15 Online Colleges in New Hampshire for International Students | 2023

New Hampshire offers a wealth of online educational opportunities for students from all over the world. To earn a degree in the state, you may want to check out the top online colleges in New Hampshire for international students.

Many working adults and full-time careers struggle, and as a result, they tend to experience challenges in advancing their work and career by pursuing a college degree. Online colleges and programs come into play to squeeze academics into their already hectic schedules.

As an individual with a strict schedule, you may be able to overcome this obstacle by enrolling in an online program of study. These courses may frequently be completed at a later time and from any location with an internet connection.

Continue to read to learn about the top online colleges in New Hampshire for international students in 2023.

Online Colleges in New Hampshire for International Students

  1. Southern New Hampshire University
  2. New England College
  3. Plymouth State University
  4. Granite State College
  5. Franklin Pierce University
  6. Rivier University
  7. Franklin Pierce University
  8. Colby-Sawyer College
  9. University of New Hampshire-Main Campus
  10. Dartmouth College
  11. Keene State College
  12. The White Mountains Community College
  13. Manchester Community College
  14. Nashua Community College
  15. River Valley Community College

#1. Southern New Hampshire University

Students can select from more than 200 online and asynchronous programs at Southern New Hampshire University to get the information and skills necessary for accounting and financecriminal justice, engineering, and social sciences jobs.

Students join a community of over 75,000 alumni working worldwide after graduating.

They assign every accepted student at SNHU a dedicated academic adviser who aids them in selecting a major, completing the enrollment process, and submitting their financial assistance applications.

Advisors can also put students in touch with extra services like 24/7 online tutoring, specialized career guidance, and remote writing and research help.

You need a high school diploma or GED to enrol in the institution and pursue an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

Although SNHU has no minimum standards for undergraduate degrees, some scholarships may need a particular GPA. A bachelor’s degree and a required undergraduate GPA of 2.75 are requirements for graduate candidates.

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#2. New England College

When you learn how many degrees New England College provides online, it’s simple to see why there is roughly the same number of students enrolled online as on campus.

Online undergraduate programs provide associate and bachelor’s degrees in 12 different fields, but the options go further.

For example, business administration majors have a choice of 12 focuses, whereas psychology majors have a choice of 8 concentrations.

In the 2018 U.S. News rankings for Best Online Bachelor’s Programs, NEC came in at 172. Although fewer graduate degrees are available online, there are still plenty of options for them, including 13 majors for the Master of Education and seven MBA specialities.

On the U.S. News rankings, the MBA program and graduate education programs both came in at about No. 150, making it one of the top online colleges in New Hampshire.

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#3. Plymouth State University

Plymouth State University, one of the best universities, provides undergraduate and graduate degrees both on-campus in New Hampshire and online.

A record of 1,532 students is enrolled in the authorized college’s online programs.

The institution now offers four different online master’s degrees.

The online school offers courses in various subjects, including business, healthcare, and STEM. Distance learners pursuing an online degree do their curriculum in a virtual classroom.

Academic advisers and faculty mentors work with students to design a specialized course of study.

Through career services, financial aid counselling, and tutoring services, the institution also assists students pursuing degrees online, and it is considered one of the top online colleges in New Hampshire.

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#4. Granite State College

According to Granite State College, one of the best online institutions in the country, the approved college offers distance learners a range of 36 online bachelor’s degrees.

The online university offers four online master’s programs to graduate students. The institution hosts 1,848 distant students who attend classes.

At the public university in Concord, New Hampshire, there are typically 108 students pursuing degrees. Virtual classes are attended by distance learners everywhere.

The school’s online students gain access to student services that are tailored just for them. Students can benefit from the online school’s academic counselling, financial aid, and career assistance.

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#5. Franklin Pierce University

The online programs offered by Franklin Pierce University are intended for working adults who desire to finish an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

The institution provides six terms a year to increase program flexibility, and students who reside close to the university can mix online and on-campus courses.

The institution also gives credit for prior knowledge and recognizes credits from the Alternative Credit Project to shorten how long it takes students to graduate.

Most online bachelor’s degrees are in business-related fields like marketing, management, and accounting.

