10 Best Free GED Classes In Chicago 2023: Online

The GED test can only be taken on a computer. As a result, it is best to learn and practice on a computer. Invariably, you should attend one of the best GED classes in Chicago online and for free, as there are available resources. 

GED testing consists of four independent tests in the academic subjects of mathematics, social studies, science, and literacy.

You can take a single GED course at a time.

Stay with us as we discuss the various free GED classes in Chicago that you can take online. We also added some good resource centers that are not free.  

10 Best Free GED Classes In Chicago 2022: Online

These are the best free GED classes in Chicago that can be taken entirely online;

  • City Colleges of Chicago
  • Friendly House
  • Eaglewood- Chicago Smart Community
  • Onesgo
  • Sylvan Learning of Chicago
  • St. Augustine College
  • Howard Community College
  • Tolton Center
  • Passged
  • Onward House

1. City Colleges of Chicago

This is one of the best free GED classes in Chicago that holds prep classes online

They are designed to assist students in preparing for the exam. Students must be available for at least 5-7 hours per week of work.

If you wish to apply, bear in mind that you need to send in a new student application to the adult education student service

You will receive an email with a quick placement assessment test to complete after applying.


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2. Friendly House

The GED program assists students in improving their reading, writing, and math skills while also preparing them to take the GED exams and obtain their High School Equivalency Diploma. 

The program offers integrated instruction in the five GED subject areas: science, social studies, civics, mathematic reasoning, and reasoning through language arts (RLA). 

Students must complete a pre-assessment test before the start of class.

Students with valid I.D. who are 16 or older are admitted free of charge. The option is to attend scheduled live classes with an instructor or study independently on our study platform. Students can access Essential Education at any time during the year. 

The length of time it takes to complete the program is determined by the student’s commitment to attending classes and studying.

Any student who must apply should be at least 16 years old and a lawful permanent resident of the United States.


3. Eaglewood- Chicago Smart Community

According to Smart Community, I Grow Chicago is offering free GED classes. Please visit the Peace House at 6402 S. Honore to register and join the class.

4. Onesgo 

Onesgo offers online GED classes in Chicago, but it is not free.

It is a simple, quick, and easy GED test preparation available. The lessons are easy and help you get ready quickly for the exam. 

Students who pass all four GED subject tests are awarded the GED High School Equivalency Diploma.

In addition to helping prepare for the test, you also get 4 GED subject progress practice tests and lesson study tips.

You will also get a TI-30 XS Calculator Course, Quitting Protection Program.


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5. Sylvan Learning of Chicago

This is one of the free GED classes in Chicago. If you are interested in GED Test Prep, Sylvan Learning will help design a learning program that meets your specific goals and time constraints. 

Sylvan strongly believes in an individualized approach to education. This demonstrates that everyone learns differently.

The instructors have experience working with a wide range of learning styles. Assume, for example, that you learn best through tactile, hands-on activities. Sylvan will be more than happy to adjust their style to meet your needs. The team is here to help you succeed in the way that works best for you.

As a GED candidate, you will do the following; 

  • Examine a GED study manual.
  • Respond to the practice questions (instruction time is balanced with practice time to ensure you have the skills down).
  • Examine fundamental abilities
  • Discuss test-taking strategies.

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6. St. Augustine College

This is one of the free GED classes in Chicago. 

At St. Augustine, you will undergo 10-week GED preparation courses in both English and Spanish, emphasizing college and career readiness at no cost.

In this course, you will take practice tests, but it is paid, learn about U.S. constitution testing. There is a support service that assists students in completing their course of study and receiving their Illinois High School Equivalency Certificate.

As an incentive to transfer to college, participants who complete the program are allowed to take a free college course at St. Augustine College.

These are the prerequisites;

  • Age 18
  • A laptop or desktop computer is required (SAC does not provide a computer for online classes)
  • Be a resident of Illinois 

The class lasts for 10 weeks, only 5 days per week, 4 hours per meeting.

You need to learn about College Prep classes. See all about it here.


7. Howard Community College

Howard Community College is one of the free GED classes in Chicago. 

They offer a variety of courses at various levels to help improve your math, reading, and writing skills in order to pass the GED exam and receive your high school diploma.

Although each student’s path is unique, they are committed to working with you until you have met your objectives.

They also offer GED practice exams through our high school Continuing Education programs.

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8. Tolton Center

Tolton Center is a De La Salle Institute outreach located in Chicago that offers adult education and family literacy services. According to Tolton’s website, their mission is to provide excellent family literacy programs and alternative adult education in a nurturing environment where everyone teaches and everyone learns.

