Best Head Girl Speech: A Student’s Top 10 Tips

best tips for head girl speech
Source: Best Head Girl Speech: A Student’s Top 10 Tips

So, you’ve been picked to lead your school as Head Girl! Greetings, it’s a great honor to have you. 

But now comes the challenging part: creating and delivering an attention-grabbing speech that inspires everyone.

We’ve got you covered with our list of the top 10 suggestions for crafting and delivering memorable speeches, so don’t worry. 

You may ensure that your speech is distinctive and interesting enough to excite students about student leadership opportunities at your school by using these professional recommendations.

These easy tips can help you create an address that will have an impact on everyone who hears it. Therefore, let’s get going and make your speech something genuinely exceptional!

How can you Structure your Speech?

It can be challenging to know how to structure and what to include in an effective speech. You don’t have to become a student writer before you write a speech as an head girl. You must first understand what a speech is in order to succeed.

A speech is a talk, whether formal or informal, given to an audience. To grab the attention of your audience and give your speech an elegant vibe, there are numerous elements of a speech that you should take into account. These ten tips that we have compiled should help you.

Additionally, to leave a lasting impression, introduce yourself, your cause, and your credentials in the introduction. Use examples to support your claims in the body content, and transitions to keep your speech moving. Then, final paragraph should be succinct and memorable.

Timing is essential, so prepare your speech and check that it stays inside the allotted time. Make sure your discourse should have a warm yet professional tone.

Use captivating tales and stories to draw in the audience. Make sure your delivery is strong and entertaining, and speak in plain, direct terms.

Making genuine eye contact will help you connect with the audience, so practice it. Practice in front of loved ones and friends to gain feedback and confidence.

Below is how to structure you can structure your head girl speech.

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1. Introduction

Make sure your speech is organized in a way that engages your audience as the Head Girl of your school. You can make sure that your message is understood by setting the basis and developing credibility.

Create an engaging introduction at the outset to pique the listener’s interest in what you have to say. For a more conversational feel, use pronouns and contractions. However, you should also refrain from making any sweeping statements that could damage your reputation.

Additionally, be aware of how much time you are consuming. Nobody likes speeches that drag on interminably! Find inventive ways to convey oneself without being over the top to keep it brief, pleasant, and memorable.

2. Body Content 

Focusing on your body content comes next after you’ve nailed your introduction.

Here, you get to the meat of your argument and motivate your audience by seeming assured.

Keep things organized so that the audience can follow along; when necessary, utilize bullet points or numbered lists.

Additionally, remember to pause sometimes for emphasis and keep the discussion engaging by sharing anecdotes or stories as examples.

Attempt to incorporate thinking or contemplation as well, as this heightens tension while you wait for what will happen next.

Finally, keep in mind that it’s not just what you say, but also how you say it. Change up your tone depending on the point you’re trying to make, and don’t forget to show some emotion.

By doing all of these, you can make sure that those who heard your Girl’s speech leave feeling inspired and encouraged.

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3. Conclusion 

It’s time to conclude your speech and make a lasting impact when you get to the end.

Invite audience comments to assist you in making your point more impactful. This will allow the audience to interact with you more and not simply feel like they are listening.

Additionally, use straightforward language when recapping what was said during your speech to ensure that everyone is comprehending. For students to flourish as leaders, it is important to convey what has to be done moving ahead.

Never forget that it’s your job as Head Girl to keep your peers inspired and involved!

So get out there and make sure you finish strong by motivating everyone around you with confidence and passion as you work together to accomplish shared objectives.

What are the 10 Tips for a Head Girl’s Speech? 

We strongly advise you to read the rest of this post for a list of our top 10 tips for creating and delivering your head girl speech if you are having trouble writing it or are worried about giving it. 

1. Planning is Key

It’s crucial to plan before writing a speech to achieve success. Many students will simply start composing their speeches right away. You can organize your speech and divide specific information into sections by making a plan. You’ll be able to stay organized as a result, which will make writing your speech much simpler.  

