15 Online Colleges in North Dakota for International Students

North Dakota offers a strong assortment of online courses and degrees for postsecondary students. 

We’ll give you a brief overview of the state’s online course offerings, describe how to enrol in online courses at any state public college, and go through simple credit transfer procedures. 

We’ll wrap it up with a list of websites to help you advance toward your online degree. Let’s dive into the best 15 online colleges in North Dakota for international students.

Why Should I Study In North Dakota?

The elements of Dakota’s robust and captivating student life are present. Despite its reputation as a frontier state, the availability of national parks and thriving towns and cities make it the ideal spot to begin adulthood. 

Students get access to miles of untamed American wilderness that is rich in a variety of flora and fauna. This makes studying in Dakota time-consuming but worthwhile. 

Generally speaking, Dakota State University is among the top institutions for international students. Out of 1,204 colleges and universities in the US, they are ranked 238th for accepting overseas students.

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Can International Students Pursue Online Degree Program In North Dakota?

South and North Dakota offer a range of online degrees and courses for postsecondary students through several respected online universities. For overseas students, Dakota offers a variety of online colleges. 

The Distance Education State Almanac 2017 reports that 13,096 North Dakota school students registered in online-only courses in the fall of 2015. This represented 24.3% of the state’s population of college-age people, which was higher than the national median for this category. 

In comparison to North Dakota’s online-only enrollment for the autumn of 2014, there was also a slight increase. Sixty-two percent of these online students were from North Dakota, 37% were from other states, and 1% were from foreign countries.

According to the Distance Education State Almanac 2017, 10,710 South Dakota college students enrolled in courses that will only be completed online in the autumn of 2015. 

This represented 20% of the state’s college student population, more than the national median for this category. 

Compared to 33% out-of-staters and 1% foreign-born students, two-thirds of the South Dakota students who attended classes fully online were residents of the state.

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15 Best Online Colleges In North Dakota For International Students in 2023

Here is the best online college in North Dakota for international students.

  • University of North Dakota
  • Bismarck State College
  • North Dakota State College of Science
  • Minot State University
  • North Dakota State University-Main Campus
  • Valley City State University
  • Mayville State University
  • University of Mary
  • Dickinson State University
  • Lake Region State College
  • Williston State College
  • Dakota College at Bottineau
  • University of Sioux Falls
  • Presentation College
  • Black Hills State University

#1. University of North Dakota

There are various bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees offered online by the University of North Dakota.

Students interested in obtaining an engineering degree can complete the requirements for a bachelor’s degree totally online in chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, or petroleum engineering.

Students who enroll in the semester-based engineering program’s fall, spring, or summer semesters typically complete it in at least six years.

In these accredited engineering programs, recorded lectures are utilized.

In addition to general studies, communication, psychology, social science, social work, and an RN to BSN program, UND also offers online undergraduate degrees in these fields. 

Applied economics, aviation, business administration, forensic psychology, medical laboratory science, nutrition, public administration, public health, and social work are among the fields where master’s degrees are provided.

The University of North Dakota is one of the best Online Colleges in North Dakota for International Students.

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#2. Bismarck State College

About 20 online programs are available through Bismarck State University for students seeking an Associate in Applied Science degree Making the college one of the best online colleges in North Dakota for international students. 

Students who desire to work in the energy industry can enroll in a number of the programs. Electric power technology, nuclear power technology, and petroleum production technology are available alternatives. 

Students can also pursue an online Bachelor of Applied Science in Energy Management from the college. Associate degrees in management and business administration are among the business degrees offered online. 

You can obtain associate degrees in geographic information systems, information processing, and computer assistance for students who desire to work in the technology industry.

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#3. North Dakota State College of Science

More than a dozen associate degree and certificate programs at North Dakota State College of Science can be done online, making the institution one of the best online colleges in North Dakota for international students. 

Many of these are Associate of Applied Science degrees designed to aid students in developing the skills necessary to find employment in professions like retail management, paramedic technology, or health information technician

Additionally, the college offers a curriculum that enables students pursuing a certificate, diploma, or Associate of Applied Science in Technical Studies to tailor their course of study to fit their professional aspirations in manufacturing. 

They can pursue a general liberal arts or general studies transfer degree by students who wish to transfer to a four-year institution. 

North Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana universities and colleges have transfer agreements.

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#4. Minot State University

Since it began offering online degrees around 20 years ago, Minot State University currently offers nine undergraduate degrees, three graduate degrees, a variety of certifications, and minors that can all be completed online. 

Undergraduate options include a general studies degree, an RN to BSN degree completion program, and four business-related degrees. Information systems, management, and special education are all offered as master’s degree programs. 

