How to Become a Fisher Price Product Tester in 2024 | Full Guide

Fisher Price Product Tester

As a parent, you want the best for your kids, and part of that is getting the best and safest products on the market. And that’s where Fisher Price comes in. They’re one of the most trusted names in toys and baby products.

But did you know you could help them make their products even better? Yep! By becoming a Fisher Price product tester, you can get access to new products before anyone else and help make them even better.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about becoming a Fisher-Price product tester.

Who is a Fisher-Price Product Tester?

An individual chosen by Fisher-Price to test new toys and infant products before they are made available to the general public is known as a product tester. Parents or other adults who look after small children and are familiar with their needs and preferences are frequently the people who test new products.

What Does a Fisher-Price Product Tester Do?

A well-known company that makes toys and infant supplies is called Fisher-Price. It was established in 1930 and is currently a Mattel, Inc. subsidiary. Fisher-Price aims to provide toys and other play-based learning aids for kids.

Product testing is a crucial step in the creation of Fisher-Price products. The company tests them extensively to ensure that their toys and infant products are sturdy, interesting for kids, and safe. 

In addition to play-testing with kids to gather input on how they engage with the items, this company collaborates with a team of professionals to carry out safety and quality tests on its products.

As a Fisher-Price product tester, you can contribute significantly to the company’s efforts to create children’s items of the highest caliber. Being a product tester has several advantages, including:

As a product tester, you can get the chance to test out brand-new toys and baby gear before they are made available to the general public.

Your input as a product tester can help Fisher-Price enhance its products and make them more entertaining and advantageous for kids, which will aid in creating new items.

Free goods: Product testers occasionally obtain free goods to test and keep.

Creating a connection with the business: By participating in product testing, you can get to know Fisher-Price and be invited to participate in other testing possibilities.

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About Fisher-Price Product Testing Program 

Parents and other adults who care for children can get involved in creating new Fisher-Price toys and baby products through the company’s product testing program. Participants in the program can test out goods and offer input to assist future ideas better.

One must meet the following requirements to work as a Fisher-Price product tester:

  • Having a child between 0 and 5 under your care or supervision.
  • The ability to access the internet and a computer to complete surveys and give comments.
  • Wishing to protect the privacy of Fisher-Price’s intellectual property by signing a confidentiality agreement.

Follow these steps to apply for a Program:

  • Click on the “Product Testing” link at the bottom of the Fisher-Price website.
  • Create an account by entering your contact information and answering a few straightforward questions about your family and home.
  • If you are chosen to participate in a product testing opportunity, wait for Fisher-Price to email you.
  • You will be given a prototype of a brand-new toy or piece of baby gear if you are chosen to take part in a product testing opportunity. This could entail finishing questionnaires, participating in focus groups, or offering written criticism.

In conclusion, the Fisher-Price Product Testing Program gives parents and other caregivers a chance to be involved in creating new Fisher-Price toys and baby products. You must fulfill specific requirements and register for an account on the Fisher-Price website to apply for the program. A prototype will be sent to you for testing and feedback if chosen.

Are product testers for Fisher-Price compensated?

Yes, product testers at Fisher-Price are compensated for their work. You will be paid in cash, gift cards, or other forms of compensation for your time and input as a product tester, in addition to receiving a range of toys and other children’s products for free to test and keep. 

The pay varies under the evaluated product, testing period, and other elements. The potential to directly influence children’s growth and contribute to improving children’s products should be the primary motivator for being a Fisher-Price product tester, not a financial reward.

What Should Fisher-Price Product Tester Expect?

You can anticipate several advantages as a Fisher-Price product tester, in addition to obligations and demands from the corporation.

Being a Fisher-Price product tester has several advantages.

  • Early access to new products: Before they are made available to the general public, you could be able to test out brand-new Fisher-Price baby products and toys.
  • Opportunities to offer feedback: By sharing your thoughts and suggestions on the products you evaluate, you may aid Fisher-Price in enhancing the value and attractiveness of its offerings.

Product testers occasionally receive free merchandise or payment in exchange for their time and opinions.


A Fisher-Price product tester’s duties include the following:

  • Using the product as instructed: Using the product by the guidelines and reporting any problems or issues that crop up while testing is critical.
  • Giving honest input: Fisher-Price appreciates candid comments from product testers and requests that you share your favorable and unfavorable opinions about the items you test.
  • Setting and keeping deadlines: Fisher-Price may set deadlines for submitting surveys or feedback, so it’s critical to do so on time.
  • The Fisher-Price product testing communication and feedback process usually entails the following:
  • Getting the product: Fisher-Price will give you a product prototype to use and test once you’ve been chosen to participate in a product testing opportunity.
  • Providing comments or completing surveys: During the testing period, you might be prompted to send an email or complete a survey on the product.
  • Reporting any problems: It’s crucial to let Fisher-Price know right away if you have any problems or concerns with the product.
  • Returning the item: Fisher-Price can ask you to return the prototype when the testing time is up.

In conclusion, you can anticipate advantages as a Fisher-Price product tester, including early access to new products and chances to offer comments. You will also be held accountable for following instructions, giving accurate feedback, and meeting deadlines. 

