15 Best Real Estate Classes Online for Beginners & Pros

Online real estate classes offer different courses for experienced and inexperienced realtors in different states. The privilege that comes with online classes is that you can take them from the comfort of your home and on your mobile device.

Real estate online classes are commonly known for offering pre-licensure classes, post-authorizing classes, and proceeding with training courses.

The best online real estate classes have grounded instructors who can walk you through the paths of real estate without you being shaken.

Furthermore, you will also enjoy additional asset to the industry, renewal of license, and having your regular questions answered.

It is a little daunting to find the best online real estate class that can fit into your career goals especially with the abundance of accessible classes on the internet.

However, we have helped you in selecting the best online real estate classes accessible on the web.

Why Should I Enroll in Online Real Estate Online Classes?

Being equipped in real estate makes you a hot item among purchasers and merchants in your space. Most potential customers search out unquestionably the best specialists to help them handle this huge life venture.

All things considered, you need to ensure your name is people’s opinion about when it comes time to put their home available or buy another property.

Regardless of whether you are hoping to start your profession in real estate or you need to enhance your present range of abilities, taking a few courses to construct your center capabilities is consistently a good thought.

You need to distinguish yourself from your companions by being somebody who is consistently improving. Not exclusively will this assistance you win more customers, however it will likewise make you basic to your assigned intermediary, who depends on you to be the substance of the organization.

What Are the Requirements for Taking Online Classes?

You may not necessarily have an educational requirements to enroll in a real estate online class.

However, you should have a decent order of your language and feel comfortable around a PC. Whatever your interest are about online classes, they are generally acceptable.

How Long do Online Real Estate Classes take?

Most online real estate classes take between a couple of hours to half a month to finish.

Notwithstanding, for persons who need to learn at their own pace, you can begin and stop the online classes at any convenient time and come back to complete your exercises when it is most convenient for you.

One of the advantages of taking online classes is your ability to set your class to suit your timetable. You can work them around your earlier responsibilities to foster a timetable that is ideal for you.

15 Best Real Estate Classes Online

#1. Brief Intro to Commercial Real Estate

Cost: $14.99

This online real estate class makes you understand upcoming emerging trends about commercial real estate that will contribute to the growth of real estate.

You will be walked through the basics using an easy guide then, into a more detailed coursework.

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#2. The Real Estate Development Modeling Master Class

Cost: $18.99

Need to figure out how to assemble proficient, dynamic, institutional-quality land advancement models in Microsoft Excel? This course will take you by the hand and walk you bit by bit through the whole cycle.

This is an undertaking based course, which means you’ll begin with a clear Excel exercise manual and leave with a completely practical, dynamic, eight-tab land advancement model that YOU’VE made – without any preparation.

All you need is access to Microsoft Excel for a PC and a basic understanding of real estate calculations.

This Udemy course is mostly for you if you want to start a rewarding career in real estate development.

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#3. Real Estate Asset management 101

Cost: $13.99

Contemplating a vocation in real estate asset management, or hoping to deal with your own land bargains all the more successfully?

In case you’re hoping to get some work in real estate asset management, either as a land resource chief or an asset management analyst, there are a ton of things you will be required to do from the very beginning at work.

When this online real estate class is ended, you will know the three fundamental objectives of land resource the board (and how to accomplish every one)

Step by step instructions to deal with a land procurement as a resource director and what you’ll have to do to make every obtaining a triumph

The 8 greatest business land rent exchange focuses (and how to effectively explore everyone)

The most effective method to run resource the executive’s monetary investigation including:

Rent Analysis, Hold/Sell Analysis, Situation Analysis, Next-Buyer Analysis.

You can enroll for this course if you want to delve into the investment and strategy side of real estate.

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#4. Application of AI, InsurTech, and Real Estate Technology

Cost: Free, offered by the Wharton University of Pennsylvania

In this course, you’ll find out about the arising advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that are used in InsurTech and Real Estate Tech.

Teacher Chris Geczy of the Wharton School has planned this course to assist you with exploring the mind-boggling universe of protection and land tech, and see how FinTech assumes a part in the eventual fate of the business. Through investigation and examination of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, you’ll figure out how InsurTech is reclassifying the protection business.

You’ll likewise investigate characterizations of insurtech organizations and the size of the InsurTech, Real Estate Tech, and AI markets. You will likewise investigate FinTech claims to fame with Warren Pennington from Vanguard.

Before the finish of this course, you’ll have the option to recognize arising advancements of AI, Machine Learning, and Financial Technologies from an assortment of protection and land tech organizations and their effect in the eventual fate of money and speculations.

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#5. Introduction to Negotiation: A Strategic Playbook for Becoming a Principled and Persuasive Negotiator

Cost: Free and offered by Yale

This course will assist you with becoming better at haggling. Better still, negotiation. This online real estate class structure will permit you to make principled contentions that convince others. It will permit you to see underneath the outside of clear contentions to reveal the fundamental interests. You will leave the course better ready to foresee, decipher, and shape the conduct of those you face in cutthroat circumstances.