In 2018, a master’s program in sports management began. Most classes are offered asynchronously, allowing for anytime attendance, although a handful call for real-time video conferencing. 

Students can enroll in a comparable online course offered by another North Dakota school as part of a collaborative initiative if Minot State doesn’t provide a needed course online.

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#5. North Dakota State University-Main Campus

To meet a student’s unique needs that are not currently being served by an existing degree program at NDSU, North Dakota State University provides an online curriculum leading to a bachelor’s degree in university studies. 

Bachelor’s degrees in sociology, strategic communication, human development, and family science are additional online options for undergraduates. 

In the latter program, students can choose to major in family science, adult development, and aging, or child and adolescent development. 

Graduate students interested in earning a master’s degree online can do so through NDSU or the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance, a group of 11 universities.

Students from NDSU can obtain their degrees at NDSU by enrolling in all of the Great Plains IDEA coursework offered through the university. Still, they can also take online classes given by instructors from any consortium member. 

NDSU offers online master’s degrees in software engineering, transportation, urban systems, health, nutrition, and exercise science. 

Online master’s degrees are available in merchandising, family and consumer sciences teaching, dietetics, human development, family science, and community development through Great Plans IDEA.

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#6. Valley City State University

Valley City State College offers a number of entirely online degrees.

Some of the bachelor’s degrees in these subjects that fall under this heading include business education, business process integration management, vocational and technical education, English education, history education, professional communication, and technology education.

Additionally, VCSU offers an online bachelor’s degree in music in the fields of arts or science, allowing students to finish their degree requirements remotely.

However, music majors must enroll in ensembles and lessons for credit at VCSU or another institution or university and transfer those credits to VCSU. 

Before being admitted into the program, music aspirants must submit an audition. Additionally, VCSU provides graduate degrees in education online.

Students who desire to switch from an undergraduate non-teaching degree to a teaching job might consider the Master of Arts in Teaching program. 

The Master of Education program offers specializations in elementary education, English education, teaching English language learners, technological education, and teaching and technology. 

Both master’s programs are eligible for scholarships.

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#7. Mayville State University

Maysville State University is aware that students prefer online courses because of their accessibility and convenience. 

To that purpose, MSU Online provides a wide range of programs, from complete bachelor’s degrees to general education courses for students looking to fulfill their requirements. 

Additionally, graduates who wish to change jobs and already hold a bachelor’s degree can enroll in MSU’s online Master of Arts in Teaching program to get their teaching qualifications while continuing to work. Online bachelor’s degree programs in business, education, and nursing are all offered. 

Most courses are entirely asynchronous, allowing students to access the material whenever it is convenient for them. At the same time, a few programs require students to participate in live, online classrooms at a set time.

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#8. University of Mary

Four online undergraduate business degrees specializing in accounting, human resources, management, and marketing are available through the University of Mary Online Center. 

Liberal arts and organizational leadership degrees are also available online. The university offers 15 online graduate degrees, including a Master of Project Management, a Master of Counseling, and a Master of Strategic Leadership. 

Their online MBA program provides five specializations in accounting, healthcare, executive, energy management, and human resources management and can be completed in as little as 18 months.

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#9. Dickinson State University

Many bachelor’s and associate’s degrees are available online from Dickinson State University. 

The majority of the programs are in the business sector. Business administration, finance, human resource management, or accounting, which offers a corporate and professional track, are all offered as online bachelor’s degrees in science. 

A Bachelor of Applied Science is an option for students who already hold an Associate of Applied Science degree. The Bachelor of University Studies program, which enables students to design their course of study, is open to those having some college credits. 

Additionally, DSU offers online courses with a concentration on equine management or equine training that lead to an Associate of Science in Agricultural Sales/Service degree.

Earning an online Associate in Arts degree is the first step for students who want to finish a four-year degree. 

For students with junior standing or higher who have taken an accounting course, the college now offers a 16-credit Human Resource Management Certificate. 

The same semester schedule applies to both on-campus and online courses. 

Students at DSU who study online can access technical support, online tutoring, and a point of contact for general inquiries.

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#10. Lake Region State College

The LRSC was established in 1941 to assist students in northeastern North Dakota and is situated at Devils Lake. Classes can be taken online, in person, or off-campus at the Grand Forks Air Force Base. 

Six of the 18 degrees offered by this institution, one of the best online community schools in North Dakota, can be completed online. 

Early childhood education, police enforcement, an associate’s degree in the arts, and speech-language pathology certification are available online. Communication skills, social sciences, the arts and humanities, mathematics, science, and computer science are the main topics of the asynchronous programs. 

