15 Online Colleges in New York for International Students

New York has many online learning opportunities for international students worldwide to advance their education and career. This content explores some of the best online colleges in New York for international students.

On this list of the top online colleges in New York for international students, you will find prestigious institutions which have made it their aim to extend their academic brilliance to online learning.

These institutions are establishing the benchmark for online degrees throughout the nation thanks to their track record of producing high-quality programs and their capacity to build full-service online portals.

Now, see our top picks!

Why Choose Online Colleges in New York for International Students?

Many affordable online programs are available in New York for international students. The National Center for Education Statistics predicted that in 2020, 51% of students would only be enrolled in remote education courses. About 26% of students took some coursework online.

Single parents, full-time employees, underrepresented groups, and other groups have the opportunity to get college degrees due to the ease and flexibility of online programs. The flexibility of an online program might also help working individuals who want to change careers.

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Online Colleges in New York for International Students

  1. Excelsior College
  2. New York University
  3. Mercy College
  4. Nyack College
  5. Alfred State
  6. Syracuse University
  7. SUNY at Albany
  8. Stony Brook University
  9. Adelphi University
  10. Concordia College-New York
  11. Marist College
  12. New York Institute of Technology
  13. Molloy College
  14. Houghton College
  15. Roberts Wesleyan College

1. Excelsior College

More than half of the students at Excelsior College, established in 1971 by the New York State Board of Regents with a concentration on adult learners, are in their 30s or 40s, and 75% hold full-time jobs. It is one of the best online colleges in New York for international students.

The institution offers more than 30 online associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree and certificate programs across six major disciplines: technology, business, public service, health sciences, nursing, and liberal arts.

The two most well-liked programs are the Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts and the Associate of Science in Nursing, the latter of which takes the most transfer credits.

Professional certificates and military training are recognized academically by Excelsior, and a previous learning evaluation can be used to identify additional credits.

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2. New York University

NYU, based in New York City, provides online courses that lead to professional degrees, certifications and opportunities for study abroad. It is one of the top online colleges in New York for international students.

The schools of arts and sciences, human development, professional studies, public health, education, public service, and culture, as well as business, law, and engineering, all provide a variety of fields of study.

The libraries at NYU include electronic resources, topic and technological experts who may assist with research, and virtual librarian services.

Candidates submit online applications and self-reported academic records. Some programs may need portfolios.

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3. Mercy College

Mercy College is a privately run university located in Dobbs Ferry, New York. Many of the programs the college offers are both in person and online.

About 3,814 students are enrolled in the college’s online programs and students can obtain a bachelor’s degree online.

The academic program of the institution offers several well-liked majors. Many people seeking degrees may enjoy the convenience of a virtual classroom environment.

The school’s offerings frequently appeal to people in the workforce who want to better their careers. Also, the university provides distance learners with 25 online master’s programs and 14 online bachelor’s degrees.

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4. Nyack College

From its campus in New York City, Nyack College enrols students in a total of 54 majors. The private college offers courses that students can take online or in person.

Degree seekers benefit from the flexible format and 12-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio of online programs. Working adults and busy students frequently take advantage of the school’s highly regarded programs created explicitly for them.

During an online course, remote students interact with lecturers and classmates in a virtual classroom.

They acquire vital abilities that will aid them in their future occupations. Critical thinking and problem-solving, both necessary skills in today’s workforce, are taught in general education programs.

The online school offers academic counselling, tutoring, and career counselling to help distance learners. The institution’s degrees adhere to accreditation requirements.

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5. Alfred State

Alfred State, a college of technology in the hamlet of Alfred, New York, offers a liberal arts education focusing on careers and nearly 80 major selections.

The institution offers more than 100 clubs and organizations to students, as well as Division III sports, including football, basketball, and baseball.

Online associate and bachelor’s degree programs are available at Alfred State. For online RN-to-BSN degrees in 2018, AffordableColleges.com put Alfred State in the top 40.

Two of Alfred State’s online associate degree programs were recognized by US News & World Report in the same year: court and real-time reporting came in first place nationally, and health information technology came in second.

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education [MSCE] has accredited Alfred State’s online programs.

If it better fits their schedules, students can opt to study just one or two online classes at a time rather than the full load of four to five offered each semester. The degree students can begin their non-credit courses at any time.

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6. Syracuse University

Private research university Syracuse University, founded in 1870, has 13 schools and colleges, 200 majors, 100 minors, and a wide range of online degree and certificate programs. Middle States Commission accredits Syracuse University on Higher Education. (Lorazepam)

Approximately 22,000 students from all over the world enrol at Syracuse University, which is located in central New York and provides more than 300 clubs and organizations for students.

The Syracuse University staff that instructs on-campus courses also teaches online courses, and they are all top academics, trailblazers, and authorities in their disciplines.

The degree choices are packed with sixty-nine disciplines, ranging from journalism to business to computer science. While many degrees may be completed online, some may need residency programs.

The university was recently named #1 in the country for its online combined JD/MBA program, the first-degree program, and a partnership between the Whitman School of Management and Syracuse University College of Law.

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7. SUNY at Albany

Nine schools and colleges make up the Institution at Albany (UAlbany), a public research university with approximately 17,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

More than 50 undergraduate programs and 150 graduate programs are available at UAlbany. Students at SUNY at Albany have access to more than 1,200 knowledgeable faculty members, 300 clubs and organizations, and 18 NCAA Division I sports teams.

More than 150 completely online courses, over 30 online graduate degrees and certifications in education, information science, and public health are all available in the online course catalogue at UAlbany.

