9 Awesome Online Study Resources For College Students

To help college students locate the best online resources that will make their lives easier, we have tailored a list of the 9 most Awesome Online Study Resources For College Students. These online study tools offer exactly what they need to achieve good grades.

There used to be a time when the library was the best study resource outside the classroom for a student. Everything from simple assignments to research needed lots of library time.

The Internet has changed all of that. Though the library still has many important uses (for instance, you can only get certain books in hard copy), students can now use the Internet to do almost everything at any time of the day.

Online study tools on the Internet completely made time and location irrelevant as far as studying is concerned. With online universities, one can get a good degree from home. And with online libraries and academic resources, everything students need is just a few clicks away.

Online study tools, though, are not limited to books. Thanks to the Internet, students have access to so many resources that can help them make their lives as students easier.

Online Study Resources For College Students

Here are some of the most amazing Online Study Resources For College Students 


GoConqr is an amazing hub for students and teachers. This online tool has almost everything students need to organize their academic environment.

With GoConqr, students can access all types of study aids like flashcards, quizzes, academic planners, slides, mind maps, and more.

Users have access to a library of over 6 million learning resources, or you can help the over 3 million community members by creating and sharing your learning resources, just as other community members are doing.

The resources available to students with such many users can be amazing. You can use GoConqr both on your computer and mobile phone.

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Quizlet is a good alternative to GoConqr. With Quizlet, there are also tools like flashcards and quizzes to help both students and teachers.

Like most online tools, it can be adapted for studies at any level, whether in primary schools or at the highest levels in universities.

Quizlet is a mobile and web-based study application that allows students to study information via learning tools and games. Two-thirds of high school students and half of the university students in the United States currently use it.

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Writing is an important part of learning. At least until we find a good substitute for it, students must keep presenting their world in written form.

Students have different proficiency in writing. Naturally, some are better than others. But no matter how good you are, mistakes are bound to be made when writing that all-important essay or presentation.

Grammarly is the tried, tested, and trusted online tool to help you correct simple or complex errors in your written work. It points out mistakes in grammar and spelling and suggests corrections to them.

The premium version can help you check for plagiarism, so you don’t fall on the wrong side of academic integrity.

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Schooltraq functions as a good academic planner for students. With it, students can monitor their homework and assignments efficiently.

With this online tool that can be used on your mobile smartphone, you are unlikely to forget any homework. It is easy to use as the interface is simple and uncluttered.

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Hippocampus is all about stimulating the brain visually with videos. Not just any kind of video but academically relevant videos to help you with your studies.

This online tool has about 6000 videos created by teachers and experts in natural sciences, math, social sciences, and humanities.

All the videos are free for students who sign up.

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StudyBlue is an online study platform where students can upload study materials to share with other students, whether in college or high school.

The website also aids students in creating study flashcards and designing and practicing quizzes with other students. StudyBlue is all about the interaction between students from around the world.

It is an online studying platform for high school and college students. The website allows users to upload class study materials, create electronic flashcards to study and share with others, and practice quizzes.

That is why there are over 350 million digital study aids already created by users. Any user can access these.

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Marinara Timer

This is more of an online productivity aid than a strict online study tool. Marinara Timer is designed to help your productivity while working or studying.

Using the well-known Pomodoro technique, it sets your schedule to take breaks in between work periods. This is to help you put in more work in your workday.

For instance, it could schedule you to have a 5-minute break after 25 minutes of studying and a 15-minute break after an hour’s work. This is to stop the physical and mental fatigue that comes with long unbroken work hours.

However, you can customize the tool to fit your taste.

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HowToStudy is an amazing website that guides you on the best way to study any subject. You would never know there are different, more effective ways to study different subjects until you try this online study tool.

It also has several guides on presenting academic reports in various subjects. HowToStudy is one online study app you want to keep close to you all the time.

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Founded in 1971, Project Gutenberg has been in the business of making it easy for students to get access to books.

This online tool has over 50,000 books, documents, and research papers ready to be accessed by students in need. The books are free to download and include some of the best classics.

Project Gutenberg is a volunteer effort to digitize and archive cultural works to “encourage the creation and distribution of eBooks.” Most of the items in its collection are full texts of public domain books. Literature and history students would find this website useful. (Xanax)

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FastWeb is an online service that matches students with colleges that best suit their aspirations and abilities. You might find great opportunities there if you are a college-bound high school student.

All you have to do is to fill out an online questionnaire with your GPA, preferred major, student activities and sports you are involved in, geographic preferences, and such. You will be offered a list of colleges that might interest you and are interested in students like you.

However, even for students who are already admitted, FastWeb is helpful. It enables you to look and apply for various scholarships that cover tuition costs. The name is an acronym for “Financial Aid Search Through the Web.”

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Are your favorite online study tools not on this list? Please, feel free to share them in the comments box below.


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