10 Best GED Classes in New Jersey NJ | 2022 Online & Onsite

According to studies, people with a high school diploma earn significantly more than those without a diploma.

GED stands for adult basic education.

Obtaining a GED certificate can improve your life.  

To obtain a GED, you must attend classes, read the material, and pass a five-part test. As a means of preparation, the New Jersey Department of Education offers free local adult education classes. 

Stay with us as we explain the best GED preparation classes, online and offline, in New Jersey, NJ.

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10 Best GED Classes in New Jersey NJ | 2022 Online & Onsite

These are the best GED classes in New Jersey, NJ. They include; 

  • New Jersey City University
  • Onesgo
  • GED Testing Center
  • GED Examination Center
  • Mercer County Community College’s GED Program
  • Camden County college
  • Rowan College South Jersey
  • Middlesex College
  • Bergen University
  • Raritan Valley Community College
  • Club Z! Tutor

1. New Jersey City University

This is one of the GED classes that lasts for 6 weeks.

With this course, you will analyze your strengths and weaknesses to focus on the subjects that require the most improvement. 

The fundamentals of the four GED test modules will be covered, including reasoning through language arts, social studies, science, and mathematics.

Before registering for this course, please ensure that it meets the requirements of the official GED Testing Center where you intend to take your exams. 

The cost of this GED prep class is $115.00.

To be eligible for this course;

  • You should be able to read and write in English at the high school level. 
  • You should also be able to multiply, divide, add, and subtract whole numbers. 
  • If you are taking an exam in the United States, you should be familiar with the English measurement system. 
  • If you are taking the test in Canada, you should be familiar with the metric system.


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2. Onesgo

In two months, you will have passed the GED if you learn for one hour per day.

Onesgo is one of the best online GED classes in New Jersey, NJ.

The “My Advantage” plan is a GED preparation course that includes Math, Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts. 

These are the bonuses;

  • A TI-30 XS calculator course
  • Vouchers for the official GED practice test
  • A quitting prevention program
  • A confidence booster

The GED Calculator Course is a brief course that teaches you how to use the scientific calculator that comes with the GED to answer most math questions correctly. 

If you take this course, you will cut your GED math preparation time by 70%. This class is included in the “My Advantage” plan. ($69 Value)

The advantages of this online GED class in NJ are numerous.

Every lesson includes a notepad so you can take and keep notes throughout the course. These notes are available for download and printing.

Your progress is tracked every time you participate in a lesson, read a text, or answer a practice question. Your progress is displayed on the screen, and you can print or save it as a PDF.

Enroll here

3. GED Testing Center

In just 8 weeks, you’ll have your high school diploma GED. You’ll pay $500 for all subject preparation.

The Live Virtual Training courses cover the same excellent material as in-person classes, delivered in a lively setting by our top instructors.

 Students can speak directly with the instructor, ask questions, and complete practical exercises to reinforce and validate their learning. 

These offline online GED classes are simple to fit into your schedule.


4. GED Examination Center

The NJ GED classes include group lectures and one-on-one lessons with the instructors.

Group classes require the following;

  • $800 tuition fee
  • It is a twelve-week program
  • No more than 50 students per class
  • Online Live Spanish OR English Classes
  • GED textbook

Intimate group

Candidates who struggle to focus in a crowded classroom will benefit greatly from this course. This is a smaller, more intimate group. 

The center evaluates candidates before enrolling in this course.

  • The tuition is $1,600.
  • Maximum of five students per class.
  • 30-Hour Training
  • Online Live Spanish OR English Classes
  • GED textbook

One on One class with the instructor

This course is intended for students who value personalized attention from their teachers. 

This demanding class will boost students’ confidence and enable fast program completion. 

These are some of the requirements;

  • A tuition fee of $2,000
  • Online course with your instructor
  • Spanish or English classes
  • A six-week intensive program
  • It works using your schedule.

This is one of New Jersey, NJ’s best online and offline GED classes. 


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5. Mercer County Community College’s GED Program

Adults without a high school diploma can attend Mercer County Community College to take Adult Basic Education and High School Equivalency (ABE/HSE) classes. 

This program provides an alternative means for adults to develop fundamental skills, prepare for, and receive a high school diploma in an adult setting. 

The classes are offered in both Spanish and English.

These courses prepare students in the following areas:

  • Writing and Literature
  • Social Sciences
  • Science
  • Reading and Literature
  • Mathematics

The actual diploma is issued by the New Jersey State Department of Education after you pass the NJ State HSE exam, which certifies that you have completed all high school graduation requirements. 

You must be at least 16 years old to participate in the program. Minors must complete a “Certificate of Consent” form, which is available at the ABE/HSE office.

Contact the adult education department for information about enrolment. 


6. Camden County College

Camden County College’s ABS has been serving New Jersey residents for high school equivalency certificate exam preparation previously known as GED since 2008.

At Camden, students are taught by knowledgeable and considerate teachers. The Adult Basic Skills Program also offers ESL (English as a second language) instruction.

To enroll in these best online classes for NJ GED students;

  • Applicants must be 16 years old or
  • Be New Jersey residents
  • Submissions of a birth certificate, social security card, and a valid NJ photo ID are all required.
  • You can schedule an appointment for your NJ Photo ID at the following website: https://telegov.njportal.com/njmvc.

Students can choose between day and evening classes.


7. Rowan College South Jersey

In New Jersey, GED is called Adult Basic Education.

Rowan College of South Jersey offers adult basic education programs that will help you earn a high school equivalency diploma, improve your English literacy skills, get into college, and start your career.

