Unknown Benefits of Amazon Prime Student Accounts For College

Unknown Benefits of Amazon Prime Student Accounts For College
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While many people mistake Amazon Prime as an expensive means to get free shipping, several Amazon features and benefits go unnoticed by college students. Moreover, Amazon Prime student offers fantastic value for students.

It is true that college is stressful. With very little extra cash, you have to balance your studies, hobbies, and social life. And Amazon offers many alternatives for students to conserve time, money, and energy because it understands this.

A few of the many unique features that Prime offers include fast, free delivery, special deals, & discounts, and access to Prime Video.

Thus, Prime Student offers all the benefits of Amazon Prime and extra benefits that make college life easier for students.

If you are a college student, you will want to continue reading as we’ll show you the unknown benefits of Amazon Prime student accounts for college.

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What is Amazon Prime Student, And How Much Does it Cost?

Prime Student is a discounted membership plan for two- or four-year college students. The benefits of Amazon Prime Student membership are equivalent to those of Standard Prime membership, including free, fast delivery on countless items, top-notch entertainment, and exclusive savings.

In addition to offering discounts on college essentials, Prime Student membership provides exclusive benefits from select Prime Video channels, Course Hero, Calm, and StudentUniverse, with special deals specifically for students.

Furthermore, the cost is almost half the Standard Prime membership rate, beginning with a six-month trial for new members. Afterward, it goes for $7.49 monthly or $69 annually.

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Who is Eligible For The Prime Student Membership?

To be eligible for the Prime Student membership, you must provide a valid .edu email address. In addition, membership is only restricted to those currently enrolled in a two or four-year college. So, you must provide evidence of your school enrollment to get the Prime Student membership.

Furthermore, the Amazon Prime Student discount ends when you finish college. If you don’t pass these prerequisites, you can only use the Standard Prime membership, which is more costly than Prime Student. However, it is still valuable.

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What You Will Get in Amazon Prime Student

You will enjoy the following perks in a regular Prime membership. Plus, you’ll receive all the benefits of Prime membership and exclusive Prime Student perks.

  • Fast, free delivery. Prime Student subscribers relish fast, free delivery on countless items with many options.
  • Digital entertainment. Members can stream a massive library of TV series and movies with Prime Video, a rotating sampling of millions of comics and books (from some of your favorite #BookTok authors), and 100 million podcasts and songs with Amazon Music. There are also video games to enjoy.
  • Shopping and deals. Prime Student members have complete access to deals and discounts. Therefore, you can save on your dorm room essentials during shopping events like Amazon Prime Day (a yearly sale event with discounts on numerous items). Again, you can get early access to deals at Amazon Fresh stores, Whole Foods, and Amazon’s Lightning deals.
  • One-year free Grubhub+ trial. Your Prime Student membership gives you a one-year trial membership of Grubhub+, giving you exclusive restaurant promotions in over 4,000 participating cities and free delivery charges. Since it costs $9.99 monthly, this waives delivery costs on all orders above $12.
  • Unlimited photo storage. You can enjoy unlimited online photo storage via Amazon Photos to capture all your campus moments (and 5GB of video storage).

You’ll also enjoy the following exclusive Amazon Prime Student benefits:

  • Prime Video Channels. For only $0.99 a month, Amazon offers students a full year of access to its Prime Video channels, which include Showtime, EPIX, Motortrend, Acorn TV, History Vault, and Sundance Now.
  • Calm. Exclusive discounts are available to Prime Student members on a Calm Premium subscription designed to ease anxiety and stress.
  • Course Hero. Prime Student subscribers can boost academic performance with textbook explanations, practice problems, and constant professional tutoring by utilizing Course Hero’s one-month free trial and a 60% off subscription.
  • StudentUniverse Travel. Prime Student members also enjoy a 10% discount on every flight booked via StudentUniverse Travel. They are also eligible for an Amazon Gift Card worth 10% of the cost price of StudentUniverse hotel bookings.

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Unknown Benefits of Amazon Prime Student Accounts

Although rapid, free delivery is one of Amazon Prime’s most notable features, its membership comes with many benefits than fast shipping and incredible savings.

Numerous perks make Prime membership worthwhile, all of which work to make your life more efficient, easy, and enjoyable. These perks range from food deals to digital entertainment, etc.

Here are just a few fantastic benefits of being an Amazon Prime Student member:

1. Six-month free trial

Amazon Prime’s standard trial period is one month. However, you will get a six-month free trial if you register for Prime Student with a valid student ID. Although Prime Student grants access to several Prime features, it does not provide access to all Prime features (especially your ability to share your membership with your family).

2. Full Prime membership for 50% off

Immediately after your Prime Student trial, Amazon grants you a massive discount on Prime. Thus, you can renew at $7.49 monthly or $69 annually for four years until you leave college. Unlike the regular price of $139 yearly, you will receive Amazon Prime’s full benefits for 50% off as a student.

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3. Free quick shipping

This looks like an enormous benefit to Amazon Prime Student members. It is a one-day shipping with same-day and two-hour grocery delivery in specific locations. 

