Texas Tech Spring Calendar: Get Ready For The Time of Your Life!

Texas Tech spring break

Spring is almost here, and you know what that means? Shedding those winter layers, soaking up some sunshine, and getting ready for an epic semester at Texas Tech! But wait, before you get on your late-night study sessions, let’s get you prepped for all the amazing things Texas Tech spring break has to offer.

Meanwhile, Texas Tech offers various opportunities to make your spring break memorable. Since there are many options, you may find it hard to settle for a specific destination. However, this article will guide you to making the most of your spring break at Texas Tech University.

We’ll also cover everything you should know about Texas Tech’s spring break calendar and all you require to make your break extraordinary. So, read on for all the information you need to get ready for the time of your life!

About Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University was founded on February 10th, 1923, as Texas Technological College until 1969. This public research university offers degrees in over 150 courses through 13 colleges. It also hosts 60 institutes and research centers.

Furthermore, the university has given out over 200,000 degrees since 1927, including more than 40,000 professional and graduate degrees. Texas Tech University is dedicated to teaching and advancing knowledge. You can expect to get a top-notch standard of higher education and personal and intellectual development.

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What Is Texas Tech Spring Break Calendar?

The Texas Tech spring break is a schedule in Texas Tech University’s calendar showing the dates and duration of the spring break for TTU’s students. It provides students with information about when they will have time off from their academic activities.

Furthermore, the spring break calendar outlines the start and end dates of the break and any other information about any university-related activities or events scheduled for that period. 

This is a good time for students to make arrangements for their spring break activities, partake in on-campus events, or make travel arrangements. Meanwhile, the Texas Tech spring break dates can differ from year to year.

The school’s administration also determines it depending on the calendar. But generally, it falls within March and lasts for roughly a week. We always recommend that students visit the Texas Tech University academic calendar or website for the latest information about the particular dates of the spring break.

The Texas Tech spring break calendar also guides students to plan effectively and maximize their break time. It lets you plan your schedule, spend time with friends or travel companions, and gives you plenty of time to relax, unwind, participate in fun activities, or tour new places.

What is Texas Tech Spring Break?

Texas Tech spring break is when Texas Tech University students take a break from their usual academic schedule. Students can engage in fun activities, vacations, relax and recharge, or travel before resuming their studies during this period.

Furthermore, the break allows students to rejuvenate physically and mentally. You can also seize the opportunity to explore different travel locations and partake in other recreational activities. Some ideas include exploring the city of Lubbock and its culture, going on beach getaways along the Gulf Coast, or attending parties and events.

Basically, it is a period for you to connect with friends, create unforgettable memories, and go on new adventures. Texas Tech spring break lets you explore many opportunities away from the classroom. These include outdoor activities like water sports, camping, hiking, and recreational experiences like participating in community service, attending performances, or visiting museums.

Generally, this is a highly anticipated time for students, allowing them to relax, de-stress, explore, and maximize their college years by engaging in memorable activities while creating beautiful memories.

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Texas Tech Spring Break Calendar/Packages

Get ready for the time of your life! Students Travel Services offers TTU students several travel options for spring break in 2024. It has been scheduled for March 9th – March 16th, 2024. But if you’re a group of 10 or above, contact them for incentives and special discounts.

Meanwhile, here are the details about the spring break trips offered by Students Travel Services:

1. Cancun Mexico

This destination has a legendary nightlife that attracts the best models, celebrities, entertainers, and EDM artists. It is the top spring break destination for college students and has vast white sand beaches. In addition, the hottest spring break party experience happens at the Oasis Cancun and features concerts, activities, and DJs.

2. Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Chill at the coziest spring break bars like The City and La Vaquita, Mandala, and El Squid Roe. This destination is also graced with beautiful sunsets and exotic beaches. Further, its spring break party cruises with Fajitas and an Open Bar alongside a live DJ to the famous Cabo arch!

3. Forte Lauderdale USA

Cruise at exotic nightclubs! Each day, Fort Lauderdale Beach becomes the center for the biggest spring break party. And the party is in the Yacht capital of the United States.

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4. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

It has excellent spring break nightclubs like Imagine, ORO, Bongo, and Coco. And it’s 21 miles away from the pristine beachfront. Meanwhile, you’ll enjoy the wild spring break floating party on the snorkeling and party cruise.

5. Panama City USA

Panama City, USA, is a top-standard destination for spring break nightclubs with Sharkeys, Club La Vela, and Spinnaker. And the party scene is on sugary white sand beaches. It also features wild spring break pool parties, massive events, and live concerts on the beach.

