty create a caring and encouraging atmosphere for learning. 

They employ forward-thinking teaching techniques and modern facilities to enrich the educational journey for students.


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7. Enfield Grammar School

Enfield Grammar School is an esteemed educational institution with a rich history. The school is renowned for delivering top-tier education and has a well-established reputation. 

The school’s academic framework motivates students and propels them to achieve their highest potential. It also offers diverse subjects, including sciences, mathematics, humanities, languages, and arts, reflecting students’ varied interests and career aspirations.

With their wealth of experience, Enfield Grammar School’s faculty creates a nurturing and supportive environment for learning. They employ innovative teaching techniques and leverage modern facilities to enhance students’ educational experience. 

Meanwhile, the school’s commitment to extracurricular activities is strong, fostering participation in sports, music, drama, and other clubs. This approach helps students cultivate various skills and interests, nurturing a well-rounded personality.


8. Queen Elizabeth’s School (Barnet Grammar school)

Regarded as the finest in both London and England, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, often known as QE Boys, is considered an All-Boys School. 

With its roots tracing back to 1573, this prestigious grammar school has stood firm for over 450 years. Its rich history has cemented its status as a premier secondary school dedicated to academic excellence. 

Furthermore, QE Boys prides itself on offering a unique state school experience, setting it apart. The evidence of its outstanding academic standing is evident in its 2020 GCSE results, where an impressive 83% of awarded grades reached the highest level. 

This trend continued at the A-Level, with over half of all grades achieving the remarkable A* designation. Also, Queen Elizabeth’s School has completed an unmatched educational stature by any other London Grammar School, standing as a testament to its exceptional quality. Hence, it’s one of our list’s top London grammar schools.


9. Bexley Grammar School

This Grammar School stands proudly among the top grammar schools in London and England. Known by the acronym BGS, the school presents an engaging curriculum within a dynamic and global atmosphere, fostering academic growth. It is also referred to as BGS.

Notably, Bexley Grammar School holds an outstanding rating and is co-educational, welcoming both boys and girls. An interesting facet is that Bexley Grammar School has been the exclusive provider of the full International Baccalaureate (IB) Sixth form in the South East London Borough for over a decade.


10. Nonsuch High School for Girls 

Last on our list of London grammar schools is the Nonsuch High School, another All-Girls grammar school. 

The school, located in Sutton, takes pride in its impressive academic achievements, evident in its GCSE and A-Level results.

Furthermore, the school maintains a commendable Progress 8 score of 1.04. This signifies that attending Nonsuch High School ensures substantial and swift advancement for every student. 

Nonsuch High School goes beyond academic excellence; it fosters a holistic learning environment that encourages personal growth and development. With a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities, sports, and the arts, the school aims to produce well-rounded individuals. 


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How To Get into a London Grammar School

Getting into a London grammar school requires planning and preparation. These schools are known for their academic excellence and selective admissions procedures. 

Here’s a streamlined guide with six essential steps to help you through the process:

  • Research and Choose: Select the London grammar schools that match your preferences regarding location, reputation, and offerings.
  • Understand Criteria: Familiarize yourself with the specific admission criteria of the chosen schools, including the 11+ exam and potential interviews.
  • Prepare for 11+: Help your child prepare for the 11+ exam by using practice materials and considering tutoring if desired.
  • Register and Apply: Register your child for the 11+ exam within the stipulated time frame and complete the application forms as required.
  • Attend Open Days: Visit schools during open days to learn more about their environment and facilities, aiding your child’s familiarity.
  • Accept Offers: After receiving offers, assess and decide on the best fit for your child’s education, considering location and academics.


Which area has the most grammar school in the UK?

Across England, there are a total of 163 Grammar Schools. Remarkably, the South East region leads the count with 58 Grammar Schools, marking it as the region with the highest number of these institutions.

How many years is a grammar school in the UK?

Traditionally, Pupils were typically educated in grammar schools until the age of 14. After this stage, they would often seek higher education opportunities in universities or pursue studies within the church.

What is the advantage of grammar school?

One advantage, among others, is that they consistently exhibit strong examination outcomes due to their typical practice of enrolling pupils with similar academic capabilities. This homogeneous student body enables teachers to conduct lessons more efficiently than comprehensive schools.

Do grammar schools cost money UK?

Grammar schools are publicly funded institutions that offer specialized education for older students. They are chosen based on academic criteria. The education provided at grammar schools is covered by government funding, unlike private schools, which charge a tuition fee.

Is English grammar taught in the UK?

Yes, it is because children are taught how to construct proper sentences and are introduced to the understanding of grammatical aspects such as statements, commands, and tenses. They must also identify words and phrases that align with these grammatical terms.

Who funds Grammar School UK?

Although grammar schools employ a selective admission process, they are categorized as state schools, and the government provides their funding.

At what age do kids learn grammar?

They start learning complex grammar rules as early as age 3, while some may take until age 6. We want to find out the order in which these rules are learned, why some take more time, and how kids learn them.


To wrap up, you learn the value of knowledge when choosing the best grammar school for your child. These top ten grammar schools in London offer excellent education and various opportunities. 

So, research each school’s criteria, prepare for the 11+ exam, and visit open days. You can also secure your child’s future today with a solid education in one of London’s prestigious grammar schools. 

Moreover, your dedication to your child’s education will undoubtedly significantly impact their growth and success.



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