15 Best Online Mechanical Engineering Masters Degree Programs

Mechanical engineering is a growing market in the world now. This is because an online mechanical engineering master’s degree also gives engineers great employment opportunities in some of the newest and most innovative industries. So if you are still considering taking an online master’s degree in mechanical engineering, you should start enrolling now.

Today’s online educational platforms bring practical elements and interactivity to conferences. When mechanical engineering students learn online, they usually have access to remotely controllable interactive diagrams, equations, engineering software, hardware kits, and physical labs.

This shows no difference between the traditional path and the online format. However, many of these programs are just starting up. Therefore, these programs will generally have problems to solve when adapting to online programs.

But isn’t it better to have access to this high-end content online, even if they just began new? It doesn’t mean that the teachers are novices too. This article will show the Best Online Mechanical Engineering Masters Degree Programs.

The table of content below will show you an overview of what this article contains.

Is Studying Online Mechanical Engineering Masters Degree Programs Worth It?

Now that you are thinking of obtaining a master’s degree in mechanical engineering online? But you are wondering if it is worth it at all, the truth is that it all depends on the person involved.

Many engineers choose to begin their master’s degrees to stay ahead in the economy. With a master’s degree, students can acquire a level of specialization or management that can make them invaluable in the industry.

However, finding the time and money to get to campus every day can be difficult, especially if it interferes with work.

Fortunately, the technology behind online education has advanced to such an extent that schools and industries process the two grades interchangeably. As a result, many schools are increasingly creating online master’s programs to meet demand.

In 2014, the National Association of Universities and Employers found that engineering graduates receive, on average, the highest starting salary, around $65,000 per year.

However, specialists such as petroleum engineering graduates were able to start at around $86,000. Even if the specialization is lucrative in the long term, retiring from work to broaden your engineering experience can be a short-term financial challenge.

Now, with 100% online degrees, students can keep their lives on track wherever they are and learn crucial skills that can significantly advance their careers.

This is one of the main factors promoting online learning, available anywhere, anytime. Therefore, there is no need to leave work. As long as you have an Internet connection, you will be able to access the asynchronous online education platform.

Students considering dual degrees can save money by taking an online interdisciplinary master’s degree.

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What Else Can I Expect From an Online Masters in Mechanical Engineering Program?

Choosing an Accredited Online Mechanical Engineering Master’s Degree Program

Accreditation status is one of the most important considerations for future students. Colleges and universities in the United States receive accreditation from organizations recognized by the United States Department of Education.

The accreditation process involves a comprehensive review of the school’s educational programs and student services.

The accreditation of a school has an impact on the portability of course credits, as well as the eligibility of students for federal financial assistance. So students must ensure that the school offering the program has earned national accreditation or regional.

In order to achieve that, you can choose from any of the lists of best online graduate degrees in mechanical engineering below as they are all accredited.

Online Master’s in Mechanical Engineering Admissions Requirements

Although admission requirements vary, most schools prefer applicants who have earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related field from an accredited college or university.

Generally, an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher is required, and some schools also request GRE scores.

While work experience is generally not required, some online master’s degrees in mechanical engineering may require applicants to submit letters of recommendation from former instructors or colleagues.

Curriculum for an Online Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering

The curriculum for each online mechanical engineering master’s program will vary from school to school. However, the curricula of most online and campus programs are identical. What tends to change is delivery and sometimes testing methods. Students will not see the words “online” or “distance education” in transcripts or titles.

Programs in this rapidly evolving field typically include advanced mathematics, computer engineering, thermal systems analysis, heat transfer, combustion, renewable energy, nanotechnology, and robotics courses.

Despite the wide variety of options, there are certain courses that you will find in all online mechanical engineering master’s programs. Here are some examples of these core courses.

  • Thermodynamics
  • Introduction to Renewable Energies
  • Automation and Robotics
  • Internal Combustion
  • Air Pollution Engineering

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How Long Does It Take to Get an Online Masters in Mechanical Engineering?

The curriculum requirements for each online master’s degree in mechanical engineering vary considerably from school to school. Some programs only include courses, while others have internship or thesis requirements.

On average, students must complete 30 credits to earn an online master’s degree in mechanical engineering online.

However, the length of an online mechanical engineering master’s program depends on many factors, including the format and delivery method. While most full-time students can graduate in two to four years, some accelerated, self-paced programs can be completed in as little as 18 months.

In general, you should plan to graduate in one to three years. There are also other factors that can affect how long it takes to graduate, such as how courses are taught and whether you plan to study full or part-time.

Providing asynchronous courses can allow you to complete courses at your own pace, which can facilitate graduation in less time.

On the other hand, the synchronous delivery of the course makes it easy to predict how long it will take to graduate due to your fixed schedule.

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How Much Does an Online Masters in Mechanical Engineering Cost?

The cost of an online mechanical engineering master’s degree depends on several factors. State residence is an important consideration, as many colleges and universities charge higher tuition fees for foreign students.

However, some schools charge a flat tuition fee for students online, regardless of their residence in the state. Technology costs are another key factor. These fees often apply to online students, but not to their physical counterparts.