In this course, you will have few chances to haggle with different students as contextual investigations are dependent on normal circumstances in business and throughout everyday life.

At the advanced level, you will learn how to negotiate when you have no force, haggling over email, etc.

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#6. Socially-Responsible Real Estate Development

Cost: Free

How do you know if a real estate development project is socially responsible if not by enrolling in the free online real estate class on edX?

This 5-week long class will arm you with the right knowledge to access a development project and practice real estate social responsibility all by yourself. You can do this by applying SIA, EIA and other consultation methods.

This free online intermediate class comes with a verified certificate at $99.

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#7. Managing Building Adaptation: A Sustainable Approach

Cost: Free.

If you find your fullfilment in real estate by building and contributing to a sustainable environment, take the bold steps to enroll for this online class coming to you through Delft University of Technology.

This course will introduce you to the current management situation of re-constructing buildings for future purposes.

You will learn how to you can use several management tools to give old constructions a facelift.

The duration for this online course is 6 weeks. However, it is self-paced and it comes with a verified certificate at $50.

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#8. Sustainable Cities

Cost: Free

This online real estate class will let you in on how everyone including the government can contribute to redefining metropolitan areas.

It takes about 9 weeks to complete but this is if you dedicate about 4-6 hours of your weekly time to learning. However, it is self-paced. At the end of the class, you can pay a $49 fee to obtain a verified certificate of completion.

Join this real estate class through the link below.

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#9. A Quickstart Guide to Getting Clients With Cold Emails

Cost: Free

It is one thing to have the right approach when sending out cold emails and another ball game to structure your wordings properly to necessitate the right response.

This online real estate class promises to teach you these in addition to crafting a perfect-length email, drafting new strategies on ho best you can attract clients on the go.

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#10. Social Media 101-Social Media Quickstarter

Cost: Free

You may be doing a harder job than you already are if the social media is not part of your marketing tools.

So, Constant Contact brings you this online class where you have to learn about social networking, what and what not to post, using social media to drive traffic, and growing your social media presence.

It is digital marketing experts who will take you on this online class.

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#11. Introduction to Personal Branding

Cost: Free

For any real estate business to thrive, you must device a means to be exceptional and that is only achieved by branding.

This 6-hour course on Coursera will equip you with everything you should know about creation, maintenance, and owning your brand.

Other topics covered in this coursework include; brand reputation, benefits of personal branding, etc.

There is a paid version of this online real estate class that if you enroll, you will receive a certificate of completion

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#12. Construction Finance

Cost: Free

For realtors who are concerned with development and advancement, this online class on construction finance offered on Coursera will demonstrate its importance.

It is instructed by a Columbia University School of Engineering employee and comprises of 17 hours of concentrated finding out about the financial matters and math of cash identified with each development item.

In case you’re searching for extraordinary compared to other free online courses inland, this one merits some thought.

Do you wish to take this exhaustive course for real estate? You can join whenever and start immediately. Albeit the recommended time for finishing is five weeks, you can go at your own speed and change the cutoff times to accommodate your timetable. You can get the certificate of completion at an extra charge.

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#13. Create Amazing Images Using Canva

Cost: Free

If you mean business about real estate, you will know that one powerful tool you can use for your listings is an image.

Since not everyone has the luxury of time to enroll for graphic design classes, canva comes to the rescue.

This online real estate class will help you to create graphics looking all professional while you promote them on your social media handles.

the time for completion varies and the enrollment process, simple.

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#14. Fundamentals of Analyzing Real Estate Investments

Cost: $12.99

Here in this Udemy online real estate class, you will learn the technical know-how that you can use to evaluate investment opportunities that abound in real estate.

In what seem to be a short time, it gives you value for your money and totally transforms you from the amateur realtor they once knew you as to a professional.

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#15. Multifamily Real Estate Investing Rules of Thumb

To efficiently seal a deal, you need proper guidance from one who is well-grounded to hold you by hands.

That is why this Udemy course is available to you on discount. It lays down the principles of sealing a real estate deal and enables you with a firm understanding of cash on cash returns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are real estate classes on Coursera worth it?

Of course, they are. Coursera provides a widely acceptable learning system for people who want to develop their learning.

Why should I take online real estate classes?

Enrolling for online real estate classes come with its own advantages but basically, it gives you an edge over your counterparts in a competitive market.

How long does it take to finish an online real estate class?

Duration varies. However, it takes about a couple of minutes to half a month to finish up real estate class online.


We have compiled the list of the best real estate classes online that have rich courses to improve those whose intention is to grow in the real estate business. It is important that you check their offerings out and enroll in one.



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