You should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion when organizing your speech. You should identify yourself and the key reasons why you want the head girl position in your introduction. 

The major body of your speech should then come next. The majority of your speech will be this. You might want to use subheadings to further segment your discourse within this.  

Discuss your motivations for wanting the position of head girl, as well as your qualifications for the position. For instance, you might talk about what you would add to your sixth form or school to improve it for students or what you believe needs to be changed and why this change is required.  

Additionally, your speech must end with a conclusion. This should be a concise explanation of why your peers should select you as their head girl and how.

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2. Consider Your Audience

It is crucial to keep your audience in mind when making a speech. Age, gender, and school year group are a few factors you could take into account when defining your audience. The audience you are speaking to is crucial since it will affect the tone and vocabulary you use.  

When addressing kids in your year group at school or in the sixth form, you might decide to use humor and planer language. This will guarantee that your audience comprehends and enjoys your speech.  

You might decide to use more advanced language in a more formal format if your audience included both instructors and pupils in the sixth form, for example.

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3. Consider The Tone

It’s crucial to keep your tone in mind when writing and delivering your speech. You might choose to give your speech, among other things, a humorous, passionate, or serious tone. 

However, the tone you employ will convey a variety of emotions, such as happiness, humor, melancholy, or optimism. The tone you adopt might also be influenced by your audience. 

Many students may attempt to adopt a humorous tone to engage their audience, along with a passionate tone to underpin their goal to accomplish the role, to make their speech a head girl.  

It’s crucial to think carefully about your tone choice because it can provide the impression that your communication is polite.

Your tone comes across in both the written word and the spoken word when you give a speech. When you speak, your tone of voice and speech rate might affect how your words are understood.  

Additionally, if you maintain the same tone throughout your speech, your audience can find it boring. To change the tone of your voice and sound more enthusiastic about what you are talking about, utilize a comedic tone when appropriate.

4. Use Persuasive Language 

It’s crucial to use persuasion while writing a speech for the head girl. Make yourself stand out if you want to convince the audience to pick you for the part.  

To influence your audience, use strategies like rhetorical questions. Personal anecdotes can also be used to influence others. For instance, you might discuss a situation that inspired you to apply for the position of head girl. 

Additionally, you may ask your peers what they would want to see changed about your school or sixth form college, and then in your speech, talk about how you propose to alter it. Students will recognize this as a problem they are not satisfied with, and because you are voicing their views, they may decide to elect you as the head girl. 

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5. Memorise Parts of Your Speech

Some students may opt to memorize their speech in its entirety and deliver it verbatim to the audience. Many kids would probably find this a challenging exercise, even though it would show the pupils’ commitment. It is preferable to make an effort to recall important details from your speech.

You can demonstrate a level of commitment to your speech by keeping in mind certain important details. Additionally, you won’t just be reading your speech verbatim from a piece of paper, allowing you to look your audience in the eye. 

Making eye contact may make some students uncomfortable, but doing so will show that you are interested in the audience. Additionally, it means that others are more likely to listen to you and accept your argument.

6. Prepare to Answer Some Questions

Your audience might want to quiz you once you finish your speech. To feel more confident, it is helpful to have some prepared responses to possible queries.  

You might be asked to reiterate a comment you made or an issue you brought up. It could also be about what sets you apart from the other candidates or why you want to be head girl.  

Your audience will be able to see your enthusiasm for the head girl position as well as your dependability in the role by listening to you respond to queries. It will assist in keeping your audience interested and further demonstrate your enthusiasm for the position.

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7. Rehearse 

Practice makes perfect, as you may have heard. This is undoubtedly true of speeches. Your speech will be more confident and effective when you deliver it to your audience the more you practice and rehearse it. 

Rehearsing your speech in front of an audience, such as family or friends, is one way you could accomplish this. They could even be able to provide you with some advice on how to make your speech more effective.

This can help you feel more assured on the big day and give you a chance to get more comfortable with your speech. 