Tolton Center aspires to be a catalyst for both individual and societal change as it collaborates for the greater good.

The De La Salle Institute founded the Tolton Center in 1991 as a GED program with up to eight locations.

Contact them for information on how to register.


9. Passged

This website provides an online GED preparation course. It is one of the best GED classes in Chicago but not free. 

The course that has job skills training is priced at $23 per month or $129 for a lifetime. The course for just the GED test prep is $19 per month or $99 for a lifetime.

You can study for the GED exam without attending a class physically.


10. Onward House

West Diversey Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60639, is where they hold GED classes.

Those who did not complete high school or do not meet the requirements for a high school diploma can obtain a general equivalency diploma (GED) by passing the GED test (GED). 

This course is offered in the evenings in English and Spanish in collaboration with Wilbur Wright Community College.


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How Can I Get Ready for the GED Exam?

Depending on how far you got in school and how long it has been since you last attended, you may need to make some preparations. 

Five areas of knowledge are assessed on the GED tests:

  • Language arts, writing (including writing an essay)
  • Language arts, reading
  • Science
  • Social studies
  • Mathematics

To pass the GED exam, you must receive a score of 2250. 

Furthermore, each of the five sections must receive at least 410 points. GED test takers in Chicago must pass the Illinois State Constitution Exam with a pass/fail grade.

The ICCB offers free preparation classes to Illinois residents. You can study independently by using study aids and online resources. 

The ICCB or the Cook County GED Testing Program office may make additional recommendations.

Illinois State GED Eligibility Requirements

  • You must have lived in Illinois for at least 30 days.
  • You must not be enrolled in a regular high school and have not received your high school diploma.
  • In order to receive your certificate, you must also pass the U.S. and Illinois Constitution Tests.

Who Can Take the GED Test in Chicago?

You can take the GED in Illinois if you meet the following requirements: 

  • Are 17 years old or older 
  • Do not have a high school diploma or GED • 
  • Have lived in Illinois for at least 30 days
  • If you are of school age and have attended a public, private, or home school within the previous 12 months, you must also obtain a formal withdrawal letter from your most recent institution. 
  • Certain provisions are made for students who are 16 or have court orders. Contact the ICCB or the Cook County Regional Office of Education for more information.

Qualification for the GED

  • It is necessary to be at least 18 years old. 
  • If you are under the age of 18, you must meet additional requirements for the GED.
  • Cost: GED: a total of $120, $30 per subject.
  • Passing mark: 145 (minimum) 
  • Accommodations: You must submit your request for disability accommodation via the GED Testing Service website.

After passing the exams and the Constitution Test, the Illinois Community College Board will award you the Illinois High School Equivalency Certificate.

When and where can I take the exam?

Residents of Illinois must register for the GED exam at their local, regional office of education. 

If you live in Chicago, you will enroll in the Cook County GED Testing Program. 

The Cook County website lists 15 different test-taking locations. Depending on the location, the GED test is given between 1-6 times per month on weekdays and Saturdays. Some locations offer the test in Spanish.

Can I Retake the GED Exam?

You may have to retake the GED in its entirety, depending on your results. You should consider studying for the sections you failed before retaking the test. 

Contact the Cook County GED Testing office for more information on retaking the GED exam. (If the third try failed, they would have to pay full price to repurchase the subtest.)

How Can I Register for GED?

Registration for the GED® exam is completed entirely online at https://GED.com. 

Additional information about the GED exam can be found on the GED website and the Illinois HSE Administrator’s Office website.

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FAQS on 10 Best Free GED Classes In Chicago 2023: Online

What topics are tested on the GED in Illinois?

You’ll be tested in math, social studies, science, and language arts on the GED in Illinois.

How long does the Illinois test last?

Time For Ged Subjects
115 minutes of mathematics
90 minutes of sociology
90 minutes of scientific content
Language arts: 150 minutes
Total time: 7 hours and 41 minutes

In Illinois, how will I know if I passed the GED or HiSET?

The GED test in Illinois requires a minimum passing score of 145 in each subject.

Do I have to be a Chicago resident to take the GED there?

You must be a legal resident to take the GED or HiSET in Illinois.

10 Best Free GED Classes In Chicago 2022: Online
City Colleges of Chicago
Friendly House
Eaglewood- Chicago Smart Community
Sylvan Learning of Chicago
St. Augustine College
Howard Community College
Tolton Center
Onward House



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