15 Best Online Colleges in Tennessee for International Students

International students might be wise to get an online degree from the best online colleges in Tennessee for international students.

The state has a wide variety of programs and particular courses to offer. There is so much information to process that you may become disoriented.

Online learning offers flexibility and affordability, appealing to students attending Tennessee’s online universities. Students who attend college remotely frequently spend less on things like accommodation, food, and other costs of dorm life. 

International Students who pursue online schools from Tennessee colleges can benefit from finishing their studies on their timetables.

Tennessee offers a lot to offer graduate and undergraduate students in terms of inexpensive cost and financial aid choices, as well as a wide variety of online learning options.

This article offers helpful information if you’re considering pursuing higher education online from the best online colleges for international students in Tennessee.

The information provided includes a summary of Tennessee’s approved online colleges, tuition rates, course offerings, and prerequisites.

Why Should I Study In Tennessee?

In Tennessee, over 10,000 international students are enrolled in academic programs. There is a Tennessee institution ideal for you, from huge research universities and E.S.L. programs to small private and community colleges.

In the Southeastern United States, Tennessee is a stunning state with spectacular landscapes, a thriving music scene, and activities for everyone.

Take a walk along the mystical Blue Ridge Mountains while you’re studying here, experience the music and barbecue in Nashville and Memphis, swim in the renowned Mississippi River, and visit any of the amusement parks and festivals. Enjoy sports? The Grizzlies, Titans, and Predators are just a few of Tennessee’s professional sports clubs. The state also has sizable baseball and NASCAR facilities.

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Are There Online Colleges For International Students In Tennessee?

There are numerous options for students who wish to attend online colleges in Tennessee for International students. Each year, Tennessee attracts thousands of overseas students who want to pursue affordable online degrees.

Many people benefit from exclusive discounts, such as border grants, military exemptions, or enrollment in an Academic Common Market (A.C.M.) program. 

Over 100+ fully online degrees are available from Tennessee universities, preparing students for high-demand professions. Suppose a student wants to finish their education.

In that case, whether they require just a few credits or several semesters of coursework, there are several approved online colleges in Tennessee for international students that provide degree completion programs.

29,191 Tennessee college students, according to the Distance Education State Almanac 2017, took only online classes in the fall of 2015. This constituted 9% of the state’s student population, which was below the national median for this metric.

Additionally, beginning fall of 2014, fewer students have studied exclusively online. Approximately % of Tennessee’s online-only students were from the state, while 15% came from outside Tennessee and 1% was from abroad.

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How Long Is An Online College For International Students In Tennessee?

With students having the choice of online, on-campus, or hybrid enrollment, many of Tennessee’s online programs are only 18 months long.

In Tennessee, public and private colleges have pushed to increase enrollment in online degree courses.

To assist students that aspire to continue their education while juggling obligations as parents and workers and also to remove the barrier that distance creates, online colleges come in handy. 

Additionally, several colleges expand the range of graduate degrees they offer enabling students to advance professionally and strengthen their credentials.

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How Much Does An Online College For International Students Cost In Tennessee?

While many online colleges in Tennessee for international students have reasonable tuition alternatives, the price per credit differs from institution to institution and even from program to program. 

Some institutions charge the same per-credit amount for in-person and online courses or may tack on a technology cost for the online course.

In-state students can enrol at the public, two-year Roane State Community College for a base price of $164 per credit. The TN eCampus charges an extra $66 per credit for online students.

The undergraduate tuition rate at Tennessee Technological University, a four-year public university, is $312 per credit for on-campus courses and an additional $125 per credit for online courses.

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Are There Free Online Courses In Tennessee For International Students?

A few free online courses are available at Johnson City’s East Tennessee State University (ETSU), including courses in U.S. history, introductory to music, and introduction to psychology. Students have the opportunity to join a college-level online course through the courses to see if they have the aptitude and personality to thrive in distance learning. 

Anybody interested in the topic is welcome to enrol in the eight-week sessions at ETSU, not simply accepted students. For $335, students can obtain college credit for completed courses. The price is two-thirds less than the in-state tuition for a three-credit course offered by the university.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are offered through other college programs in Tennessee through several partner institutions, including edX and Coursera. Although the institutions do not provide the ability to obtain college credit, these classes aid students in gaining expertise and assurance in online learning.

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What Are The Best Online Colleges For International Students In Tennessee?

