15 Online Resources To Learn Polymer Clay Jewelry Making | Free & Paid

The power of creative ideas is amplified when shared, but you’d be amazed when you turn them into striking jewelry to wear. Seasoned online tutors have compiled some of the best online resources to learn polymer clay jewelry making. These courses have a single objective – turning heads and getting noticed for their originality.

You may design jewelry that perfectly portrays your colorful sense of style by perusing this list and learning how to create vibrant color palettes, one-of-a-kind shapes, and different textures.

You may even learn the complete process of manufacturing your polymer jewelry from the beginning to the end and begin practicing your imaginative concepts by wearing them.

Putting your creativity into action by making various jewelry using polymer clay enables you to bring your ideas to life. Because of this, we will give you 15 online resources to help you learn polymer clay jewelry.

What Are The Qualities Of Good Polymer Clay?

The most remarkable polymer clay is the kind that has properties that are ideal for the job you have in mind.

There are many different brands and varieties of polymer clay, and each one has a set of advantages and disadvantages that are unique to itself. Some are harder and need more effort to manipulate, while others are more malleable and require less effort.

When you consider these characteristics, it becomes clear that certain varieties of clay are ideally suited for manufacturing jewelry. In contrast, other types of clay are more appropriate for sculpting or making crafts for children.

When crafting jewelry out of polymer clay, it is essential to choose a brand that possesses the following qualities:


Look for malleable clay enough to shape with your hands but not so soft that it smears or becomes sticky. This will make it simple to work with. It is recommended that you go with a brand of clay that is more rigid because it will better preserve the more delicate elements of your artwork.

Strength after Curing

You’ll want to choose a brand that retains its strength after being baked so that the jewelry will not break.


The most desirable quality of clay is its flexibility and lack of brittleness, particularly in thin sections. You don’t want your fragile jewelry pieces to crack or break when under a lot of pressure.

Why Should I Use Polymer Clay?

The flexibility of polymer clay is perhaps one of its most appealing aspects. With polymer clay, you may create various items, from adorable animal figurines that your children will be enamored with to stunning brooches in a vintage design that your friends will enjoy.

And, of course, earrings that you will be excited to put on.

Polymer clay is an excellent material for crafting earrings of many different kinds, including studs, hoops, and everything in between. In addition, you can make earrings out of polymer clay that is uniquely designed to complement each of your favorite outfits.

Because there are so many ways to express yourself and your style, working with polymer clay is sure to serve as a source of creativity for you.

The convenience of working with polymer clay is just another one of its appealing qualities. You may find several tools on the market, such as cutters, stencils, and molds, that make working with polymer clay much simpler and more successful.

Soon, your friends will be requesting that you create them a pair of DIY clay earrings just like the ones you made for yourself. And who knows, maybe you’ll get in touch with your entrepreneurial spirit and launch your own business selling handcrafted jewelry.

Can I Learn Polymer Clay Jewelry Making Through Online Courses?

Yes, you can learn polymer clay jewelry making through online courses.

The process is simple since the courses fit into your schedule. You can take them with you anywhere, provided there is access to the internet. Also, you can repeat any of the polymer clay jewelry online courses to master the craft.

These courses are split into fun video modules that lead you through various approaches and practices while also expanding your craft knowledge and skills at your speed.

To learn polymer clay jewelry making, check out any courses below.

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15 Online Resources To Learn Polymer Clay Jewelry Making

#1. Learn To Make Polymer Clay Jewelry

Price: $12.98

This class is perfect for creative learners who want to try designing their jewelry. It is an introductory class, and participants need not have any prior experience working with polymer clay or creating jewelry to participate.

In addition to the fundamentals, the student will acquire the creative skills necessary to make their jewelry stand out from the crowd. Everything is broken down into individual steps, and the student gets the opportunity to practice those steps alongside.

The training can take one or two days, but it will require a few more weeks of practice to achieve the most excellent possible results. The course includes the following topics:

  • the fundamentals of working with polymer clay
  • the fundamentals of creating jewelry from polymer clay
  • a variety of techniques for embellishing jewelry made from polymer clay (including imprints, stripes, applique, and several slab style techniques);
  • ideas and suggestions for future projects


  • Polymer clay, a few tools, and jewelry components will need to be purchased.
  • The initial investment needed is relatively low, and everyday home goods can stand-in for some of the more specialized instruments.

#2. Making Polymer Clay Statement Jewelry

Price: $12.98

This is a class for people who are new to working with polymer clay jewelry and want to learn how to make unique handmade items.

This class will help you considerably enhance your talents in making jewelry with clay and your understanding of the tools that are the best for starting started. Either way, this class will help. You will also acquire knowledge regarding the most cost-effective locations to shop for various items.

In this lesson, you will learn to:

  • Prepare clay for slab making
  • Use depth guides
  • Design your slab
  • Add texture and patterns to your slab
  • Use shape cutters to cut out your designs cleanly
  • Prepare clay for baking


  • You do not need any prior experience to participate; you will learn the fundamentals of crafting jewelry out of polymer clay in this class.
  • It would help if you had polymer clay and tools specifically designed for working with polymer clay to get started.

