15 Online Colleges In Connecticut For International Students

Online colleges offer a legitimate route to earning college degrees. According to reports, in 2019, about 7.3 million students to online classes.

There are numerous benefits to attending online colleges in Connecticut as an international student. For example, online colleges allow you to work at your speed and devote a few hours a night to school while still working a full-time day job.

In this article, we’ll look at the 15 online colleges in Connecticut for international students; carefully read through!

Why Should I Study In Connecticut?

International students from all over the world won’t pass up the opportunity to study in Connecticut because the state is wonderfully created.

Here are a few reasons why I would want to study in Connecticut: 

1. Beautiful New England vista

New England’s natural wonders range from the serene coastline, with disguised coves, breathtaking capes and bays, to the Appalachian Mountains and lots more.

Connecticut is best explored slowly and is the ideal place to live as an international student if you want to get out into nature and discover everything this beautiful part of the United States has to offer.

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2. Engaging History

Connecticut has a rich history with a lot to share about American history. Visit architecturally significant historic homes, Native American burial grounds, the country’s oldest amusement park, and world-class museums, such as the Mark Twain House & Museum, housed in the famous writer’s former home. Connecticut has so much to offer that you’ll never be bored!

3. Connecticut is rich in business and innovation hubs

Connecticut is home to Fortune 500 companies, innovative start-ups, and emerging artists. Its principal cities are business and innovation hubs with a strong track record of innovation in advanced aerospace, finance, manufacturing and insurance.

Connecticut is also renowned for its thriving green energy, technology, and digital media sectors, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to work here.

4. It is closer to Boston and New York City

In the northeastern United States, Connecticut is ideally located for exploring some of the country’s most famous destinations, such as Boston and New York City.

It is simple to go by train to these metropolitan cities and enjoy everything they offer: whether you want to catch a Broadway show in New York or walk the Freedom Trail in Boston, it couldn’t be more accessible from Connecticut!

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15 Online Colleges In Connecticut For International Students

Here’s a list of the 15 online colleges in Connecticut for international students:

  1. Charter Oak State College
  2. Sacred Heart University
  3. Quinnipiac University
  4. University of Connecticut
  5. Albertus Magnus College
  6. University of Hartford
  7. University of New Haven
  8. University of Bridgeport
  9. University of Saint Joseph
  10. Briarwood College
  11. Holy Apostles College and Seminary
  12. Mitchell College
  13. Fairfield University
  14. Middlesex Community College

1. Charter Oak State College

Charter Oak State College distinguishes itself by allowing students to complete most of their bachelor’s degrees online.

This online college in Connecticut provides 12 certificate and credential programs, two associate degrees in general studies, a master’s degree in organizational effectiveness and leadership, and several bachelor’s degree programs with varying concentrations, including degree completion programs in business, public safety, healthcare, and cybersecurity.

Charter Oak also allows students to gain credit for a portion of their coursework through prior learning, certifications, exams, training, or portfolios.


2. Sacred Heart University

Sacred Heart University is a Catholic college that pushes students to e courageous in pursuing excellence. Their online program is deeply rooted in Catholic intellectual tradition that emphasizes the mind, body and spirit.

They offer bachelor’s, masters and online doctorate degree programs in various areas.


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3. Quinnipiac University

Online learning is more than just a delivery method at Quinnipiac University; it’s a community of working professionals and full-time parents who must balance lofty career goals with their existing responsibilities.

They’ve designed a full suite of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees tailored to adult learners’ needs—and desires—by increasing flexibility without sacrificing academic quality.

Their online programs are offered in the School of Business, School of Communications, School of Health Sciences, School of Computing and Engineering, School of Nursing, and School of Education. Each program gives learners the best feel needed to excel. (teachworkoutlove.com)


4. University of Connecticut

With over 32,000 students seeking answers to pressing problems in classrooms, labs, and the community, the University of Connecticut is a national leader among public research universities.

An innovative culture drives this pursuit of knowledge at the University’s network of campuses and through UConn Online.

UConn Online is the University of Connecticut’s portal for all online courses, graduate certificates, and graduate degrees. UConn Online allows the university’s academic experiences to be extended to a global audience of learners.


5. Albertus Magnus College

Albertus Magnus College’s Online and Flex Programs provide highly customizable education experiences for students who want the flexibility to choose the type of course structure they wish to adopt and their schedules.

The school has experience adapting its education offerings for busy students because it has been designing innovative online courses for students since 1985.

Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in the arts and sciences, social sciences, business, and leadership are available online and flex schedules. The accelerated, 8-week classes allow students to move quickly through degree programs and on to career advancement.


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6. University of Hartford

The University of Hartford regards personal attention as its distinguishing feature for online courses, from the interaction accessible with full-time professors teaching the lessons to the ability to attend classes on campus for a blended experience to the career assistance provided to students.

