38 Amazing Graduation Photo Booth Ideas 2023

Graduation photos are forever and for this singular reason, it’s essential that the backdrop of your pictures are exactly what you want them to be. So if you’re looking for graduation photo booth ideas, we got you covered.

We have 38 Amazing Graduation Photo Booth Ideas that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your grad photos, one that will definitely have you reminiscing in years to come.

So if you are planning a graduation party or shoot for your middle school, high school, or college graduation, here are the best graduation photo booth ideas.

#1. Holographic Balloon Backdrop

A holographic balloon backdrop can give your graduation party an ’80s vibe. After inflating the balloons, use Command hooks to form a wall, where everyone can take fun photos with the grad to post, share and save.


#2. Big Head Cutouts

Display large cut-out images of your grad’s head for everyone to see. Mount a high-resolution photo onto the poster board using spray adhesive, then use a box cutter to cut around the hair, ears, and chin.


#3. “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” Theme

Now that they’ve graduated, it’s time to enter a new stage of life. In light of their next big step, throw a travel-themed party where you decorate with all the essentials, from a suitcase and globe to a sign that reads, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”


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#3. Guest Book Poster


Upon entry, invite guests to sign their names and a loving message to the grad on a poster with a creative “Class of 2023” print on the front. It’s meant to fit any 11 x 17-inch frame.

Graduation Photo Banner

#4. Graduation Photo Banner

Now 22% Off


This photo banner makes a memorable decoration that’ll impress guests — especially the grad. Use an assortment of vertical 6×4 photos to document their first semester to the last.

#5. Celebration Quotes

Print these celebratory quotes for your grad, then frame them to hang or display on the table. Quotes include “Go Be Amazing” and “The Tassel Was Worth the Hassle.”

#6. A Rustic Floral Theme

If you’re searching for unique decorative themes for the party, try going for a colorful yet vintage look. Gather an array of galvanized materials to make paper accordion fans and garlands. Your child can also enjoy DIYing their party essentials.

Graduation Photo Booth Props

#7. Graduation Photo Booth Props


Whether or not you include a photo booth at the event, purchase these Class of 2023 props for guests to use as a backdrop for their Instagram and TikTok pictures. The pack comes with 50 custom-made pieces and can be placed in mason jars as fun table decorations.

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Personalized Photo Door Banner

#8. Personalized Photo Door Banner

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Personalize this door photo banner with your graduate’s name, school name, and graduation year. Choose from 15 design colors and upload any photo to go with your desired background and accent color (make sure it’s grad-approved).

So Proud of You Grad Balloon Boxes

#9. So Proud of You Grad Balloon Boxes

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While you can always have your balloons freely spaced out within the room, try storing them in these “Grad So Proud of You” boxes. They’re sturdy, reusable, and can hold other small decor items you’d want to display.

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#10. Paper Pom Poms & Fans

Recreate this photo booth idea:
Bright pink paper pom poms - graduation photo booth ideas

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Gold paper fans - backdrop ideas for grad party

Buy on Amazon

Your photo booth should give off all the good happy vibes so guests can come and have fun taking pictures and this backdrop shows exactly that! 

I’m absolutely obsessed with all the bright-colored paper pom poms and fans behind them. They look soo pretty and definitely make the white background setup 10x better! 

#11. Polaroid Cut-Out Setup

Recreate this photo booth idea:
Polaroid Cut-Out - graduation party photo props

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Pink Letter Balloons - graduation party photo booth ideas

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Okay, this Polaroid setup is such a great idea for any graduation party. I love how simple and classy it is, but at the same time looks professionally designed. You can get the photo booth frame for only $20 on Etsy and set it up exactly like this!

Adding your graduate’s name in balloons at the bottom is like a cherry on top, and you just know the pictures will turn out so well with this! This is definitely one of my favorite graduation photo booth ideas I’ve ever seen.

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#12. Wooden Pallet 

Recreate this photo booth idea:
Gold yay script balloon - graduation party ideas

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Gold, white and pink tassel garland

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How cute is this? If you are on a budget but want a backdrop for your graduation party that stands out, I’m here to tell you that pallet woods are absolutely free and you can easily find them anywhere. 

Check your local store, warehouses, Walmart, and maybe Trader Joe’s to see if they have any free palettes to give you. All you’ll have to do is decorate with a few balloons and tassel garland and you’ll get the cutest photo booth for cheap!

#13. Colorful Boho Backdrop

Recreate this photo booth:
Colorful Tassel Garland

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The cutest idea!! If you are going for a fun summer, beachy vibes for your grad party, I think you can totally make this stunning boho backdrop work! 

