How to Become an REI Product Tester in 2023 | Full Guide

Becoming an REI product tester can be an exciting opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts who want to try out new gear and give feedback on its performance.

Every now and then, product designs drop. Hence, the need for product testers. If you have a thing for REI, kindly read through this guide to learn what becoming an REI product tester entails.

What is REI?

REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.) is an American retail company focusing on outdoor clothing and gear. A gathering of mountain climbers who needed to make quality climbing gear more open to the overall population established the organization in 1938.

There are over 160 REI retail locations across the United States, besides an online store that sells a wide range of outdoor clothing, footwear, and gear.

REI is a part-possessed helpful, implying that anybody can turn into a part by paying a one-time enrollment expense. Discounts on REI products, access to exclusive events and classes, and the ability to vote on company decisions are among the benefits open to members.

REI is popular for its obligation to supportability and natural stewardship. The organization has executed different eco-accommodating drives, like diminishing its carbon impression, advancing maintainable assembling practices, and supporting preservation endeavors.

Who is an REI Product Tester?

A REI product tester tests outdoor gear and equipment for the outdoor recreation retailer, REI (Recreational Equipment Inc).

REI product testers are often avid outdoor enthusiasts who have experience using a variety of outdoor equipment and can provide valuable feedback on the performance, durability, and usability of products.

As an REI product tester, they may require you to test new products, provide feedback on existing products, and share your experiences with the REI community.

REI product testers play an important role in helping REI ensure that the products they sell meet the needs and expectations of their customers.

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Why does REI hire Product Testers?

The outdoor gear and clothing retailer REI employs product testers to guarantee that their items address their clients’ issues and assumptions. These product testers are liable to evaluate REI’s apparel in certifiable circumstances and criticize its exhibition, toughness, and usefulness.

By hiring product testers, REI can accumulate essential knowledge about how their products act in different open-air conditions, like climbing trails, camping areas, and mountain tops. This criticism permits REI to upgrade its items and guarantee that they are addressing the necessities of its clients.

As well as further improving product quality, product testing assists REI with building client trust and faithfulness. By focusing on giving excellent stuff and clothing, REI can lay down a good foundation for themselves as trusted experts in the outside business.

What does a REI Product Tester do?

An REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.) product tester tests outdoor gear and equipment, such as backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, jackets, and footwear, among other products.

As an REI product tester, your primary job is to put these products to the test in real-world outdoor environments to evaluate their performance, durability, comfort, and functionality.

Your duties as a product tester may include the following

  • Testing new product prototypes
  • Providing feedback to the design and development teams
  • Creating and executing testing plans
  • Documenting your findings and observations
  • Participating in product improvement meetings

Also, you may write reviews and share your experiences with the products on REI’s website or social media platforms.

Eligibility Requirements of an REI Product Tester

The specific products being tested and the company at the time of application may alter the eligibility requirements for REI product testers. However, the following are some general requirements to keep in mind:

  • Love for outdoor activities: REI is looking for people who are passionate about outdoor activities and can offer helpful advice and feedback on outdoor gear.
  • Experimentation with outdoor equipment and gear: You should have broad experience involving various outside stuff and gear in multiple circumstances and conditions.
  • Ability to communicate effectively: You should clearly and concisely describe your experiences and observations regarding the products you are testing.
  • Sincerity and objectivity: Even if it means pointing out flaws or issues with the products undergoing testing, REI seeks testers who can provide honest and objective feedback.
  • Availability: You may need to travel to various locations to test the products and have a flexible schedule, depending on the product you’re testing.
  • Age: You may need to be at least 18 years old for some opportunities to test products.

Working as a product tester for REI is a highly competitive and sought-after position. The company is looking for people who have a genuine love of the outdoors and can provide helpful feedback that will help them improve their products.

How to Become an REI Product Tester

You can take the following steps to become a product tester for REI:

Check the REI item testing website page: To find out if they are currently accepting applications for product testers, visit the REI product testing webpage. You can sign up for notifications to be notified when new opportunities come up if there are currently no openings.

Create a membership account with REI: To turn into an item analyzer, you should be a REI part. On their website, you can set up an account for REI membership.