The university offers a distinctive informatics bachelor’s curriculum that combines in-demand IT and computer abilities.

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8. Stony Brook University

Long Island’s Stony Brook University, established in Oyster Bay in 1957 and relocated there in 1962, consistently leads lists of public institutions both nationally and in its home state of New York.

The institution is the best among New York’s online colleges and universities because of its on-campus programs, research facilities, and community-based healthcare services.

Students can access asynchronously delivered online courses using the Blackboard learning management system.

Following the university’s student behaviour policy, the institution also strictly enforces guidelines for good etiquette for online students, mandating brief, courteous, and grammatically correct language on discussion boards.

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9. Adelphi University

On Long Island, Adelphi University is the oldest private research university and institution of higher learning.

Its 14 online programs include master’s degrees in emergency management, nutrition, sports management and healthcare informatics, and associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in emergency services administration.

Additionally, it provides more than 100 entirely online courses for $1,040 per credit hour when taken part-time or $17,000 each semester when taken full-time.

Also, Adelphi University is an excellent option for working EMTs, nutritionists, or health care administrators seeking more education because several of its fully online graduate programs in the sciences are available there.

The university’s online healthcare-focused programs give students a tremendous worldwide network that grows out of relationships that go deep across the state of New York.

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10. Concordia College-New York

In the Upstate community of Bronxville, New York, Concordia College is a private liberal arts institution most famous for its Nursing department and Global Lecture Series.

The 50 online programs offered by Concordia College span from the RN to the BSN to several master’s degrees in business, technology, and education.

Additionally, Concordia continues to offer its Doctor of Education degree online. For all programs, on-site tuition rates are available.

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11. Marist College

Upstate New York’s Marist College is a private liberal arts institution in the Hudson River Valley hamlet of Poughkeepsie.

The college offers six fully online programs in fields ranging from two Master of Arts in Communication, one Master of Science in Information Systems, one Bachelor of Arts or Sciences in Liberal Studies, one Master of Business Administration, and one Master of Public Administration.

Also, it offers a hybrid or blended Master of Arts in Educational Psychology. The college is one of the top online colleges in New York for international students.

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12. New York Institute of Technology

Numerous degree and advanced degree programs are offered entirely online by the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT).

A bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies can be obtained online, allowing students to customize their coursework to match their professional goals and finish the program at their speed.

Education, healthcare, and energy management programs are offered at the graduate level. The online courses offered by NYIT are asynchronous, so participants may log in, finish readings, and submit assignments at their leisure.

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13. Molloy College

The majority of the online certificate and degree programs offered by Molloy College are in the business and healthcare sectors. Numerous disciplines, including nursing, health care leadership, and interdisciplinary studies, provide bachelor’s degree programs.

Students who enrol in the interdisciplinary studies program can customize their courses to fit their job goals and go through their degrees at their speed.

Various MBA concentrations are available, including those in management, healthcare, and finance. Online certificate programs and one PhD program in educational leadership are also available.

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14. Houghton College

With more than 40 programs available, Houghton is one of the top institutions in New York for bachelor’s degrees online.

Bachelor’s degrees in integrated marketing communication, human resources management, criminal justice, and leadership development are available online.

Eight-week, entirely online courses are completed by students in the 124-credit bachelor of arts in integrated marketing communication program.

Learning may be completed in less than 18 months. Houghton permits up to 87 transfer credits into the curriculum and offers asynchronous learning.

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15. Roberts Wesleyan College

Around 1,700 students attend Roberts, a private, Christ-centered college in Rochester. Three online bachelor’s programs in organizational management, nursing, and health administration are available to degree seekers.

The typical time to finish the 124-credit bachelor’s in health administration is 15 months.

Students take courses in successful interpersonal relationships, healthcare reimbursement systems, adult development and life-long learning, and healthcare organizations and systems.

The capstone project for students is required to be an applied research endeavour.

The cohort model is used in this program.

Roberts allows transfer credit for earlier courses and life experience. Asynchronous, with some organized involvement, is how most courses operate.

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New York Employment Outlook

The state of New York anticipates significant development in a range of sectors and professional pathways during the next few years.

As the employment list below demonstrates, many of these positions will be focused on healthcare, but people may also find significant development in fields like engineering and alternative energy.

The New York State Department of Labor [NYSDL] predicts that the state’s economy will expand by roughly 1.1 million jobs between 2018 and 2028, or 10.4% across all occupations.

Graduates can select a wide range of profitable jobs in several expanding sectors.

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The availability of Ivy League and Public Ivy institutions’ curricula online has long been awaited by students. These options allow students to obtain a degree at their favourite school without paying exorbitant living costs since they are more inexpensive and flexible than traditional programs.


Can you do online school in NY?


New York offers some excellent and accredited online learning opportunities for students from around the world at a pace that best works for them.

Does NYS recognize online school?

Online universities not physically based in New York are not regarded as “traditional” universities by the state of New York. Students from New York who attend an online institution not situated in the state of New York are considered “homeschooled” and subject to the homeschooling regulations of that state.

Is New York good for international students?

With top-tier universities like New York University and Columbia University, the state of New York provides exceptional academic excellence. Students may benefit from a limitless number of networking possibilities in New York, a global commercial powerhouse. The Big Apple is full of entertainment and culture.

What is the best online college in New York?

Best online colleges in New York for international students:

Excelsior College
New York University
Mercy College
Nyack College
Alfred State
Syracuse University
SUNY at Albany
Stony Brook University
Adelphi University
Concordia College-New York
Marist College
New York Institute of Technology
Molloy College
Houghton College
Roberts Wesleyan College


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