For some degrees, including early childhood education, unpaid internships are necessary. Students can prepare for a four-year degree through programs in business administration and fitness trainer technology.

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#11. Williston State College

Programs leading to an associate’s degree or a certificate can be finished in as little as two years if the student has the necessary transfer credits. 

The college offers 12 fully online degree and certificate programs. There are also synchronous interactive video network programs that provide curriculum up to the bachelor’s level. 

Online programs include medical coding, corporate management, and paraprofessional speech-language pathology. 

Additionally, associate’s degrees in science and the arts are online. Both in January and August, classes begin. 

Applicants must submit an application, vaccination records, placement test results, and transcripts to be considered for online programs.

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#12. Dakota College at Bottineau

Dakota College at Bottineau was founded in 1906 as a forestry school. The 35-acre campus of DCB is ten miles south of Canada. 

Both of the two programs kinds offered by DCB are accessible online. Programs in career technical education equip students to finish school in two years or less and start working. 

Students who desire to pursue a four-year degree should take advantage of transfer opportunities. Urban forest management, photography, accountancy, caregiver services, and leisure management are available online courses. Classes start in August, June, and January and are offered in 16-week or 8-week periods. 

Classes offered both online and on-campus can be combined into one program.

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#13. University of Sioux Falls

The University of Sioux Falls is a Christian liberal arts college in Sioux Falls, the state’s largest city. 

Furthermore, the institution was founded in 1883 and is associated with American Baptist Churches in the USA. U.S.F. and the institution offer online certificate, bachelor’s, and master’s programs. 

Online degree programs are available for enrollment in many academic fields, including business, management, nursing, healthcare, and health administration. 

Online degree completion and expedited programs in accounting, business, and health administration are ideal for those balancing a family, employment, or other commitments. They are completely available online. 

The tuition rate is $395 per credit hour.

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#14. Presentation College

Established in 1951, Presentation College (P.C.) is a private, co-educational Catholic institution with a main campus in Aberdeen and a branch campus in Fairmont, Minnesota. More medical courses are offered in the college’s academic programs. 

A total of seven online programs are available through the institution’s P.C. Virtual system: a bachelor’s in radiologic technology, an LPN to BSN completion program, an RN to BSN completion program, a bachelor’s degree in health science and healthcare administration, and a master’s in family nurse practitioner program. 

Moodle, an online learning management system, is used by the college to deliver coursework. Online students have access to the same advising and counseling services as their on-campus counterparts.

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#15. Black Hills State University

Black Hills State University began as a teaching college in 1883. Nearly 4,000 students are taught at BHSU, a public university with locations in Spearfish and Rapid City, which also oversees 80-degree programs. 

BHSU’s online Bachelor of Business Administration program offers a management specialization and general studies tracks. Available studies majors are required to complete a capstone course and 15 credits spread among three focus areas. 

Also, BHSU offers online master’s degrees in reading, education curriculum, and instruction. The executive cohort approach is used in the strategic leadership program. (https://thecenturionreport.com/)  

The one- or two-year secondary education degree combines remote learning with two practicals and a year of student teaching to prepare graduates for teacher certification.

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FAQs  About the Best Online Colleges in North Dakota for International Students In 2023

Is North Dakota a good location to study for international students? 

Various academic, extracurricular, and cultural initiatives are available to UND’s 1,000+ international students from 97 nations.

Which online university has the most effortless application process? 

Antioch University offers an online liberal arts degree program in Culver City, California. It is undoubtedly the most accessible online college—or an “easy” choice—because it takes a well-rounded, generalist approach. The university’s online B.A. in Liberal Studies program will accept up to 75 transfer credits.

Is the University of North Dakota’s internet presence reliable? 

Position 147 on the Top 361 Online Bachelor’s Programs list belongs to the University of North Dakota. Schools are evaluated according to how they fare in comparison to many commonly accepted quality indicators. Click here to read more about our school rankings. 

Are online colleges reputable? 

Despite growing in popularity, prospective students may still be concerned about online education’s reliability. An online degree has the same value as a traditional degree. According to statistics, few employers even distinguish between the two types of degrees.


Although some degree programs only need online coursework, others may demand a combination of online and in-person assignments. 

We hope that this post has satiated your curiosity about the best online colleges for international students in North Dakota. 

Since most online courses are asynchronous, students can watch lectures, complete readings, and turn in assignments whenever they have time. It is a useful strategy for learning. 

You must now apply and demonstrate your interest in attending the Dakota law school, which we hope you have already chosen.



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