Georgetown University Acceptance Rate: Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admission

georgetown acceptance rate

Georgetown is a historic campus with amazing programs, and maybe a little bit famous (have you seen “The Exorcist”?). But with any college, especially a well-known one like Georgetown, there’s one question that can feel super important: what are my chances of getting in? What is the Georgetown acceptance rate?

Georgetown doesn’t just look at numbers! They want to see the whole of you. This means they care about your grades (GPA) and test scores (SAT/ACT), but also about the activities you do outside of class (extracurricular engagement) and your own unique story (personal essays).

They’re looking for students who are a good fit for Georgetown’s spirit – people who are excited to learn, contribute to the campus community and live by Georgetown’s values. Even though it can be competitive to get in, Georgetown is proud of its amazing students!

The whole college application process can feel mysterious sometimes, but we can put you through that. Let’s talk about Georgetown University, everything you need to know about it, and the question of the acceptance rate.

Georgetown University

Georgetown University, located in Washington, D.C., is a renowned educational institution with a rich history and a commitment to academic excellence. Founded in 1789, Georgetown is the oldest Catholic and Jesuit university in the United States. Archbishop John Carroll established it and has since evolved into a globally recognized learning and research center.

The university’s campus, situated on the picturesque hilltop overlooking the Potomac River, encompasses historic architecture and modern facilities, creating an inspiring environment for students and faculty alike.

Georgetown University offers undergraduate and graduate programs across various disciplines, including arts and sciences, business, law, medicine, and international affairs.

Georgetown’s educational philosophy embraces a holistic approach, emphasizing intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and a commitment to social justice. The university encourages students to engage in community service, explore interdisciplinary studies, and cultivate a global perspective.

With a distinguished faculty and a diverse student body, Georgetown University continues to shape leaders who make significant contributions to society while upholding the values of academic excellence and ethical responsibility.

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What is Georgetown University Known For?

Georgetown University is renowned for several distinguishing characteristics that have cemented its reputation as a prestigious institution.

Firstly, its commitment to academic excellence across various disciplines sets it apart. The university is recognized for its exceptional international affairs, law, business, medicine, and humanities programs.

Moreover, Georgetown’s global engagement is highly regarded. Its location in the heart of Washington, D.C., grants students unique access to influential policymakers and institutions, facilitating meaningful opportunities for research, internships, and networking.

The university’s values-driven education, rooted in the Jesuit tradition, fosters a strong sense of social justice and service among its students. This emphasis on positively impacting society has contributed to Georgetown’s reputation as a leading institution for ethical leadership and community engagement.

Basically, Georgetown University is known for producing well-rounded graduates who possess a deep understanding of their chosen fields, a global perspective, and a commitment to effecting positive change in the world.

Is Georgetown University an Ivy League?

While Georgetown University is widely recognized as a prestigious and esteemed institution, it is not part of the Ivy League.

The Ivy League is an athletic conference comprising eight private universities in the northeastern United States: Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University.

While Georgetown shares some similarities with Ivy League universities regarding academic rigor and reputation, it is classified as a separate entity. Nonetheless, Georgetown’s commitment to academic excellence, global engagement, and its esteemed faculty and programs place it among the top-tier universities in the United States.

Is Georgetown University a Public or Private School?

Georgetown University is a private university. It is classified as a non-profit institution and operates under private governance. As a private school, Georgetown relies on tuition, donations, and endowments to fund its operations and maintain its academic programs and campus facilities.

Being a private institution gives Georgetown the flexibility to shape its educational offerings and policies according to its mission and values. This status also allows the university to maintain its independence in decision-making and prioritize its specific educational objectives.

What is Georgetown University Acceptance Rate?

Georgetown University has an acceptance rate of 14.05%. This means that out of all the applications received by the university, only approximately 14.05% are admitted. The university’s selective admissions process is designed to ensure a high level of academic quality and to assemble a diverse and talented student body.

The low acceptance rate at Georgetown is attributed to a combination of factors. The university receives many applications each year from highly qualified students across the globe. Additionally, Georgetown’s reputation as a prestigious institution and its prime location in Washington, D.C., make it a desirable choice for many applicants.

To maintain its commitment to academic excellence and foster a vibrant intellectual community, Georgetown employs a rigorous evaluation process that considers various factors, including academic achievements, standardized test scores, extracurricular involvement, essays, and letters of recommendation.

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Requirements to Get Into Georgetown University

To be considered for admission to Georgetown University, prospective students must meet various requirements, including academic achievements, standardized test scores, extracurricular involvement, personal essays, and letters of recommendation. Here is a detailed breakdown of these requirements:

Academic Record

Georgetown looks for students with a strong academic foundation. This includes a competitive high school GPA, typically in the range of A- or higher. Admissions officers evaluate the rigor of the applicant’s coursework, considering advanced courses, honors programs, and overall academic performance in various subjects.

Standardized Test Scores

Georgetown accepts both the SAT and ACT. While there is no strict cutoff, competitive applicants often score higher percentiles. The middle 50% range for SAT scores is typically around 1440-1550, and for ACT scores, it is approximately 32-35.

Extracurricular Involvement:

Georgetown values students who have made significant contributions outside the classroom. Admissions officers seek involvement in activities such as leadership positions in clubs or organizations, community service, arts, and cultural pursuits, athletics, and part-time jobs.

Personal Essays

Applicants must submit essays that provide insight into their character, experiences, goals, and aspirations. The essays allow admissions officers to assess applicants’ writing skills, creativity, and thoughtfulness. They also enable the applicant to showcase their unique perspective and personality.