We’ve put together a quick guide to picking an online course from any of the 15 best online colleges in Tennessee for international students to save time and effort.

  • Texas State University at Austin
  • Carson-Newman College
  • Cumberland College
  • College of East Tennessee
  • King University Johnson University (T.N.)
  • University of Lee
  • University of Lincoln
  • University of Middle Tennessee
  • The University of Tennessee at Technology
  • Union College
  • College of Memphis
  • Tennessee State University Knoxville
  • Tennessee University at Chattanooga
  • Tennessee State University
  • Martin University of Tennessee

#1. Austin Peay State University

Initially solely accepting male students, Austin Peay State University was founded in 1927 and now also accepts female students. For a brief period, the university was a Presbyterian university, but each branch broke off soon after. More than 10,000 students attend the six academic colleges at the institution.

Austin Peay State University provides associate, baccalaureate, and master’s degrees online through APSU Online. Liberal arts are included in associate’s degrees. Computer science, homeland security, political science, and medical technology are all available as bachelor’s degree options. Military history, music education, professional science, and communication arts are all master’s degree specialities.

Online academic counselling, technical help, and an online library with librarians on hand through live chat, text, email or phone are among the resources made available to online students. This is the best among online colleges in Tennessee for International students.

Part-time in-state tuition per credit is $457, while out-of-state tuition per credit is $734. Full-time, in-state tuition for one credit costs $457, while out-of-state tuition costs $734.

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#2. Carson – Newman University

Students at Carson-Newman University receive a demanding liberal arts education within a welcoming Christian environment. In a few professions, C-N, based in Jefferson City, offers working adults the chance to obtain baccalaureate degrees online.

Carson Newman University offers a bachelor’s in organization development that emphasises economics, project management, and entrepreneurship as one of Tennessee’s top online universities.

Unique electives on subjects including books, emotional intelligence, and women transforming the world are offered as part of the 18-month curriculum. Students can complete either a business administration or integrated studies major in as little as 12 months by transferring at least 48 credits from another program.

The cost of tuition is $415 per credit.

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#3. Cumberland University

Cumberland University is among the top online colleges in Tennessee for International students. The two online master’s degrees offered by the online school are among the options for graduate students. The institution enrols 59 distance learners in total.

Students who take classes electronically do so from all across the nation. Some of the institution’s student services are designed especially for people taking classes online. Students can benefit from the online school’s academic counselling, financial aid, and career assistance.

The online institution offers programs to suit the needs of degree seekers interested in some of the most well-liked professions.

The cost of tuition is around $625.

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#4. Johnson University

Johnson University, one of the best online colleges in Tennessee for international students, provides some of the top online programs. The private institution offers distance learners programs in business, healthcare, STEM, and social science. Numerous programs allow students to complete their college degrees entirely online. Remote students can avoid the commute to the Knoxville, Tennessee, campus by completing their classwork from home.

Online students interact with peers and instructors in virtual classroom settings. Programs provide hands-on learning opportunities so that participants can put their future career-related abilities into practice. The school’s academic counselling, financial assistance advice, and career counselling are helpful to distance learners.

The cost of tuition is $450 per credit hour.

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#5. King University

An extensive list of degrees is available from King University, a pioneer in online education. There are 1,402 online students enrolled in the institution. Academic work develops critical and analytical thinking abilities. Limited on-campus residencies may be required of online students.

At the university in Tennessee, students can earn undergraduate and graduate degrees. Students have the option of completing their bachelor’s degree more quickly. For bachelor’s degrees, students pay in-state tuition of $28,948. 

Master’s programs for online students are typically completed in two years. A PhD degree usually requires four or even more years to complete. Graduate in-state tuition is $19,500 for degree-seeking students.

According to the college, 92% of students pursuing degrees receive financial aid, while 67% borrow money. An extensive list of degrees is available from King University, a pioneer in online education.

The cost of tuition is around $605 per credit hour.

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#6. Lee University

Lee University, a Christian university connected to the Church of God, was established in 1918. The Cleveland, Tennessee-based college offers a variety of online degrees for international students that are taught by academics in wholly online or variant formats to nontraditional students. Students who choose the intense format spend two weekends attending classes on campus while mostly studying online.

