How To Become A Yeezy Product Tester In 2023 | Full Guide

Do you adore Yeezy athletic footwear and apparel and regularly check the website to learn about new arrivals? What if I told you you could test the company’s newest items before everyone else? You can perform that as a Yeezy product tester!

You will receive the brand’s new product as part of the Yeezy product testing program before it is officially released.

You must make use of it and share your opinion with the brand.

So how exactly does this Yeezy product tester application work, and what do you benefit as the tester? Learn more about it as you continue to read!

Who is Yeezy?

Adidas Yeezy (or Yeezy) resulted from a fashion partnership between German sportswear giant Adidas and American musician, designer, and entrepreneur Kanye West. In addition to shirts, coats, track trousers, socks, slides, lingerie, and slippers, it sold sneakers in limited edition colors. 

In February 2015, the first pair of shoes (“Boost 750”) hit the market. Forbes dubbed Yeezy’s ascent “one of the great retail stories of the century” in 2020.

Yeezy had a huge impact on and inspired a lot of other fashion companies. 

Kanye West maintains complete brand ownership as part of his agreement with Yeezy and has complete creative control over any products made.

Following West’s anti-Semitic comments in various media outlets in October 2022, Yeezy declared that it immediately ended its partnership with him.

Power phase Calabasas, Boost 700, 500, Boost 380, Slide, Qntm Bsktbl, Foam Runner, 450, Knit Runner, Nsltd Boot, Bsktbl Knit, and 1050 are some examples of Yeezy Best products.

Celebrities like Karim Benzema, Brooklyn Beckham, and Justin Bieber helped make the Adidas Yeezy sneakers popular. The majority of the shoes use the Adidas Boost material.

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Why Does Yeezy Hire Product Testers?

Product testing is a common strategy many businesses use to learn how their target market could respond to a certain product. 

In addition, it aids in feedback gathering.

Product testing is a great technique for Yeezy to test their products in actual usage scenarios. When a product is made, the company tests it in a controlled environment in its laboratory. Therefore, product testing aids in determining the item’s true quality. Real people in real-world settings provide feedback on Yeezy products.

Another reason Yeezy hires product testers is to comprehend potential customer reactions to the new product. As a result, it can make adjustments, organize a marketing strategy, forecast sales and profits, and do much more.

Yeezy clearly gains significant benefits from product testers. But what are the benefits for program participants?

Consider the program to be a thrilling chance to be affiliated with the company as a shoe fanatic and devoted Yeezy fan.

This is a great choice if you get excited whenever Yeezy introduces a new pair of shoes or a new sportswear brand.

A lot of people enjoy checking out Yeezy’s page that lists upcoming releases. I can only speculate about what handling and using the things could be like.

Additionally, you get to evaluate them for the brand. Who in their right mind, a Yeezy junkie, would want to pass up this opportunity?

Is Yeezy Product Tester Legit?

Yes, Yeezy is a legit product with real product testers.

Even if you like the Yeezy product line, you might find the prices out of your price range.

However, if you sign up for the Yeezy Product Testing Program, you’ll get to use some of the best sporting goods ever made. 

You can use the products at your discretion while participating in the program but cannot keep them once the testing phase is through.

What are the Eligibility Requirements for Yeezy Product Tester?

Let’s quickly review the requirements for being a Yeezy product tester before I explain the application process.

These include:

  • Depending on where you apply from, you must be a resident of the United States or Europe;
  • You must be at least 18 and have the necessary documentation to verify it.
  • English (and German if you’re in Europe) should be your native language, and
  • You must have access to the internet and a working email address.

In addition to these fundamental standards, you must

Not be a product tester for a rival company,

Maintain confidentiality throughout the test and refrain from sharing any product information.

Yeezy considers the above basic criteria while choosing testers. 

Yeezy will also consider a few other, perhaps different elements for each product it wishes to test. These variable factors consist of the following:


Every product is created with a certain group of consumers in mind. Yeezy is interested in learning if you are part of the target market.

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Geographic Location: 

The test isn’t accessible everywhere. Only citizens of the US and Europe are eligible. Yeezy might potentially carry out focused tests in particular areas.


Sizes for shoes and clothing are extremely limited for test products. Therefore, you must provide your body and foot measurements to be considered for the test.

Sports/Athletic Profile: 

You must also include information about your weekly activities. You must carry out weekly tasks to test Yeezy’s footwear or apparel.

Along with everything else, you must have a deep love for the Yeezy brand, a strong passion for sports, and a sharp fashion sense. You won’t be able to enjoy it if you don’t.

Many wonder how the Yeezy product tester program application works; not to worry, we will discuss it later in the post. 

How to Become a Yeezy Product Tester

Most people associate Yeezy with elegance and superiority. The company’s dedication to creating customer-focused products has led to its success. Its products are long-lasting, cozy to wear, and made with customers’ wants in mind.