Whether you need to improve your fundamental skill or want support as you transition into college or the workforce, these GED classes for only offline students will meet you where you are and help you achieve your educational and career goals.

Before beginning classes, each student must complete a basic skills assessment to determine their academic abilities and subject-matter knowledge, meet with the program counselor, and attend a program orientation.

Day and evening classes are available all year.

High School Equivalency

Adults who did not complete a formal high school program can earn a High School Diploma from the New Jersey Department of Education through the High School Equivalency (HSE) program.

They will participate in reading, writing, math, social studies, science, job readiness, and basic computer literacy classes.

Students who complete the program will be prepared to take the HiSET or TASC exam and receive a diploma.

This is one of the best classes for GED students in New Jersey, NJ.


8. Middlesex College

Middlesex College assists students in preparing for the GED Exam.

Furthermore, if you want to continue your education and work toward a college degree, they’ve made it simple to enroll at Middlesex College.

When you are nearly finished with the GED or HSE program, an enrollment navigator will assist you in submitting an application for admission to Middlesex College and locating all available financial aid.

If your annual income is less than $65,000, there’s a good chance you could get a college education for free.

Middlesex can help you start your college career while you work toward your GED.

Using lectures and tests, prepare for the GED exam.

Take advice and practice exams emphasizing reading, writing, and mathematics.

The textbook must be in its most recent edition.

This class has a 45-hour program duration.

Tuition is $325 plus $75 for other fees, totaling $400.


9. Bergen University

The GED classes in NJ at Bergen University teach HSE and Adult High School Equivalency Courses.

Adults who complete High School Equivalency (HSE) courses and pass an HSE exam can earn a high school diploma. Before beginning to study for the HSE exam’s subject areas, students will take a placement test to review their fundamental abilities.

The majority of classes are held Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. or 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and cost $405.00 plus books.


10. Raritan Valley Community College

Special classes are available at the college to help you prepare for the high school equivalency test.

The course includes comprehensive instruction in all the subjects necessary to pass the exam and a review of study skills. Sample tests, pre-testing evaluations, and post-testing evaluations are all provided.

The course costs $240 and is only available in the evenings.


11. Club Z! Tutor

Club Z provides GED test preparation classes both in-person and online! Tutor in New Jersey, NJ.

This class has been teaching students for the past two decades! And these students have achieved excellent GED tests.

Club Z! has knowledgeable GED tutors to help you at every stage!

The majority of GED tutors have received high GED test scores, and they will create a learning plan tailored to your specific needs for GED instruction.


What Are The New Jersey GED Requirements and Classes?

Students in New Jersey can receive the state’s GED diploma if they pass each of the four separate GED subtests. These exams are available online and at one of the state-designated GED Testing locations in New Jersey.

To take the GED test or the GED Ready practice exams, students must first register online at GED.com.

Given the difficulty of the GED exam, it is critical to prepare as much as possible. GED candidates typically require two to three months of preparation.

Read about College Preparatory Programs. Read about all you need to know.

New Jersey GED test requirements

  • Candidates must have a higher secondary education degree (high school or equivalent).
  • Applicants may not be enrolled in another educational program.
  • The legal drinking age in New Jersey is 16.
  • 16 and 17-year-olds are only eligible to apply if they meet additional stringent requirements. For example, they require permission from their school boards and a parent or guardian.
  • The High School Equivalency Examination is only available to New Jersey residents.

What is the Cost of the GED Exam in New Jersey?

Students who take the GED exam in New Jersey online are charged $144 or $36 for each subtest.

However, you must also consider the cost of four GED Ready exams ($28), which brings your total to $172.

Students who take the GED exam at one of New Jersey’s state-approved testing centers must pay $120 for the entire exam (or $30 for each subtest).

How is GED in New Jersey Scored?

GED scores are assigned on a scale of 100 to 200. A passing score for the GED is 145 on all four subtests.

Depending on the college and the subject, acceptable score ranges for high school are 145-164, 165-174 for college readiness, and 175-200 for up to 10 college credits. Because there is no average, you must achieve a 145 on each subtest. All of the rules apply!

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What is Examined on the GED?

On the four modules that comprise the GED exam, you can take one test at a time and in any order you like. The GED covers the subjects of Social Studies, Math (Mathematical Reasoning), Science, and English Literacy.

In New Jersey, whether you take the GED test in person or online, it will be administered using a computer. There is no paper GED exam available in the state.

FAQS 10 Best GED Classes in New Jersey NJ | 2022 Online & Onsite

What is the GED preparation process in New Jersey?

You must pass each of the four GED exam subtests to receive your GED diploma. Science, social studies, math, and English literacy (reasoning through language arts) are all covered in these subtests.

What are the requirements for taking the GED test in New Jersey?

GED exams are available for adults who never completed high school.
In New Jersey, state residency is required, but there is no requirement for test takers to attend a preparation session or pass a qualification practice exam first.
In New Jersey, the minimum eligibility age is 16, but 16 and 17-year-olds must also meet other requirements.

How much does the GED in New Jersey cost?

In New Jersey, the GED exam costs $120 to take at a testing center.
You must also consider the cost of the four GED Ready tests (one for each subject exam, for a total of $28), which totals $172. The cost of online GED testing is $36 per sub-exam.

What are the Best GED Classes in New Jersey NJ | 2022 Online & Onsite?

New Jersey City University
GED Testing Center
GED Examination Center
Mercer County Community College’s GED Program
Camden County college
Rowan College South Jersey
Middlesex College
Bergen University
Raritan Valley Community College
Club Z! Tutor



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