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If you are interested in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), web-based training programs are available for CNAs. The best of these programs require some on-the-spot clinical training, but most classes are done online, giving students maximum scheduling flexibility. In today’s writing, we will exhaustively discuss the Top Certified Nursing Assistant Online Classes.

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What is CNA Training?

Certified Nursing Assistants, or CNAs, work in tandem with licensed nurses and nurses to care for patients in various health settings. Knowing the Top Certified Nursing Assistant Online Classes helps me understand the job of CNAs. CNAs work closely with patients but perform different tasks than nurses (RNs) or nursing assistants (LPNs).

Certified nursing assistants often help with bathing, dressing, and other daily activities. Although LPNs and RNs require higher levels of education, CNAs can be certified through less training, usually available through vocational centers, community colleges, and online schools.

CNAs work closely with patients, but they perform different tasks than nurses (RNs) or nursing assistants (LPNs).

How to become a CNA- grade Required

CNA positions require only a high school diploma or GED, not a bachelor’s degree. During CNA’s online classes, students acquire first aid, CPR, infection control, patient care, and general safety skills.

Accessing the Top Certified Nursing Assistant Online Classes prepares the students to work directly with patients, and most include hands-on training. Even students who complete CNA’s online programs typically must meet some requirements in person, especially to prepare students for the CNA certification exam.

CNAs must pass a certification examination that includes written portions and skills. The written part comprises most of the examination. The Skills part requires candidates to perform specific tasks in front of an inspector, usually a licensed or registered nurse practitioner. (Alprazolam online)

Students can take CNA online classes to gain the necessary credentials to work in the field. Graduates often pursue positions in geriatric care facilities, hospitals, and rehabilitation clinics. Students usually complete these training courses within 12 weeks. CNA’s online classes may include some face-to-face components to help students develop practical skills.

What can I do with a CNA certification?

In exploring the Top Certified Nursing Assistant Online Classes, Know that after obtaining an online CNA certification, candidates qualify for careers in a variety of fields and areas. Certified nursing assistants can work in nursing homes or provide home care.

The following careers are some of the options available to graduates of certified nursing assistant programs.

Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistants work closely with nurses and doctors to provide vital care to patients. These assistants often have at least a CNA certification, which students can get online in a few weeks.

Nursing Aide

Also known as aides or assistants, nurse aides work under the supervision of licensed and registered nurses. They work in various settings, including hospitals and psychiatric care centers. They provide patient care and can perform some cleaning tasks.

Home Health Assistant

Home health aides need patience and willingness to face difficult situations. It aides work in patients’ homes, helping people with chronic diseases and elderly patients during daily personal care tasks.

State-Assessed Nursing aide

Nursing assistants evaluated by the state perform a function similar to that of a nursing assistant but have a credential that can result in greater earning potential and greater responsibility. Completing the CNA online training provides the necessary skills for this career.

How long is CNA Training – What to expect from online CNA classes

Becoming an online CNA generally takes four to 12 weeks, depending on the specific program and the student’s enrollment status. Most online CNA training students must complete a certain number of clock hours, rather than a specific number of credits.

These hours include online courses and in-person training. The number of hours required to obtain the CNA certification varies according to the program. Students who complete online CNA programs generally complete courses in CPR, patient care, and wound care.

The training to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is relatively short, offered online, and allows students to begin their careers in a matter of weeks.

Benefits of CNA Online Programs

Here are some of the benefits of enrolling in an online course rather than taking a face-to-face course:

Convenience – With online courses, students can complete courses around their work and family obligations, with a wider range of possible school options.

You are able to take your classes from anywhere on the planet with an Internet connection. Imagine taking a class while lying on your bed, sitting by the pool, cafeteria, or almost anywhere.

Flexibility– Unlike face-to-face courses, you set your class schedule that fits your busy lifestyle. This is ideal for parents or people with full-time jobs because you can study whenever you have time to spare.

You will not miss your family’s workday to attend class.

Learning at your own pace – not everyone can study at the same pace. Online classes are perfect for individuals who get along learning at their own pace, not the rest of the class.

With learning at their own pace, students can complete courses faster or slower than the rest of their classmates. You can repeat a lesson or move faster through easy sections whenever you have difficulties.

How does Online CNA Learning work?