They pay close attention to user input because consumer preference and valued opinions are important parts of product design and development, even marketing research. This is where the Yeezy product testing program comes in. The company can gather input regarding its recently released or upcoming products.

Let’s first understand the Yeezy Product Testing Program before we go into more detail on how to apply.

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Testing Purpose And Process

The program’s objective is to evaluate the effectiveness of the Yeezy product line, which includes clothing, footwear, and other accessories.

When the product is ready for testing, you will need to use it for a predetermined number of hours or, in the case of shoes, the number of miles you walk each week for the product testing period.

You can use the product at your discretion during the trial period, typically 2 to 4 weeks.

Responsibility of the Tester

You must return the test product to the company after the testing period is up so they can evaluate it. 

Yeezy provides a return label with the shipment and forbids product testers from keeping the samples. As a result, once the trial period is up, you can return the item for a full refund.

You must keep thorough logs of your actions while wearing the product as a tester. Additionally, you might be asked to share images or videos of the product in use and finish a survey after the testing phase.

The product development team at Yeezy uses the participant comments to assess whether more work must be done before the tested products can be put on the market or if they are performing as expected.

Now to the application proper.

Are You Eligible to Test Yeezy Products?

The Yeezy testing program is open to those living in the US, a few European nations, and other regions. However, the website must provide information about the nations covered by the European product testing program. Apply for the program and see if you are accepted as a tester to learn that information.

You stand a strong chance of being hired if you meet the requirements listed in Yeezy’s regular product tester selection criteria. 

You must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the US to apply for the US program. You must be able to read and write in English, have a working email address, and have access to the Internet. People who can only communicate or write in German are also considered.

You will not be considered for the position if you participate in any competitor’s product testing programs, such as those run by Under Armour or Nike.

If your size matches one of the few available sizes for the tested items at Yeezy, you could not be selected. Similarly, Yeezy has a minimal weekly activity requirement for each sport or general physical activity you partake in.

Qualifying Procedure

You may continue to the program form if the above requirements are met. You will be asked Which kind of product you want to try out. 

In order to send you the goods if you meet the requirements, they will need your address, shoe size, activity level, and other personal information.

Yeezy evaluates your eligibility for consideration for product testing using the information you have supplied. Depending on your chosen category, athletic profile, and type of activity or sport, the product testing team will evaluate you based on your demographic profile, location, and shoe or clothing size.

Additionally, this information is helpful when a business needs to choose the best product to send its way. Giving correct and thorough information when completing the survey will help the business with the selection process and may increase your chances of being chosen.

Once you’ve submitted the survey, you have to wait. There is no established timeline for when you might receive an update from the company. There is no assurance that you will be chosen because there are thousands of applicants for the few open product testing positions.

Post Selection 

If you are chosen, Yeezy will invite you to participate in their product testing programs. If you opt to move forward, the company will send things your way for testing.

Yeezy will also recommend how long the product must be worn or how many miles must be covered for sufficient testing. The test typically lasts between two and four weeks.

Product testers must also keep a thorough journal of their daily activities throughout the testing period. Following the testing period, you must complete an online survey.

You must mail the item back to Yeezy using the return label the manufacturer will give after the testing period is up.

You should be aware that Yeezy forbids you from disclosing any details about the product you were chosen to test. It is preferable to keep the specifics to yourself whether you communicate by social media, email, or any other channel.

Additionally, you are not permitted to test products for rival brands while participating in the Yeezy Product Testing program.

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Do Yeezy Product Testers Get Paid?


 Unfortunately, this product tester job at Yeezy will pay you nothing. 

So, if you’re looking for side business ideas to earn extra money, this program is not for you. 

Remember that a third party cannot compensate you for testing Yeezy products.

Like the application and payment processes, yeezy runs the entire program transparently. Furthermore, this is an unpaid testing job.

I should also remind you that the things you test are not yours to retain.

The apparel testers for Yeezy do not receive compensation. On social media, some individuals assert that they were paid money to test Yeezy clothing. These statements are untrue and have not been supported or approved by Yeezy.

Can I Become a Yeezy Product Tester from Home?

Of course, you can become a Yeezy product tester at home. 

You will have to follow the steps below;

Accept the invitation to take part

You’ll receive an email from Yeezy inviting you to participate in a product test. You must accept their email and write to them if you want to join.

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Receive the Product

Yeezy will send you the test product and instructions after receiving your acknowledgment.

You won’t be required to pay for shipping or any other fees.

Test the product

Follow Yeezy’s instructions and test the item for the designated hours or weekly mileage.

Typically, the test period lasts 2-4 weeks.

Keep Track of Your Experience

You must meticulously document your experience while using the product.

Because the test aims to capture your experience, take notes as you use the product.

Return the item

Send Yeezy the tested item via mail after the testing time is over. 

You won’t be responsible for paying for shipment. Yeezy will handle it.

Share Your Opinion

After using the product, you must share your thoughts and actions. Yeezy promotes thorough feedback.

