Super Mario 64 Unblocked For Students in 2023

super mario 64 unblocked

Super Mario 64 Unblocked is a 3D video game players have enjoyed since 1996. The revolutionary game features a large 3D world with which players can explore and engage differently.

With the Super Mario 64 unblocked games, school students can have fun with this classic video game and gain from its educational and cognitive benefits. 

Furthermore, this game enables students to obtain critical thinking, spatial awareness, and problem-solving skills. 

This article will cover the key features of the Super Mario 64 game, its benefits to school students, how to play the game, tips to enhance gameplay, and common mistakes to avoid while playing this game.

So, whether you are an old fan of Super Mario 64 or a rookie to the game, read on to know how Super Mario 64 unblocked game works and its benefits for students. 

What is Super Mario 64?

Super Mario 64 is a 3D video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64. It was launched in Japan and North America in 1996, and in 1997, it was released in the PAL regions. 

Further, it was the first game that featured 3D gameplay with a blend of characters, visual style, and native Super Mario gameplay. And this made it a revolutionary title in the gaming industry. 

The game also involves controlling Mario, the plumber, to rack up power stars and save Princess Peach from Bowser (Super Mario’s antagonist) through various courses. 

Meanwhile, Mario can crawl, jump, swim, crouch, kick, run, climb, grab, walk, and punch. However, you can only control these abilities with the controller’s analog buttons and stick.

Also, he can perform unique jumps. He does this by blending regular hops with other actions like wall jumps, backflips, long jumps, and double & triple jumps. You can adjust the camera and switch between first and third-person views.

In addition, Super Mario 64 features Peach’s Castle, a hub world that allows players to access different levels and finish objectives. It also featured new power-ups, enemies, and characters like the metal and wing cap. And it has remained among the beloved and best-selling games on Nintendo 64.

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What is Super Mario 64 Unblocked?

Super Mario 64 unblocked is the same as the main Super Mario 64 game. But the only difference is that the former is unblocked, and the latter is blocked. Thus, Super Mario Unblocked is a version of the Super Mario 64 game you can play without restrictions. 

In other words, it is not blocked by any workplace or school that restricts employees or students from accessing specific online games or sites.

Therefore, the unblocked Super Mario 64 game enables students to play the game at school and employees to enjoy it at work if they have internet and computer access. 

Meanwhile, you can play the unblocked Super Mario 64 game with mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

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What Are The Key Features of The Super Mario 64 Game?

The key features of the Super Mario 64 game are as follows:

1. Unique power-ups

The Super Mario 64 unblocked game features unique power-ups that Mario can rack up. These include the metal cap and wind cap. The power-ups provide Mario with special abilities like flying or ghost abilities.

2. 3D graphics

The Super Mario 64 unblocked game was among the first to use 3D graphics, which made it one of the best-selling in the gaming world. It has maintained these 3D graphics and gives players an immersive gaming experience.

3. Memorable enemies and characters 

The game also features memorable enemies and characters like Mario, Goombas, Bowser, and Luigi. These enemies and characters make the game more intriguing and lovable.

4. Adventure and exploration 

The following key features of the Super Mario 64 unblocked games are adventure and exploration. Its world is open and large enough for you to explore. Again, you can navigate through different levels and finish objectives to progress in the game. 

5. Various gameplay

Finally, the Super Mario 64 unblocked games feature gameplay mechanics such as solving puzzles, flying, swimming, running, and jumping. These gameplays make the game more fun and engaging even after playing severally. 

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Why School Students Should Play The Super Mario 64 Unblocked Games

There are several benefits that school students stand to gain from playing the Super Mario 64 games. They include the following:

1. Problem-solving skills 

The Super Mario 64 unblocked games require you to solve puzzles and apply critical thinking and problem-solving abilities while playing the game. Therefore, it can enable students to build their logical reasoning, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. 

2. Hand-eye coordination

The game also requires that you make actions and moves to control Mario and finish game objectives. Thus, it can assist students in building and enhancing their motor and hand-eye coordination abilities. These skills can help you play musical instruments and sports.

