50+ Best Educational Youtube Channels for International Students | Watch Now

Good news for YouTube users!

As an international student, you can learn about every course on YouTube using the channels mentioned here. So, brace up for the best educational YouTube channels for students.

As an international and domestic student, if you’re not taking advantage of educational channels on youtube, you are missing a lot!

Trust me when I say that most topics I understood in-depth were from YouTube.

After the teachers confused us with those brain-stimulating theorems, I’d chill on the streets of youtube with these channels you’d get to read about in a few moments.

Let’s begin.

Youtube Education

Learning and schooling just became more fun with the evolution of a video learning site – youtube.

With youtube, you can keep up with videos about Concepts, Tutorials, Maths, Science, Chemistry, Biology, Space, Astronomy, Universe, or anything you can think about.

All you basically need to learn with is a device, be it a computer or a smartphone, and an internet connection.

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Benefits of Youtube Education for Students

Like every online learning platform, youtube offers education from the comfort of your home.

International students can learn more about the subjects taught in confusing classes.

We must note that youtube is not a platform or online school for learning and earning a degree per se. Online education centers can use it as a medium to teach their courses. But, YouTube does not offer a certificate for short courses.

It is not only for educational subjects but offers general ideas and skills to individuals willing to use their data for the cause of learning.

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How Do I Create an Education Channel on YouTube?

Beginning an Educational YouTube channel is easy however developing it needs difficult work.

Simultaneously, if you are uninformed of the techniques needed to make an instructive youtube channel effective, all your persistent effort will go to no end.

This is why I am determined to welcome instructors on YouTube and make them effective. This article will give ten hints to create an education channel on YouTube.

I trust it will help you.

  • Start with one subject.
  • Create content only for a specific audience
  • Decide the video style for your subject.
  • Create at least 100 videos.
  • Do not change your video style for the first 100 videos
  • Publish all videos as soon as possible
  • Follow SEO rules while publishing videos
  • Wait for at least three months to see the results
  • Spend three months learning SEO, marketing, etc
  • Choose the language of your content for a large audience

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What are the Best Educational Youtube Channels for Learning?

We will not categorize them into subjects or courses these channels are good at. We are going to list the best 50 educational youtube channels for students.

Here they are;

#1. TED-Ed – Lessons Worth Sharing

TED-Ed is one of the best educational youtube channels for students. They commit to creating lessons worth sharing.

You will find carefully curated educational videos within TED-Ed’s growing library of TED-Ed animations, many of which represent collaborations between talented educators and animators nominated through the TED-Ed website.

Watch Now

#2. Easy Languages

Most language courses are boring, having many rules for them.

However, Easy Languages is one of the best educational youtube channels that create videos that teach vocabulary in a fun and easy way.

Each video teaches you vocabulary, grammar, or concepts in a language using real conversations with people on the streets. They have videos for almost every language you can think of and add new content regularly.

Watch Now

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#3. National Geographic

This is another educational channel on youtube. It teaches science, exploration, and adventure.

Using world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what’s possible.

Watch now

#4. CrashCourse

This is an excellent youtube educational channel for students. This channel teaches sociology, computer science, film history, and mythology!

Check out past courses in physics, philosophy, games, economics, U.S. government and politics, astronomy, anatomy & physiology, world history, biology, literature, etc.

Watch now

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#5. Philosophy Tube

Want to get a philosophy degree for free? Then watch Philosophy Tube, which shows you how to use philosophy to make sense of current events and life’s big questions.

This is one of the best educational youtube channels for International Students studying philosophy.

Watch now

#6. The Coding Train

The Coding Train is a great place to start if you’ve wanted to learn how to code.

The videos are detailed, easy to understand, and even funny. Whether you want to learn the basics or are exploring a more advanced topic such as machine learning, the Coding Train has a video series for you.

Learn from this best youtube educational channel and start to code!

Watch now

#7. Physics Girl

Dianna Cowern covers everything from sound to quantum mechanics to ultraviolet waves. This is one of the best educational channels on youtube to learn about physics.

Watch now

#8. Frame of Essence

Philip doesn’t post very often, but when he does, he posts some of the most well-explained content on quantum computing, physics, and computer science you’ll ever see.

Watch now

#9. The B1M

The B1M creates videos documenting the history and current construction practice, showing how the most impressive buildings and infrastructure are created.

It is another great channel to learn about construction.