Emergency medical services, R.N. to Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs, and healthcare administration are all available as forms of healthcare. There are four associate degrees offered online at Franklin Pierce.

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#6. Rivier University

The flexible transfer procedures of Rivier University distinguish the institution as one of the best online colleges in New Hampshire for international students.

A new undergraduate student can complete their bachelor’s degree at Riv in as little as one additional year by applying for up to 90 credits from another approved institution. Master’s programs accept up to nine transfer credits.

Twenty online and asynchronous degrees, including ones in business administration, computer information systems, nursing practice, and public health, are presently available from Riv.

Earning a graduate degree in psychiatric mental health is another way for online students to demonstrate their specific knowledge.

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#7. Franklin Pierce University

Franklin Pierce University’s founding in 1962 aimed to foster close relationships between teachers and students. This, amongst other unique features, makes it one of the top online colleges in New Hampshire for international students.

With a student-to-faculty ratio of 12-to-1, the institution is still dedicated to providing individualized and attentive instruction over 50 years later.

Undergraduates at the institution can pursue associate’s and bachelor’s degrees entirely online, laying the groundwork for careers in human services, healthcare management, and emergency medical services.

Additionally, Franklin Pierce offers online and asynchronous master’s programs in nursing, teaching, and business administration.

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#8. Colby-Sawyer College

Currently, Colby-Sawyer College provides two online degree options: a liberal arts associate degree and a bachelor’s degree completion program for registered nurses.

While the RN-to-BSN program helps nurses acquire the abilities and information required to take on supervisory and leadership responsibilities, they created the associate program for students who want to use their credits toward a four-year degree in the future.

You must already hold an associate or diploma in nursing and a valid, unrestricted practice permit in New Hampshire to apply to the nursing program.

While part-time students often need two to three years to complete all the prerequisites for graduation, full-time students can complete their bachelor’s in 16 months.

Most coursework is asynchronous; however, some programs could call for in-person involvement.

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#9. University of New Hampshire-Main Campus

Every semester, the University of New Hampshire offers over 100 undergraduate online courses that follow the exact timetable as on-campus programs.

The institution also offers several graduate degrees and certifications online; however, the course timetable for these programs usually differs from that of on-campus programs.

For full-time professionals, the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics provides an online Master of Business Administration [MBA] degree program a student may finish in two to six years.

A 30-credit Master of Intellectual Property (MIP) degree and a 24-credit Master of Laws (LLM) degree are both offered online. The university’s School of Law and Franklin Pierce Center can pursue them part-time or full-time for Intellectual Property in patent law.

The Master of International Criminal Law and Justice (MICLJ) and an LLM in International Criminal Law and Justice are two additional programs the school offers solely online.

The following courses are also offered online: Doctor of Nursing Practice, Master of Social Work (accredited by CSWE), and Master of Education in Educational Studies (DNP).

Depending on their academic background and past job experience, students enrolled on the DNP program may be capable of earning up to 12 credits on their degree.

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#10. Dartmouth College

In Hanover, New Hampshire, there is a private research institution called Dartmouth College. This New Hampshire online college provides the general public with free, open-access online courses and two web-based degrees.

An online master’s in public health program has been accessible since 2016, thanks to the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice.

Candidates must complete three one-week individual residential sessions each year as part of this two-year program.

The program takes pride in preparing medical professionals to act as progressive leaders in the industry and actively pursue changes in healthcare policy.

One class at a time, distance learners generally finish the online MPH in 22 months. Through virtual classrooms, video lectures, and in-depth analyses of medical case studies, instructors deliver classes in a synchronous style.

Each student completes the last practicum project that shows their understanding of the subject matter. Candidates applying for the program are expected to have a bachelor’s degree in the arts or sciences and not less than two years of professional experience in a relevant subject.

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#11. Keene State College

In Keene, New Hampshire, there is a public liberal arts institution called Keene State College. It belongs to the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges and the University System of New Hampshire.

Since Keene State College awards degrees ranging from an associate’s to a master’s, it provides remote learning at all levels. Department of Continuing Education offers all the programs accessible to students of all ages.

Several certifications, an educator preparation program, and undergraduate and graduate programs are incredibly adaptable.

