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Boku no Piko (translated as “My Pico”) is a Japanese original video animation (OVA) hentai series created by Natural High. Its creator referred to it as “the world’s first shotacon anime” and targeted mainly men with its marketing.

The three-part series, with the first episode’s material modified, later gave rise to a one-shot manga, a computer game, and a music video CD.

Where can I stream Boku no Pico, then? It is challenging to see the series uncut. Although many fakes claim to have the original episodes, they don’t.

Even if you locate one that contains them all, it can exclude certain crucial moments from later seasons. In light of this, I suggest watching it on Crunchyroll or Amazon Prime since they have many other anime accessible!

Stay with us as we discuss the best places to watch and stream the Boku No Pico anime series.

About Boku No Pico

Boku No Pico is a 2006 anime series produced in Japan. In the show, a young child named Pico has a sexual relationship with an older man. Because of its explicit sexual material, the series has generated criticism.

Boku no Pico was recut and re-edited before Madman Entertainment licensed it in 2012, although many fans still suggest watching the unedited version.

According to the company’s website, they “support creators by providing them with the resources to create new works.”

One of the all-time most contentious anime series is Boku no Pico. The series, which centers on a young kid who develops a sexual relationship with a more mature man, has drawn praise and criticism for its candid depiction of young sexuality.

Despite being divisive, Boku no Pico has gained a cult following among some fans. The show has received accolades for portraying child sexuality honestly and delving into forbidden topics. However, its vivid and explicit material has drawn criticism.

Boku no Pico is undoubtedly an anime series that will pique your interest, whether you like it or not. This program is for you if you’re searching for something thought-provoking and divisive.

Here is a longer list of the 30 best places to stream in 2024 that we curated just for you.

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10 Best Places to Stream Online and Watch Boku No Pico

1. Crunchyroll

Try going to This website offers a 14-day free trial, after which it charges $6.95 per month. Boku no Pico is undoubtedly one of the many anime movies available there.

2. is a fantastic additional choice. This website offers a free trial, after which it charges $5.99 a month. You can also find many amazing anime titles on Funimation, so there’s no need to worry!

3. Netflix

There is always Netflix to consider. They have Boku no Pico available for streaming, although they have less selection than the other two websites. So, if you have a Netflix subscription, you should watch it!

4. Amazon Prime

Boku no Pico is available on Amazon Prime (membership required). The series is also available on Amazon’s streaming service and video-on-demand system, Amazon Video.

 5. IMDb

A hentai shotacon yaoi anime miniseries called Boku no Piko exists. Boku no Piko (My Pico), Piko to Chiko (Pico to Chico), Piko: Boku no Chiisana Natsu Monogatari (Pico: My Little Summer Story), and Piko x Coco x Chiko (Pico x Coco x Chico) are the four episodes that make up this series.

6. YouTube

You can stream on demand on YouTube Premium. If you’re a fan, you can watch anime on your phone or tablet. The program is also available for PC streaming!

You simply need YouTube Premium, a paid subscription service that entails full access to the YouTube archive and music streaming websites like Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music.

If you have an account with one of these services, you can also access either of these services through their respective app stores or websites.

Boku No Pico is exclusively available on websites with anime series, such as AnimixPlay, Kissanime, etc.

If you haven’t already, join up for a membership that covers TVs and mobile devices if you want to watch Boku no Pico!

By becoming a member, you may watch it on Crunchyroll as well. You can cancel the subscription at any time for a fee of $6.99 per month. You may watch Boku no Pico for free for 30 days before deciding whether to subscribe!

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Can I watch Boku No Pico on Amazon Prime?

Boku No Pico won’t be accessible via Amazon Prime’s streaming service. It won’t be accessible for purchase or rental through the Amazon Video store. However, if you have a free Amazon Prime Trial, you can watch various episodes on Amazon at no cost.

Is Boku No Pico Streamable on Hulu?

Boku No Pico isn’t accessible via Hulu’s streaming platform. Watch other well-known TV series and movies with your free Hulu trial.

Can I watch Boku No Pico on Apple TV?