3. Resilience and perseverance 

Since the Super Mario 64 unblocked games can be challenging, you may need to try severally to defeat enemies or finish game objectives. At the same time, this develops your resilience and perseverance skills as a student. Moreover, these are essential life skills that you can use for personal goals, sports, and academics. 

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4. Spatial reasoning

This game has a 3D world and demands that players go through space and understand the relationships between environments and objects. It can help you to develop your spatial reasoning abilities as a student. Remember, these abilities are essential for subjects like science and math. 

5. Attention to detail

Super Mario 64 demands your attention to tiny details while playing the game. It also requires that you make careful observations to navigate through the game successfully. Therefore, this can benefit students as it helps them pay close attention to tiny details and enhance their observation skills. Meanwhile, these skills are required for art and science subjects.

Generally, when school students play Super Mario 64 unblocked, they derive fun and develop different educational and cognitive skills. 

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Where To Find Super Mario 64 Unblocked Games

You can find the unblocked Super Mario 64 on sites that offer unblocked games. Some examples of such sites include the following:

However, some of these sites may demand that you enable Flash Player in your browser to play the unblocked Super Mario 64. 

In addition, remember that playing games while at school or work may be unacceptable at your school or workplace. Therefore, ensure you know the regulations before playing.

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How To Play Super Mario 64 Unblocked 

There are various ways to play Super Mario 64 unblocked. They include the following:

Use a site that hosts the game. 

The first way to play this game is by using a site that hosts it. Several websites provide unblocked games, most of which have Super Mario 64. 

To play the game on any of these sites, visit the website and click on Super Mario’s icon. 

Use an emulator.

The second way to play Super Mario 64 unblocked is using an emulator. An emulator is a program that enables you to play games that were initially developed for a different console. 

Meanwhile, there are free emulators and paid ones alike. And most of them support Super Mario 64. You must download the emulator and the game’s ROM file to play the game with an emulator. 

You can get the ROM file online; it contains the game’s data. Immediately you download the files, open the emulator and run the ROM file. Then, use the controls on the emulator to play your game.

Below are the controls to play Super Mario 64:

  • Camera Control – WASD
  • Movement – Arrow Keys
  • Pause – Enter
  • Jump – X
  • Crouch – Space
  • Punch – C
  • Camera Mode – Q

After loading the ROM file, you can begin to play the game. Since Super Mario 64 is a 3D platformer, you will require the controls to move Mario throughout the surroundings and rack upstairs rock up stars. The stars in the game are 120 in number, and you have to collect all of them to finish the game. 

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Step-by-step Guide to Play Super Mario 64 Unblocked 

Below are the steps to play Super Mario 64 unblocked:

  • After visiting the site that hosts unblocked games, search for Super Mario 64. The game should pop up afterward.
  • Then, click the Play button/icon to start playing.
  • Move Mario with the arrow keys, then press the key to jump. The C key is for punching enemies; you can use it to punch your enemies.
  • Tour the castle to collect stars to keep you going throughout the game.
  • After collecting all the stars, you can challenge and defeat Bowser. 

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Super Mario 64: Gameplay 

The Super Mario 64 game uses a health points system, and this health point system is denoted by a pie shape that has eight sections. 

If Mario sustains any injuries, he can replace his health by collecting three types of coins — yellow, which replaces one section; red, which is equivalent to two yellow coins; and blue, which is equal to five yellow coins. 

Otherwise, he can walk through a spinning heart. In an underwater situation, Mario’s health shows how long he can breathe. It reduces gradually while underwater and replenishes when it reaches the surface.

Similar to the past Super Mario games, Mario begins with some extra lives. And these lives are lost when he falls into a bottomless pit, or his health depletes. 

But if he loses all his lives, the game will end. On the other hand, Mario gains a life when he completes a course. He also gains life for every 50 yellow coins a player collects.

Meanwhile, other mushrooms are hidden in different places, like trees. And if they are not collected, they could chase him to the ground and disappear quickly. 

If no power-ups are usually found in past games such as the Fire Flower and Super Mushroom, three translucent blocks with red, green, and blue appear throughout several stages.