Typically, the communication and feedback process entails filling out surveys or giving feedback online and reporting any problems or issues that arise while testing.

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Can I Work from Home as a Fisher-Price Product Tester?

Yes, interested parties can participate in Fisher-Price’s product testing program from the comfort of their homes. You will receive the chosen product(s) once you sign up to test Fisher-Price products, and you can test them as instructed in your home. 

Following that, you will be requested to provide feedback on the product via online surveys or other methods of communication. The organization aims to make the testing procedure as convenient and flexible as possible because they are aware that parents and caregivers have hectic schedules. 

As a result, you may participate in the Fisher-Price product testing program from the convenience of your home.

Furthermore, evaluating things at home might give a more accurate picture of how they will be used. You can give more in-depth comments on a product’s efficacy, safety, and usability by trying it in a comfortable setting.

While you can participate in Fisher-Price’s product testing program from home, it’s important to remember that there are still obligations associated with being a product tester. This includes responding to surveys and requests for timely feedback, according to the company’s testing policies, and giving honest and complete feedback.

Becoming a Fisher-Price product tester at home is a fantastic opportunity for parents and other caregivers who wish to directly influence the creation of new children’s items while being free to participate from the comfort of their homes.

How can I apply it to test Fisher-Price products?

Here’s a how-to manual to get you going:

First, go to the Fisher-Price website and select the “Become a Product Tester” button. You can sign in if you already have a Fisher-Price account or make a new one if you don’t.

Fill out the application for product testers next. For Fisher-Price to be able to contact you, make sure your contact information is accurate. Your age, gender, and why you’d be a good fit for the program must all be disclosed.

Following the assessment of your application, your name will be added to a list of prospective product testers. Fisher-Price will contact you personally when they have new products that need to be tested, providing information about the item and guidelines on how to proceed.

You must use the product by the provided instructions after receiving it. You can provide feedback occasionally through a survey or a video. To ensure the feedback is accurate and valuable, carefully adhere to all directions.

You might get more products to test in the future if your product test is successful. Why not attempt product testing as a fun and exciting way to earn money from home?

What Advice Should I Follow When Testing a Fisher-Price Product?

Take into account the following advice for a fruitful Fisher-Price product testing experience:

Ensure you comprehend the testing specifications and any deadlines for submitting comments before preparing the product for the testing procedure. Learn about the features and product instructions so you can give informed comments.

  • Use the product as instructed: Be sure to carefully read the product’s instructions and use the product as it was designed to be used. By doing this, you’ll be able to give more accurate feedback and ensure that your experience was comparable to that of other customers when the product was first published.
  • Give accurate and thorough comments: Be as clear and descriptive as possible while responding to surveys or offering feedback. Include both constructive and critical criticism and ideas for how the product may be made better. This will assist Fisher-Price in better comprehending how the product functions in actual use and where it may be enhanced.
  • Think about the effect of your feedback: As a product tester, you may affect the project’s outcome. When providing feedback, consider how it may affect the product’s features, functionality, and design.
  • Respect confidentiality: You could be requested to sign a confidentiality agreement before beginning work as a product tester. Respect this agreement and refrain from disclosing details about the product or the testing procedure to third parties.
  • Contact Fisher-Price: If you have any queries or worries while taking the test, contact Fisher-Price for support. They are readily ready to respond to inquiries and offer assistance as required.

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Who is a Fisher-Price?

A toy firm, Fisher-Price, creates a range of goods for infants and kids. The business was established in 1930 and is renowned for its superior and cutting-edge goods.

Why is it vital to test products?

Before their products are made available to the general public, companies like Fisher-Price can get customer feedback through product testing. This ensures that the goods are consumer-friendly, efficient, and safe.

What kinds of items go through testing?

Fisher-Price evaluates a range of goods, including toys, baby supplies, and other kid-oriented products.

What requirements must one meet to work as a product tester?

Fisher-Price often seeks out product testers who are parents or caretakers of small children, though qualifications may vary based on the unique testing opportunity.

How can I offer suggestions as a product tester?

Product testers frequently offer feedback online or by responding to surveys Fisher-Price sends them.

What tasks does a product tester perform?

Product testers are accountable for utilizing the product as instructed, offering frank feedback, and sticking to survey or feedback submission deadlines.

How do I apply to test Fisher-Price products?

Visit the corporate website and check for information about current product testing possibilities if you want to apply to test Fisher-Price products.


Parents and other caregivers have a fantastic opportunity to directly influence the design of new toys and infant goods through the Fisher-Price product testing program. You will have the opportunity to offer insightful input as a product tester, which will aid Fisher-Price in developing goods for kids that are secure, efficient, and fun.

Apply to the business’s website to become a product tester. If chosen, be ready to follow the product’s instructions, offer frank and thorough feedback, and adhere to any survey or feedback submission deadlines.

Overall, those interested in child development and who love evaluating new items may find participating in the Fisher-Price product testing program a gratifying experience. Consider applying to be a Fisher-Price product tester if you’re a parent or caregiver who wants to influence the direction toys and other items for kids take in the future.



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