35 Hilarious Anything But a Backpack Day Ideas

anything but a backpack day
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Anything but a Backpack day is a peculiar event that exists in schools. This waggish tradition challenged students to leave their backpacks and adopt the wackiest and most creative options available. 

As the event day drew near, students’ minds sizzled with funny ideas for Anything But a backpack day. However, a student stood out amidst the preparation. 

Meet Brian, a playful and innovative soul. Brian devised a plan that would get the entire campus rolling with laughter (and possibly a touch of perplexity). Moreover, his idea was inspired by a late-night comedy show session. 

This was a funny but unconventional, Anything but a Backpack day idea—a pile of books sitting atop his head. So, Brian arranged a towering stack of books the night before. He placed each book atop the other, ensuring precision and hilarious sight. 

The following morning, Brian was positioned at the campus entrance, ready to stun and bemuse everyone. And everyone’s anticipation grew as whispers filled the air. 

But, “What is Brian up to this time?” Without delaying, Brian lifted the stack of textbooks and placed it on his head. The crowd laughed; the sight was ridiculous—a walking library straddled atop a human neck. 

Further, the day unfolded with hilarious encounters eliciting applause from the onlookers. The professors were bewildered and didn’t know whether to applaud Brian’s creativity or worry about potential neck injuries. 

However, Brian relished every chuckle that erupted from the onlookers. As the sun set, Brian bid farewell to his Anything but a Backpack Day idea. Yet the memories of Anything but a Backpack day would linger, engraving permanent smiles on everyone who witnessed the unforgettable experience. 

So, we hope this tale inspires you to embrace the fun and creativity within you. Find the extraordinary in the ordinary, and don’t shy away from infusing laughter into the most mundane events. 

Meanwhile, this article will reveal 35 other hilarious ideas you can adopt for your next Anything but a Backpack Day event. So, sit tight and enjoy your read! 

What is Anything But a Backpack Day?

Anything but a Backpack Day is an event that occurs during spirit week. On this day, students are expected to bring their school supplies in different items besides backpacks. 

Over the years, this themed event has become popular because of how creative students get with it. Furthermore, the event allows students to bring more fun things such as bird cages, wagons, strollers, and microwaves.

One striking thing about this spirit week theme is that it enables students to think outside the box and fosters inventiveness. 

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When is Anything But a Backpack Day?

Every school has its date for doing Anything but a Backpack day. However, most schools do theirs in their spirit week.

It could be the first week of school, the last week, or even before the homecoming dance. Whichever one, check your school’s calendar to see when it falls. 

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Are There Rules For Anything But a Backpack Day? 

If this is your first time experiencing Anything but a Backpack day in your school, you might wonder if there are any rules to follow. Well, every school has different rules. 

So, ensure you check with your school’s rules before that day. Moreover, below are some general rules for that day:

  • No harmful or dangerous items.
  • You must control/carry all items; no one can hold/have them for you. 
  • No weapons.
  • Avoid bringing things that will interfere with your school activities. 
  • No stolen items. 
  • No animals. 
  • No contraband items.

Remember, you’ll be sent home if you violate your school’s rules for this event. Are you eager for some funny Anything but Backpack Day ideas? Then, read on! 

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35 Hilarious Anything But a Backpack Day Ideas

If you need help with ideas on fun things to bring for Anything but a Backpack Day, you can choose from our 35 funny ideas for Anything but a Backpack Day.

1. Coolers

This is one of the funny things you can bring for Anything but a Backpack Day. You can find various sizes and types.

You can carry any size or type you feel you can easily take to school in place of your backpack. 

2. Wheelbarrow 

Hilarious! Isn’t it? You can place your school supplies in a wheelbarrow instead of your backpack. Afterward, push the wheelbarrow to school. Believe it; this will erupt laughter in your school. 

3. Fishing net

This is another unique thing to bring in place of your backpack. Your school supplies should conveniently fit into a fishing net while you pull it on your back. 

