Emory University-Oxford College Acceptance Rate in 2024

Emory University-Oxford College Acceptance Rate
Emory University-Oxford College Acceptance Rate

Gaining admission to Emory University – Oxford starts with understanding and using your chances. The acceptance rate at Emory determines how many students of the total application get to study in the next academic session.

Choosing a higher education can be daunting as well as exciting. Confusion sets in when you look through the requirements of your choice college and realize your chances are slim.

To avoid this scenario, it is always best to scan your choice of university admission requirements before applying. This article tells you the acceptance rate of Emory University—Oxford College and explores their admission requirements and your best chances.

About Emory University – Oxford College

Researching about Emory and discovering it goes by an inclusion ‘oxford college’ makes you wonder which is it, exactly.

The history of Emory and Oxford dates back to the early Methodist church in 1836. By 1838, the church had situated Emory College on 1,400 acres of land in honor of Methodist bishop John Emory at Covington, Georgia.

A tour around this college would reveal most of its buildings being named in honor of early leaders. 80 years later, the church sought to create a university in the South. This decision birthed the relocation of Emory College to Atlanta to become a part of Emory University.

Emory President Bishop Warren Akin Candler and his brother, Coca-Cola Company founder Asa Griggs Candler take credit for this relocation and emergence of Emory University in 1919.

Upon relocation from the old Emory College, what to do with the site became a challenge. Its alumni suggested Oxford, which was only the site of a series of education experiments until the early 1960s.

At this old site, Oxford College became a two-year undergraduate and bore Oxford College of Emory University.

Although it previously highlighted excellence in teaching, small classes, and close faculty-student relationships, the college now upheld the strength evident at old Emory.

Oxford College is now a liberal arts program that prepares its students for their final two years at Emory College. It also prepares students for Goizueta Business School and the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing.

They take pride in their history of renewal and change, ideally positioning them to welcome a student body rich in cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity.

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Why is Emory called Oxford?

Oxford College, a two year undergraduate division of Emory University, sits on a 354 acres campus. The original location of Emory University. It is just 36 miles from Emory in its Atlanta campus.

Its history dates back to 1836 when Methodist Episcopal Church founded Emory College. After Emory moved in 1919, Oxford College occupied the camp where Emory was founded more than 180 years ago.

Oxford College is part of Emory; hence, why Oxford College is called Emory.

Emory University-Oxford College Acceptance Rate

A total of 20,211 students had applied for the 2021-2022 academic year. However, only 4006 were accepted. This brings the acceptance rate at Emory University – Oxford College to 19.8%.

7 782 of the total applications were men, and 12 429 were women. Only 1 674 men were accepted to study at Emory. 283 of them and 310 of the accepted women have enrolled for the session.

This brings the enrollment rate at Emory to 14.80%. The table below summarizes admission statistics at Emory University Oxford College.

Acceptance Rate19.82%21.51%18.76%
Yield (Enrollment Rate)14.80%16.91%13.29%

Emory University-Oxford College Admission Requirements

A formal competency demonstration is optional for admission at Emory University -Oxford.

Aside from an interest in the college, applicants must have 2 prerequisites before seeking admission at this university. Applicants must have a high school record or transcripts and recommendations.

If you apply for your first degree, you must tender your high school record. However, individuals applying for postgraduate programs or seeking to transfer to Emory University-Oxford must tender their transcript.

To complete your application, you need a high school GPA, completion of a college preparatory program, and TOEFL.

While high school rank and admission test scores are considered, they are not a requirement to apply for admission at Emory.

Below is a table that summarizes the application requirements at Oxford College:

High School GPA
High School Rank
High School Record (or Transcript)
Completion of College Preparatory Program
Formal Demonstration of Competencies
Admission Test Scores
Other Test (Wonderlic, WISC-III, etc.)
✔ Required △ Considered (not Required) ✓ Recommended ✗ Neither Required nor Recommended

The Class of 2026 admission statistics reveal that its acceptance rate is now 15%. It received 20,100 applications, but only 3008 were accepted. 429 students have enrolled, and 210 are on the enrolled ED plan.

Emory University-Oxford College runs the semester calendar system and accepts only dual credit and Advancement placement credits. It does not receive credit for life experiences or credit for military training.

Emory University-Oxford College Test Scores Requirements

While admission test scores are not a prerequisite to applying to Emory College, it is considered. 36% of enrolled students have submitted their SAT scores, and 20%, their ACT.

1,480 is the average score for the total SAT submitted and 33 for ACT. For SAT scores, the 75th percentile score is 1,540, and the 25th percentile is 1,420.

75th percentile for ACT is 34, and 25th percentile is 32. So, your application will not need your test scores. But you may be required to submit them once you enroll. The class of 2026 average SAT score is 1 490.

Academic Statistics

  • GPA (UNWEIGHTED) – 3.82–4.00
  •  ACT – 33–35
  •  SAT: MATH

Why Study at Emory University-Oxford?

Oxford College is a first and second-year undergraduate division of Emory University. It emphasizes stellar teaching and student leadership.

The college offers an innovative curriculum that prepares individuals for an ever-changing, complex, and diverse world.

It offers a signature academic program template that allows students to learn in the classroom and real world. Students can select from over 80+ majors and 60+ minors. Why should you attend Emory University -Oxford College?

Outstanding Faculty

Your desire to acquire knowledge will bloom when you meet the outstanding faculty. Oxford offers an unusually intensive focus on the liberal arts, leadership, and service and the close attention of committed and outstanding faculty.

This faculty makes building on Oxford’s solid foundation easier. If you earn a bachelor’s degree in sciences and humanities, business, or nursing at Emory, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Innovation and Purpose

Oxford College is deeply rooted in Innovation and purpose. Aside from academic excellence, Oxford College offers resources and expertise that help students make the most of their nonacademic experiences.

Oxford offers a community that embraces sustainability and weaves its principles into everyday life on campus.

Zero Waste Initiative

Oxford campus encourages students to recycle accepted materials. Students do not need a tray at the dining hall while eating. This is because of Emory’s waste-diversion program. You will enjoy the services of Emory Recycles, which offers recycling and composting services.

Leading Research Institute

You should consider going to Emory because it is a world-known research institute specializing in Liberal arts and Humanities.

If you desire to earn an unprecedented degree in graduate and professional school, Emory is internationally recognized for their top-notch delivery.

Is it hard to get into Emory at Oxford?

With an acceptance rate of 15%, getting into Emory at Oxford is easier than getting into most top-tier universities. However, admission at Emory is quite hard because only 3008 out of over 20 000 students who applied got accepted.

To improve your chances, ensure you meet all the requirements and have a high GPA.

Can you get into both Emory and Oxford?

What degree do you get from Emory Oxford?

Emory Oxford is one of the two ways to begin your undergraduate college at Emory University. It offers a two-year undergraduate program that prepares you to earn a bachelor’s degree in the sciences and humanities, business, or nursing.

Emory Oxford prepares you for a degree in over 80 majors and 60 minors at Emory University. You can attend interdisciplinary programs and inquiry-based classes that help you forge new connections and do your best work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Emory Oxford the same as Emory?

Oxford College is situated in the same location where Emory University was founded. It is part of Emory University and prepares students for the last two years at Emory University.

Can you get into both Emory and Oxford?

No, you can always choose one if accepted into both institutions.

How to apply to Emory Oxford?

Emory Oxford accepts the Common Application. To apply, use the Common Application and choose either of the colleges or both.


The history of both colleges is intertwined with Oxford College, located where Emory University was founded.

With an acceptance rate of 15%, admission into Emory Oxford is possible. Read through the academic statistics to improve your chances.



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