14. DIY Chalkboard Backdrop

Recreate this idea:
DIY Chalkboard Backdrop

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Colorful Chalk

Buy on Amazon

This DIY chalkboard is genius!! It’s easy, looks really cute, and the best part about this is that you can write on this backdrop using chalk, which means you have the freedom to make your very own photo booth! 

If you are hosting a graduation party with your friends, this is the perfect DIY for you all to do together. Come up with creative sayings and ideas to whip up the perfect chalkboard that everyone will be impressed with!

15. Graduate Year Balloons

Recreate this photo booth idea:
Rose Gold 2022 Balloons - backdrop ideas for grad party

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White Wood Stain - DIY graduation photo booth ideas

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Here is another of the backdrop ideas for the grad party using a wooden palette! You can get as creative as you want and paint or stain the pallet with any color to make it look unique and stand out.

I also love how they have displayed their graduate year in number balloons as decorations. It’s a simple detail but fits the graduation theme well!

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#16. Themed Backdrop

Recreate this photo booth idea:
Gold foil curtain backdrop - graduation party photo booth ideas

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Black and gold balloons - graduation photo booth props

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If you are going with the gold ol’ graduation theme with black and gold colors, then this photo booth idea is the perfect choice for you! With just a golden fringe curtain and a few balloons, you can easily set up a simple backdrop in your backyard that still looks amazing! 

And of course, to make it even better, these photo booth props are exactly what you need to top it all off

#17. Balloon Wall

Recreate this photo booth idea:
White Balloons

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Gold Foil Fringe Curtains

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Here is another simple photo booth setup you can have that would turn out looking stunning as ever at any graduation party. Plus, it’s the perfect, last-minute backdrop you can create with things you already have around!

#18. Repurpose An Old Door/Furniture

Recreate this photo booth idea:
Gold 2022 Year Balloons

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Multicolor Bunting

Buy on Amazon

Nothing like the good old furniture you can turn into a backdrop for your graduation party. If your dad or someone you know is a bit of a DIY person, you know you have hit the jackpot if they have an old door or a piece of furniture you can use! 

This graduation party photo booth idea is simple and requires minimal effort. You’ll absolutely love how it will look with all the other decor!

#20. Friends Inspired Photo Booth

Obviously, we couldn’t forget the Friend’s themed backdrop. This was one of the popular graduation photo booth ideas last year, and people were absolutely crushing on it! 

If you and your friends are a huge fan of the show, this might be the best way to go about having a photo booth at your graduation party!

#21. Have A Balloon Arch

Graduation Photo Booth Ideas
source: partypoppersco.com
Recreate this photo booth:
Colorful Balloon Garland Kit - graduation photo booth props

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If you don’t have a balloon garland at your graduation party, what are you doing? But, seriously, they really make a big difference for a reasonable price! 

You can easily order them on Amazon for under $20 which is perfect for the super high quality they come with. 

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#22. Showcase Your Photos on the Pallet

Recreate this photo booth:
Silver yay script balloon

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Silver 2022 Number Balloons

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Okay, I won’t lie to you, this is easily one of the best DIY graduation photo booth ideas to ever exist, in my opinion. The idea, the creativity, the setup… it’s all too good! 

Your graduation party is the only time you can really showcase your pictures to prove how far you have come, so turning it into a backdrop might be the genius thing to do. I’m obsessing over this and you will, too!

#23. Chalk Wall Backdrop

Recreate this photo booth idea:
White and pink garland - graduation photo booth ideas

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Chalkboard backdrop - graduation photo booth ideas

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Told ya, chalk wall backdrops literally never disappoint! There are so many ways you can go about having one at your party and this is just another great example to take inspiration from. 

Come up with an inspirational saying fitting to the grad party and add some fun balloons and a chair to get the party photos started!

#24. Fringe Backdrop

Pink and white fringe backdrop - graduation photo booth ideas
source: etsy shop: glamfetebybri
Recreate this photo booth:

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I’m seriously obsessed with how cute this fringe backdrop looks! Fringe is one of the easiest backdrop ideas that bring color to everything, so you obviously cannot go wrong with it! You can easily buy them or even make your own. So cute.

#25. Wooden Pallet + Draped Fabric

I just can’t seem to get enough of wooden pallets!! Each and every one of them is super creative and there’s no denying they don’t make the best backdrops for any grad party.