4. Trash can

We’re sure you never thought about this. A trash can makes one of the funny things to use on Anything but a Backpack day. 

Since it’s large enough, it will contain all your school supplies, and you’ll still have more than enough space left. 

5. Baby Stroller

As we all know, baby strollers are meant for carrying babies. But what if you use them to carry your school supplies? It sounds good, right?

So, use a baby stroller instead of your backpack. Put your supplies where the baby should stay and push the stroller to school. And if you don’t have a baby stroller, you can get one from your neighbor. 

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6. Wagon

Are you looking for easy ideas for Anything but a Backpack day? Consider carrying a wagon. Its size and wheels make packing your stuff and moving around easy. 

Plus, it has a handle to aid movement. However, keep valuables out of your wagon because they could be stolen. Remember, it has no enclosure. So it’s easy to grab something from it. 

7. Mop bucket

Damn! This is one hilarious thing that would get people rolling with laughter. Imagine moving a mop bucket from one class to another. How funny!

Additionally, it has enough space to pack up your school stuff. 

8. Microwave

You can use a microwave in place of your backpack. So, try it out. It could be unpleasant at first, but you’ll attract attention from onlookers! 

9. Pillowcase

If you want something simple, a pillowcase can do justice to that. Put your stuff in a pillowcase and take it to school.

Additionally, it’s easy to move around your classes with a pillowcase. And everyone has a pillowcase in their house, including you. So, it’s easy to find! 

10. Dog crate

Seeing this made me laugh so hard! Imagine how you’d look carrying your belongings in a dog crate to school. Funny, right? 

I’m sure your dog wouldn’t mind if you lend its crate for Anything but a Backpack Day. 

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11. Lawnmower 

A lawnmower is also one of the things to bring for Anything but a Backpack Day. It’s easy to cart your school stuff with this item. 

Many lawnmowers usually have collection bags for picking leaves as they mow. So, you can put your school belongings inside the collection bag and pull them to class. 

12. Hobo stick (bindle)

Do you want easy and cheap alternative ideas for Anything but a Backpack Day? Then, get a hobo stick (also known as a bindle).

All you require to use this stick is a piece of cloth. Tie the fabric around the stick and pack your supplies inside. Then you’re good to go!

13. Traffic cone

If you’re considering funny things outside the norm for Anything but a Backpack day, a traffic cone will make a good idea.

Pack up your stuff in it, and you’re ready for class!

14. Bucket

If you’re a fan of items with handles for this fun day, consider using a bucket in place of your backpack.

A bucket will save you more strength if you don’t want to carry bulky textbooks with an item without handles. Moreover, it can contain your school supplies. 

15. Laundry basket 

This is among the funny things that made it to our list of Anything but a Backpack Day ideas. It has plenty of space for your school stuff alongside handles that make it easier to carry. 

Also, you should have one, at least. So, you don’t need to purchase a new one for this fun-filled day. 

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16. Picnic basket

How pretty would taking your stuff around the school in a picnic basket look? It’s one of the most beautiful ideas for Anything but a Backpack Day.

Meanwhile, it has handles for more accessible carriage. I can guess this idea didn’t cross your mind!

17. Toy truck

This is one of the funniest things you can replace with your backpack! If you have a little sibling who has a toy truck, you can borrow it from them. 

But ensure you tie a string or strap to it to roll it around easily. 

18. Car tire

If you have a solid tire, this can be one of the things to bring for Anything but a Backpack Day at your school. But ensure you can comfortably carry it around all day because it could be heavy.

19. Piñata

Do you want a weird but funny item? Then a pinata would be a good fit! Although it’s a random item, it will be a funny substitute for your backpack. 

However, make a large hole that will take all your school supplies.

20. Pizza box

Do you want to create a funny scene? Carry a pizza box to class! This idea is super funny and creative. But check that the box isn’t too greasy or filled with pizza crumbs.

Nobody wants their books covered in marinara sauce at the end of the day.

