15 Best Holiday Destinations For Students in 2024

student holiday destinations

Planning a student holiday is all about finding a place that balances adventure, relaxation, and, affordability. With so many amazing holiday destinations for students to explore, choosing a student-friendly option can be tricky.

While most students prefer sun-soaked beaches and vibrant cityscapes, others may love budget-friendly adventure locations and cultural hotspots; whatever you decide to choose, you will prefer a location that is cost-effective and offers you pleasurable moments of thrills.

As you read through this writing, you will explore the best and most affordable holiday destinations for students, which can serve as an ideal location to create unforgettable experiences with friends.

Student holiday destinations

Student holiday destinations are the ultimate escape routes tailored for the backpacking, adventure-craving, budget-watching souls yearning for a break from the textbooks. These are not your run-of-the-mill vacation spots; they’re vibrant, offbeat, and designed to fuel the wanderlust of young explorers.

Think stunning beaches where the sunsets are free, bustling cities offering student discounts galore, and nature havens that won’t break the bank. Student holiday destinations cater to those who seek thrilling experiences, cultural immersion, and Instagram-worthy moments, all without burning through their student loans.

From exotic international locales to hidden gems close to home, these destinations are the playgrounds of exploration for students looking to make memories and friends for life.

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Why do students go on holidays?

Students embark on holidays for a multitude of reasons, each reflecting their unique aspirations and desires.

Firstly, holidays offer a much-needed escape from the rigors of academic life. The relentless cycle of lectures, assignments, and exams can leave students feeling drained, making a getaway essential for mental and emotional rejuvenation.

Moreover, holidays provide an opportunity for experiential learning beyond the classroom. Traveling exposes students to diverse cultures, traditions, and perspectives, broadening their horizons and fostering personal growth. It encourages independence, decision-making, and adaptability, skills crucial for their future endeavors.

Social interaction is another driving force. Holidays enable students to bond with friends, forge new connections, and create lifelong memories. Whether it’s exploring new destinations or engaging in adventure activities, these shared experiences strengthen friendships and build camaraderie.

Finally, holidays serve as a reward for hard work and dedication. Students often view vacations as a well-earned break, motivating them to stay focused and productive during their academic pursuits. In essence, holidays are a holistic blend of relaxation, education, social enrichment, and motivation, making them an essential part of the student experience.

Best holiday destinations for students

See the 10 best holiday destinations for students in 2024:

  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Athens, Greece
  • Granada, Spain
  • Riga, Latvia
  • Cusco, Peru
  • Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Havana, Cuba
  • Krakow, Poland
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Split, Croatia
  • Lima, Peru
  • Kathmandu, Nepal

Budapest, Hungary:

Budapest, often referred to as the “Paris of the East,” is a student’s dream destination. This enchanting city straddles the Danube River, offering a mix of history, gastronomy, and vibrant nightlife.

Explore the iconic Buda Castle and Fisherman’s Bastion, relax in historic thermal baths like Gellért and Széchenyi, immerse yourself in Hungarian culture at the Central Market Hall, and experience the unique atmosphere of the city’s famous ruin bars.

Budapest’s affordability makes it an excellent choice for students looking for an unforgettable European adventure.

Lisbon, Portugal:

Lisbon, nestled along Portugal’s picturesque coastline, is a hidden gem for budget-conscious students. The city boasts affordable accommodations, delectable cuisine, and stunning landscapes.

Explore historic landmarks like Belém Tower and Jerónimos Monastery, wander through the charming Alfama district’s narrow streets, savor the famous pastéis de nata, and catch a traditional Fado performance in a local tavern.

Lisbon’s affordability and Instagram-worthy spots make it an ideal destination for students looking to make lasting memories.

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Hanoi, Vietnam:

Hanoi, Vietnam’s lively capital, invites students on an affordable and culturally rich journey. Dive into the vibrant street food scene, visit historic sites such as the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and the ancient Temple of Literature, and cruise along the breathtaking Ha Long Bay.

Hanoi offers an immersive experience for travelers on a tight budget, with its rich history and unique culinary delights.