#3. Jewelry Making For Beginners: Art Resin Pendant And Earrings

Price: $15.98

This is an introductory to intermediate-level class for those interested in having a good time, expressing their creativity, and learning the fundamentals of making these unique pendants and earrings. You can discover all the simple and quick tips and procedures for making jewelry.

You can also learn how to mix and produce resin art pendants and work with various mediums and possibilities.

The class will teach:

  • Developing works of art for pendants and earrings that are stunning and one of a kind.
  • Making pendants using a variety of different crafting methods and components.
  • Working with resin and color your resin with acrylics, ink, and powdered colors.

#4. Make Floral Necklaces Using Polymer Clay

Price: $26.98

In this class, you will learn how to build floral jewelry out of polymer clay by employing a process known as the “Applique Technique.” You will learn how to produce necklaces with flowers that look both realistic and lovely with designs entirely your own.

You will also learn when and how to apply paints to polymer clay and how to safeguard the fragile elements of your design from being damaged.

The framework of the course is designed to provide you with:

  • Basic information about polymer clay.
  • Tutorials in detail for the following five designs:
  • Necklace with Roses
  • Sunflowers Necklace
  • Necklace with Cottage Windows
  • Several types of flowers Necklace
  • A flower-filled basket Necklace

#5. Beginners Diy Resin & Alcohol Ink Jewelry

Price: $14.98

This class will teach you how to make some stunning original art pendants that are also incredibly simple to make and wear on your necklaces.

The lesson will cover numerous fundamental ideas, such as using alcohol inks in resin to make dazzling designs, learning when your resin is cured, carving out various shapes, and attaching bails to create unique artworks.

You will also learn the knowledge, skills, and supplies necessary to create one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.

This is a Beginner to Intermediate level class for those who want to have fun, express their creativity, and learn the fundamentals of making beautiful artistic pendants.


  • Check out the materials list to see what standard items are required for this class.
  • Students will be required to purchase from an art supply company to get the essential tools and supplies.
  • There is no requirement for previous experience with resin or jewelry creation.

#6. Basic Resin Course

Price: $12.98

This course is designed for anyone who would like to begin crafting beautiful resin goods but is unsure how to get started.

It is a 60-minute class that consists of five different tutorials.

After this training, you will have acquired the knowledge necessary to:

  • Make preparations for an acceptable working area
  • Explain how to make five distinct resin items

You won’t have to waste time, energy, or resources looking for the greatest products or things that actually work since it will provide you with the fundamental knowledge you need


  • Be sure you have all of the necessary equipment and supplies
  • Set up an efficient workspace;
  • Let your imagination run wild!:)

#7. Chainmaille Jewelry Making Gutsyguide: Mastering The Basics

Price: $15.98

This is an all-encompassing and in-depth course that contains over 60 fundamental lessons. This class will provide you with a comprehensive grounding in the ageless art of chainmaille, so sign up if that’s what you’re after!

There is absolutely no requirement for prior expertise to participate in this class. To become an expert chainmailler, all you need is some tools, some supplies, and the drive to practice the craft.

Throughout this class, you will understand:

  • Jump rings, tools, metals, aspect ratio, and fundamental techniques.
  • Construct seven distinct chains, each of which can be customized in several different ways.
  • Get some practice weaving One Ring at a Time (ORAAT) as well as speed weaving
  • Create ten of my unique designs by following the thorough, step-by-step directions provided to use only the simplest weaves possible.


  • The motivation to learn chainmaille while maintaining a positive attitude about the process
  • The ability and willingness to pay for the necessary tools and supplies

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#8. Jewelry Making: Bead Embroidery Feather Earrings, Handmade

Price: $12.98

If you want to learn some new talents, you should definitely sign up for this class. It is helpful for newbies and experienced jewelry designers looking to add complementary skills to their repertoire.

You will learn the fundamentals of needlework, how to coordinate colors and beads of varying shapes, and how to complete the reverse side of an embroidery project.

With the knowledge that you have gained, you will be able to design your very own embroidered earring, headband, outfit, or jacket. Your creative capacity is the most critical factor here.

You are going to learn how to:

  • Create your stud earrings; embellish them with gems and seed beads.
  • Coordinate the colors and shapes of your project
  • Bring all of the components together to form the finished product
  • Embroider the reverse side in a way that is neat and precise
  • Complete your needlework so that there are no apparent traces of fabric anywhere.


  • Materials: any beads, crystals, and seed beads. There is no limit to what you can use
  • Your willingness to put in the time and effort to create one-of-a-kind things uniquely yours

#9. Jewelry Making For Beginners: Alcohol Ink Pendant Necklace

Price: $12.98

This is a beginner to intermediate level class for those who want to learn how to make beautiful artistic pendants while also having fun, being creative, and getting the fundamentals behind how to do so. Discover simple and quick tips and procedures for making your jewelry that you can wear or give as a gift.

