How to Get a Nursing Degree Online : Schools, Cost, Job Outlook

Technological advancement has enabled anyone to acquire a degree anywhere in the World.

If you are interested in becoming a nurse but have some restrictions towards attending college.

This article on how to get a Nursing Degree Online is a guide to aid your dreams to become a reality.

Before recent happenings, online degree classes have been a getaway for distance students and probably working-class students. However, a recent study shows that 95% of colleges and universities across the globe have taken their studies online.

Those who lack the technical knowhow of how to do this have remained on total lockdown due to the spread of the Corona Virus. Also, nursing degrees can be obtained online; this is some information a lot need to have at their disposal.

In fact, it’s simple if you wish to become a nurse, especially in the face of this global pandemic panic.

You are probably stuck with questions like how do I get a degree to practice nursing, which schools should I attend, and probably how much will it cost me?

Well, take a quick glance at the table of content below, you will get a glimpse that answers to your questions are just a tip of the iceberg when compared to the value of information embedded in this article.

Table of contents

What is an Online Nursing Degree?

A nursing degree is a basic and minimum degree one must acquire before you can practice as a nurse. These degree requirements differ from country to country.

For most countries, you will need at least an associate degree in nursing before you can practice again. For others, you must get a bachelor of science degree in nursing and other certifications to begin your journey.

An online nursing degree program allows students to gain different levels of licensure as they work their way through the program.

Most online nursing degree classes employ virtual simulation to enrich learning. This is because nursing is a practical course however you may complete core courses online to earn a degree.

There are numerous scholarship opportunities for nursing students across the globe. Apply for some of them here. 

What Type of Nursing Degree Can I Get Online?

Basically, you need at least an associate degree in nursing to begin a career as a nurse in most parts of the World.

If you are looking at becoming a registered nurse online, then, you should get these nursing degrees online:

One of the educational paths to becoming a nurse is getting a diploma or certificate in nursing.

Note that the program must be approved by the right professional body, especially if you are enrolling for a program.

Interestingly, you can earn this career beginner program online. This certificate will serve the same purpose as a traditional certificate. Read till the end, to get an insight on where to get these degrees.

Earning an associate degree in nursing is another educational path to begin a nursing career journey.

While an associate degree will not make you a registered nurse, it could at least let you practice under the supervision of a registered nurse. Which is also a form of learning.

Interestingly, you can get an associate degree in nursing online. It is important to read this article to choose the best nursing associate degree programs available for you.

It is absolutely possible to earn a BSC in Nursing online. In fact, this degree is the bedrock to become a registered nurse.

If you are determined and committed to becoming the best in your career, you should also earn a degree in nursing.

Interestingly, this degree can be earned online too. Where you can get a good program is discussed in detail in this article.

To earn this degree, you must be a registered nurse. To become a registered nurse, you must have earned a bachelor of science in Nursing.

While you can earn masters in Nursing online, you must confirm the school’s accreditation and the program before enrolling.

Aside from certifications in your specialty as a nurse, a doctoral degree in nursing is the peak of education in nursing. 

Most doctoral programs are designed to meet the growing need and prepare you to affect positive change in the field.

A doctoral degree in nursing online is possible and available in many institutions. However, you must confirm the institution’s accreditation and program before enrolling for a doctoral degree in nursing online.

Why Earn a Nursing Degree Online?

There are quite a number of reasons why you should earn a nursing degree online. First and foremost, it is the most convenient way to start your career journey. If you enroll for an online program, you can access classes from your comfort zone.

You can travel anytime without your classes being affected. In fact, you can take your morning classes in Boston and take a flight to Texas to attend the second class. All classes are online, so distance and change of location won’t be your headache in any way. What freedom!!!

Secondly, nursing degree obtained online and on-campus have the same value during a job hunt. In fact, employers of labor will consider what you graduated with over how you earned the degree.

For them, do you know how to get the job done? If yes, then how you earned the degree is utterly irrelevant.

Thirdly, the World is now a global village. As large as it is, it is undoubtedly a small place with the aid of technology.

So, you can obtain a nursing degree from the best universities in the World even from your comfort zone. You should earn an online nursing degree because it allows you to attend the best colleges without being physically there.