Athens, Greece:

Athens, the ancient cradle of Western civilization, is a budget-friendly destination steeped in history and culture. Explore iconic landmarks like the majestic Parthenon and Acropolis, soak up the sun on the beautiful beaches of the Athens Riviera, and sample traditional Greek cuisine in the lively Plaka district.

Athens offers students an unforgettable holiday experience without the hefty price tag, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a taste of Greece’s rich heritage.

Granada, Spain:

Granada, a captivating city in the heart of Andalusia, Spain, beckons students with its stunning Moorish architecture, lively tapas scene, and picturesque surroundings.

Explore the magnificent Alhambra Palace and its Generalife gardens, wander through the charming Albayzín district’s narrow alleys, and enjoy free tapas with your drink at local bars. Granada provides a cost-effective European holiday experience immersed in Spanish culture.

Riga, Latvia:

Riga, the vibrant capital of Latvia, is a hidden treasure for students seeking budget-friendly European holidays.

Explore the UNESCO-listed Old Town, known for its picturesque streets and architecture, admire the stunning Art Nouveau buildings in the city center, visit historic landmarks like the Riga Dome Cathedral and St. Peter’s Church, and experience the city’s thriving nightlife in the Miera Iela neighborhood.

Riga offers a rich and diverse experience at a fraction of the cost of other European cities, making it an ideal destination for students on a budget.

Cusco, Peru:

Cusco, the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, is a must-visit destination for students interested in history and culture. With affordable accommodations, delicious cuisine, and proximity to the world-famous Machu Picchu, Cusco is an excellent choice for a budget-friendly South American adventure.

Explore the fascinating Inca ruins at Sacsayhuamán and Qorikancha, immerse yourself in the colorful San Pedro Market, and visit the sacred Machu Picchu, one of the world’s most iconic archaeological sites. Cusco offers students a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty.

Sofia, Bulgaria:

Sofia, the charming capital of Bulgaria, is an affordable and historically rich destination for students seeking a unique European holiday.

Discover the ancient history of the city at the Serdica archaeological complex, visit stunning landmarks like the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and St. George Rotunda, explore the vibrant Vitosha Boulevard with its bustling shops and cafes, and hike the picturesque Vitosha Mountain, located just outside the city.

Sofia provides an exceptional experience at a budget-friendly price, making it an ideal destination for students eager to explore Bulgaria’s cultural heritage.

Chiang Mai, Thailand:

Chiang Mai, a beautiful city in northern Thailand, is an ideal destination for students seeking an affordable and culturally immersive holiday experience.

Explore ancient temples like Wat Chedi Luang and Wat Phra Singh, visit bustling markets such as the Night Bazaar and Saturday Walking Street, take a Thai cooking class to learn how to prepare traditional dishes, and go trekking through the hills of Northern Thailand.

Chiang Mai offers an authentic adventure on a student-friendly budget, making it perfect for those looking to explore Thailand’s rich cultural heritage.

Havana, Cuba:

Havana, the capital city of Cuba, is a unique and budget-friendly destination that transports students back in time. With its colorful streets, classic cars, and rich history, Havana offers an unforgettable experience.

Take a stroll through Old Havana’s cobbled streets and explore its stunning colonial architecture, visit the Malecón, a seafront promenade stretching along Havana’s coastline, explore Revolution Square, where Fidel Castro made his historic speeches, and immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife scene with live music, dancing, and rum cocktails.

Havana’s charm and affordability make it an enticing destination for students looking for an off-the-beaten-path adventure in the heart of the Caribbean.

Krakow, Poland:

Krakow, a historic and culturally rich city in Poland, is a fantastic destination for students seeking an affordable European experience. Explore the UNESCO-listed Old Town, visit the awe-inspiring Wawel Castle, and immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant Jewish Quarter.

Krakow offers budget-friendly accommodation, delicious pierogi (dumplings), and a lively nightlife scene. Don’t forget to visit the poignant Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum, a sobering reminder of World War II history.