No, you won’t be able to watch Boku No Pico on Apple TV’s streaming service, and renting it from the iTunes store is also not an option.

You can always check out some of the websites we have sampled in this article to see if you can watch Boku no Pico on any of them.

Is Boku No Pico In Theaters?

No, you won’t be able to see Boku No Pico in theaters. These shows are only available for small screens, however, the Japanese OVA has been broadcast for over ten years. If you want to watch it, your best option is to access the websites above to watch Boku No Pico online.

What is the Storyline of Boku No Pico: What Is It About?

The story of the anime centers around Pico, a boy with blonde hair. He exhibits some feminine traits and frequently gets mistaken for a female. One day, when he is working at his grandfather’s store, an older man approaches him and tries to win him over.

When the elder man learns that Pico is a boy, he leaves the area. After this incident, Pico chops his hair short to look like a boy his age. In later episodes, Pico makes friends with a Chico guy.

Together, they delve into both their personal lives as well as their youth. Both are looking for love companions and have an interest in women. However, both struggle to do so because of their odd personalities.

The anime has some humorous moments, but overall it has a lot of mature themes. It is unquestionably the kind of anime you want to keep hidden from the public.

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Where can I purchase the Boku No Pico series?

The series is available for purchase or rental on Vudu, Xbox Video, Google Movies & TV, YouTube, iTunes, and the PlayStation Store.

Through its app and website, Vudu is a streaming service that provides a wide range of videos. It is accessible on well-known platforms and smart TVs like Roku and Apple TV.

Fox and Disney/Pixar Animation Studios (the studio responsible for the “Toy Story” franchise) are just two studios whose films are accessible through the service.

When you sign up for an annual subscription plan at, you can watch live television programs like “The X-Files” or “Star Trek: Deep Space 9” for no extra charge.

Another well-liked platform for streaming free movies online is Xbox Video. To choose which service is better for you, compare the two since it doesn’t have as large of a selection as Vudu.

Many fans downloading the initial version through torrent advise that many fakes contain only some episodes. Be aware of the many fakes out there before you download. Before torturing, you should be mindful of this and do your homework.

To avoid purchasing a fake, use the official website or app. If someone tries to sell you something with “Boku No Pico” in the name, they are likely peddling pirated or fraudulent anime series episodes (which won’t have all the episodes).

Another caution of downloading an incomplete torrent is that it may not always be possible for certain people to have access, and even if they can, it might take hours before someone else decides to download it.

It’s important to note that while the unedited version is accessible through Amazon Prime, many viewers prefer the trimmed version.

This is because several scenes from the original episode were omitted from the broadcast and aren’t present in the modified version.

It didn’t remove these scenes due to censorship or obscenity; it did so because they didn’t fit into the overall plot or concept.

For instance, early in season one, we watch as our main character, Pico gets ready for his first day of school—and then gets a peek inside his backpack as he leaves home. You’ll know it when you see it.

What is Boku No Pico’s watch time?

A 30-33 minute Boku No Pico watch is appropriate!

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FAQS on Watch Boku no Pico 10 Best Places to Stream Online

Does Boku no Pico have an English version?

It has English subtitles and is censored.

An episode of Boku no Pico costs how much?

Boku no Pico episodes typically cost around $1.99 apiece.

When will the new series be available?

There is no remastered version. The show has drawn much criticism for its poor production quality and offensive themes, mainly resulting in cancellation.

To what extent is Boku no Pico controversial?

Boku no Pico is controversially referred to as child pornography by some.

What does Piko mean in Japanese?

“Piko” is the Japanese word for “being in the now” or “being in the now.” You’re considered immersed when you’re fully absorbed in a task or circumstance.

What does Pico signify as a nickname?

Pico comes from the Spanish word “pico,” meaning “peak.”

In anime, what is a “Boku?”

The term “Boku” in anime designates the viewer or reader of the plot. It can be translated into English as “I” and is frequently used by characters to address the audience.


We trust that you now know where to find Boku No Pico online. While there are undoubtedly better programs available that you could be viewing, sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants. We fully grasp your position.

In light of this, I suggest watching it on Crunchyroll or Amazon Prime, which have many other anime available!


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