25 Most Affordable Online Bible Colleges

Looking at working as a clergy? Online bible colleges exist to help you answer a religious calling and teach you more about your faith.

Today’s world needs clergymen, counselors, and others who can restore peace, encourage hope, and unite people to strengthen their faith. Hence, online Christian colleges help students attain a deeper understanding of theology and to pursue vocations that enable them to serve through ministry, community reach, or missions.

More importantly, online schools make earning a Biblical Studies or Ministry degree easier.

So, the World Scholarship Forum has explored the options for distance learning students. This post provides answers to the most affordable online Bible colleges.

What is a Bible College?

Bible colleges (also known as Bible Institutes or Theological Institute) are Protestant Christian higher education institutions. They prepare students for Christian ministry with theological education, Bible studies, and practical ministry.

Also, bible schools usually are affiliated with evangelical, Christian fundamentalist, or Pentecostal Protestant movements. Majorly, their primary goal is to prepare people for roles in Christian ministry.

Additionally, bible colleges primarily offer undergraduate courses. Also, they may offer graduates with lower degrees of associate degrees, certificates, or diplomas in specialized areas of Christian training where a full degree is not required.

Why should I go to Bible College?

There are several reasons why you should go to a bible college. Being a Christian who believes in the bible is enough reason. It is not wise enough to believe all you are being told about the bible.

So, at the bible college, your doubts and questions are answered. However, there are other benefits and reasons why you should attend a bible college.

  • Firstly, graduates from bible colleges are more mature and experienced. The time spent on their education allows them to grow in knowledge, wisdom, and adulthood.
  • Secondly, bible school education forces students to delve deeper into God’s Word and the study of theology. So, their experience in the classroom exposes them to more diverse insights and ideas that they might otherwise have never known.
  • Thirdly, students in many Bible schools get to know others outside of their faith or denomination. This allows the students to see those ideas and beliefs that differ from theirs and offer a whole new perspective.

How do I Choose a Bible College?

There are some common steps for students to help them choose the right college.
When deciding on a Bible college to attend, there are basic issues to consider to ensure you choose the right school.

  • The best way to start finding colleges is to talk to the people around you. Talk to your counselors, teachers, family friends, and even (get ready for it) your parents. Many times these people will be full of friendly advice, and what is good is that once they know you, they may have specific reasons for recommending a particular college.
  • Focus on your academic goals.
  • When considering schools, you must consider what you want in education. Do you want to be trained for a specific line of work or a more general liberal arts education? A pre-professional education prepares you for a specific job, including engineering and pre-medicine.
  • Decide whether you want to focus exclusively on ministry-oriented programs or choose a school combining more specific undergraduate programs with Christianity and Bible classes.
  • If accreditation is important to you, seek a school with specialized accreditation from religious education organizations, such as the Association for Bible Higher Education (ABHE).
  • If you do not want to move to school, choose a Bible college with online options to earn your degree remotely.

What are the best Online Bible Colleges?

There are numerous Bible studies and online ministries. Mostly, they are provided by colleges with a particular religious affiliation. While some schools focus on one, others offer a range of degrees, concentrations, and minors in religious matters.

See below the list of available online Bible colleges, their affiliate, and tuition fees.

#1. Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary, Jacksonville, Texas

cheapest baptist colleges

This online theology school is the cheapest online bible school in our ranking. It was founded in 1950 by the Baptist Missionary Association of America. As an online accredited school, it offers degree programs that include a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion and separate MA programs in Religion and Pastoral Theology.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and the Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools accredit this low-cost online college.

Furthermore, the master’s degree program is offered entirely online, but the associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs require a one-week campus visit for discipleship.

Their basic tuition fee is as low as $3, 535


#2. University of the Cumberlands

Image result for university of cumberlands logo

This online bible college is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Commission on Colleges. It offers an online undergraduate and graduate degree to deliver academic excellence in an affordable and flexible format.

The university is affiliated with Baptist Ministries. Also, this online bible school offers courses for a tuition fee as low as $6,368.


#3. Heritage Christain University Florence, Alabama.

best master's degree colleges

Accredited by the Association of Higher Education since 1988, this online bible college offers an online associate degree and bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies. Also, it offers a Master of Arts, Master of Ministry, and Master of Divinity.

