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To make smart business decisions, companies of all sizes must be able to properly collect, analyze, and understand their data. By understanding the data, it contains and properly analyzing it, companies can make future predictions and make informed decisions that are necessary for their success.

Given the increase in data generation, companies need qualified specialists to collect, manage, and interpret this data. To fill in such a position, most companies lookout for candidates with a master’s degree in Data Science.

Data scientists help companies make progress by turning raw data into usable information. Their unique skills are in demand from employers in all industries. There is currently a national shortage of data science professionals.

Acquiring an online master in data science can be a great way for those looking to move into a specialty or pursue a career to address this shortcoming.

This article provides comprehensive information on the Best Online Data Science Masters.

About Online Data Science Masters Program

Coursework for online master’s programs in data science programs can vary between institutions and often depends on the specialist competence of the faculty and / or the institutional priorities.

In addition, some institutions offer specializations or concentrations that allow study seekers to customize their program to better suit their personal interests and career goals.

These specializations usually refer to shared career opportunities in this area. While certain courses vary, students often complete a mix of core, concentration, and optional courses, as well as a final internship.

The core courses focus on computer science, industrial engineering, and business concepts, while electives can include topics such as algorithms and data structures, digital image processing and analysis, distributed systems, and bioinformatics.

The acquisition of an online master in data science prepares learners to enter the field immediately after completing their studies. Alternatively, some graduates complete additional training in the form of a doctorate.

What Can I Do With An Online Master’s In Data Science?

People who acquire an online master in data science are preparing for careers such as computer and information researchers.

These specialists design and implement new technological approaches and discover new applications for current technologies. These scientists typically need to have a master’s degree in a relevant field, although a limited number of employers may accept candidates with only a bachelor’s degree.

Other common career opportunities for these graduates include machine learning engineers, data architects, database administrators, big data engineers, data analysts, business intelligence analysts, and statisticians.

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How Much Can I Earn With Data Science Masters?

With an online master’s degree in data science, graduates qualify for lucrative, sought-after, data-related jobs such as the database administrator.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the number of database administrator jobs will increase by 9% between 2018 and 2028. These professionals also earn above-average salaries and earn an average of over $90,000 a year.

Universities That Offer The Best Online Data Science Masters Program

Here are the universities where you can pursue online data science masters programs and get the best and quality studies.

#1. IU International University of Applied Sciences

B.Sc. or M.Sc. in Data Science

For forward-thinking education for fast-growing subjects such as data science, IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU) is a great choice. IU is leading the digital revolution in higher education with bachelor’s and master degree programmes you can study completely online from anywhere in the world.

The IU Master of Science in Data Science gives students key analytical skills and a practical use-case-based approach. It is even available as a shorter 60-credit degree delivering all essential expertise or as a 120-credit degree where you can specialize in electives that speak to your interest. The course covers areas such as:

  • Advanced Statistics 
  • Cyber Security and Data Protection
  • Software Engineering for Data Intensive Sciences
  • Data Science and Society

Tuition: $1095 per month (scholarships up to 80% available)


#2. Western Governors University, Salt Lake City, Utah

Master of Science in Data Analytics

Western Governors University was founded in the mid-1990s and is an online facility that aims to expand access to higher education for students across the country.

Today, the WGU offers dozens of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the fields of business, information technology, nursing and education, including a master’s in data analysis.

With the competence-based learning model of the WGU, the students check the material, make final assessments and go through the program at their own pace.

The 32 credit data analysis program covers data mining and analytics, data visualization and programming. A culminating final project serves as the conclusion.

Students can start the program on the first of each month. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree and have sufficient experience based on their previous training, employment and / or certification.

Tuition: $3,835/six-month term


#3. University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California

Master of Science in Applied Data Science

The School of Engineering at the University of Southern California enrolls nearly 6,000 graduate students each year. The school’s online delivery method allows students to advance their education through a variety of formats and teaching styles, including online, hybrid, asynchronous, and synchronous options.

The Master of Science in Applied Data Science is one of more than 40 programs available online. This 32-credit program includes courses in Python, databases, machine learning, and data mining. The students work in teams and complete a professional internship before graduation.