In front of a mirror, you may also practice speaking to yourself. It’s also helpful to practice your word pronunciation; if there’s a term in particular that you find difficult to say, it might be worthwhile to eliminate it from your speech.  

You will sound more fluent when you speak if you practice your pronunciation. The more you practice giving your speech, the more assured you’ll feel, which will make it sound more polished. 

8. Adopt Some Simple Healthy Habits 

Adopting healthy behaviors before giving your speech can improve how well you perform. 

You should try to consume whole grains, and fruit, like berries, or eggs the day before and the day of your speech. These foods can enhance memory and brain function. However, eat sparingly or skip the meal just before your speech because a full stomach can make you feel lethargic.  

Additionally, apples are a better choice right before your speech because they might support a clearer voice. You can also eat from foods in dorm room food ideas for colleges.

Additionally, you should refrain from consuming dairy products, coffee, and soft drinks right before you speak because these substances can impair your voice and pronunciation. 

When giving your speech, you should also bring a bottle of water with you to keep you hydrated and avoid your throat from becoming dry. 

Light activity before your speech, such as a quick walk or gentle jog, can improve your mood and cognitive functioning while also reducing anxiety. If you frequently have anxiety before speaking in front of an audience, you might find it helpful to practice basic breathing techniques. This will enable you to speak with confidence and calmness. 

Finally, getting a good night’s sleep the night before your speech will help you feel energized and happy the next morning. 

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9. Consider Your Personal Appearance

Your physical presence can say a lot while you’re speaking to an audience. Your audience will be more likely to listen to and be interested in your speech if you appear professional and intelligent.  

First impressions are crucial, particularly when aspiring to a position like head girl. Therefore, if you present yourself well and dress formally, it will appear that you are taking your speech seriously.

This will show your audience how passionate you are about playing the head girl, as well as how capable and determined you are. 

Additionally, it’s critical to project a cheerful attitude. If your audience believes that you are a conscientious student and are playing the part seriously.

10. Go For It

Our final piece of advice is to just go for it. Throughout your speech, do your best to talk slowly and clearly while maintaining eye contact with the audience.

If you are chosen to be head girl, this will demonstrate to your audience that you are interested in them and want to accommodate their interests. 

Be courteous to your audience, and smile most of all. Your body language and the way you show yourself to your audience are both parts of your look.

You want to demonstrate to others your best traits and your commitment to upholding their interests as head girl. 

Most crucial, have pleasure in speaking to your audience. This is an opportunity for you to hone your public speaking abilities and experience. Make sure you appreciate the event and take it positively.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What can I do as the school’s head girl?

The head boys and head girls are typically in charge of representing the school at events and giving speeches in front of large crowds. Additionally, they act as role models for students and may convey students’ suggestions to the administration of the school. They can be expected to guide other prefects in their responsibilities.

In the head girl’s speech, what should I say?

If chosen, I pledge to be a responsible, devoted, and aggressive leader who constantly prioritizes the needs of our school and its children. I think a head girl should be an inspiration to others, a link between the student body and the administration, and a role model. 

How do you start a head girl speech?

Here are some tips to help you write a successful speech: Begin with a strong introduction: Start with a warm welcome to everyone present and express gratitude for being given the opportunity to speak. You can also briefly mention the theme of the event or any achievements of the school that you are proud of.

Why should you be chosen as a head girl?

My skills, my leadership skills, my friendly behavior, my frankness with all the students, my image in front of all the teachers, the ease with which I can put up and clarify my views, my interaction with teachers and there are much more qualities which you’ll see when I’ll be the head boy/girl.


As a student leader, your speech should demonstrate your zeal and dedication to the cause. Your peers will remember what you said long after you have finished speaking, therefore they must find inspiration and significance in it.

Keep in mind these ten tips to ensure that your head girl’s speech is flawless. You can generate a powerful message that resonates with everyone in the room with proper planning and practice!

Imagine your audience as a garden, and each phrase as a seed that needs to be maintained to grow into something lovely. You aim to create an atmosphere where their concepts can grow and shine throughout the academic year.



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