Though these programs are offered online, you must visit the campus at least twice before your graduation date. Mostly, on-campus class meetings are recorded for distance students.

This Christian university online offers all these for as low as $6,362.


#4. Family of Faith University, Shawnee, Oklahoma

The Association for Biblical Higher Education accredits this online Christian bible college. It offers 3 Christian education degrees and a Bachelor of Arts in Church Ministry that covers the following areas.

Also, online students participate in this by completing alternative spiritual projects. However, as a Christian school, it emphasizes the importance of spiritual growth, service, and prayer.

It offers online bible degrees for a tuition fee as low as $6,800


#5. The Baptist College of Florida, Graceville, Florida

Similarly, this online Christian college accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges(SACSCC) was founded by a group of ambitious pastors in 1943.

This online college is one of the low costs in our ranking. It offers a bachelor’s program in missions, Ministry studies, Business Leadership, Psychology, Elementary Education, and more.

Interestingly, their course delivery is asynchronous. This means you can study and complete your coursework at your own pace. These online Christian college programs are offered for as low as $8,183.


#6. Hope Sound Bible College Hobe, Sound Florida.

This affordable online Christian college offers associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs in Christian studies. They offer an associate degree in Bible, Counselling, Ministerial Studies, and Intercultural Studies.

Additionally, bachelor’s degree programs are available in General Christain studies, Elementary education, Secondary Education, Counseling, and others.

Furthermore, Classroom instruction and Educational leadership are available as master’s programs and online bible certification in pastoral studies. Also, courses are seven weeks long, and students get credit for life experience.

Finally, their tuition fee is as low as $9,814, and the Association for Biblical Higher Education accredits them.


#7.  Saint Louis Christian College, Florissant, Missouri

St. Louis Christian College creates its Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministry with a specific goal.

By focusing on the needs of students who strive for “a traditional position of the ministry of an appeal,” the major’s training prepares them to lead “bi-vocational ministries” in their professional lives.

That is why the curriculum courses are virtually split between compulsory Bible/theology credits and credits for ‘professional education.’

This kind of balance and flexibility in the courses makes this one of the best online theology programs for transfer students and a practical choice for different careers. Also, their tuition fee is as low as $9,900.


#8.  Davis College, Johnson City, New York

Davis College – NY offers many opportunities for both online and on-campus students to grow in their faith and participate in various faith-based activities.

These include a weekly chapel, worship, Bible studies, guest speaker programs, and other special events during the academic year.

This university is one of the top ten accredited and affordable online bible colleges in our ranking. Its annual tuition fee is $10,075.


#9.  Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, Illinois

Moody Bible Institute online degrees offer courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the areas of theology, the Bible, and ministry.

Online courses nurture students’ passion for the Word of God and give them the knowledge they need to serve God better. Some courses follow an eight-week accelerated format, while others are at their own pace.

Highly qualified professors who give on-campus lessons also teach online students. Students can participate in missions and travel to locations as diverse as Haiti, England, the Philippines, and more. The annual tuition fee for this online affordable bible school is $10,200.


#10.  Randall University, Moore, Oklahoma

Randall University claims “to help students transform into pioneers by challenging and educating them to live like Jesus.” To this end, the university facilitates various service projects, including blood transfusions, mission trips, and more.

Chapel services take place every Tuesday and Thursday morning on campus. For remote learning or other students who cannot attend, recordings of services and sermons are often posted online.

The university will also link the amounts of a student’s home church scholarships up to $ 250 per semester to make a Randall education accessible to everyone. This online affordable bible school is affiliated with Free Will Baptist Church, and its annual tuition fee is $10,380.


#11.  Concordia University, Austin, Texas

Concordia University in Texas has a very active ministry on campus that spreads the message of Jesus Christ. It was founded in 1926 by the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.

Regular worship services, as well as special faith-based events and speakers, take place in the chapel. Students interested in participating in summer mission trips can travel to Alaska, Canada, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and more.

Online undergraduate and graduate programs offer courses ranging from business administration and psychology to nursing and education. This affordable online college is affiliated with the Lutheran Church-Synod of Missouri.


#12.  Dakota Wesleyan University, Mitchell, South Dakota

The major values ​​at Dakota Wesleyan University are learning, leadership, faith, and service. These principles guide campus lives and distance learning experiences.

