How Does The BYU Independent Studies Work

BYU Independent Study is a flexible and convenient way for students of all ages to earn academic credits and complete courses online. Whether you are a high school student, a college student looking to transfer credits, or an adult seeking to expand your knowledge and skills, Brigham Young University (BYU) Independent Study offers a wide range of courses in various subjects.

In the course of this article, we will carefully examine how BYU independent studies work, the benefits of BYU independent study, and BYU online high school and university courses.

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How Does The BYU Independent Studies Work

BYU has a self-paced and asynchronous format; students can complete coursework at their own pace and on their own schedule. BYU Independent Study is designed to provide a quality education that is accessible, affordable, and convenient for anyone, anywhere.

BYU Independent Study offers online courses with options that enable students to bridge gaps in their coursework, make progress, and even accelerate graduation.

BYU’s robust team is always available to provide support throughout your learning journey. he independent online study is available for high school and middle school students.

It is also available for undergraduates and returning students looking to further their eduction or get trained in specific areas.

Benefits Of A BYU Independent Study

1. Time

You get up to a full year to finish the class. Sometimes a semester is not enough time, and sometimes a semester is too long. A BYU IS class allows you to go at your own pace, within reason.


Let’s say you have a job or obligation that really cuts into your class availability. Or you need a credit for some random class like Introductory Bio, but all the openings are at times when you have other necessary classes. Independent Study classes allow you to work when it’s convenient.

For example, if you have a busy semester and are currently working a lot or have a busy class schedule, you can take a class through BYU Independent Study and just work on it on weekends, to any convenient day of the week.

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IS classes are easier than comparable classes because;

  • Everything you’d be tested on was either written out or said in a video (unlike regular classes, where it’s easy to miss something the teacher said or conveyed in your notes/memory).
  • Tests allowed for copious notes. You will be allowed to bring tons of notes into the IS testing center. You can basically copy and paste parts of the class text and take quick notes on the video sections.


BYU is a good university, and these classes are made by actual BYU professors and graded by these professors and the TAs (also can be high quality and often are). Yeah, there are some things you’ll miss out on (like classroom discussions and real-time discussions/clarifications), but overall it’s a great deal and, compared to a lot of online programs, a pretty good bang for your buck (though you can rarely use financial aid to pay for the course, unfortunately).

BYU Online Highschool/ Middle School

A wide range of more than 250 high school and middle school courses are available through the BYU Independent Study, which was created to suit the educational needs of students and help them get ready for college and successful professions.

BYU online high school independent study incorporates some serious fun to keep students engaged in online learning, whether it be in core, elective, or specialist courses.

The following is what to expect from the BYU online high school independent study:

  • A fully accredited portfolio of Math, Science, English, Social Science, and World Language courses approved by the NCAA Eligibility Center for prospective student-athletes in grades 9-12.
  • Non-scheduled lectures or live class times allow students to enjoy a traditional self-paced, flexible online course. However, students using the BYU online high school independent study can still benefit from teacher contact and office hours.
  • Lower Pricing for more core courses – many BYU online high school independent studies have been reduced in price to accommodate more students, and this includes standard English, math, science, and social study courses.

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Benefits Of BYU Online High School Independent Study

Enriched Student Experience

Lesson variety

Personable, consistent, varied, bite-size course activities keep students engaged and on task. Interactive games, videos, and other activities make learning fun.

Personalized learning options

Some quizzes and exams offer students more flexibility to demonstrate topic mastery, such as through their personal choice of writing an essay, putting together a slide presentation, or creating a multimedia presentation. 

Mapped objectives

Students see a list of detailed learning outcomes, activities, and time estimates for the completion of each part of the unit.

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BYU University Independent Study

University courses from BYU Independent Study make the impossible…possible! Students everywhere leverage these courses’ rare level of flexibility to bend time and space to keep their graduation plans on track, go back to school, earn prerequisite credit for graduate school, and much more.

You can check out The BYU University Independent Study Catalog here.

Who can enroll in the BYU University Independent Study?

Any student can participate in a BYU Independent Study course and receive transferable credits, regardless of whether they are enrolled in an undergraduate program or not.

What this means is that;

  • Anyone—It doesn’t matter what you have or haven’t achieved thus far.
  • Any school—You can transfer eligible credits to almost any US college or university.
  • Anywhere—Online courses make it possible to live in Provo or anywhere in the world.
  • Anytime—Learn and earn credits flexibly around your current commitments.

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Supplementary University Courses

For students who need to unjam a busy schedule and keep on track for graduation, 12-month BYU IS supplementary courses can save the day.

  • Need a course your school doesn’t offer? Check out our catalog of 220+ courses.
  • Need to brush up on your math skills (off the record)? We’ve got courses for that.
  • Want to untether yourself for some much-needed travel? Sign up and say adiós!

Find out more about the BYU University Independent Study here. Or you can enroll now!!

BYU Independent Study Educators

There’s a reason why students come to you for assistance—they know you are there for them. BYU respect and support the dedicated efforts you make to mentor your students toward academic success.

BYU provides committed support for teachers, counselors, administrators, proctors, and other local educators who help students take supplementary courses through BYU Independent Study.

To learn more about BYU educators, click here.



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