Finally, most institutions have taken their studies online. While this can be attributed to the global pandemic, it is not entirely impossible for it to become the new norm afterwards.

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How Much Does it Cost to Get an Online Nursing Degree?

Well, how much it cost to get an online nursing degree will be determined by quite several factors.

While there could be speculated estimates, it is essential to note that your degree type, choice of school, and duration of the program greatly influence how much you pay.

Getting a nursing certificate takes less time than a bachelor of science, even an associate degree.

So, while an associate degree may be cheaper than a bachelor of science, it will definitely cost more than a diploma program.

Also, attending a private institution will cost more than attending a public school. However, most schools charge per credit. Per credit charges among institutions range from $100 to $300 depending on the school.

Hence, the number of credits for each program is another determinant of how much it may cost you to get a degree online.

Generally, most affordable colleges will charge about $7000 annually for a bachelor of science in nursing degree programs.

You can benefit from numerous scholarship opportunities available to nursing students to ease the financial stress.

If you wish to become a nurse, visit these 10 most useful websites always as a Nursing Student.

How Long Does it Take to get an Online Nursing Degree?

This is, strongly, influenced by a number of factors. How long it takes to earn an online nursing degree will also depend on the degree type and your commitment to your course work.

A certificate or diploma course in nursing can be obtained within a year, some six months, three weeks, others nine months, and even 12 months. You will spend two years in school to get an associate online nursing degree.

In the same vein, four years is required to get an online bachelor of science degree online. Doctoral and Master’s degree programs in nursing can be accelerated.

However, you may spend anywhere from three years to five years to acquire an online nursing degree.

How Do I Get a Nursing Degree Online?

To get a nursing degree online, you should first be certain that you have the prerequisites.

Also, you should make up your mind on what type of nursing degree do you wish to acquire online. This will in turn, help you decide which school to attend and how best to enroll.

So, you will find a guide to get an online nursing degree in this article. Before then, let’s access the basic requirements you need to get a degree.

What Do I Need to Get an Online Nursing Degree?

Nursing degree prerequisites are totally dependent on the nursing school and program.

Generally, most nursing schools will demand a certain High School GPA and CPR certifications, proof that you are up to date with your immunization.

Other requirements which may vary from school to school include:

  • Letter of recommendation
  • A Career Statement
  • Essays
  •  An in-person interview might also be a part of the process
  • Entrance exams

How to Get an Online Nursing Degree

To get an online Nursing Degree do the following:

The first step towards getting an online nursing degree is to decide what degree type you want. If you wish to become a registered nurse, you should get at least a bachelor of science in nursing.

It is important to note that while an associate degree allows you to work as a nurse, it will not qualify you to write examinations to become a registered nurse.

If you also intend to climb your career ladder faster, you can earn either master’s or doctoral degree or even specialized certificate programs in nursing.

There are numerous programs online offering a degree in nursing. Once you decide on what degree you wish to acquire, the next top is finding the right program. This will greatly be influenced by tuition and availability.

To aid you to make a choice, find answers to the following questions before enrolling for one:

  • Is the program accredited?
  • Do they offer the right degree for the career I want?
  • Do they have specialty courses that interest me?
  • How much clinical rotation time will I get?
  • What’s their access to top-quality equipment?
  • How well do students do on licensing exams?
  • Does the school offer career placement programs?
  • Can I afford the tuition?

Once you decide on which institution and nursing program best suits you, you should apply.

To apply, you may have to find out your eligibility and provide prerequisites while filling out your application details.

Complete classes to earn your certification. Earn at least an associate bachelor’s degree in nursing to begin a career journey.

To become a registered nurse licensed to practice in your state, you must sit for and pass the national RN examination.

Your online nursing degree if accredited allows you to sit for this exam.

Where Do I Get an Online Nursing Degree?

You must attend an accredited online school to get an online nursing degree.

In fact, you must first ascertain that the school is licensed to offer the nursing program you wish to earn a certification in.

What is the Best Online School for Nursing?

Below are some schools to get a nursing degree online:

#1. Rutgers University-New BrunswickNew

This university in Brunswick, NJ offers an online degree program in nursing. The nursing program is designed for students who have an associate or nursing diploma.

It also offers graduate study that allows students to earn up to 12 credits toward their master’s in nursing as part of Rutgers’s accelerated undergraduate curriculum.