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21. Plastic shelf

What a hilarious idea to come up with! Carrying your stuff on a plastic shelf would be one of the hilarious things to bring for Anything but a Backpack Day.

Meanwhile, plastic is preferable because it’s lighter to carry. Of course, you would want to avoid hauling a metal or wooden shelf around.

22. Cereal box

A cereal box can make a good alternative for your backpack. And if you want plenty of space, you should opt for a giant or family-size cereal box.

To be safer, carry the box from the bottom because they are light and are not meant to take heavy stuff. If you hold it from the sides or top, the bottom could break open, throwing your books to the floor.

23. Birdcage

Lend your bird’s cage if it wouldn’t mind; this can make an excellent substitute for your backpack. It can even contain your laptop and every other school supply you have.

Plus, it will attract the attention of your fellow students. A birdcage would be easy to walk around with.

24. Guitar case

A guitar or instrument case is a perfect alternative for your backpack. The large compartment will be fit for everything you need throughout the day. Plus, it has a handle for easy carriage.

25. Briefcase

If you want something classy, a briefcase can fit in. You can pack your school stuff in the briefcase as a backpack alternative for the day. But you can ask your dad or neighbor if you don’t have one.

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26. Pot

How do people come up with such funny Anything but Backpack ideas? Thinking about this got me laughing so hard!

This is weird and hilarious! However, it is a great idea to replace your backpack. So, you can pack your school supplies inside a pot and take them to class.

27. Tools box

Toolboxes are used to store tools. But they can still serve as backpack alternatives. If you have a toolbox or your parents have a car, you can use their toolbox to replace your backpack.

28. Helmet

Helmets are worn on the head for protection. Imagine how weird and amusing it would be to carry this as one of the funny ideas/things for Anything but a Backpack Day.

But the good thing is, it can contain your school supplies. So, consider carrying it to class if you have one.

29. Shopping bag

What was the last thing you bought at the mall? And where did you keep the shopping bag used to pack those items?

Have you remembered? Now, get that shopping bag because it will be helpful for something else. Feel free to use it as a backpack alternative that day.

30. Blanket 

What a great idea! Get your blanket and wrap your school stuff in it, and you’re set for class. Although everything might not fit in, it should contain your essentials.

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31. Create

Get a lightweight crate with handles and use it in place of your backpack. Many crates have space that can contain your school supplies. Just ensure the crate is light to avoid stressing you.

32. Suitcase 

There are various types of suitcases. You can get your preferred suitcase and load up your school supplies. This could serve as a backpack substitute. In addition, it has tires that will aid easy mobility.

33. Vacuum cleaner 

Your vacuum cleaner can serve another purpose for one day. The space for picking debris can be used to put your stuff. And you’re all set for class. 

34. Baby car seat

What are you waiting for if you’ll be comfortable carrying a baby car seat around? Borrow your baby’s car seat or your neighbor’s, and put your stuff where the baby is meant to sit. Voila! You’re ready to go. 

35. Folding cribs

Folding cribs are for little children. But if you have one that’s not being used at home, it can make one of the funny ideas/things to bring for Anything but a Backpack day. 

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FAQs on Anything But a Backpack Day Ideas

What is the anti-backpack day?

The anti-backpack day is the same thing as Anything but a Backpack Day. 

Why is it called a backpack?

It is called a backpack because it’s a pack that you carry on your back.

Why did Anything But a Backpack Day start?

Anything But a Backpack Day started to encourage students to devise other creative ways to bring their school supplies to school without using a backpack.

Who started Anything But a Backpack Day?

Anything But a Backpack Day started in the Jefferson School District 251 in Idaho.


Anything but a Backpack Day allows students to have fun while being creative with various ideas for backpack replacement. At the same time, it creates awareness for students who walk long miles to school with their books; this exercise shows that there are other alternatives outside carrying your backpacks to school.

Moreover, this article has provided 35 funny ideas/things you can bring to school for Anything but a Backpack Day. So you won’t run out of ideas anymore!


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