15 Best Pharmacy Tech Classes Online Free & Paid

Are you planning on becoming a Pharmacy Technician and don’t know how to go about it? Maybe you’re looking for a cheaper way of going about it; then you should consider online pharmacy tech classes.

These classes are designed to help interested people become pharmacy technicians quickly. It will teach you all you need to know about becoming a pharmacy technician and more.

The importance of Pharmacy Technicians cannot be overemphasized, and the need for their services continues to abound every other day.

Because of this, more people are indicating interest in becoming Pharmacy Technicians. Therefore, we’ll be looking at some pharmacy tech classes online.

This will help those that might be engaged with other jobs to pursue this new career. It will also help those who are not financially sound to pursue this career in regular schools.

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We’ll be giving the list of these courses in no distant time, but before then, let’s find out what pharmacy technicians do.

Meanwhile, below is a stable of content for a summary of this piece.

What Does a Pharmacy Technician Do?

No one undertakes a great cause just for the fun of it – I might be wrong – but if you’ve ever thought of becoming a pharmacy technician, I’m sure you’ve also thought of what you can do as a pharmacy technician.

Therefore, to understand what you’d stand to gain career-wise as a pharm tech, it’s important we look at what pharm techs do.

As a Pharmacy Technician, you’d be responsible for collating information from customers or health professionals. With the information, you’d be able to fill prescriptions, measure medications, package, and label prescriptions, and organize the inventory.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Pharmacy technicians are like administrative and customers service personnel in pharmacies. However, this is usually dependent on the pharmacy ones is working in.

Looking at how sensitive the jobs of pharmacy technicians are, it’s important that one gets all the necessary training they need to work optimally as one. This is why we’d be looking at online pharmacy tech classes.

Before we get into it, let’s find out if becoming a pharm tech is worth it..

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Why You Should Become a Pharm Tech

The health care industry has one of the most lucrative and stable jobs. Pharmacy technician is just one of those jobs. Below are some of the reasons why becoming a pharm tech is worth it.

1. Healthcare is Adding Pharm Tech Jobs

With breakthroughs and advancements in Pharmaceutical research, there would be a lot of cures for existing illnesses. And with these cures discovered more patients will be brought in and this will, in turn, trigger the need for even more pharm techs.

With this established, it’s no surprise that pharmacy technician jobs are expected to grow by 12 percent through 2026, according to the BLS. A faster rate than the average occupation growth.

2. You Can Become Certified In Less Than a Year

Becoming a pharm tech doesn’t take as much time as most health care professions do.

“Many students choose this program because the pharmacy technician profession is a growing field that allows students to graduate and get certified in less than a year, says Dr. Jeremy Barthels, department chair of Health Sciences at Rasmussen University.

Additionally, pharmacy technician certificate programs can be completed in as little as nine months, preparing you to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE)

This training is typically jam-packed with all of the practical knowledge and hands-on experience you’ll need to feel confident in your first pharmacy job.

3. Your Work Helps People

There’s no greater fulfillment than knowing that one’s work is making a difference in the world. As a pharm tech, you’re making the world a better place by helping people get better.

You don’t just come to work and go home and rinse and repeat. You’re literally making a difference.

Whether you’re measuring medications, manning the cash register, or just engaging in a friendly conversation with a customer, your job revolves around helping people. So if you’re looking for a fulfilling career you can be proud of, look no further!

4. You Have Lots Of Options In Your Work Environment

There’s a perception that pharm techs only work in retail pharmacies. well, that perception is wrong.

Pharmacy technicians also work in many other types of settings – Hospitals, hospice care facilities, nuclear pharmacies, nursing homes, mail-order pharmacies, compounding pharmacies, and even corrections facilities.

So as a Pharmacy tech. you can choose what or where suits you and render your services.

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5. You Get To Work With Your Hands

If you’re not very comfortable with a regular office setting, then pharm tech would be just perfect for you. Because pharm technicians have tactile responsibilities beyond typing data into a computer.