Other online learning options may require you to complete classes within a certain period or to log in at certain times to participate in chats or exams with the instructor and other students in real time. CNA’s online classes can be beneficial and provide the same amount of quality instruction as face-to-face learning in the classroom.

If you are not sure how e-learning works, you will find here an overview of the general online components that form an extensive online learning environment:

Discussion boards: most online courses use this asynchronous form of communication between students and professors. Assignments can be placed here and comments or questions can be left to your instructor or an equivalent person. Discussion boards are also a great way to connect with other students and become part of a community.

Video chats: students and professors can log into a video chat room to talk face-to-face for a more compelling lecture. It has been proven that using multiple senses in learning activities, in this case, vision and hearing, increases your ability to remember what you learn.

Online exams: Tests are often taken online instead of in a classroom. Some online exams are timed by themselves, and the results are automatically sent to your instructor via the website.

CNA Classes Online Cost

The average cost of completing the online CNA program is much lower than the face-to-face lessons. The cost of a complete CNA program can range from $500 to $2,500.

The cost depends on which school you choose. CNA online classes from an institution in the state are generally cheaper than classes at state colleges or private institutions.

Look for fair but above all, accredited classes. A good strategy is to look for institutions that allow you to pay for lessons in parts as you complete the course.

Curriculum for an Online CNA Program

Certified nursing assistants work closely with patients and their families, and the curricula of CNA training programs emphasize the skills needed to provide patient care.

Aspiring CNAs typically take courses in physiology, infection control, the human body, and medical terminology. Curricula may also cover matters pertaining to the patient’s personal care, such as dressing and properly dressing a wound; shaving, bathing, nails and hair; and oral hygiene.

CNA programs prepare students to help registered and licensed nurses to verify, document, and monitor patients’ vital signs. Students also learn how to perform administrative tasks, including admission and discharge of patients from hospitals and care facilities.

CNA programs emphasize interpersonal communication skills to prepare candidates for effective communication with patients and families. Personnel requirements generally include practicing CPR skills, dressing, checking vital signs, and identifying parts and systems of the body.

Skills learners earn during CNA programs prepare them to pass the certification exam, which includes an oral component. Below are the 13 Top Certified Nursing Assistant Online Classes available.

Nursing Assistant Certification Course Online

Hutchinson Community College, Kansas

Hutchinson Community College is one of the top two-year institutions in Kansas, particularly for students attempting to enter the health field. HutchCC has close ties with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, and its health programs produce highly sought-after graduates.

Part of the reason the HCC is popular is that it offers most of the online courses, including the CNA certification course. Students looking for a fast way to become certified nursing assistants may be interested in this program.

Includes a combination of nurse and medical assistant certifications, which can be completed in just 3 months.

After completing the course required to become a CNA, students can begin working as nursing assistants in the coming days.

Visit website: http://www.hutchcc.edu/

Online Certification Course

Pratt Community College, Kansas

One of the best workforce development institutions in Kansas, Pratt Community College offers a variety of certifications that can be in 2 years or less.

Part of PCC’s online offers is an allied health division where students can become certified in various fields of medicine.

Students who want to become certified nursing assistants can do so almost entirely online – courses can be done online, but students will have to go to the campus for labs and clinics.

The duration of this program varies depending on how quickly students choose to study but can usually be completed in less than 3 months.

The CCP offers these courses with a fixed enrollment rate per credit hour, helping to keep student education accessible. Upon obtaining your diploma, students will be prepared to take the state examination for certification.

Visit website: http://prattcc.edu/allied-health/nurse-aide-certification

Online Certification Program for Nursing Assistants

Cochise College, Arizona

Known for its affordable education and high job placement rates, Cochise College is a very respected two-year institution in Arizona. After earning credits in Cochise, students can transfer these credits to any 4-year institution in Arizona as well as several schools across the country.

Students interested in becoming nursing assistants in Arizona can do so fully online at Cochise. This certification program only takes one semester to complete and prepares students to obtain and pass the certification needed to start their Arizona career.

The main course of the program, a 5-credit nursing assistant course, emphasizes communication, also covering the topics needed to become a CNA.

Official Link

Online Nursing Assistant Program

Ridgewater College

Ridgewater College is a leader in professional development. College academics are respected, and many of their students who choose to transfer can bring in most or all of the credits previously obtained.

Although not exclusive to Ridgewater, the nursing assistant program is one of the most popular programs. Students who complete this program will be eligible to seek certification for employment.