To earn a bachelor’s degree from New Brunswick cost about $16, 295 and its graduation rate is 80%. Students must have a GPA of 3.2 and above to stand a chance. To apply, click the button below:

School Website

#2. Bellevue University

Bellevue University offers an online program that allows graduates to earn a certification to further climb the professional ladder.

Clearly, only students with a bachelor’s degree program in nursing should apply for this program.

The online nursing program aligns with the competencies outlined by the American organization of Nursing Leadership.

Students can earn nurse executive or nurse leader certification after completing 40 major nursing credits covering nursing research and evidence-based practice.

It cost about $9,635 to earn a certificate from this university online. However, it has a graduation rate of 52%.

School Website

#3. The University of Texas at Arlington

This is a major public college in Arlington town located between Dallas and Fort Worth. It offers an online bachelor of science in nursing program. Interestingly, thes

e institutions online program does not offer this online program in the usual traditional way.

The program is designed to allow students to complete the program in a few as 15 months. The program is designed for students who already own an associate or a diploma in nursing to earn a degree.

This online nursing degree program allows students to complete 51 nursing major credits. These credits including courses in psychiatric and mental health nursing, professional nursing trends, and nursing of the childbearing family.

It cost about $12,277 to earn this certification from the University of Arlington Online. Interestingly, the university has a graduation rate of 49%.

School Website

Earn a Nursing Degree from the best Nursing Schools in the World. Read this review.

What Can I do with an Online Nursing Degree Holders?

Well, an online nursing degree is the same as a traditional degree. Once your nursing program is accredited, you can work in any nurse vacancy.

However, you must be a registered nurse or be willing to work under a registered nurse’s supervision if you have yet to earn a degree.

Statistics show that the employment rate and job outlook for nurses have, consistently, been on the increase over the past decades. Bureau of Labor Statistics posits a higher than average growth rate for jobs in the nursing profession in 2023.

These statistics are generally for registered nurses. It also went further to prove that more opportunities await nurses with specialty degrees and or certifications.

However, nurses can work in any of the following outlets:

  • Hospitals: Nurses can work in both private, state, and local hospitals as addiction nurses, Critical care nurses, etc.
  • Ambulatory Health Services: Nurses can work in an ambulatory health service tendering first support to patients before they arrive at the hospital for proper treatment.
  • Government: Nurses also have tons of job opportunities in the government sector.
  • Educational Sector: Every school has a health care facility for its students and teachers. This is also another job opportunity for nurses.
  • Home care Nurse: Nurse can also be employed by individuals to take care of senior citizens or even sick family members at home.

Online Nursing Degree FAQs 

Where can I work with a bachelor of nursing degree?

With a bachelor of science in nursing, you can work as a psychiatric mental health nurse, nurse care manager, school nurse, legal consultancy nurses, research nurse, and other available job opportunities.

Can I get a bachelor of nursing degree online?

Yes, you can earn an online bachelor of science degree in nursing. However, to become a registered nurse, you must sit for and pass your council examinations, usually regulated by the state body.

What is the best online bachelor of nursing degree program?

The best online school for nursing is Rutgers University-New Brunswick New Brunswick, NJ. It offers a bachelor’s degree in nursing with a graduation rate of 52% and a tuition of $9, 635.

How much does it cost?

Most online schools offering nursing degrees charge $100-$300 per credit. However, how much you pay will depend on how many credits your nursing program offers. Basically, a master’s degree in nursing may cost more than a bachelor’s degree.

How can I get a nursing degree onhine

To get an online nursing degree follow the steps below: 
Take college prep classes in high school.
Choose the type of online nursing school you want to attend.
Select a college and apply for admission.
Apply for financial aid.
Obtain an RN license


Becoming a nurse is one of the most exciting journeys anyone can undertake. Knowing you are training to help people recover is a beautiful thought.

More impressive is the fact that you can obtain this degree from the comfort of your home. This means, if you are a goal setter, you can still become a registered without attending a traditional college.

As easy as it sounds, if you are not properly guided, you make erroneous moves which make keep you stagnant in the professional ladder.

However, if you read this article to the end, you will learn how to obtain a nursing degree online, where you can obtain one, and what jobs you can do with an online nursing degree.



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