With this regard, the tuition costs for an online mechanical engineering degree generally range from $450 to $1,600. Students should expect to pay between $14,000 and $48,000 intuition.

What is the Best Practical Website for Mechanical Engineers?

A list of online tools for mechanical engineers:

  • GrabCAD
  • Fractory
  • Traces
  • Engineering Toolbox
  • Edge Engineers
  • Matweb


This site has become one of the essential places to find 3D models for complex assemblies and standard parts. In addition to this, you can also explore many tutorials to help you learn the features to put all the benefits of CAD software to your advantage.

People upload their rendered images and different models to display their designs. Browsing the GrabCAD library can give you lots of ideas for generating concepts. It is also a great way to see what you can do with CAD programs.

There is also a community section to exchange ideas with other engineers. Taking a look at your portfolio can help you decide if its advice really worth following


Yes, this is a great website. Including in the practical section of the site comes down to the ability to provide instant pricing for laser cutting and other manufacturing methods.

So when you are between different models, materials, or thicknesses, just download the 3D parts on our platform and check the price. There is no need to buy anything, you can only use the free quote system.

This can make your selection process much easier, as choosing the material can make a big difference in cost.

Trace Parts

Another site to download CAD files. Here, the focus is more on the standard parts, when compared to GrabCAD.

So if you need tree wrenches or screws that are not in your CAD program’s action library, download them here. Not adding them to the set leaves room for easy mistakes.

Engineering Toolbox

Mechanical engineers know that functionality comes first. And the functionality box has a checkmark.

A great resource for finding all kinds of basic and not-so-basic concepts to help you with your engineering work. From cable assemblies to forced calculations and calculators, you can find them all.

The list of possibilities is too long to present here, so check it out for yourself.

Engineers Edge

Another site that does not guarantee an image, as it may scare you. But like The Engineering Toolbox, it offers a lot of value.

A great site for mechanical engineers that helps with the basics of engineering, materials and their application, as well as design.

There are many calculators available to perform load profile analysis, etc. I know, contemporary CAD software comes with FEA analysis functionality. Still, results need checking, and here’s a way to do it with less effort.

The site also offers a handful of videos, each explaining different manufacturing methods or machine operating principles. We recommend that you visit this section.


There is more information on thermal properties, etc.
As they call themselves, this is an online source for information on materials. This means they have almost everything covered, from metals to plastics and lubricants.

You can search for different trade names and grades of materials to see their properties. The information is available in different units and eliminates the need to use Google to find what you are looking for.

In addition to simple information in the form of numbers, you also get sample applications and additional hardware descriptions.

What are the Best Online Mechanical Engineering Programs of 2023? Here are our Top 15:

“With the same in-depth and rigorous content provided in a convenient online format, students who participate in online programs receive the same solid education and training as traditional master’s students on campus,” said Zeng.

Ranking Methodology

To better meet future students’ needs, we offer more ranking factors that will help you choose the right school to study.

Also, the reputation of the university where it was acquired is an important measure of the value of a degree. These complement our ranking criteria for online master’s degrees in mechanical engineering schools, and they include the following:

Tuition Fees: We consider this as one of the major criteria for ranking these online master’s degrees in mechanical engineering schools. Any online school that is considered affordable and cheap should have low tuition.

Accreditation: This criterion is essential because a school can be cheap yet not have quality. So we consider the body of accreditation and certification for each of these schools before ranking whether they fall in the regional or national accreditation category.

Number of Programs: These are one important criterion for ranking the Best Online Mechanical Engineering Programs in 2020. Because some of these universities can have a good number of programs they offer which will avail you a lot of options to choose from.

Stanford University

Today, Stanford Engineering offers a wide range of non-residential teaching possibilities. These include nine Stanford-accredited master’s degrees, over 25 graduate and professional certificates, numerous online non-university and professional courses,

The online Master’s program is primarily designed for students who wish to enter the industry as practicing professionals.

Please note that whether some of the courses in this degree can be taken online depends largely on your program plan, your area of ​​specialization, and course offerings for a given academic period.

Program tuition: Tuition for each course is $1,352 per unit

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University of Florida

The University of Florida has an online program, appropriately called Electronic Engineering Graduate Delivery (EDGE).

This program offers online master’s degrees from seven engineering departments, where each master’s program consists of 10 courses (30-course hours).

In addition, the EDGE program offers 4 graduate certificates which are shorter programs consisting of 3 to 5 courses. The advanced program can also be considered as individual courses without being part of a study program.

Above all, online students are eligible for consideration for federal, state, and institutional aid, including the Bright Futures scholarship for Florida residents.

Program tuition: $552.62 Total per credit hour (tuition + fees).

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Georgia Institute of Technology

The George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering offers the Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering online.

Distance students can enroll in the school’s online master’s program in mechanical engineering.

Meanwhile, the 30-credit program teaches candidates the advanced analytical skills necessary to solve complex problems and conduct research.

Costs vary by region, services required, and time required for the exam. Community colleges and universities are generally willing to administer supervised tests for little or no cost. We strongly recommend that you check with these institutions before contacting a local for-profit testing center.