Furthermore, you can find three switches of the same colors in secret places that turn their corresponding blocks solid, enabling Mario to get three types of unique cap power-ups. 

The Wing Cap enables Mario to fly after being shot from a cannon or performing triple jumps. 

Also, the Metal Cap makes Mario immune to harmful gases, fire, and enemies, enabling him to make on-land moves underwater, withstand water and wind currents, and have limitless air capacity underwater. 

Meanwhile, the Vanish Cap makes him partly invulnerable and immaterial and enables him to overcome a few obstacles. After stomping a Koopa Troopa, a shell is left for Mario to surf on quicksand, lava, and water. 

Tips And Tricks For Playing Super Mario 64 Unblocked

Below are some tips and tricks school students can follow to play the unblocked version of Super Mario 64:

1. Collect power-ups

All through the game, you will see power-ups like flowers and mushrooms. These power-ups are known to offer you unique abilities or other lives that can help you scale through the game. 

2. Use the Camera

The camera in this game is an essential tool for exploring its 3D world. So, use the camera to view your environment better, help you avoid your enemies, and help you prepare for your next move. 

3. Practice with various moves

Super Mario 64 unblocked fosters practice. So, experiment with various moves to know what works best for you in several situations. For instance, you can use the long jump to cover large distances quickly. And you can use the wall jump to get to higher areas. 

4. Always practice

This game can be challenging, but you shouldn’t give up if you don’t win on your first try. Continue practicing and attempting different techniques until you discover what works best for you. 

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5. Always save

This game does not feature an auto-save, so always save your progress frequently. If you do this, you won’t lose your progress if you stop playing. 

6. Take your time

In case you don’t know, Super Mario 64 rewards exploration and patience. So, take your time to explore every level. Then, discover all the hidden secrets. 

7. Listen to the music.

This game’s music can give hints to help you discover hidden secrets and places. So, pay close attention to the music to know if you can grab any clues. 

8. Be careful of the traps.

There are several traps in the castle. So, avoid these traps; otherwise, you will lose a life.

These tips and tricks will help enhance your gameplay experience and help you enjoy the game. Above all, relax and have fun! 

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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Playing The Super Mario 64 Unblocked Games

While you might feel you’ve already got the hang of this game, there are a few common mistakes you should avoid while playing it. See them below:

1. Rushing the levels

Yes, you must move fast in some aspects of the game, but rushing the levels can make you miss critical opportunities or details. So, take your time to observe your environment and plan your next moves. 

2. Not being attentive to the surrounding.

The surroundings in the unblocked Super Mario 64 can give you hints on how to progress through the game. So, ensure you are attentive to your environment. This can help you find any hidden secrets or clues. 

3. Forgetting to save

Forgetting to save your progress while playing the game can be a setback if you eventually stop playing and return later to pick up where you left off. So, you must save your progress frequently to avoid losing it.

4. Ignoring the camera

In this game, the camera is essential as it helps you to navigate the 3D world. Hence, ignoring it can make navigating levels and progress in the game more challenging.

5. Using a few moves

Super Mario 64 has different moves that you can use for different scenarios. If you only use a few moves, you may find some aspects of the game challenging. Thus, ensure you practice with various moves. 

When you avoid these common mistakes, you will enhance your gameplay experience and sail smoothly throughout the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Mario’s girlfriend?

Mario’s girlfriend is Princess Peach. She is 32 years old.

How do you become Mario in Mario 64?

To become or unlock Mario, you must play as Yoshi and open at least eight stars. However, if there are difficult stars like Mario Wings To The Sky, skip them and go to other levels.

What’s the most challenging Mario game?

Super Mario Sunshine is said to be the most challenging 3D Super Mario game. 

Can you be Luigi in Mario 64?

Luigi is a playable character found only in Super Mario 64 DS. 

Can I play Super Mario 64 on my phone?

You can play Super Mario 64 on your iOS device or Android web browser.


The Super Mario 64 unblocked games are a fun way for school students to take a break from academics while still engaging their minds. But ensure you balance playing games with other relevant activities.

We hope this guide will help you successfully navigate the Super Mario 64 games.

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