You will also learn how to make art pendants and get the knowledge and tools necessary to produce your one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry using alcohol ink. Students can see the complete steps of the process and gain some suggestions on various mediums you may use.

The class will cover

  • Free Preview of the Required Materials
  • Producing works of art for pendants that are exquisite and one of a kind.
  • Making pendants by employing various crafting methods and types of materials.
  • Working with Yupo paper, Mineral Paper, and tin foil.
  • Proper methods for closing your jewelry.


  • Publish the Materials PDF list to acquire the basic materials.
  • Students will be required to purchase from an art supply company to get the essential tools and supplies (all outlined in the free preview lessons at the beginning of the course.)

#10. Modnitsa Atelier Jewelry Design Intro Video Series

Price: $12.98

In the first class of this Jewelry Design Series, you’ll be introduced to proper construction and design techniques by having access to two beginner workshops, and two intermediate workshops usually taught in our Manhattan studio.

These workshops will cover topics such as the creation of headpins, the connection of wire wrapping, stringing, finishing, color theory, design fundamentals, materials and tools, and do’s and don’ts.

These classes, which are interactive and engaging, are designed to stimulate your creative side and allow you to experiment with color and style while honing your skills in your new pastime.


  • Jewelry Tool Kit: round nose plier, flat nose plier, cutter
  • Silver or gold wire, 26 gauge
  • Beadalon 19 strand string, .015 diameter
  • 1.8 mm round silver beads
  • Lobster clasp
  • Stones and beads (semi-precious or glass) of your choice, with pre-drilled holes
  • Small round/oblong chain — 2 2.5” pieces (gold or silver)
  • Chain with larger links for necklace extension (2-5”)
  • Ear Wires of your choice
  • Color Wheel

#11. Wirewrapping Jewelry Making Gutsyguide: Mastering The Basics

Price: $17.98

This comprehensive course consists of 60 fundamental lectures and is designed to equip students with a solid grounding in the multifaceted art of wire wrapping.

There is absolutely no requirement for prior expertise to participate in this class. To become an expert wire wrapper, you need a few tools, some supplies, and the desire to practice.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate mastery in all the fundamental aspects of wire wrapping, such as tools, terminology, procedures, and techniques.
  • Construct fundamental wire-wrapped components, which will act as the framework for the project’s entirety.
  • Combine and link components that have been wrapped in wire to produce finished jewelry creations such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.
  • Make your stunning creations using wire wrapping.


  • A desire to learn how to wire wrap while also having a good time doing it
  • Students will need to purchase specific tools and supplies.

#12. Learn How To Create Seed Bead Beaded Long Clip On Earrings

Price: $12.98

Discover how to make a stunning pair of long earrings with seed beads from scratch! You don’t need to pay a lot of money to buy earrings like these because you can make them for very little money!

Also, earrings might be the perfect gift for someone really special because there is nothing more thoughtful than a gift created by the giver.

You won’t need many supplies, but you’ll get the most out of the process and have a lot to be proud of when it’s all done.

You will also receive 1 video that is almost an hour long and more than ten lessons that are broken down step by step.

The class will teach how to:

  • embroider with seed beads
  • sew on crystals using a unique technique to keep them in place
  • finish the edge
  • select the material
  • choose the glue to use


  • None

#13. Jewelry Making: Decorative Wire Wrapping 1 – Herringbone

Price: $16.98

Are you prepared to go to the next level in your wire-wrapping abilities? You will become an expert in the Herringbone Wrap wire working method after finishing this Decorative Wire Wrapping course.

In the end, you will make jewelry that is both stunning and inspired.

You’ll learn various methods to include the herringbone wrap and develop variants in this particularly exquisite style in Mastering the Herringbone Wrap.


  • Students will purchase all necessary materials and equipment from the available supply options (all outlined in the free preview lessons at the beginning of the course.)
  • An eagerness to gain knowledge as well as some spare time to put these skills into practice

#14. Resin Jewelry With Glitter

Price: $12.98

You won’t need any prior experience or expertise to make your jewelry at home with the help of this training course; in fact, you will be astonished by the results. You will learn how to make stunning jewelry and make a profit from selling your creations by taking this course.


  • A bit of creativity and tools.
  • Resin, Hardener, Brass frames, scales

#15. Learn To Wire Wrap A RING From Scratch!

Price: $12.98

You will start from scratch and learn how to build an exquisite wire-wrapped ring with the help of this course. You’ll get to practice a variety of skills, such as setting a stone, weaving patterns, adjusting the size of the ring, and more!

Begin with some wire, the little gemstone of your choice, some pliers, and some wire cutters, and you will end up with a stunning ring that is uniquely yours!

The lesson will go slowly to explain everything thoroughly so that you’ll be able to construct your rings whenever you want and add your unique flair to them.


  • Obtain wire, wire cutters, and pliers


Now you have seen 15 online resources to learn polymer clay jewelry making. You may go ahead and enroll in one or more of these classes.

The paid classes are affordable and promise to be informative and fun.

Bring your creativity to light with your polymer clay jewelry-making today.

See you at the hook!



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