Tuition: $2,075/credit


#4. University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia

Master of Science in Data Science

The University of Virginia enrolls approximately 7,800 graduate students and professional students each year. In addition to the offers on-campus, UVA offers 14 university degrees in an online learning environment, including a Master in Data Science.

UVA’s interdisciplinary online data science program combines technical, quantitative and philosophical studies to address complex problems.

The cohorts develop together through asynchronous curriculum with 32 credit points. Required courses include linear models for data science, the ethics of big data, and a team-based keystone.

Tuition: $1,242/credit


#5. Brandeis University, Waltham, Waltham, Massachusetts

Master of Science in Strategic Analysis

The Graduate Professional Studies department at Brandeis University offers 14 fully online master’s degrees through flexible part-time planning. The courses are primarily asynchronous, although participants can access real-time review sessions, office hours, and other activities to share with colleagues and professors.

The School of Strategic Analytics’s 30-credit online master’s course includes seven required courses and three electives. Students can choose from 14 options to customize their degree, including courses in financial technology, health informatics, and cloud computing.

Program graduates have worked as project consultants, data analysts and compliance managers.

Brandeis does not require a minimum GPA or a specific bachelor’s degree. Applicants must submit a curriculum vitae, a statement of objectives and at least one letter of recommendation.

Tuition: $1,179/credit


#6. Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, Maryland

Master of Science degree in Data Science

Johns Hopkins University offers an online Master of Science in Data Science. The rigorous curriculum thoroughly prepares students to reconcile theory and practice of applied mathematics and computer science to analyze and process large amounts of data.

The curriculum consists of eight compulsory courses and two electives. Required courses include principles of database systems, computer statistics and data visualization.

Students choose an elective from the Applied and Computer Mathematics departments from Computer Science. Student candidates benefit from an excellent online IT department for university graduates.

Tuition: $1000/ per credit hour


#7. George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia

Master of Science in Data Analytics Engineering

George Mason University’s School of Engineering employs faculties with industry experience that delivers a career-oriented curriculum.

With a typical graduation period of two years, Mason’s online master’s program in Data Analytics Engineering prepares graduates for a career as data scientists, engineers and analysts.

The coursework in this 30-credit program is offered asynchronously to increase flexibility. Students complete the required courses in big data, applied statistics and principles of data management.

You can also customize the program through choice options, including decision and risk analysis, metadata application, and independent research.

Tuition: $930/credit


#8. Davenport University, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Master of Science in Data Analytics

Davenport University was founded in 1866 and is one of the oldest universities in Michigan. It was also the first state university to launch an online learning community.

Today, more than 35 programs are available on Davenport’s global campus, including a master’s in data analysis.

This 30-credit program is completely asynchronous and students can graduate in five semesters. Required courses include data warehousing principles, advanced data mining, predictive modeling, and a high point.

Graduates can work as data managers, consultants, and business and marketing analysts.

Tuition: $841/credit


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#9. Regis University, Denver, Colorado

Master of Science in Data Science

Regis University is a Catholic Jesuit facility in Denver, Colorado. Almost 90% of Regis students get a job within six months of completing their studies.

Graduates of the school’s online master’s degree in Data Science often find work as data architects, data analysts, and business intelligence analysts.

With 18 core subjects and 12 optional credits, students study ethics, data protection and social justice in data science. You will also acquire skills related to data engineering and analytics.

The program ends with a practical internship in which the students create a data science project and give a mock presentation of the stakeholders.

Tuition: $820/credit


#10. Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts

Master of Professional Studies in Informatics

Northeastern University oversees a global research and education network with nine locations on site and an extensive catalog of distance learning opportunities. Forty-nine degrees are fully available online, including a 45-quarter master’s degree in computer science.

The curriculum prepares graduates for work in a rapidly developing field. The course work includes the study of information technology strategies, governance, and project management.

Students can also complete one of six concentrations – including information security management, people-centric computing, and cloud computing application and management – to customize their degrees. The program culminates in a keystone and experience learning project.

To apply for Northeastern graduate admission, prospective students must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. A statement of purpose, a curriculum vitae, and two letters of recommendation are also required.

Tuition: $797/credit


#11. Full Sail University

Masters of Science in Business Intelligence

Full Sail University offers an online Master of Science in Business Intelligence that is inexpensive and highly efficient.

