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Financial challenge has been the major hindrance to getting online high school programs for most students.

To help curtail this, many institutions provide free high school online programs. Read on to explore the top and best free online high schools you can opt for this year. Some children with learning and mental disabilities may benefit from online education. However, some students may not receive the support they require to excel in online or hybrid learning programs.

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What Is An Online High School?

Any high school that teaches and takes place remotely rather than in person is considered an online high school. Some online high schools are hybrid programs, requiring students to spend some time in a physical location, whereas a fully online high school program takes place entirely online.

Students in completely online programs are not required to attend classes in a physical location each day but are instead allowed to learn from anywhere with an internet connection, taking courses online and interacting with their teachers via virtual classrooms, email, and/or phone.

Students enrolled in online high schools spend about five to six hours per day learning and engaging in classwork, with additional time spent on homework.

So, while students at an online school can often arrange their own schedules, the time required for coursework and studies is the same whether the school is online or in person.

Many online high school programs offer school events, vacations, contests, and virtual groups besides traditional academics to help students engage and get to know one another.

As a result, online students can often reap many of the same benefits as in-person students, with all of the added benefits of attending school online.

Types of Online High school

Like traditional high schools, online high schools are separated into two categories: public and private. It can break the distinctions between the two types of schools down in the same way that it can break the differences between physical schools down:

Online public high schools (which can also be charter schools) employ state-licensed and certified teachers, charge no tuition, adhere to state education standards, and grant you a legal high school diploma after you complete the required credits and courses. The government subsidizes these schools, like actual public schools,.

Online private high schools offer their own set of educational criteria and standards, charge tuition, and award you a high school diploma once you complete the program. These schools, like physical private schools, are privately sponsored.

Many online schools, whether private or public, require students to be residents of the state or a certain school district, while others allow students from any state or school district.

Other online institutions welcome out-of-state students but charge them tuition that is waived for in-state students. Finally, the applicant must confirm whether the school of their choosing has any restrictions depending on a student’s address.

Because not every state has an online public school, kids who live in one of these states and want to attend high school online must enroll in an out-of-state online school or a private online high school.

Why should you go to an online high school?

Attending high school online isn’t for everyone, but for some, it may be the most effective option to complete their education. If you’re considering enrolling in an online public school, consider whether or not these factors apply to you and your situation.

Flexibility in your schedule and studies

Students who take courses online rather than in person can determine their own study schedules. Most programs allow you to study whenever and wherever you want as long as you participate in the school program for the required number of hours per week and complete your assignments.

If you’re a dedicated athlete, artist, full-time worker, or anyone else who needs to commit hours outside of school every week, attending high school online can give you the necessary flexibility to balance school with your other activities.

You can choose your own learning pace

Online high schools give students the freedom to learn at their own pace, whether that pace is faster or slower than that of a traditional public high school. Students can set their own learning pace in an online program because the courses are self-directed, rather than being frustrated that a class is going too fast or too slow based on the needs of a group of students.

So, if you’re a high achiever who wants to get ahead of your grade/age level or a low achiever who needs to slow down from your grade/age level, an online high school experience might be the right fit for you.

You can study at home or on the go

There are a plethora of reasons taking classes and studying at home may be preferable to attending a physical school. For these students, taking classes online is the ideal way to stay in school without having to attend classes physically.

Maybe your family moves around a lot and you can’t stay in one place long enough to go to a physical school. Perhaps you are someone who doesn’t have simple access to a physical school or feels that surrounding schools are unsuitable for any reason. Perhaps you have a persistent medical condition or are otherwise confined to your home.

In these and other scenarios, online high schools can give the flexibility and accommodation that so many students require to finish their studies.

It provides an option for those who didn’t complete high school

People with a high school diploma earn more on average than those with a GED. If you never attended or completed high school, you might get a formal credential rather than taking the GED test.

If you never finished high school but still want the full experience and an accredited diploma, an online high school program might be the ideal option.

What are the Best Free Online High Schools

The following are verified school listings that provide a free online high school programs.

1. Keystone School

The Keystone School is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania is home to the Keystone School. For students with 12 or more transfer credits, the school provides a Standard and Accelerated Pathway course per course.

Each course takes an average of eight to twelve weeks to complete, and students have a chance to earn five to six credits every year.

The price for the Standard Pathway is $399 per course, while the tuition for the Accelerated Pathway is $1,485. Four, seven, nine, or twelve-month payment plans are possible.


2. Excel High School

Excel High School is a high school that focuses on academics. It is situated in Plymouth, Minnesota, and offers adults a free high school diploma online. AdvancED has granted the school accreditation. In addition, their usual graduation credit load is 21.5 credits, and full-time is roughly 4-6 courses per semester.

