How To Get A Ph.D. In Educational Psychology Online: Schools, Cost & Requirements

I know for you to be on this page, you are interested in going further and getting a higher degree in educational psychology because of the love and the interest of becoming an academic or researcher.

Although you might have been working with a bachelor’s or a master’s degree but needs to advance more. So, studying while working can be tasking, but not to worry because we have penned down all you need to know on how you can get a ph.d. in educational psychology online in 2022 without it interrupting your work schedule.

Professionals who hope to earn an online Ph.D. in Educational Psychology are entering a fairly new but rapidly growing field.

Although educational psychology has been around since the days of Plato, only in the last 30 years has it developed into a subfield of psychology that is preparing doctoral candidates to teach and counsel students in educational settings.

Just take your time and carefully read through the article, we have provided you with an insight about How to get a Ph.D. in educational psychology Online this 2022, including the Schools, Cost & Requirements needed to take a Ph.D. program online.

So, before we continue, let’s go through the table of contents below to get an overview of what the article entails.

What is Ph.D. In Educational Psychology?

A Ph.D. in educational psychology deepens prospective graduates’ knowledge of educational psychology, development and learning models of cognition learning, and survey research and design.

Educational psychology emphasizes the development of research skills and supports basic and applied research pertaining to all domains of educational psychology.

The program aims to develop graduates who demonstrate:

  • Broad scholarship in planning and performing basic and applied research on problems of cognition, teaching, learning, and human development.
  • Mastery of current theoretical issues in educational psychology and their historical development.
  • Detailed knowledge of their selected concentration.

The degree prepares candidates to support the educational and psychological well-being of individuals, to use research to critically inform practice and to be able to imagine and conduct applied and theoretical research related to different trajectories of human development and varied educational settings.

Also, The program supports a mentorship model that encourages students’ active participation in research and prepares them for academia and leadership roles in the field.

Why Take Ph.D. in Educational Psychology Online?

One thing that is so interesting about going for an online Ph.D. in educational psychology is that it provides you with flexibility for students who also work as professionals.

An online or on-campus Ph.D. in Education program can provide you with the expertise and the credentials needed to publish in professional journals, present academic findings at conferences, and find good employment.

In other words, as a student you can become a full-fledged researcher, working for the government or think tanks to analyze raw data and come up with new technologies to help teachers.

With an online Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, you’ll be eligible for leadership roles that can enable you to make a lasting impact in your field and the communities you serve.

What is the Salary of a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology holder Like?

Educational psychologists work primarily in academic settings to help students fulfill their learning potential.

They often work with students who face specific challenges, such as autism, learning disabilities, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and some are also responsible for helping students in gifted programs or finding solutions for bullying problems in schools.

Also, educational psychologists typically work full-time during regular business hours, and some are hired part-time to work with specific students or programs.

This is an interpersonal position, as these psychologists are responsible for working closely with students, parents, teachers, and school administrators.

According to PayScale, an early career Educational Psychologist with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total salary (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of $69,980 based on 8 salaries.

A mid-career Educational Psychologist with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $82,184 based on 6 salaries.

The market for educational psychologists is growing by 20 percent nationwide, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics; salaries are a mean wage of $75,670 for those who work in elementary or secondary school, with more for those who work in research or are specialists.

What career can I take up With a Ph.D. in An Online Educational Psychology

There are many career opportunities you can go for once you have a Ph.D. in educational psychology. These career opportunities pay well and are highly valued all over the world.

Having strong research and critical thinking skills which you will get from the online doctorate programs in educational psychology.

In other words, with doctorate degree in educational psychology, you can fit in any of the following options below.

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  • Developing School Programs
  • Working Directly With Students
  • Teaching the Teachers
  • Pure Research
  • Strategies For the Future

Developing School Programs

As an educational psychologist, you can work with striving schools or striving students, to find out what is not working and how to improve learning strategies. 