6. South Padre USA

This destination is home to legendary clubs such as Tequila Frogs, Louie’s Backyard, and Charlies. Again, it has plenty of spring breakers and 24 miles of buzzing beaches. Meanwhile, it features Bar Crawls, Booze Cruises, and Border Stampede.

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There are various destinations for Texas tech students to select from when planning their spring break. Because of that, you may be confused about which one to choose. 

However, we will provide some top destinations for Texas tech students to explore and spend their spring break.

1. Gulf Shores, Alabama

Gulf Shores, Alabama, is one of the most popular places for students seeking a beach ambiance with a relaxed and fun atmosphere. It offers various water activities like paddleboarding, parasailing, and jet skiing, live music, opportunities for beach parties, and pristine beaches. 

2. Miami, Florida

In the bustling city of Miami, Florida, you can expect a lively party ambiance with beautiful beaches. The most popular destination for spring breakers is South Beach, which offers a blend of water sports, sand, sun, and exotic nightlife with the top clubs and bars. 

3. Las Vegas, Nevada 

Although this is not a traditional beach destination, it is ideal for those seeking an exciting and unique spring break experience. This city has the best pool parties, top-notch entertainment, and world-class dining. Furthermore, several attractions make it an ideal choice for people who want a party scene. 

4. Austin, Texas 

Austin, the capital of Texas, is among the popular destinations for students who need a mix of a vibrant food scene, outdoor activities, and live music. In addition, Austin hosts different events, festivals, and concerts that draw students’ attention worldwide. 

5. Colorado Ski Resorts 

If you’d rather choose a winter getaway, Colorado ski resorts like Vail, Breckenridge, or Aspen will make great options. These places offer opportunities for snowmobiling, snowboarding, skiing, and exploring beautiful scenery. 

6. New Orleans, Louisiana 

Famous for its lively festivals and vibrant culture, New Orleans is an exciting destination for Texas Tech students seeking a blend of unique experiences, history, and entertainment. It also offers live music, sumptuous cuisine, and iconic attractions alongside the famous Mardi Gras celebrations.

7. Guadalupe Mountains National Park 

If you prefer camping, backpacking, or hiking, consider spending your spring break at Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

8. Cozumel, Mexico 

This destination is famous for diving and snorkeling opportunities. It also has a laid-back atmosphere. So, Cozumel, Mexico, is among the popular destinations you should try during spring break.

9. South Padre Island, Texas

South Padre Island is a renowned destination for spring break. It has an energetic nightlife, beautiful beaches, and various recreational and water sports activities. Thus, it provides Texas Tech students with a memorable beach getaway experience.

10. Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico, is the best international destination for many university students during spring break. Famous for its vibrant nightlife, turquoise waters, and stunning beaches, this place provides an energetic atmosphere with nightclubs, beach parties, and opportunities to explore ancient Mayan ruins. 

The above destinations offer entertainment, adventure, and Beach City options catering to various interests and preferences. However, students must consider personal choices, travel logistics, and budget when choosing their spring break destination.

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How Much Does it Cost To Travel on Spring Break?

Travelpulse reports that spring break travel costs are increasingly becoming expensive, and the average insured trip cost for spring break travel has increased by 3.4% from $5,420.81 in 2024 to $5,606.05 in 2024.

However, the cost of traveling on spring break differs based on several factors, like personal spending choices, activities, accommodations, and modes of transportation. This section will explain the major factors influencing the cost of your spring break travel.

1. Destination

The travel costs for different destinations vary significantly. International destinations need extra expenses like travel insurance, visas, and airfare. However, popular destinations will be costlier during peak spring break periods because of increased demand. 

2. Transportation

Your preferred mode of transportation, such as boarding a bus, driving, or flying, will directly impact your traveling costs. Moreover, airfare costs vary depending on the distance, time of booking, and availability of deals. And boarding a bus or driving will be less expensive; however, you should consider tolls, fuel, and parking fees.

3. Travel Insurance

We suggest you opt for travel insurance to avoid unforeseen circumstances like medical emergencies, lost luggage, or trip cancellations. Meanwhile, the travel insurance cost depends on factors like your trip duration and coverage options.

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4. Accommodations

The accommodation cost depends on your preferred lodging—hostels, vacation rentals, resorts, or hotels. Thus, prices can change due to demand during spring break, amenities, and location. So, sharing accommodations with friends can reduce costs. 

5. Personal Expenses

Remember to note personal expenses such as tips, souvenirs, shopping, transportation within your destination, and any extra recreational or entertainment activities you may desire. 