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Letters of Recommendation

Georgetown requires two letters of recommendation from teachers or counselors who can speak to the applicant’s academic abilities, personal qualities, and potential for success at the university. These letters provide an external perspective on the applicant’s qualifications and can highlight their strengths, achievements, and growth over time.

It is important to note that meeting these requirements is necessary, but more is needed for admission to Georgetown. The university follows a holistic review process, considering various factors to evaluate each applicant comprehensively.

The goal is to identify individuals who meet the academic criteria and demonstrate a genuine passion for learning, intellectual curiosity, leadership potential, and a commitment to positively impacting society.

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SAT/ACT Scores for Georgetown University

Georgetown University’s admissions process is highly selective, with an acceptance rate of 12% and an even more competitive early acceptance rate of 10.8%. Among the applicants admitted to Georgetown University, approximately half achieved SAT scores ranging from 1410 to 1550 or ACT scores between 32 and 35.

These scores reflect the competitive academic profile of successful applicants. However, it’s important to note that test scores alone do not guarantee admission, as the university takes a holistic approach, considering various factors such as GPA, extracurricular involvement, personal essays, and letters of recommendation.

Georgetown University seeks well-rounded individuals who excel academically and showcase their potential for intellectual growth, leadership, and contributions to the campus community.

What GPA Do You Need For Georgetown University?

To be competitive for admission to Georgetown University, it is recommended to have a GPA of 4.01 or higher. This reflects the university’s expectation of academic excellence and strong scholastic achievements. However, it’s important to note that GPA is just one aspect of the application, and meeting this threshold does not guarantee admission.

If your GPA falls below this mark, it is crucial to compensate by showcasing other strengths, such as a higher SAT/ACT score, outstanding extracurricular involvement, impactful essays, and compelling letters of recommendation.

Georgetown University’s admissions process takes a holistic approach, considering multiple factors to evaluate applicants comprehensively.

To stand out in a highly selective environment like Georgetown, presenting a well-rounded and impressive application that demonstrates your unique qualities, accomplishments, and potential contributions to the university is essential.

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Georgetown University Admission Process

The Georgetown University admission process is a comprehensive and multi-faceted evaluation of applicants. Here is a detailed breakdown of the various components and stages involved:

Application Submission

Prospective students must complete and submit the Common Application or Coalition Application and the required application fee. This is the first step to initiating the admission process.

Academic Transcript

Applicants must submit their high school transcript, which provides a comprehensive overview of their academic performance, including grades, course selection, and cumulative GPA.

Standardized Testing

Georgetown accepts both the SAT and ACT. Applicants are required to submit their official test scores. While there is no strict cutoff, competitive scores typically fall within the range of 1410-1550 for the SAT and 32-35 for the ACT.

Extracurricular Involvement

Applicants are asked to provide information about their extracurricular activities, including leadership roles, community service, internships, clubs, sports, and artistic pursuits. This section helps admissions officers assess the applicant’s interests, passions, and commitment beyond academics.


Georgetown requires applicants to write two essays. The first essay is a general prompt, allowing applicants to showcase their writing skills, critical thinking abilities, and personal experiences. The second essay is specific to the school or program the applicant is applying to, allowing them to demonstrate their interest and fit for that particular academic area.

Letters of Recommendation

Two letters of recommendation are required, usually from teachers or counselors who can speak to the applicant’s academic abilities, personal qualities, and potential for success. These letters provide insight into the applicant’s character, work ethic, and ability to contribute to the Georgetown community.

Alumni Interview (Optional)

Applicants can request an interview with a Georgetown alumni representative. This interview allows the applicant to share more about their experiences, achievements, and goals while learning about Georgetown from a graduate’s perspective.

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Application Review

Georgetown follows a holistic review process, considering all application components. Admissions officers assess academic achievements, standardized test scores, extracurricular involvement, essays, letters of recommendation, and other relevant factors to understand each applicant comprehensively.

Admission Decision

After a thorough evaluation, applicants are notified of their admission decision, typically in the spring. Admitted students receive an offer of admission and are provided with information regarding financial aid, scholarships, and enrollment procedures.

Georgetown University’s admission process aims to identify individuals who demonstrate academic excellence and possess intellectual curiosity, leadership potential, a commitment to service, and a desire to impact society positively.


Why is Georgetown so prestigious?

Georgetown University has earned its prestigious reputation due to its longstanding commitment to academic excellence, global engagement, and social justice. Its rigorous academic programs, distinguished faculty, prime location in Washington, D.C., and emphasis on ethical leadership have contributed to its esteemed status in higher education.

Is Georgetown a Tier 1 school?

Yes, Georgetown University is widely considered a Tier 1 school. It is consistently ranked among the top universities in the United States and globally. It is known for its academic excellence, distinguished faculty, rigorous programs, and strong reputation in law, international affairs, business, and the humanities.

What is the best thing about Georgetown University?

One of the best aspects of Georgetown University is its unique combination of academic excellence and global engagement. The university’s prime location in Washington, D.C., provides unparalleled internships, research, and networking opportunities. At the same time, its commitment to social justice and ethical leadership fosters a meaningful and impactful educational experience.


The admission process at Georgetown University is a meticulous and holistic evaluation of applicants, considering academic achievements, standardized test scores, extracurricular involvement, essays, letters of recommendation, and more. With its highly selective nature, Georgetown seeks individuals who excel academically and demonstrate a passion for learning, leadership potential, and a commitment to making a positive impact. The university’s comprehensive approach ensures a vibrant and diverse community of scholars dedicated to intellectual growth and societal contribution.



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