While they work under the strict supervision of pharmacists, they help with filling medications, organizing stock, measuring prescriptions, and more.

6. You’ll have a Variety of Roles

With the various workplaces out there for Pharm techs, you can count on a slightly different job description if you change settings.

“Pharmacy technicians who enjoy providing customer service may want to work in a retail or community pharmacy,” “Those who don’t prefer working with the public might choose to work in a hospital or mail-order setting.”

Additionally, the BLS predicts that Pharmacy techs will begin filling a larger role in pharmacy operations as pharmacists take on more patient care responsibilities. This shift is likely to lead to more job duties for Pharmacy techs as the healthcare industry progresses.

7. You’ll have advancement opportunities

You’ll be happy to hear that becoming a pharm tech doesn’t have to be the final stop on your career path. There’s no doubt the current demand and manageable training period make it a great professional option at the moment. But as your family grows and you gain experience, you may find yourself looking to advance in the future.

The good news is you can always use your experience to build into a different role or healthcare career when the time is right.

How Long Does It Take To Complete Pharmacy Tech Online Schools?

The length of a Pharmacy tech program varies from school to school. Most certificate programs typically take up to 2 years to complete and consist of 18 to 50 credit hours.

However, accelerated programs allow students to graduate in as little as three months by studying full-time. In most cases, the time it takes students to graduate depends on the amount of time they can put in.

Nevertheless, online pharmacy technician schools meet or exceed the training requisites for both the PTCB and NHA exams.

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Why You Should Study Online

There are a couple of reasons why anyone should consider pharmacy tech classes online. From the flexibility to the cheaper tuition fees, pharmacy tech classes online like most online classes have to stay.

These online classes are not limited to pharmacy tech classes, but for the sake of brevity, we’d focus on how it affects online pharmacy tech classes.

The Pandemic

Online classes or courses have been here for a while but little thought was given to how big it can become today. Its importance has been felt more now that the world needs to stay safe while learning.

To some persons, the idea of studying at home or learning from home was bogus. But with the pandemic, lots and lots of persons cued into this idea, and today it’s no longer weird.

So, if we’re all gonna stay safe in this period while still learning as we should, we all must embrace online courses.


Going to college will definitely set you back financially in terms of tuition and other fees that must be paid. And while not all pharmacy tech classes online are free, the fee you’d pay for these classes would be way cheaper than what you’d pay to go to a college.

But with online pharm tech classes, you can get the same value at a reduced cost.


If you decide to enroll in any of the online pharmacy tech classes that we’d be discussing later, you’d come to find that you’d be In charge of how and when you learn. Especially when.

What this means is that you can decide to take your classes at your own convenient time. You can even have a job while taking these courses. Furthermore. it means that you’d get flexible deadlines.

A Verified Certificate

You can pay an additional fee when you enroll to add a verified certificate. When you reach the finish line, it will be rewarded to you, and you can share it with your current or potential employers to showcase your expertise. 

These certificates will keep you one step ahead of anyone in the same field that doesn’t have it.

15 Best pharmacy tech class online

Below are some of the best pharmacy tech classes online.

#1. Become a Pharmacy Technician and Assistant

This course will help unearth all there is to know about becoming a Pharmacy Technician.

The course will help you understand your roles as a pharmacy technician and also teach you communication techniques you should employ while attending to customers.

What you”ll learn

  • Duties and regulations of a pharmacy assistant
  • Communication strategies in pharmacy settings
  • Prescription and Dispensing in Pharmacies
  • About pharmacy, its types, and business modules
  • How to maintain hygiene in the workplace
  • Understand safety and security procedures for storing drugs
  • Administrative duties in pharmacy

The course costs $13.99.

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#2. Become a Pharmacy Technician

This course will help participants understand pharmacy maths and commonly used pharmacy laws.

Students will be able to prepare to take the certification exam needed to work as a pharmacy technician after this course.

The course cost $14.99. Click the button below for more information.

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#3. How To Become A Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT)

This course costs $13 and will give you the latest information and practices on how to become a Pharmacy Technician.