Prague, Czech Republic:

Prague, often referred to as the “City of a Hundred Spires,” is a captivating destination for students looking to explore a fairytale-like European city without breaking the bank.

Wander through the historic Old Town Square, admire the iconic Charles Bridge, and explore the majestic Prague Castle. The city offers affordable street food, local beer, and budget-friendly accommodations. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a classical music concert in this artistic and cultural hub.

Split, Croatia:

Split, located on the stunning Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, is an excellent choice for students seeking a blend of history and seaside relaxation.

Explore the historic Diocletian’s Palace, stroll along the picturesque Riva promenade, and soak up the sun on beautiful beaches like Bacvice.

Croatia offers a range of affordable seafood dishes, and you can explore nearby islands on budget-friendly ferry rides, making Split an ideal destination for students.

Lima, Peru:

Lima, the capital of Peru, offers an affordable gateway to explore South America’s rich culture and culinary delights. Discover the historic center of Lima, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and explore its colonial architecture.

Don’t miss indulging in ceviche, a Peruvian seafood specialty, at local markets. Lima’s budget-friendly accommodations and accessible transportation make it an excellent starting point for exploring Peru’s diverse landscapes, from the Andes to the Amazon rainforest.

Kathmandu, Nepal:

Kathmandu, the vibrant capital of Nepal, is a budget-friendly destination for students seeking adventure and cultural immersion. Explore Durbar Square, home to stunning palaces and temples, and visit Swayambhunath Stupa, also known as the Monkey Temple, for panoramic city views.

Nepal offers affordable trekking opportunities, including the famous Everest Base Camp trek. Enjoy budget-friendly traditional Nepali meals and immerse yourself in the welcoming hospitality of the Nepali people.

What to know before choosing the best holiday destination

Before choosing the best holiday destination, there are several crucial factors to consider. Firstly, your budget plays a significant role. Assess your financial capabilities and research destinations that align with your budget, factoring in accommodation, transportation, and daily expenses.

Next, consider the purpose of your trip. Are you seeking relaxation on a beach, cultural immersion, adventure, or a mix of experiences? Understanding your travel goals will help narrow down your choices.

Research the local culture, customs, and safety conditions of potential destinations. Ensure you have the necessary travel documents and vaccinations if required. Also, consider the climate and weather during your planned travel dates.

Lastly, read reviews, seek recommendations, and gather information about the destination’s attractions and activities. Understanding these factors will help you make an informed decision and ensure a memorable and enjoyable holiday.

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How to choose the best holiday destination for students

Choosing the ideal holiday destination for students involves several key considerations. Firstly, establish a budget and stick to it. Look for destinations that offer affordable accommodation, food, and activities, and be mindful of currency exchange rates.

Consider your interests and preferences. Are you seeking adventure, relaxation, cultural exploration, or a mix of experiences? Tailor your destination to match your desires.

Research the safety and political stability of potential locations. Check for any travel advisories or restrictions. Also, factor in the climate and weather during your intended travel dates.

Lastly, gather recommendations from fellow students or travel experts and read reviews to get a sense of the destination’s atmosphere and attractions. By combining these factors, you can make an informed choice and ensure an enjoyable and budget-friendly student holiday.


Now that you have the list that has provided you with a diverse range of holiday destinations for students, each offering unique experiences, call on your buddies, pack your bags, prepare for the adventure of a lifetime, and make the most out of your student break.


How do I choose a holiday destination?

To choose a holiday destination, consider your budget, interests, and travel goals. Research destinations that align with these factors, read reviews, seek recommendations, and evaluate safety and weather conditions to make an informed choice.

What is the most popular holiday destination?

The popularity of holiday destinations varies, but as of my last knowledge update in September 2021, some consistently popular destinations included Paris, Bali, Tokyo, Rome, and New York City, each offering unique attractions and experiences. Popularity can change over time due to various factors.

How can I travel for little money?

Travel on a budget by prioritizing affordable destinations, searching for deals on flights and accommodations, cooking your meals, and using public transportation. Embrace a minimalist approach and seek out free or low-cost activities at your destination.



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