This personal touch is also seen in program offerings, which include a wide range of online undergraduate courses and 100% online master’s degrees in business administration, management, education (special education and Montessori concentrations), nursing, accounting and taxation, and organizational psychology. Programs require 30-36 credit hours and take at least two years to finish.


7. University of New Haven

The University of New Haven is one of the best online colleges in Connecticut that offers online degree programs that transcend boundaries. There distance learning courses provide the same value just like the traditional classroom.

With a strong focus on career development, you can opt for any of their master’s degree programmes in specialized areas that require 1-2 years to complete.


8. University of Bridgeport

The University of Bridgeport is one of the first online colleges in Connecticut.

Since the inception of its master’s degree in human nutrition in 1997, the school’s online offerings have grown to 12 programs for undergraduates (in dental hygiene, general studies, professional studies, psychology, and RN-to-BSN), graduates (in analytics and systems, business administration, and global development and peace), and doctoral students (educational leadership and health sciences).

The doctoral program is a hybrid program that incorporates online and on-campus activities, whereas the undergraduate and graduate programs are entirely online. Students are assigned an academic adviser who provides one-on-one support throughout the program after enrol.


9. University of Saint Joseph

The University of Saint Joseph is one of the best online colleges in Connecticut. They offer online learning experiences to international students in a friendly environment that enables learners to transform their lives from just by attending classes online. (https://thecenturionreport.com/)

There is a wide range of programs to choose from. Students do not have to be in the same place simultaneously because courses are based on their schedules.


10. Briarwood College

Briarwood College is located in the New England region of the Northwestern United States. Internation students looking to explore online colleges in Connecticut can find any program at Briarwood College.

In addition to traditional on-campus programs, Briarwood College offers online bachelor’s degree realisation, master’s degree, doctoral degree and certificate programs.


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11. Holy Apostles College and Seminary

Holy Apostles College and Seminary provide a one-of-a-kind online liberal arts education experience centred on Catholicism and geared to develop future religious and spiritual leaders.

While many courses are taken in person, undergraduate students can take a range of online courses, including understanding science in light of faith, apologetics, historical knowledge & human good.


13. Mitchell College

Online learning at Mitchell College offers excellent opportunities to students who need a flexible schedule and may not be able to take classes on campus. Some online courses earn college credit, while others are provided on a continuing education basis to build essential knowledge and skill in a subject.


14. Fairfield University

Fairfield University’s online degree programs have graduated generations of students who have made significant contributions to their professions and the lives of others. Join their rich heritage online and see how we help each student on a personal, academic, and spiritual level.


15. Middlesex Community College

Middlesex Community College is one of the top online colleges in Connecticut for international students. It offers a great learning option for students who are good at managing their time.

You can participate in weekly online discussions, complete assignments and take exams at your peril.

To register for the online course, you must enrol in the college.


How Much Does It Cost To Study In An Online School In Connecticut?

Tuition for online college courses varies depending on factors such as the institution’s type and location and the program. Connecticut’s public four-year colleges and universities charge students an average of $7,580 annually.

Students at public community and technical colleges are paid an average of $3,024 per year. Tuition at a private accredited online college ranged from $9,600 to $32,850 per year.

Other Things To Consider As An Online Student in Connecticut

In addition to tuition fees, aspiring international students are supposed to consider the following costs when drafting their budgets for online colleges in Connecticut.

1. Technology Fee

Most online and hybrid programs often demand a technology fee that caters for the cost of the online distance learning platform and technical support.

2. Course Fees

Online colleges in Connecticut often charge higher tuition rates for programs that require extra learning materials or the use of external facilities.

3. Excess Credits

When online students accept credits beyond full-time status, they may warrant charges of 120-200% of the tuition rate.

4. Summer and Winter Rates

Winter and summer semester classes can help students graduate faster, but they are often more expensive than spring and fall classes.

5. Partial-Payment Fees

Most Connecticut institutions may levy late tuition payments and fines when students pay only a portion of their tuition charges by the deadline.

FAQs On Online Colleges In Connecticut

How can I find online programs a Connecticut State University?

The Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) website contains information on all of the university degree and certificate programs offered by CSCU (on-campus and online). It’s elementary to search its Academic Program Catalog for online-only programs at your desired degree level (e.g., associate’s, bachelor’s, etc.).

Can international students easily take online programs in the US?

It depends on the type of online course you have chosen. When studying in the United States, international students with an F-1 visa can take online courses in specific academic programs or online summer courses.

Does Connecticut have community colleges?

Connecticut has 12 community colleges.

What age is college free in CT?

Connecticut state law permits locals age 62 and above to qualify for a tuition waiver at any public higher education institution.


International students who are interested to study in Connecticut have many incredible options when it comes to quality education, and are often told the same things international students studying in the northeastern region of the United States are assured; have confidence that the quality of higher education in this region of the country is superior to any other and, in many ways, sets the national standard for higher education in the United States.


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