You would use research and theory to explore solutions and work with administrators and teachers to put these into practice. Also, you can also work with companies that produce textbooks, learning materials, or online coursework.

Working Directly With Students

Several educational psychologists work with students and parents at the elementary, secondary, or college levels as school psychologists.

Also, they help students with academic, social, or emotional problems; guide educational plans for gifted or learning disabled students, and counsel students as they plan for college or chart a future throughout and after college.

Teaching the Teachers

If you are enjoying an academic setting, put it to work by teaching future educators. Educational psychologists with doctorates can teach undergraduates or graduate students and conduct research on college campuses to shape the future and develop improved educational strategies.

Pure Research

Researchers analyze learning processes and how best to put those into practice. As an educational researcher, you might work for a company that produces educational products, for a government or school system, or for a social service agency.

Also, as an educational psychologist you can work for the U.S. Department of Education or the Department of Defense. They can work to develop regulations, help schools with issues like diversity and cultural differences, or evaluate tools and techniques for learning.

Strategies For The Future

Students considering a career in educational psychology can take a look at current research for hints about the field. The journal Educational Psychologist includes topics such as “Do Learners Really Know Best?

Urban Legends in Education,” which explores new media versus old teaching styles, whether people have specific “best” learning styles, and how much power the learner should have over his own experience.

In other words, either  you see your future in public schools, in academia, in government or in the private sector, a career in educational psychology can help build future learners as it builds your own future in an ever-changing and challenging field.

How Much Does an ph.d. Educational Psychology Online Cost?

The cost of an online educational psychology doctoral degree depends on many factors. State residency is an important factor since several colleges and universities charge higher tuition for out-of-state students. However, some schools charge flat tuition for online students regardless of state residency.

Also, technology fees are another key factor; these fees often apply to online students but not their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

So, per-credit costs for an online educational psychology doctoral degree typically range from $300 to $1,400. Students should expect to pay between $18,000 and $97,000 in total tuition.

How Long Will It Take To Earn a Ph.D. Educational Psychology Degree Online?

Earning a Ph.D. in educational psychology online usually takes between three to seven years, but this can change depending on some factors.

The first stage in earning your doctoral degree is finishing the required coursework. These classes are often taken by students as part of a group, meaning they learn alongside their peers as they progress through the program together. 

However, some programs may be self-paced, allowing students to move at their own speed. Most full-time students finish their coursework in two to three years.

The second stage of earning a degree is completing a thesis. Generally speaking, students work with a faculty advisor on their thesis, but they do the majority of their research and writing independently and at their own pace.

 When the student has finished, he or she can defend their thesis in front of a faculty committee. Most full-time students complete the thesis process in one to four years.

What Are The Application Requirement?

In applying for any academic degree program, there are certain requirements and criteria that you must meet before you can say that you are qualified to apply.

It is important to meet up with the criteria so that your application will be considered. Also, ensure you have all your documents ready before applying any of the degree programs and know that if you did not meet up with the requirement your application will not be considered.

There are some requirements and documents that you must present with your application form in getting a Ph.D. in educational psychology.

Therefore, the first and common criteria are that you must be a master’s degree holder after that below are the following requirement.

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  • Transcripts from institutions you have previously visited.
  • GMAT or GRE scores.
  • Then, a goal that describes your academic and professional goals, anticipated career paths, and program goals.
  • GPA should be 3.5 or better on a 4.0 scale
  • Passport
  • Motivation letter A statement of motivation explaining the reasons for opting for the Ph.D. program, indicating the line or lines of research of interest(between one to two pages)
  • 2 letters of recommendation from former colleagues or instructors.
  • Curriculum vitae that specify your relevant work experience.
  • master’s degree certificate in management information systems or a closely related field of study.
  • A sample writing
  • For international applicants only: Scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Best Schools that offers Educational Psychology Phd online

Finding a quality online Doctorate in Educational Psychology can take up a lot of research time; that’s why this ranking was created. 