Completion of the application: Complete the online application when you find a product testing opportunity that interests you. Typically, the application will inquire about your outdoor experience, expertise with gear, and motivation for applying to be a product tester.

Hold out for an answer: REI will send you additional instructions on how to proceed via email or phone if your application goes through.

Test the items: You will receive the products to test and instructions once you become a product tester. Use the items as per the guidelines and give legit and objective criticism about your encounters.

Send the products back: Follow the instructions to return the products to REI after you have finished the testing.

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Do REI Product Testers Get Paid?

Indeed, REI product testers truly earn some dividends for their work. The products you’re testing, the length of the testing period, and the specific testing project all influence the compensation for product testing. The remuneration can be as a money installment, store credit, or free stuff and hardware.

Typically, the testers are aware of the precise compensation for each opportunity to test a product during the application process.

REI is known for offering fair pay to its product testers, as the organization esteems their experiences and input and perceives the significance of their commitments to the turn of events and improvement of its items.

However, it is essential to note that while REI product testing can be an incredible method for procuring some additional pay or getting free stuff, it shouldn’t be regular work or a dependable type of revenue.

There may be sporadic opportunities for product testers, and they will not choose all the testers for every project.

As a result, think of product testing at REI as a fun and exciting way to help the outdoor gear industry and share your knowledge and experiences with others.

Can I Become an REI Product Tester from Home?

Since most of the testing takes place in real-world outdoor settings, it is unlikely that you can become a product tester for REI from home. As a product tester, your essential occupation is to test the items in the field, assess their exhibition, durability, solace, and usefulness, and give legit and objective criticism.

The products must be tested in real-world outdoor conditions, which cannot be replicated at home, for this to be possible.

However, there might be a few exceptions, like testing clothing or other equipment that can be evaluated indoors or in simulated environments. Testers may work from home at REI in such instances, but the opportunities are likely to be limited.

By and large, the vast majority of the REI item testing amazing open doors require actual testing in outside conditions and subsequently are not appropriate for remote work.

If you are keen on turning into an REI product tester, you should be ready to travel to various areas to test the items and give input.

How much does an REI Product Tester Earn?

Some factors that can significantly impact an REI product tester’s average salary include specific testing projects, the length of the testing period, and the products being tested.

Also, the compensation can be as a cash payment, store credit, or free gear and equipment. The testers are informed of the exact compensation for each product testing opportunity during the application process.

However, the average REI product tester earns an estimated $111,906 annually, which includes an estimated base salary of $100,119 with an $11,787 bonus.

Is REI Product Tester Legit?

Yes, the REI product tester program is a legitimate opportunity offered by REI, a well-known and respected outdoor gear retailer in the United States. The program lets REI members test and give feedback on new and used outdoor gear and equipment.

REI uses feedback from testers to improve its products and more useful. Also, it takes the determination of its product testers genuinely and has severe qualification prerequisites to guarantee that the testers chosen have the essential experience and mastery to give significant input on the items being tested.

Best REI Product Tester Club

All eligible REI members who meet the program’s requirements are eligible to take part in one product tester program. The program is meant to allow all testers to test and evaluate new and old outdoor gear.

Although the program provides testers with a community component, REI does not have a specific club or group for product testers. Through the online product tester forum, testers can communicate with one another, share their experiences, ask questions, and support one another.

All testers are to adhere to the program’s rules, which include using the products outdoors in real-world conditions, providing in-depth feedback, and submitting evaluations on time. Testers help improve and develop REI’s products.

FAQs on How to Become an REI Product Tester in 2023

What is REI?

The American retail company known as REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.) focuses on outdoor clothing and gear.

Is REI Product Tester Legit?

Yes, the REI product tester program is a legitimate opportunity offered by REI, a well-known and respected outdoor gear retailer in the United States.

What does a REI Product Tester do?

The duties of an REI product tester include:
1. Testing new product prototypes
2. Providing feedback to the design and development teams
3. Creating and executing testing plans
4. Documenting your findings and observations
5. Participating in product improvement meetings


You need to communicate effectively, have a genuine interest in outdoor activities, and be willing to give constructive criticism in order to work as an REI product tester.

You likewise need to have broad information and experience using outdoor gear and equipment and the capacity to distinguish possible imperfections or configuration issues in the items you are trying.



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