Meanwhile, the average shipping cost on Amazon is between $5 and $10 per cart. And this is higher if you order heavy items like furniture or televisions. Suppose you presume a low shipping fee of $5 per cart; you’ll save a lot within a year.

So, consider how economical this can be. As a student, let’s assume you want to host a friend’s party the following week. 

Instead of leaving campus and going to town to purchase party supplies, you can allow Amazon to do that within 10 minutes and deliver it in two days without shipping/delivery costs.

4. Textbook rentals

Expensive textbooks will consume your budget faster as a student. That’s why you should rent books instead of purchasing them. Luckily, this is one of the benefits you will enjoy as an Amazon Prime Student subscriber.

Amazon has a dedicated unit for textbook rentals. And you can have textbook rentals delivered to you in two days at no cost. You may also receive discounts of up to 90% for specific textbooks.

Furthermore, Amazon has a comprehensive textbook category that ranges from Medicine to Journalism, Law to Business, and Computer Science to Humanities. Digital Kindle textbooks are also available for rent. But you don’t necessarily need a Kindle device if you use the Kindle app for iOS or Android.

However, reading on a Kindle is better than on a tablet or smartphone.

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5. Exclusive deals

Amazon collaborates with other retailers to offer you exclusive Prime deals. Therefore, you can gain access to numerous coupons, receive discounts at Whole Foods, receive a free seven-day Prime try-out, and conserve money on medication. And you’ll surely need these as a student.

Additionally, there is a dynamic selection of Prime member deals on Amazon products for college students (for example, apparel, backpacks, personal and beauty care, entertainment gadgets, office software, data drives, mattresses, tablets, and laptops, etc.). These are fantastic deals, and some have discounts of about 50%.

6. Discounted access to Amazon Music

Amazon has a music streaming service called Amazon Music Unlimited that allows you to stream over 90 million songs of top quality. It is ad-free, hosts podcasts, and supports offline listening with unlimited skipping.

The standard subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited is $9.99 monthly. But as an Amazon Prime Student subscriber, you can have it for $0.99 monthly. That’s a massive value for access to unlimited music.

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7. Unlimited photo storage

Normal Amazon users get 5GB of cloud storage for files, videos, and photos. However, Prime Student members receive unlimited photo storage and 5GB for files and videos via Amazon Photos.

As a college student, taking several photos is inevitable, so you should jump on the incredible Amazon Prime Student membership benefits!

8. Free Ebooks, comics, and magazines

Prime Reading offers free, unrestricted access to tens of thousands of ebooks, magazines, and comics, many of which include Audible narration. Fiction and nonfiction are also available at no restriction. The only drawback? You need a Kindle device or the Kindle app since they are only available in Kindle format.

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9. Prime Gaming

Concerning entertainment, if you’re a fan of playing video games, Amazon Prime Student gives you premium entertainment through Prime Gaming. Furthermore, Prime Gaming provides many premium features for Twitch and a rotating collection of free games.

While Prime Gaming grants you exclusive chat emojis on Twitch and ad-free viewing, it gives you redeemable benefits for different video games (like loot boxes for Overwatch) for free. Additionally, Prime Student gives you a free Twitch channel subscription that lasts the same duration as the free trial.

Meanwhile, renewing with a complete Prime account gives you a free month-long Twitch channel subscription every 30 days.

10. Unlimited TV shows and movie streaming

Entertainment can negatively affect your budget as a student because it makes you spend more. You don’t have to pay over $13 for two hours at the cinema when you can stream plenty of TV shows and movies for free. This is one of the numerous benefits of an Amazon Prime Student subscription.

It allows you to watch movies and TV shows anywhere. And as a student, you receive discounted access to channels such as Epix and Shudder.

11. Earn money by getting your friends to sign up for the Amazon Prime Student.

As a member of Prime Student, referring your friend to join the platform earns you both $5. And if you’re enterprising, you can use this referral program to pay for your discounted Prime Student membership when the free trial elapses.

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How To Sign Up For Amazon Prime Student

Signing up for an Amazon Prime Student membership is straightforward. Sign up on the Prime Student page for a six-month trial as a new member. After your trial period, you can pay $7.49 monthly or $69 yearly.

Additionally, you must be enrolled at a two or four-year college with a .edu email address. Or, show alternative evidence of enrollment, such as your tuition bill, transcript, or photo of your current student ID.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many years can you use Prime Student?

You can enjoy the discounted Amazon Prime benefits for at most four years, as long as you’re a Prime Student subscriber.

Who is eligible for Prime Student UK?

To use Prime Student UK, you must:
Own an amazon.co.uk account.
Be a student enrolled in a tertiary institution in the UK or the Republic of Ireland.
Be able to show proof of student enrollment when asked.
Have an email address provided by your institution.

What happens when Prime Student ends?

At the end of your studies, your Prime Student membership returns to a standard Prime membership at the end of the membership year for the applicable yearly fee.

Can you have a household with Prime Student?

As a Prime Student member, you cannot share your benefits with another person or other people.


Because of its numerous benefits, neglecting Amazon Prime Student is like losing money. You can place orders a few times a year without worrying about the shipping costs.

From Prime Videos to gaming, music to book rentals, and other available discounts, Prime Student membership is worth it and can save many student expenses. 


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