What is the Average Salary for a Yeezy Product Tester?

The product testers for Yeezy do not receive compensation. 

On social media, some individuals assert that they were paid money to test Yeezy clothing. These statements are untrue and have not been supported or approved by Yeezy.

Yeezy Product Tester Program

Applicants of the Yeezy test program will receive an email inviting them to participate if they are chosen for Yeezy’s product testing program. 

Participants will receive free test equipment and guidelines on how much mileage or how long to wear the item. Testers will mail the product back (Yeezy will pay for shipping) after using it as directed so that the firm can evaluate it.

 Participants are requested to keep thorough diaries of their activities throughout the testing period because they must complete a brief survey at the end.

Here are some peculiarities of the Yeezy product test program.

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Direct brand collaboration 

Because a product tester and Yeezy work together directly, this program is secure.

There is no middleman or third party involved. You must go to the company’s website, submit the application, and await their response.

This program is free.

Receiving the products from the brand and returning them won’t cost you anything. The business is responsible for these costs.

Also, avoid offers or people who ask you to pay registration fees to be a Yeezy tester.

It’s 100 percent transparent.

You can find all the information about the program on the official Yeezy website, where the entire partnership will take place.

One of the most well-known brands in the world is Yeezy. Therefore, it should go without saying that you can rely on the website’s instructions for interested parties.

It Advances the Brand

Although product testing is enjoyable for the testers, it is really intended to benefit Yeezy. This is a wise approach to quality control.

By doing this, Yeezy can determine whether the product has any features that users would find lacking or problematic. It’s the first step in getting better!

Best Yeezy Product Tester Club

Even if you like the Yeezy product line, you might find the prices out of your price range. However, if you sign up for the Yeezy Product Testing Program, you’ll use some of the best sporting goods ever. 

You can use the products at your discretion while participating in the program but cannot keep them once the testing phase is through.

You may test clothes and shoes before anyone else and even before they hit the market. 

In addition to receiving the product throughout the test period, you can affect the ultimate product’s outcome. Your suggestions may have a big impact on how the final product functions and looks and feels.

It is important to remember that the business does not compensate the product testers.

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Tips on How to Get Selected to be a Yeezy Product Tester

Here are some suggestions for improving your chances of being chosen to test a Yeezy product:

Possess a proven athletic history. 

Yeezy product testers frequently participate in sports and thoroughly understand what constitutes a high-quality product. In your application, emphasize your sports-related experience and knowledge to show off your knowledge.

Provide a thorough application. 

In your application, be sure to include detailed information that is clear to the reader. This covers your history in athletics, hobbies, and exposure to Yeezy products. This will make it easier for the selection committee to determine whether you are a suitable fit for the program and who you are as a person.

On social media, follow Yeezy. 

Yeezy occasionally publishes information on upcoming product testing opportunities on its social media platforms. You may remain informed about new opportunities as they become available by following Yeezy on social media.

Attend Yeezy events and take part. 

You can improve your chances of getting chosen as a product tester by participating in Yeezy-sponsored events, such as sporting competitions or product launches.

Give specific feedback. 

If you are chosen to test a Yeezy product, you must give open and truthful comments about the item. This will demonstrate your dedication to the initiative and aid Yeezy in making its products better.

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FAQs on Yeezy Product Tester 2023

Do You Get Paid by Yeezy For Testing?

Contrary to various assertions made by users on social media that they have been paid for the product testing program, Yeezy does not pay money to its product testers.
On its website, the corporation has explicitly denied offering any financial compensation concerning its product testing program.

What Does It Mean to Be A Product Tester For Yeezy?

You can use Yeezy items as a Yeezy product tester throughout the testing period.
Before the products hit the market, you can test them out. Additionally, you can affect the result of the finished product.

What Do Product Testers Get Paid?

According to ZipRecruiter, product testers make an average pay of about $39,000 per year. However, many businesses, including Yeezy, do not pay their product testers.

How Can I Participate In Yeezy Product Testing?

You must live in the US, be at least 18 years old, have access to the internet and a working email account, and be able to communicate in English to be eligible for the Yeezy product testing.
The organization also considers your physical activity, athletic background, and size information to ensure you’re a good fit.

What is the duration of the Yeezy test period?

Typically, the Yeezy test period lasts between two and four weeks. You must utilize the test product for a predetermined time or travel a specific distance during this period.

Will I be able to keep the Yeezy-tested products?

The Yeezy products you try won’t be yours to keep. You must deliver the item back to Yeezy after the test time has ended.
Therefore, if you’re looking for free stuff, this program is not for you.


A corporation must test its products. A well-known company like Yeezy should try to get to know its customers, whether to test new products or ensure the safety of old ones.

A job testing Yeezy products might reward you if you enjoy sports or other physical activities and are a committed sportswear buyer. Although you won’t be paid to test the products or get to keep them, it may be rewarding to help improve something you use—especially the newest Yeezy apparel.



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