The institution, which awards bachelor’s degrees in business administration, criminal justice, and liberal arts, is among the best online colleges in Tennessee. Learners interested in professions in Christian ministry often seek baccalaureate degrees in ministry leadership, Bible and theology, and Christian studies. It is an outstanding religious institution among online colleges in Tennessee for international students.

The school accepts transfer credits from institutions with regional accreditation. Whether they live in-state or out-of-state, online students pay the same tuition. Students studying ministry at the undergraduate level also receive tuition discounts.

The cost of tuition is $413 per credit.

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#7. Lincoln Memorial University

The institution offers RN-to-BSN degrees that nurses can do online. R.N.s who desire to develop their careers or seek graduate studies can participate in the degree program. 

L.M.U., one of the best online colleges in Tennessee for international students, also provides an M.B.A. program without a cohort structure. Instead, from a syllabus that professors present in a hybrid manner, students choose the courses that better match their career goals. 

A variety of criminal justice organizations might employ graduates of the virtual master of science in criminal justice program as managers and administrators. L.M.U. Offers inexpensive tuition to all students and accepts new enrollees every fall, spring, and summer.

Per credit, tuition is $530 at L.M.U.

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#8. Middle Tennessee State University

The 1911-founded Middle Tennessee State University is primarily renowned for its aerospace and music departments. It has partnered with the U.S. Army, the Marine Corps, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The university enrols over 22,000 students and offers degrees in business, liberal arts, science, and education.

Through its University College, Middle Tennessee State University grants bachelor’s, master’s, and speciality degrees online. Information technology, psychology, and healthcare administration are available online bachelor’s degrees. 

Options for online master’s degrees in library science, E.S.L., and aviation administration are available. Instructional leadership and educational administration and oversight are two specializations offered online.

Part-time in-state tuition is $522 per credit. Part-time, out-of-state tuition is $1,445 per credit. Full-time, in-state tuition is $522 per credit. Full-time tuition for out-of-state students is $1,445 per credit.

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#9. Tennessee Technological University

One of the top online universities in the U.S. and the best colleges in Tennessee for international students is Tennessee Technological University, a public university in Cookeville. There are 7,149 students enrolled in the approved school’s online undergraduate and graduate programs.

The school offers virtual programs in several major academic fields, including business, STEM, and healthcare, to satisfy the professional ambitions of all types of students. Participants are more likely to interact with the virtual program material in virtual learning environments.

Programs typically allow online students to fulfil local in-person requirements. Distance learners frequently access student services like online tutoring, career counselling, and academic guidance.

Part-time in-state tuition is $632 per credit. Part-time, out-of-state tuition is $772 per credit. Full-time, in-state tuition per credit is $632. Full-time, out-of-state tuition is $772 per credit.

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#10. Union University

In Jackson, Tennessee, there is a private liberal arts university called Union University. In all of its offerings, Union College, the oldest college associated with the Southern Baptist Convention, combines excellent academics with Christian faith. Union supervises a few eLearning degrees created for working professionals.

The college provides a professional studies associate degree with human services, organizational leadership, and Christian leadership specializations. Project management and information technology are two concentrations available for the bachelor’s degree of organisational leadership.

Some students finish the required general education on-campus at nearby universities, while others complete the R.N. to B.S.N. program online in as little as 18 months. Students at Union, one of Tennessee’s top online institutions, receive online assistance, including writing centre tutoring.

The cost of in-state and out-of-state tuition is $560.

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#11. University of Memphis

The Center for Earthquake Research, the FedEx Institute of Technology, and the Institute of Egyptian Art and Technology are located at the University of Memphis, founded in 1912.

The institution enrols about 20,000 students and offers majors in various fields, including business, the arts, science, nursing, audiology, and more.

The University of Memphis provides online bachelor, master’s, and certificate programs through U of M Online.

Options for bachelor’s degrees include journalism, nursing, and African-American studies—offerings for master’s degrees in criminal justice, education, and leadership. Population health, TEFL, and nonprofit management certificates are offered.

The cost of tuition is $419 per credit hour.

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#12. University of Tennessee (Knoxville)

The University of Tennessee (Knoxville) offers 312 programs to students in total. The public institution offers its programs both offline and online. There are 17 students to 1 faculty member in the flexible style of the distance learning programs. The school’s top-notch programs are created specifically for working professionals and busy students who profit from them.

Online courses offer virtual learning settings where distant students can interact with instructors and classmates. They acquire the fundamental abilities and information needed for their chosen job.