Watch now

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#10. Pat Flynn

Are you an international student who wishes to start an online business? Pat Flynn teaches you how to grow your following and build a sustainable online business.

Watch now

#11. The Financial Diet

If personal finance makes you anxious, this is one of the best educational youtube channels you can ever see.

It will teach you everything you need to know about managing your money, even if you’re a beginner.

Watch now

#12. Kurzgesagt

This is one of the educational youtube channels for students that explains things like evolution, time, space, global energy, or our existence in this strange universe.

Watch now

#13. Scishow

SciShow discusses science news and history, and concepts. With equal parts skepticism and enthusiasm, we go a little deeper…without going off the deep end. Most of the time, anyway.

Watch now

#14. Veritasium

It shows an element of truth – videos about science, education, and anything else I find interesting.

Watch here

#15. Minutephysics | Cool Science Videos

Trying to get people excited about learning. Use the educational youtube channel to teach students.

Watch here

#16. Vox – Explain the news

Vox’s journalists candidly shepherd audiences through politics and policy, business and pop culture, food, science, and everything else.

Watch here.

#17. Khan Academy

This educational youtube channel for students aims to provide a world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

Watch here.

#18. NASA

This educational channel teaches space exploration, scientific discovery, and aeronautics research.

Watch here.

#19. Tech Insider

Tech insider creates videos about gadgets, how-tos, gaming, science, digital culture, and innovation.

Watch here

#20. Big think

Big Think is the leading source of expert-driven, actionable, educational youtube channels for students and workers alike. They aim to help you explore the big ideas and core skills that define knowledge in the 21st century so that you can apply them to your life’s questions and challenges.

Watch here.

#21. MIT OpenCourseWare

 The mission of MIT is to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century.

Watch here

#22. Today I Found Out

This educational youtube channel is based on the idea that learning something new every day is always good.

Watch here

#23. Smart Learning for All

This is one of the best educational youtube channels for students. They create highly innovative and refreshing videos of Physics, Chemistry & Biology. It is useful for students and people of all ages with curious scientific minds.

Watch here.

#24. Computerphile

An educational channel where you learn all about computers and computer stuff.

Watch here.

#25. NileRed

Need help with chemistry projects? NileRed works on interesting chemistry projects and makes videos about them!

Watch now

#26. Periodic Videos | Periodic Table Channel

This is your ultimate channel for all things chemistry. Periodic table, science news, interesting molecules, and other stuff from the world of chemistry.

Watch here

#27. The Organic Chemistry Tutor

 This educational channel for students channel focuses on providing tutorial videos on organic chemistry, general chemistry, physics, algebra, trigonometry, precalculus, and calculus.

Watch here.

#28. Stanford University

Stanford University is recognized as one of the world’s leading research and teaching institutions. It is also a good education channel.

Watch here.

#29. Don’t Memorise

Don’t Memorise is an online library of Mathematics and Science videos. We want to show you the simplest way to understand a topic and hope to get you excited about learning and knowing more.

Watch here.

#30. Tecmath

This is one of the best educational youtube channels for students with several methods to make maths easier! They specialize in Math Tricks for fast results!

Watch here

#31. ExamFear Education

 ExamFear Education has thousands of educational video lessons on Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology & English, Medical Entrance Exam videos, and Science experiments for Classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 with concepts & tricks never explained so well before.

Watch here.

#32. Ekeeda

This is one of our best educational youtube channels for students.

We have Engineering Video Lectures, Courses, Tutorials & Study Materials for Diploma & Degree students.

We also provide detailed knowledge of Engineering Diploma & Degree subjects by organizing lectures sequentially from easy to difficult.

Watch here.

#33. Mathologer

Explore mathematical movie clips, Rubik’s cubes, magic, puzzles, illusions, ambigrams, origami, juggling, 3d printing, and more. Watch here.

#34. Blackpenredpen

Here you will find mostly math-related videos in sample exam solutions, homework questions help, practice & worksheets, and problem vs. problems. Watch here

#35. The Art Assignment

This educational youtube channel is for students studying arts. We take you around the U.S. to meet working artists and solicit assignments from them that we can all complete. Watch.

#36. L & T – Learning Technology

This educational youtube channel contains technical lectures on ‘Civil Engineering’ from personal field experience. Watch videos and playlists from the field of Civil Engineering. Watch videos.

#37. PBS Infinite Series

 Mathematician Kelsey Houston-Edwards offers ambitious content for viewers eager to better understand the world around them. With each episode, you’ll see that maths underpins everything in this universe.