Courses are offered in 5-week formats, allowing students to begin their studies whenever they are ready. To complete the program, students will need to spend some time in the labs.

This can be done at any of the Ridgewater campuses (Willmar or Hutchinson) and even at some local high schools throughout the year.

Visit website 

Online Certificate Program Nursing Assistants

Wallace State Community College, Alabama

Among the largest community colleges in Alabama, Wallace State Community College serves more than 7,000 students each semester, with each studying to earn a degree or certificate in preparation for a growing and demanding career field.

You can complete one of the country’s fastest programs to become a certified nursing assistant, Wallace Community College’s CNA education in just 25 days.

This program has a flat fee that includes all textbooks and exam fees. To help, scholarships are also available.

After completing the program, students will be prepared to take the Alabama Nurse Aide Registry exam.

To pass the exam, students will need to complete some of their in-person studies to gain the real experience needed to become successful CNAs.

The result of this program is intended to prepare students for a career in Alabama but students may be eligible to do and pass similar exams in other states.

Visit Program Site 

Online Associate in Applied Science for Health Science Technology

Elizabethtown Community & Technical College

Students interested in becoming nurse aides can enroll in the Elizabethtown Community & Technical College program to obtain an Associate of Applied Science for Health Sciences Technology.

In the course of 2 years, he will work through more than 60 credits in basic courses such as General Psychology and Medical Terminology, as well as in specific classes of certificates that include Skills of Nursing Assistant and Nursing Assistant of Medicaid.

The curriculum, which is delivered on-campus and online, must be completed with a minimum of 2.0 GPA.

There are a number of academic supports to help you on your trip.

Career Services links students to networking and career opportunities, while Student Support Services offers tutoring for math, writing, and science courses.

In addition, various and state-funded scholarships are available to reduce tuition costs.

Visit Website 

Certified Nursing Assistant Program Online

North Central Kansas Technical College, Kansas

The North Central Kansas Technical College has a hybrid option to become a certified nursing assistant. The program, which combines courses online and on-campus, requires 45 hours of theory and 45 hours of clinical experience.

Classes are based on the curriculum of certified auxiliary nurses from the Kansas Aging and Disability Service. After completing 90 hours with a grade B or higher, you will be equipped to pass the state CNA certification exam.

Many graduates enter positions in hospitals, private practices, and nursing homes. Others are prepared to continue toward a bachelor’s degree in health studies or another field related to medicine.

You will access the curriculum through the Blackboard Learn web platform and technical assistance will be available at any time of the day. Students can also use the library, free tutoring services, and professional guidance.

Visit website 

CNA Online Training Program

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross offers a well-known CNA online training program that always complies with state regulations.

His classes generally consist of laboratory skills training, clinical rotations, and theory.

After completing the CNA Red Cross classes, students are generally ready to take the state certification exam.

Visit Red cross 

CNA Online Program

Century College, White Bear Lake, Minnesota

Century College offers an accredited CNA program online at an affordable price. The institution itself is accredited under the Higher Education Commission.

The CNA training program is designed for people with a busy schedule and who plan to work during their academic period.

Visit Century 

CNA Online Program

Tulsa Community College, Tulsa, Oklahoma

The future CNAs that complete Tulsa Community College’s CNA online program meets the theoretical part of the CNA program requirements.

Tulsa Community College’s CNA program also provides videos that cover the proper management of clinical skills.


CNA Online Program

Miles Community College, Miles City, Montana

The Miles Community College has the facility to provide aspiring CNAs with a combined CNA online program, which covers in-person clinical skills training classes in some nursing settings.


Online CNA Class Requirements

There are often different requirements for registering for CNA training. Each program has specific requirements, so it is important to consult the course information you receive.

Below is a general list of general requirements for CNA training in the United States.

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Possibility of passing on a criminal background check and drug screening
  • Certain physical requirements, including the physical ability to move patients and work on your feet
  • 16-18 years old, depending on the state (to work as a CNA)


With the aging of the population, the need for certified nursing assistants has never been greater. By the way, many patients spend more time with trained nursing assistants than any other healthcare provider. Exploring the Top Certified Nursing Assistant Online Classes empowers you for a fruitful career in Certified Nursing Assistants. A certified nurse’s assistant career can lead to numerous employment opportunities and benefits.


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