Students gain in-demand problem-solving and critical thinking abilities in general education subjects. The online school offers academic counselling, tutoring, and career counselling to its distance learners. Students graduate with a degree that satisfies accreditation requirements.

In-state tuition per credit is $378, whereas out-of-state tuition per credit is $453.

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#13. University of Tennessee (Chattanooga)

Established in 1886, the University of Tennessee (Chattanooga) has more than 12,000 students and more than 250 academic programs.

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga provides online baccalaureate, master’s, doctorate, speciality, and certificate programs through the University of Tennessee Online. Nursing and criminal justice both have bachelor’s degrees. 

Elementary education and engineering management are two alternatives for master’s degrees. Nursing is a doctoral degree option, and learning and leadership are speciality degree options. Engineering management and nonprofit management credentials are available.

An online employment board and an online library are examples of online tools for students. This is one of the great online colleges in Tennessee for international students.

The cost of tuition for an in-state, part-time student is $562. Part-time, out-of-state tuition is $609 per credit. Full-time in-state tuition is $562 per credit. Full-time tuition for out-of-state students is $609 per credit.

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#14. Tennessee State University (Martin)

Tennessee State University When Martin was first created in 1924, it was known as the Hall-Moody Institute. 

This institution immediately became a pillar of the community’s educational System by providing K–12 instruction and what would be considered lower-division university instruction. Local officials asked the state to step in when the institution was threatened with closure in the 1920s, saving it and allowing it to become a part of the University of Tennessee system. More than 7,000 students are enrolled at the university.

The University of Tennessee Online, the University of Tennessee Martin grants bachelor’s and master’s degrees online. Agriculture, interdisciplinary studies, and management are available as bachelor’s degree options, while financial services, school counselling, and educational leadership are available as master’s degree options.

In-state tuition is $370 per credit. Out-of-state tuition is $407 per credit.

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#15. Vanderbilt University

For professionals in the middle of their careers who have at minimum three years of leadership experience, the Vanderbilt Peabody Online doctorate program was created. 

Despite their differences in age and background, all students enrolled in the online Ed.D. program share the desire to improve their organizational leadership abilities and bring about significant change in their respective industries.

Per credit tuition for in-state and out-of-state students is $2,150.

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Which Types of Online Degrees Are Available For International Students In Tennessee?

Several online degrees are available for international students who wish to enrol in online colleges in Tennessee for international students.

Undergraduate degrees in criminal justice, integrated studies, communications, professional studies, and psychology are available online degree options. Master’s degrees in criminal justice, professional studies, business administration, education, library science, nursing, and aeronautical science are also offered.

Through TN eCampus, more than 450 online courses are accessible, many of which are basic Universal Education courses that may be transferred between partner universities. In addition, T.N. eCampus offers a large number of General Education and Significant Field Core courses required for A.A.S. degree fulfilment at the community institutions in our System. 

Their careful design ensures the academic equivalence of the online courses to those given on traditional campuses. For students to succeed in a virtual learning environment, a range of student support tools are offered, including an online bookshop, round-the-clock technical assistance, tutoring, test proctoring, and disability services.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you attend an online school, is it more challenging to get into college?

Colleges usually won’t care if a school is on-campus or online as long as it has regional accreditation.

How many hours should I spend studying online every day?

A minimum of 3 hours a week for each credit should be allocated, plus an extra hour per class for material review. For example, you would require nine hours of study hours and one hour of review time per week for a three-credit online program.

Are online learners full-time?

Yes. If a student enters at least 12 credits per semester or an equivalent full-time student schedule while taking online courses at an approved college or university, they are termed full-time students.

Which is better, online or offline education?

Offline classes, as opposed to online classes, offer a stimulating environment that combines academic and real-world learning. The children’s general intellectual and skill development is aided by this.

Which online university is the simplest to enrol in?

Antioch University provides an online liberal arts degree program in Culver City, California. Because it adopts a well-rounded, generalist approach, it is probably the easiest online college—or an “easy” selection. Up to 75 transfer credits are accepted for the university’s online B.A. in Liberal Studies program.


In Tennessee, many online programs use the standard three-semester structure, including accelerated summer sessions and 15-week fall and spring semesters. Schools frequently allow students to earn their degrees at the beginning of any semester.

Investigate the possibility of attending one of the best online colleges in Tennessee for international students through their respective websites and act accordingly.



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