Keep it simple and decorate the pallets by draping a few fabrics on to glam it up a bit. It’s cute, it’s simple, and it will definitely be the talk of the party!

#26. Make A Floral Backdrop

source: @elizabeth_noack
Recreate this photo booth idea:

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This floral backdrop is so cute and sophisticated looking! There’s no denying it won’t make the best and fun looking backdrop for a grad party. Order a grass wall backdrop from Amazon and hang a few artificial flowers all around to achieve this look. It’s cute, it’s simple, and it will definitely be the talk of the party!

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#27. Night Backdrop Idea

Recreate this photo booth idea:
Outdoor string light bulbs

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White mini laterns

Buy on Amazon

If you think your graduation party is going to go on till nighttime, you’ll need string lights and cute lanterns to create a backdrop as gorgeous as this! Then, all you’ll need are 3 wooden pallets and fun balloons for decorations to get it all up.

#28. Printable Grad Party Photo Booth Backgrounds

The backdrops shown above are pre-printed and shipped to you ready to assemble. If you don’t mind doing a little extra work, you can order grad party background digital files from Etsy.

2019 Grad Party Backdrops - Impress your guests with a personalized oversized backdrop at your son's or daughter's graduation party! Perfect for the grad party photo booth, memory board, or as a backdrop to your dessert or food table. #FINDinista #gradparty

Etsy offers over 300 grad party photo booth backdrop digital files – and you can personalize many of them with your name, school, or other details.

These affordable backdrops start at around $15. After downloading the file to your computer, you will then send it to your local print shop that offers large-format printing (Walgreens, Costco, Office Depot, etc).

#29. Photo Booth Seating 

grad backdrop ideas chair with flower curtain

Image source from karaspartyideas

Not all graduation photo booth ideas need to be a legit backdrop, this chair and the flower curtain are doing the job just as well! All you need is a cute curtain of flowers and a fun chair to take a seat and snap some pics! 

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#30. Outdoor Grad Letter Banner

grad backdrop photo ideas 2021 sign grad backdrop

Image source from Target

#31. Rose Gold Party Theme

grad ideas for party backdrop rose gold theme grad photo booth

Idea and pic by Lauren Conrad

If this isn’t your idea of a rose gold party theme for a graduation photo booth, I don’t know what is. Think everything rose gold!! This is a great color for graduation and this gives you a little bit of every decoration. 

#32. Gold Sequin Backdrop

grad ideas party backdrop gold sparkle wall

Image source by Etsy

We love a gold sequin wall!! There’s truly nothing more glamourous and a graduation photo booth is a time to bring out the glamour! Gold sequin is something that can go with anything and whatever decor you have but still stands out. 

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#33. Modern Photo Booth Backdrop

graduation backdrop ideas homemade grad banner

Image source by Zazzle

A personalized graduation photo booth backdrop, yes, please!! A simple but adorable backdrop that can hang anywhere and look clean!

#34. Palettes And Balloons

graduation party backdrop ideas fun photo shoot idea

Image source by Cassidy Lucille

YAY for minimal decor that looks so good and makes for the perfect graduation photo booth! All you really need is balloons, some tassels, and some free pallets you can get at a store in your town and you’re set. 

Why Do I Need A Graduation Picture?

A graduation picture serves as a memorable memento of your academic achievements and signifies an important milestone in your life. There are several reasons why you might want to have a graduation picture:

  1. Memories and Celebration: Graduating from a particular level of education, such as high school or university, is a significant accomplishment. Having a graduation picture allows you to capture and preserve the memory of that special moment, commemorating the years of hard work and dedication that led you to that point.
  2. Personal Achievement: A graduation picture can serve as a personal symbol of your academic success. It represents the culmination of your efforts and can remind you of your accomplishments whenever you look back on it.
  3. Professional Purposes: In many cases, graduation pictures are used for professional purposes. When applying for jobs, internships, or further education opportunities, it’s common to include a professional headshot with your application. A graduation picture can provide a polished and professional representation of yourself, helping to create a positive impression.
  4. Sharing with Family and Friends: Your graduation picture can be shared with family and friends who have supported you throughout your educational journey. It allows them to share in your joy and pride, and they may also want to keep it as a keepsake themselves.
  5. Commemorative Items: Graduation pictures are often used for creating commemorative items such as graduation announcements, yearbooks, or personalized gifts. These items can be cherished for years to come and serve as a reminder of your accomplishments.

While having a graduation picture is not a requirement, it can hold sentimental and practical value, capturing an important moment in your life and serving various purposes both personally and professionally.



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