Scholars encourage students to strengthen their beliefs and values ​​while cultivating respect for others. Service opportunities are also extended to distance learners; they are invited to participate in the school’s annual volunteer day.

Campus services are held every Thursday morning, and Sacred Days are celebrated yearly. The campus ministry is associated with the Dakota Conference of the United Methodist Church. This online bible university is accredited, and its annual tuition fee is $10,500.


#13.  Graceland University, Lamoni, Iowa

Graceland University was founded in 1895 and has offered distance learning options for decades. Several programs are offered only online, including a Master of Science in Education with three concentrations and a Bachelor of Health Care Management, and 800 students are currently enrolled in distance education.

The university receives students from all religious backgrounds. Still, the school’s connection to the Community of Christ church means Christian students can engage with their faith at Graceland.

The Cheville Chapel Sanctuary hosts worship services every Sunday, once in the morning and once in the evening. It’s an accredited online bible university, and its annual tuition fee is $10,650.


#14.  Toccoa Falls College, Toccoa, Georgia

Toccoa Falls College has spread the message of Jesus Christ and educated future Christian leaders since its founding in 1907. The college offers online associate, baccalaureate, and certificate courses, and distance learning students can receive online.

In addition to meeting course-specific credit requirements, all online students must meet the service requirements. Although online students do not need to attend chapel services, they are to view service recordings made available on YouTube.

  • Annual Tuition: $10,656
  • Affiliation: Church of the Covenant of Christ and Missionary


#15. Holy Apostles College and Seminary, Cromwell, Connecticut

master's of theology

This is another affordable online bible college founded in 1956, and it’s affiliated with the Catholic Church.

They offer online undergraduate and graduate degrees in both Theology and Liberal Arts. English, Philosophy, sacred art, and History in Social sciences are available for the bachelor’s degrees program.

Also, master’s degree students may choose from the Master of Arts in Theology, Pastoral Studies, and Philosophy. In addition, each of these degree programs features a different concentration.

Furthermore, this online college is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of the Association of Theological Schools. Their tuition is as much as $11,835.


#16. Tennessee Wesleyan University
Athens, Tennessee

This is one of the top online universities affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Firstly, it was founded in1857 and now offers a fully online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) completion program in Healthcare Management and management information systems.

It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award these degrees. Also, it is termed a designated Military-friendly school. This online university has been named one of the top ten best-value schools by U.S. News and World Report.

Finally, they offer an online Christian educational degree for basic tuition of $12,557.


#17. Saint Peter’s University Jersey City, New Jersey

This university is one of the low-cost online Christain colleges in the nation. It was founded in 1872 and offers a fully online undergraduate and graduate degree. So for a bachelor’s degree, business administration is available.

While higher education in General Administration and Industrial-Organizational Psychology is available for Master’s degree program

Middle States Commission accredits the university on Higher Education. It is named one of the top 100 regional universities in the North and the top 15 best-value schools.

Finally, their basic tuition fee is $13,377.


#18.  Saint Joseph’s College of Maine, Standish, Maine

Saint Joseph’s College of Maine offers dozens of online programs for graduates and undergraduates. These programs offer students flexibility and convenience while ensuring they are fully immersed in the community of colleges.

The Campus Ministry offers various services to students, including prayer and worship, wedding presentations, and volunteer opportunities. For example, students spend their winter break on invitation to feed the homeless in Portland, Maine, or build homes in Guatemala if they feel adventurous.

  • Annual tuition: $10,350
  • Affiliation: Roman Catholic


#19. Newman University
Wichita, Kansas

The Adorers of the Blood of Christ 1993 founded this online university. As a top accredited online Christian college affiliated with the Catholic Church, Interdisciplinary Studies and BS programs in Organizational Leadership offered a bachelor’s degree online alongside Business and Strategic Intelligence (BSI).

Also, for graduate students master of Theological Study and MED and a Master of Arts in theology is available.

Furthermore, this university is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission to award degrees. U.S. News and World Report rank its online graduate education programs among some of the best in the nation.

Finally, the tuition fee for this online college is $14,663.


#20. University of Mount Olive
Mount Olive, North Carolina

This online bible university was founded by the Convention of Free Will Baptist and is now one of the most flexible and low-cost online Christian colleges.