6. Food and Drinks 

Dining costs differ based on your food and drink preferences. Meanwhile, eating at restaurants, engaging in nightlife, and eating local cuisine can skyrocket your eating expenses. We suggest you budget for your snacks, meals, and drinks to avoid overspending. 

7. Activities

Another factor influencing your travel cost is the activities at your preferred destination. Guided tours, theme parks, or water sports may incur extra fees. So, research and budget for the activities you want to enjoy during your spring break trip. 

Overall, planning and budgeting before your spring break trip are essential. This will help you make reasonable and correct estimates. So, research prices and compare and contrast different options.

Again, consider cost-saving options like group traveling, seeking discounts, and booking in advance. Remember your activities and food choices too.

Tips For Planning Your Spring Break Trip

Preparing for a spring break trip can be fun and exciting. However, it would help if kept keep the following tips in mind while planning your vacation:

1. Choose a destination

Research and pick a destination that aligns with your budget and interests. Also, consider local culture, attractions, activities, and weather. Then create a list of potential locations and niche it down according to your choices. 

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2. Set a budget

Figure out how much you can spend on your spring break trip. Then consider all expenses like souvenirs, activities, meals, accommodation, and transportation. Afterward, assign cash for each category and abide by your budget throughout your planning process. 

3. Book on time

Spring break is a travel period, so booking your accommodation, flights, and activities on time is essential. Doing this helps you secure the best deals available. At the same time, be flexible with your travel dates because rates can differ.

4. Pack smart

Check the weather conditions of your preferred destination and pack accordingly. Remember your travel essentials like comfy clothes, toiletries, medications, and travel documents. If you’re flying, remember airline baggage restrictions to avoid additional fees. 

5. Plan your itinerary 

Research the events, activities, and attractions available at your travel destination. Then create a list of must-visit places and make plans for them. At the same time, your schedule should be flexible to accommodate unexpected adventures. 

6. Be organized

Make a checklist to help you get every important thing. At the same time, keep all your contact information, reservations, and travel documents handy. Again, you can use online tools or travel apps to manage your itinerary and remain updated on any changes.

7. Prioritize your safety 

Put your safety first throughout your trip. Stay informed about the safety situation at your travel destination, including travel advisories or potential risks. Take the required precautions like practicing common sense safety measures, staying in reviewed accommodations, and buying travel insurance. 

8. Embrace local culture

Accept the local culture and customs of your travel destination. Try their local dishes, learn the basic phrases of their local language, and interact with the locals. Again, respect the traditions, local customs, and etiquette to enjoy a better experience. 

9. Chill and have fun

In everything you do, remember that spring break is for relaxing and recharging. So, don’t tighten your schedule; give yourself ample time to unwind and enjoy. Embrace new experiences, create memories, and spend time with your travel companions or friends. 

10. Be responsible

Respect the culture, environment, and local communities of your travel destination. Dispose of waste properly, and be sure to positively impact the places you visit. 

Planning and getting prepared will help you have a more enjoyable and exciting spring break trip. But most importantly, enjoy your trip and have a wonderful spring break experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Texas Tech Spring Break 

What subject is Texas Tech known for?

Texas Tech is majorly known for Marketing, Business Management, Engineering, Journalism, Communication, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Human Sciences, Family and Consumer Sciences, Animal/Agricultural/Veterinary/Plant Science, and related fields.

Is Texas Tech the biggest college in Texas?

Texas Tech University is Lubbock’s oldest and largest Texas Tech University System. Furthermore, it has almost 40,000 undergraduate, graduate, health sciences, and law students. Texas Tech University covers 1,900 acres; thus, it’s the second-largest contiguous campus in the US.

What major city is Texas Tech by?

Texas Tech University is on the South Plains of West Texas in Lubbock.

What date is college spring break 2024 USA?

Some colleges give students time off in the last week of March and another break for Easter. However, most colleges and universities will be on holiday between March 11th and April 1st, 2024.

How many Texas Tech campuses are there?

The Texas Tech University System has five institutions and operates at 26 academic locations in 22 cities; twenty of these cities are in Texas, and two are international.


Texas Tech’s spring break calendar is a period in the academic calendar where students can take a break from their usual school activities to relax and unwind. So, you can seize the opportunity to go on a trip or vacation with a travel partner or your friends.

There are several destinations where you can spend the break. However, we have mentioned the most popular places in this article. At the same time, some travel services and agencies offer spring break travel packages for Texas Tech students. You can also take advantage of their deals and discounts.

Overall, ensure you start preparing in advance, respect the culture of the destination you’re visiting, and follow all the tips for planning a spring break trip in this guide.


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