However, there are so many schools where you can obtain an educational psychology phd online. So, To help you make the right choice, we have put down below a list of the best schools that will give you what you really want. 

Below is the list of schools that offers Educational Psychology Phd online:

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  • University of Nevada – Las Vegas
  • Texas A&M University at Commerce
  • Texas Tech University
  •  University at Albany SUNY
  •  University of Missouri
  •  Old Dominion University
  • University of North Texas
  • Texas A&M University
  •  Washington State University
  • University of Georgia

#1 University of Nevada – Las Vegas

Online Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology

Tuition: $7,183

Students interested in a cheap online ed psych PhD will have to look no further than the University of Nevada Las Vegas, who confers this very degree.

This degree has two specializations, Foundations, and School Psychology, and is a research-based degree that focuses a student on the core, cognate, and research curriculums throughout the plan of study.

Also, students will also be required to complete 67 credit hours of coursework, a research paper that is submitted to a publication, a comprehensive exam, and a dissertation.

Sample courses include Human Learning and Cognition, Multiple Regression and Path Analysis, and Theory and Practice of Human Measurement.

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#2 Texas A&M University at Commerce

Online Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology

Tuition: $7,750

Texas A&M University at Commerce has a special online Ph.D. in Educational Psychology program that focuses on Cognition and Instruction.

This is a cognitive science-based degree, meaning that it focuses on evidence-based methods as a learning delivery system.

Moreover, students who complete this degree are prepared to work in both professional and educational settings as instructors, employing technology and psychology in equal measure to help their students work through the education process.

This degree requires 90 credit hours of coursework, research projects, a program core, a cognate core, a comprehensive exam, and a dissertation. Sample courses include Social Cognition, Theories of Human Learning, and Ethical Issues in Organizations.

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#3 Texas Tech University Lubbock

Online Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology

Tuition: $8,428

Texas Tech University confers an educational psychology doctorate online that will be of interest to students already in Texas because while this school already has a stated Ph.D. program in this field, students can choose to either take a research-based or practitioner-based focus to their coursework. 

However, this program requires 91 credit hours of coursework, research projects, participation in an education conference, practicums, a comprehensive exam, and a dissertation.

Sample courses include Cultural Foundations of Education, Educational Measurement, and Motivation in Academic Settings.

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#4 University at Albany SUNY

Albany, New York

Online Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology

Tuition: In-state $6,393; Out-of-state $12,063 (information provided by the University)

A great online Ph.D. in Educational Psychology comes from the University at Albany SUNY, which offers a hybrid research-based degree that prepares students to become academics and researchers.

The program focuses on the theories and research that make up the field, including measurement, evaluation, methodologies, and psychological theories of learning.

However, The program requires 66 credit hours of coursework, a research project, an apprenticeship, a comprehensive exam, and a dissertation.

Sample courses include Single Case Design and Analysis, Children’s Learning and Cognitive Development, and Advanced Educational Psychology: Learning and Instruction.

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#5 University of Missouri

Columbia, Missouri

Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology

Tuition: $9,518

The University of Missouri confers an educational psychology Ph.D. that has a stated focus on research; it is a hybrid degree that is best suited for students who are interested in going into academia after graduation.

However,  This degree requires 72 credit hours of coursework, which includes research projects and a dissertation, as well as a comprehensive exam; practicums and internships are not required.

Sample courses include Advanced Human Learning, Cognition and Emotion, and Sociology of Education.

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#6 Old Dominion University

Norfolk, Virginia

Online Doctor of Philosophy in Education, Concentration in Educational Psychology

Tuition: $9,750

Old Dominion University gives an online Ph.D. in Educational Psychology that is geared towards students who are ready to become professionals in educational settings. 

Students will be required to complete 60 credit hours of coursework, including research and a dissertation, as well as a comprehensive exam; practicums and internships are not required for this program.