Watch here

#38. DrPhysicsA

This YouTube channel contains a series of Physics videos to briefly introduce the subjects covered.

Also, they assume basic knowledge of algebra and calculus and some general physics. They explain the essence of the subject as simply as possible.

Watch here

#39. Fraser Cain

These short videos come out every Monday and Thursday and answer a burning question that astronomy fans want to know.

We talk about black holes, galaxies, the Universe, and the search for aliens.

Watch here

#40. John Michael Godier

Author and futurist John Michael Godier explores the universe in weekly documentary videos on Monday evenings.

These videos center on science, future technology, and the mysteries of the universe.

Additionally, John releases videos covering breaking news on significant developments in space science and technology as they happen.

Watch here

#41. OUlearn

These youtube educational learning videos are on a wide range of subjects, including our globally popular ‘60 Second Adventures’ in subjects such as Philosophy, Economics, History of English, Astronomy, and Religion.

The OU’s home of free learning for more inspiring ideas and over 800 free courses.

Watch here

#42. Aerospace Engineering

 Aerospace Engineering is a youtube channel that aims to share knowledge, news, information, training courses, and all concerning the aerospace field, science, and technology.

Watch here

#43. New Scientist

This educational channel is a number one science and technology magazine, and online is the go-to site for breaking news, exclusive content, and breakthroughs that will change your world.

New Scientist: exploring the fruits of human endeavor for more than 50 years.

Watch now.

#44. Thought Café

Our motion graphic studio promotes self-education and critical awareness through animated shorts. We’re also the graphics team for an awesome YouTube show called Crash Course!

Watch now

#45. Looking Glass Universe

This education channel teaches the world of maths and physics.

Watch now

#46. Step-by-Step Science – Physics, Chemistry, and Math All Simply Explained

 This best educational youtube channel for students has hundreds of excellent physics, chemistry, and math videos covering various topics. Everything is explained in a clear step-by-step manner.

Watch now.

#47. BSI Academy

BSI Academy Conducts lecture videos on computer science and application! They have a library of videos of all science.

Watch now

#48. MyWhyU

The educational videos are for mathematics courses on the K-12 and college levels and as a resource for informal independent study.

The objective is to give insight into the concepts on which the rules of mathematics are based.

Watch now

#49. ThePenguinProf

 Biology professor on the outside, a pure penguin on the inside!! He is Valerie Pennington, a Professor of Biology at Southwestern College. He makes tutorials to help students understand the tough General Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, and Physiology topics.

Also, he has a College Success Series, AND I partner with my husband Fabio (FabioChem), an Organic Chemistry professor.

Watch now

#50. The Bad Astronomer

 Bad Astronomy is all about astronomy, space, and science.

This is one of the best educational youtube channels for students that teach about science. Science is the best tool humans have to understand the Universe.

Watch now

#51. Educational Documentary

 Discover the world with this educational youtube channel for students with all the best excellent documentaries found here.

Watch now

#52. The Brainshow

Are you an international student with exceptional brainpower? This show is for you. Subscribe to the channel and enhance that smart brain of yours!

Watch now

#53. Oxford Education

Oxford is one of the best educational publishers on youtube, producing books and digital resources for the UK and international schools and colleges.

They publish many curriculum-based school and home learning resources written by experienced teachers and subject experts for Early Years, Primary, Secondary, and Further Education.

Watch now

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Best Educational Youtube Channels for Students FAQs

What are the best educational youtube channels for preschoolers?

The Magic School Bus, Thomas & Friends, The Adventures Of Chuck & Friends, and other preschool-friendly YouTube programs are the finest.

What are the best educational youtube channels for toddlers?

KidsTV123, KidsABC123, Noodle and Doodle, Chloe’s Closet, Mother Goose Club, GiggleBellies Super Easy Songs, and others are some of the top YouTube channels for toddlers.

Which is the most watched educational video on YouTube?

The most popular self-education video on YouTube is “The Life Transforming Self-Education Video By Sandeep Maheshwari,” uploaded by Sandeep Maheshwari (India) and verified on July 9, 2021. It has received 37,053,675 views.

Is YouTube a good place to learn?

Youtube is a great entertainment tool and learning tool as well. Everyone can create their channel, share their videos, and comment on others. Yes, it is a great tool for learning.


Every student who needs good grades and broad knowledge must embrace the evolution of youtube channels.

We have shown you the best educational youtube channels for students; go through them, and start learning.



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