It will help you understand to its fullest what Pharmacy technicians do, what topics to focus on, and much more.

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#4 PTCB: Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Practice Exam

This is a series of questions that will help you prepare for your PTCB exam. All the time spent preparing to become a Pharmacy Technician would mean nothing if you don’t pass this exam.

Therefore, it’s important you get this course and review the questions therein for proper preparation.

This test covers all the requirements of the official exam, meaning if you get a good score on this practice test, it is because you are prepared for the official exam!

The course costs $12.99. You can get more information by clicking on the button below.

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#5. Pharmacy Technician Certification Board

This course is an exam preparation course for the Pharmacy Technician Certified Board.

What this course will do for participants is increase their confidence level before the exam. The course will give participants an idea of what to expect in the board exam.

This course costs $12.99 and you can get started by clicking the button below.

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#6. Diploma in Pharmacy Technician

As a technician, you must learn about the principles of pharmacy practice and common disorders of the human body. This is what this course will teach you.

The course is completely free. To get started click the button below.

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#7. Introduction To Pharmacy

Even as a Pharmacy technician, you need to be abreast with certain principles of pharmacy practice. This will help you do even better at your job.

This course is an introductory course to the pharmacy and is completely free.

You can know more about this course or enroll by clicking the button below.

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#8. Top Drugs 1 – Medications you NEED to Know – Pharmacy

As a Pharmacy Technician, part of your roles will include helping the pharmacist refill prescriptions and new orders.

To be able to do so, there are certain medications you need to know about. This course will fix all that, and give you an idea of what you’d be dealing with when you eventually become a Pharmacy Technician.

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#9. Top Drugs 2 – Medications you NEED to Know – Pharmacy

This course is an extension of the course above. It will give a more extensive knowledge of medications you need to know as a technician.

To get more information or enroll in the course, kindly click the button below.

The course costs $13.99.

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#10. Top Drugs 3 – Medications You NEED to Know – Pharmacy

This course is an extension of the course above. It will give a more extensive knowledge of medications you need to know as a technician.

To get more information or enroll in the course, kindly click the button below.

The course cost $13.99.

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#11. Dosage Calculations Mastery for Nursing & Pharmacy Students

It’s not enough to know what drug to give a patient, but one must know how to calculate dosages to avoid drug abuse.

This course will take you through the processes. It’s a five hours course that costs $13.99 to access.

To get this course kindly click on the button below for more information.

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#12 The Complete Pharmacy Assistant Preparation Course in Canada

This course is specifically for people in Canada. The course is a complete pharmacy assistance/technician course.

It’s also suitable for USA residents and will prepare them for life as pharmacy technicians.

The course costs $19,99 and you can get started by clicking the button below.

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#13. Pharmacy Technician Course

This free online Pharmacy Technician course teaches you about the work of a pharmacy technician. Pharmacy technicians play an important role in dispensing the correct medication to their patients.

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#14. Top Drugs 5 – Medications you NEED to Know – Pharmacy

This course follows which conditions are most prevalent, and which drugs are most popular.  This way, the student learns which drugs are actually used in practice.  Which drugs are fast movers in every pharmacy?  The gold standard drugs for each condition. 

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#15 Pharmacy Technician (CpHT) – 4 Practice Exams

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE®)  is a computer-based exam. PTCE was developed to determine whether individuals have demonstrated the knowledge necessary to practice as pharmacy technicians.

This practise test will give you ideas of what to expect in the exam.

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FAQs on 15 Best Pharmacy Tech Classes Online In 2023 | Free & Paid

Are there freecourses you can take online to become a pharmacy technician?

Yes, there are free online classes you can take online.

ow long does it ake o become a pharmacy technician?

It takes on average a year to become a pharmacy technician

Where can I take courses online to become a pharmacy technician?

Udemy, Coursera, Alison, Edx


This article looks at some of the online pharm tech classes that one can participate in – in the journey to become a pharmacy technician.

Some are practice questions and others are dosage mastery courses. They are all combined to give you the best.



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