Also, applicants must present GRE / GMAT scores and a CV or professional CV. They must also send in a personal statement that explains their career goals and why they want to take a graduate engineering program.

Program tuition: $1,100 per credit hour

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Johns Hopkins University

The Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals mechanical engineering program gives you the tools you need to deepen your understanding of the fundamentals of this important field while learning about modern technologies.

At Johns Hopkins Engineering, students can complete their courses 100% online in many of their part-time programs, with new online options developed and added every quarter.

The instructors in the Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals mechanical engineering program are leading mechanical engineers. This is because they take courses that cover topics ranging from advanced vehicle technologies and modern power systems. And they go further to improve robot control and integration of new manufacturing technologies.

However, you must meet the general admission conditions that apply to all online master’s candidates.

Program tuition:  $1, 595 per credit hour

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University of Southern California

The Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME) at USC provides the necessary technical training for engineering professionals in various industries. Such as aerospace, automotive, energy and power, utilities, petrochemicals, design, manufacturing, and transportation.

This online program offers full collaboration between students and faculty members, both remotely and on campus, both inside and outside the classroom.

DEN @ Viterbi offers this unique opportunity for professional engineers to earn their master’s degree from a leading graduate engineering program, without stepping into the USC campus.

Equally, this program is different from other online programs in that online students have access to the same faculty and the same class as students on campus.

Program tuition: $2,148 per credit hour

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University of California, Los Angeles

Program: UCLA Samueli School Of Engineering – Master of Science in Engineering Online Program (MSOL)

The UCLA Engineering Graduate Program offers a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering – online

Constantly ranked as one of the best online graduate engineering programs.

Above all, the Samueli School of Engineering – Online Master of Science in Engineering (MSOL) program offers highly qualified engineers the accessibility and benefits of a fully online master’s program.

With MSOL, engineers can improve their knowledge of the industry and technology while meeting their previous external commitments.

The Master of Science in Engineering is the most flexible of engineering careers, allowing students to focus on a specific specialization. Or on the option of creating a multidisciplinary study program that best suits their professional needs and goals.

Program tuition: $4,200 per credit hour

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University of Washington

MSME and MSE degrees are available online at the University of Washington, allowing students to graduate while working full time.

While taking the course, high-quality recordings of the courses are available via the live webcast or shortly after the lecture ends.

And online students receive exactly the same content (i.e., lectures, assignments, exams, and assessment) as students who take their courses on campus.

Though, homework and tests can be done remotely.

Online MSEs and MSMEs are ideal for industry professionals who want to complete their degrees part-time. With the majority of students enrolling in one or two courses per quarter and taking courses from all courses.

At this rate, students typically complete their degrees in three to four years.

Program tuition: $1,084 per credit hour

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University of Virginia

Get your professional engineering degree online from the University of Virginia, one of the best universities in the country.

They have been offering electronically accredited engineering courses to students for over 35 years, making their career advancement dreams possible while pursuing a demanding career.

The online engineering graduate program at the University of Virginia College of Engineering and Applied Sciences was named one of the best in the country by two major ranking services.

The program is #9 on the BESTCOLLEGES.COM list of the 25 best online master’s degrees in the country and #15 on the 2017 ranking of online higher education programs in the United States.

Are you ready to start your career, but don’t want to take the GRE exam?
Most of their study programs no longer require GRE! For those who do, the GRE requirement may be waived!

Program tuition: $1,146 per credit hour

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Boston University

The Boston University College of Engineering offers a master’s degree in mechanical engineering that can be completed entirely online through its distance education program.

Distance learning is ideal for professionals looking to continue their education without interrupting their professional careers in the industry. You will have off-campus access to the exact program you would receive on campus, facilitating the immediate application of classroom learning to your unique job challenges.

You can participate in distance learning courses in different ways, allowing you to choose what best suits your schedule:

Program tuition: $565.00 per credit hour

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North Carolina State University

The Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME) meets the needs of off-campus students whose schedule or location does not allow them to study on campus.

Online courses are identical to on-campus courses in terms of content, requirements, and academic rigor. Designed for students with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical or aerospace engineering or a related field.

This master requires 30 hours of online graduate credit. At 2020-2023 tuition fees, the cost of required courses is $513 per credit for North Carolina residents and $1,361 per credit for non-residents.

Therefore, the total estimated cost of the 30-credit program is $15,390 for residents of North Carolina and $40,830 for non-residents.

Program tuition: $513 per credit hour

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How Can I Finance my Online Mechanical Engineering Programs in 2023?

For many students, the biggest challenge in earning a master’s degree in mechanical engineering online is paying for it.

The first step for all students should be to complete the Free Federal Financial Aid Application (FAFSA). This can help you determine if you are eligible for grants, student loans, or work/study opportunities through the federal government.

There are also funding opportunities that target certain demographics in STEM programs. The HENAAC conference supports Hispanic students in STEM education, and the Society for Women Engineers and various companies assist women in mechanical engineering programs.

Finally, the Society of Black Engineers offers several scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students.


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