Sample courses include Metacognition and Self-Regulated Learning, Motivation in Education, and Higher Education Politics and Policy.

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#7 University of North Texas

Denton, Texas

Online Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology (EPSY)

Tuition: $10,153

One of the best online educational psychology Ph.D. degree programs comes from the University of North Texas, which delivers a Ph.D. hybrid program that can offer a variety of options.

The program offers eight specializations, including Research and Evaluation, Human Development and Family Science, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Emotional-Behavioral Disorders, etc.

No matter what specialization a student chooses, they will be treated to a world-class faculty, online asynchronous courses, one-on-one tutoring, and more. 

Sample courses include Research Methods in Education, Theory, and Application of Hierarchy Linear Modeling, and Human Development Across the Life Span.

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#8 Texas A&M University

College Station, Texas

Online Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology, emphasis in Educational Technology in Special Education (SPED)

Tuition: $11,036

Texas A&M University confers an exceptional Ph.D. ed psych online degree program that focuses on special education. 

This is a hybrid research program that prepares students to become academics at colleges and universities; some also go into research after graduation. 

However, students can expect to complete 75 credit hours of coursework, research projects, a teaching practicum, a comprehensive exam, and a dissertation; while field supervision is not required by TAMU, it is highly recommended.

Sample courses include Special Education Law, Professional Development in Research, and Critical Research and Practice Issues in Special Education.

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#9 Washington State University

Pullman, Washington

Online Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology

Tuition: $11,041

Students interested in an online Ph.D. in Educational Psychology with a focus on working as a researcher or administrator will want to check out the Ph.D. program offered by Washington State University.

This hybrid program was designed specifically as a professional degree which focuses on building a student’s skill set to work as a researcher, educator, or administrator in a variety of roles.

Also, students can expect to complete a total of 72 credit hours of coursework, including research projects, a comprehensive exam, and a dissertation.

Sample courses include Classical and Modern Test Theory, Educational Measurement, and Meta-Analysis and Research Synthesis.

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#10 University of Georgia

Athens, Georgia

Online Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology

Tuition: $11,634

The University of Georgia confers an educational psychology Ph.D. online that is perfect for students who are interested in becoming academics or researchers.

However, The Ph.D. in Educational Psychology that is offered can either include one of four concentrations, including quantitative methodology or applied cognition and development or be customized based on a student’s interests. 

So, students can expect to complete between 30 and 45 hours of credit work, a research project, a practicum based on their cognate area, a comprehensive exam, and a dissertation.

Sample courses include Psychology of Reading, Achievement, and Intelligence, and Early Educational Intervention for Young Children Placed At-Risk.

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You can read this to know How to get an Educational leadership Specialist degree Online

FAQs On How To Get A Ph.D. In Educational Psychology Online In 2022: Schools, Cost & Requirements

With a doctorate in educational psychology, you can specialize in certain areas such as Developing School Programs, Working Directly With Students, Teaching Teachers, Pure Research, Strategies For the Future, etc.

What Is the Median Salary for an Educational Psychologist? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a group containing school psychologists earned a median annual salary of $72,540 in 2010.

Educational psychologists are trained professionals who help students overcome mental, physical, emotional, and social difficulties that prevent them from participating in academic and non-academic activities at school.

The difference between a school psychologist and an educational psychologist is that school psychologists are trained to work directly with children who have learning and behavioral issues; educational psychologists concentrate on the “macro”.

Though all students interested in becoming an educational psychologist start with a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree is the minimum requirement for a career in the field. A PhD may be required if your aspirations include teaching or performing research at the university level.


In conclusion, Educational psychology Ph.d. online deepens prospective graduates’ knowledge of educational psychology, development and learning models of cognition learning, and survey research and design.

In other words, I believe this article will go a long way in helping you in letting you know all you need to know about educational psychology Ph.D. online like how to get it, school, cost, and requirement.


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