As the name suggests, the program focuses on the application of data analysis in the retail world and includes courses that prepare graduates to improve business processes through information analysis and communicate data trends to business customers.

The course follows a prescribed sequence of 12 3-credit classes with a total of 36 credits. Each course lasts one month and enables students to graduate in just one year.

Capstone theses are covered throughout the program to give students the opportunity to practice their business intelligence skills on acquisition.

Tuition: $778/ per credit hour


#12. DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois

Master of Science in Information Systems

DePaul University’s School of Computing hosts 30 research laboratories, hosts weekly research colloquiums, and offers more than a dozen graduate programs, including an online master’s in information systems. Students interested in a career in data science can concentrate on data management.

The 52-quarter credit curriculum is provided asynchronously and includes statistics and data analysis, database design, IT project management and data warehousing.

DePaul offers five different options for culminating experiences: a keystone course, an internship, a research colloquium course, a master project course or a thesis.

Tuition: $655/credit


#13. Southern New Hampshire University

Master of Science in Data Analytics

Southern New Hampshire University offers an online Master of Science in data analysis that is flexible and affordable. Each class lasts only 10 weeks and the entire program can be completed in 15 months.

While many data science programs are business-oriented, the master’s course at SNHU touches on a range of applications, from industry to science.

Teachers hold classes with relevant experience in data analysis. Neither GMAT nor GRE is required for admission, so the program remains open to students with different professional backgrounds and Bachelor’s degrees.

Tuition: $627/ per credit hour


#14. Oregon State university

Master of Science in Data Analytics

Oregon State University offers an online Master of Science in data analysis. The 45-credit program includes an interdisciplinary curriculum with statistics, computer science, and math.

The course consists of core courses as well as electives and covers advanced topics such as applied machine learning and quantitative genomics.

Students can also pursue a 12-credit option in health analysis. The school’s distance learning department is consistently ranked among the best in the country by sources such as US News and World Report. All online courses are taught by the faculty that teaches campus classes.

Tuition: $521/ per credit hour


#15. Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, Tennessee

Master of Science in Computer Science and Quantitative Methods

Austin Peay State University, named in honor of a Tennessee governor, is a public school with approximately 11,000 students enrolled in six academic colleges.

Students can complete more than 30 degrees entirely online, including a master’s degree in computer science and quantitative methods.

This program offers three online concentration options: data management and analysis, predictive analysis, and math classes.

Students complete 33-36 credits, including a graduation project or a master’s thesis. Graduates are ready to enter a variety of scientific and mathematical areas.

Tuition: $450/credit in-state; $727/credit out-of-state


#16. Dakota State University

Master of Science in Analytics

Dakota State University offers an online Master of Science in analytics that deserves the highest place in this ranking due to its excellent affordability and flexibility.

The analytics program at the DSU prepares the students for employment in this ultra-modern field building. It has a solid foundation for advanced data processing skills and offers job-specific specializations.

The course consists of 30 credits and can be completed in 16 months.

Tuition: $444/per credit hour


What are the Admission Requirements for Online Master’s in Data Science?

Undergraduate Degree in a STEM Discipline

While college and university masters seek a bachelor’s degree, applicants to many data science master’s programs must have a bachelor’s degree in a MINT or business subject. This shows their competencies and skills relevant to data science.

Minimum GPA

Students generally have to meet a minimum GPA requirement of 2.5 to 3.5. Some institutions may not require a minimum admission GPA, but this depends on the admission department’s preferences.

Letters of recommendation

Many colleges and universities require Master applicants to provide 1-3 letters of recommendation. These letters should be written through educational and / or professional references; Applicants should avoid references from friends or family members.

GRE or GMAT scores

In Data Science Masters programs, applicants often have to provide their GRE or GMAT results for the quantitative, verbal and written sections.

However, not all schools require these test results for admission, and some may offer exemptions for applicants if they have a university degree, university degree, or have several years of relevant work experience.

Professional resume

Although professional experience is not required to be admitted to Master’s degrees in Data Science, many colleges and universities ask applicants to provide a professional resume.

This gives the approval representatives a better understanding of the relevant experiences of an applicant.


An online master’s degree in data science will give you the business, statistics, and computer programming skills you need to understand the numbers, as well as the communication and visualization tools that will help you explain your results and put those findings into practice can implement.


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