Keene’s Safety & Occupational Health department offers the broadest and most extensive programs. The bachelor’s program in that particular discipline is their best online offering.

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#12. The White Mountains Community College

Another component of the Community College System of New Hampshire is the White Mountains Community College. Its main campus is in Berlin, New Hampshire, and it is a public community college.

Most of the courses are given through Blackboard, and six certifications and four associate degrees may be achieved online.

The school’s accounting degree program collaborates with Franklin University in Ohio and may be the best online curriculum.

The third year of the degree is finished at WMCC, while the fourth year will be finished online at Franklin. The end outcome is a business administration bachelor’s degree.

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#13. Manchester Community College

Manchester Community College is a public community in Manchester, New Hampshire.

The college offers more than 60 distinct study programs that may be completed to earn certifications or associate degrees. MCC offers five complete programs and almost 100 online courses through Blackboard.

A degree in management, liberal arts, or accounting is available to students. The other two courses, in marketing and accounting, are certificates. (thecenturionreport.com)

The Management degree program is the greatest of these degrees. Whether they wish to transfer to a four-year university or enter the workforce, the curriculum ultimately prepares students.

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#14. Nashua Community College

Nashua Community College is a public community in Nashua, New Hampshire. It was just established in 1970, making it a relatively young organization.

Only 18% of its students participate in the various online education alternatives, and most are part-time.

All of the online courses that NCC provides are delivered through ed2go. Non-credit, hybrid and entirely online alternatives are available. NCC now advertises only a small number of degree programs as totally online-completable.

Computer science and business-related studies are offered. The Associate of Science in Business Administration [ASBA] with a Specialization in Management at NCC is the best online program available. A few of the courses offered include Managerial Accounting and Business Law.

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#15. River Valley Community College

The Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges has accredited River Valley Community College, a public community college.

As a Community College System of New Hampshire member, RVCC enables students to enrol in online courses using Blackboard.

Additionally, it has transfer agreements with several of the local four-year institutions.

RVCC works hard to make education accessible and cheap, frequently introducing new programs.

The Associate of Science in Nursing certification, which may be finished in a blended style, is the greatest one RVCC offers. The goal of this curriculum is to get students ready for R.N. professions and licensing.

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How Much Does an Online Degree in New Hampshire Cost?

The price of an online degree in New Hampshire varies depending on the college you attend and the degree you want to pursue.

For instance, undergraduate degrees usually are more inexpensive than graduate degrees, and private schools are generally more expensive than public schools.

Also, if you choose a STEM major over a humanities one, you’ll probably have to spend more for your degree.

Regardless of the price per credit, you should consider whether obtaining your college degree online can help you save money on indirect costs like parking, accommodation, and transportation.

To know how much you can expect to pay on tuition for online colleges in New Hampshire for international students, we have narrowed the cost down to the most expensive and most affordable online colleges in New Hampshire for international students:

  • Most expensive online colleges in New Hampshire: Franklin Pierce College is the most expensive online university in New Hampshire, charging $400 per credit.
  • Most affordable online colleges in New Hampshire: Granite State Institution is the most affordable online college in New Hampshire. In-state credit costs $314; out-of-state credit costs $365.

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That is it!

The Economic and Labor Market Information Bureau of the state reports a severe labour shortage in New Hampshire, making it difficult for many firms to fill positions with competent people.

You can better prepare to take advantage of these new possibilities by attending an online college in New Hampshire.

FAQs – Online Colleges in New Hampshire for International Students

Can international students pursue online degree programs?

International students can select from many courses provided by American schools and institutions by studying online. You can locate a course that is ideal for your requirements and interests. And more schools are providing distance learning opportunities as online education gains popularity.

Is college free in New Hampshire?

For eligible first-year and transfer students from New Hampshire, the Granite Guarantee is a financial assistance program that makes attending college possible by paying for tuition for up to four years.

What is the best online college in New Hampshire?

Southern New Hampshire University
New England College
Plymouth State University
Granite State College
Franklin Pierce University
Rivier University
Franklin Pierce University
Colby-Sawyer College
University of New Hampshire-Main Campus
Dartmouth College
Keene State College
The White Mountains Community College
Manchester Community College
Nashua Community College
River Valley Community College


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