Online educational Christain degrees are offered, as well as associate and master’s degrees. Graduate students can pursue an online MBA, a master of Education program with tracks in Early Childhood Education. At the same time, Criminal Justice and Criminology are available for bachelor’s degree students.

Interestingly, all courses are synchronous with multiple start dates per year. Also, accelerated options are available for ambitious students who want to finish their coursework earlier.

Finally, this online bible university is accredited by the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges to award these degrees, and their tuition fee is about #$ 15, 505


#21 —York College. York, Nebraska

The school offers two fully online degree programs: a Master of Arts in Organizational and Global Leadership and Education specializing in Curriculum and Instruction.

Also, this college is currently one of the nation’s leading affordable online Christain colleges. Accelerated tracks allow students to earn their credentials within just 12 months.

Additionally, the program allows you to study and finish your coursework at your own pace as well as full-time and part-time options to fit any schedule.

Finally, this online bible college is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and its tuition fee is $15,985.


#22.Cardinal Stritch University

This university made it to our ranking. Being a Catholic, Franciscan school, it is cheap and an accredited Christain college that offers fully online and hybrid programs.

Bs in Business Administration, Respiratory Therapy, and MS in Higher Education Student Affairs and Educational Leadership are available strictly through online programs.

However, this online Christian university is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and offers online director of the Special Education and Pupil Affairs licensure program. Its tuition fee is approximately $16,154

#23. Moody Bible Institute Bismarck, North Dakota

Moody Bible Institute is one of the most flexible low-cost online Christain Bible colleges. It offers a traditional online format where undergraduates may pursue an Associate of Biblical Studies or one or four Bachelor of Science programs: BS in biblical studies, ministry leadership, and theological studies or Bs in theology and cultural Engagement.

Also, a Master’s in Biblical studies, divinity, or options in Biblical Preaching or Global Ministry design is available for graduate students.

Moreover, it was founded in 1886 and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and schools. Furthermore, it offers online certificate programs in Biblical Leadership and Biblical Studies, and its tuition fee is about $17,606

#24. Bethel College in Mishawaka, Indiana

One of the top affordable online Christain colleges is Bethel College, accredited by the Higher learning commission was founded in 1947.

It offers eight fully online bachelor’s degree programs, including a BS in Cyber Security, a BA in Christain leadership, a BS in organizational management, and a BA in interdisciplinary studies. Graduate students can choose from the seven online offerings: MA in Counselling, MEEd in LiteracyMA, Sports administration, and MA in Ministry.

Its fee for online college Christian degree programs is estimated at $19,327.


#25.  Southwestern Assemblies of God University, Waxahachie, Texas

Southwestern Assemblies of God University is perhaps the largest provider of accredited online theology programs in the US – at least regarding the number of degrees it offers.

Undergraduate students who follow SAGU online can major in Bible and Theology, Bible Studies, Theological Studies, Pastoral Leadership, or one of the various subtypes of Christian ministry.

The university even offers a separate program for intercultural studies, specifically for those who want to work as missionaries overseas. And with its generous policy for good pay and substantial tuition, SAGU makes it more affordable than ever to train for a church career. Additionally, this online school is affiliated with Assemblies of God. It is fully accredited and has a tuition fee of $19,560.


Online Bible colleges FAQs

How much does it cost to get a theology degree?

Getting a theology degree may cost you an average of $38,846.
The cost of a theology degree will depend on the university and the type of program you enroll in. While online programs may cost lesser than a traditional degree, a bachelor’s degree is cheaper than a master’s and doctoral degree.
Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary, Jacksonville, Texas, offers online bible degrees for as low as $3,500

What are the career paths for a degree in biblical studies?

With a degree in biblical studies, you can work in any religious establishment as a counselor, youth pastor,

Are online bible schools accredited?

Yes, most online bible schools are accredited. Some of them are affiliated with accredited online universities. However, you must carefully check the reliability of an online school before enrolling in any program.


Selecting a college can be challenging, but the quest can seem overwhelming when you need to find a school that matches your faith and your budget.

Graduates with degrees in specialties such as Theology, Bible Studies, or Christian Ministries can work as missionaries and ministers. Other job opportunities include church administration, nonprofit management, and youth group leadership.


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