These courses take 12 weeks to complete. They have diploma courses in Language, Social Science, Fine Arts, World Languages, Mathematics, Science, Health, AP, and Electives for a monthly tuition charge of $99 per month.


3. Indiana University High School

Indiana University High School in Bloomington, Indiana, offers a high school diploma. They have an AdvancED license and offer College Prep and Standard Diploma Pathways.

Students must achieve a minimum of 10 credits to graduate. Math, Science, Social Studies, Health Education, Directed Electives, and Free Electives are available; tuition is $252 per course.


4. Park City Adult High School

Park City Independent Online Adult High School is a Scottsdale, Arizona-based online adult high school. They have an AdvancED license, and the program carries a credit load of 24 credits. At Park City Independent, however, around six credits must be completed.


5. University of Mississippi High School

University of Mississippi High School, which is situated at the University of Mississippi, offers adults a free high school diploma online. AdvancED has granted the accreditation.

English Language, Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Business and Technology, Health and Physical Education, Foreign Languages, and other subjects are available to pupils.

The tuition charge for each course is $375; 12 unit courses are $250, 1 unit AP courses are $425, and 12 unit AP courses are $300.


6. Smart Horizons Career Online High School

Smart Horizons Career Online High School is an online high school that focuses on career development (COHS)

This online high school combines a high school component, and an academic coach can coach each student. Along with their high school diploma, students will receive a career certificate. With this certificate, you can work as an office administrator, childcare and educationist, licensed protection officer, or national security officer.

The program’s credit load is around 18 credits, and the cost is approximately $1,295 (payable in $77 monthly payments). In addition, transfer credits for up to 14 courses are permitted.


7. Online James Madison High School

Adults can earn a free high school diploma online at James Madison High School Online, which is located in Norcross, Georgia. AdvancED, DEAC and the Council for Higher Accreditation have all given the school their seal of approval (CHEA).

They also provide a year-round enrolment policy and certificate programs in English, Biology, Physical Science, American History, and World Geography, among other subjects.

Tuition is about 0% interest monthly payment plans as little as $49 per month. For example, if no high school credits are completed, the cost will be around $1,799; completed 9th grade costs $1,439; completed 10th grade cost $1,079; and completed 11th grade costs $779.


8. Mizzou K-12 Online High School

Mizzou K-12 Online High School is based in Columbia, Missouri, and offers a free high school diploma online. In addition, AdvancED has granted the school a license.

Students can enroll in any of the following courses: English / Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Practical Arts, Physical Education, Health, and World Languages Electives for a $500 tuition fee per course.


9. Whitmore School

Whitmore School, situated in Morgantown, WV, is the world’s first online high school, delivering a free high school diploma to adults. They also have an AdvancED license. Students can earn six credits each year, and the tuition charge is $1499 for a 12-month period.


10. Adult Diploma from Brigham Young University

Provo, Utah is home to Brigham Young University. They also have an AdvancED license. The University, on the other hand, provides free instruction to students from all high schools across the country who want to get a high school diploma using their phones.

Students can take courses in business, engineering, education, fine arts and communication, humanities, international studies, and area studies at the university. Tuition at the university ranges from $148 to $170 per course.


11. Hope High School

Hope High School Online is a free online high school in Arizona that is certified. We understand that there are many free online education options for your student, but we feel Hope High School Online offers something special that helps our students achieve. It’s difficult to find another free accredited Arizona online high school that provides the level of individualized attention and multiple success tools that we do, especially with our high success record.

This isn’t just another free accredited online high school in Arizona; it’s a prestigious institution with tailored learning plans, flexible scheduling, and ongoing connection with both students and parents.

Furthermore, the school has an award-winning curriculum, with the highest ELA exam scores in the state!

In the future, the school will provide opportunities for pupils to participate in athletics, clubs, and community service initiatives.


FAQs On Online High Schools

Is it possible to graduate high school for free online?

Yes, a Tuition-Free Online Public School can provide you with a High School Diploma.

Is it possible for me to attend high school online?

Online high school is a terrific option when your adolescent requires a high school program that isn’t available in a regular brick-and-mortar environment.

Is it possible for high school kids to attend an online school?

Yes, it is correct. Choosing between a traditional school and online courses is a huge decision for kids under the age of 18.

Do fake high school diplomas really work?

You have to ensure the relevant government agencies accredit the high school diploma.

What is the fastest way to get a high school diploma online?

The fastest way to get a real high school diploma online is to enroll in self-paced online courses, complete online courses, and graduate as quickly as you can.


Students can get a higher education degree online with a free high school certificate. This article contains thorough information about the free high school diploma online 2023 options and the universities and colleges that provide the courses.


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