Why is Chaminade Middle School The Best School Now?

chaminade middle school

Chaminade College Preparatory Middle School is a private Catholic school equipped with a top-notch faculty and provides a seven-year learning experience using its thorough academic curriculum and various extra-curricular activities for grades 6-12. This school has two San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County, California campuses.

Furthermore, Chaminade College Preparatory Middle School was named after Blessed William Joseph (founder of the Society of Mary). The institution also comprises a middle school (grades 6-8) based in Chatsworth and a high school (grades 9-12) in West Hills.

Chaminade College is based in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles. And it is among the approved Secondary Schools of the University of California.

Chaminade College Preparatory Middle School also aims to prepare students for college success. It nurtures a commitment to service (according to the Catholic faith) and deep moral values in these students. So if you’re looking for reasons to attend Chaminade College Preparatory Middle School, continue reading this article.

Here, we’ll explain why Chaminade Middle School is the best school now, alongside other things you should know about this prestigious institution.

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Brief History of Chaminade College Preparatory Middle School

Chaminade was initially called Chaminade High School for boys and was established in 1952 by members of the Marianist Province of the Pacific at the Pacific Military Academy’s former site in West Los Angeles. Their desire to broaden their educational mission into Southern California led to the establishment of Chaminade College Preparatory Middle School.

Further, the school became famous due to the celebrity students attending it or attending its dances. Its mascot name, the Eagles, came into existence because the school’s tower featured an imposing Army Eagle emblem in tile, with its beak pointed toward the arrows, similar to wartime.

In 1961, the high school relocated to its present location in West Hills (and part of Canoga Park) after the brick buildings of the initial campus were unsound. Meanwhile, in 1967, a junior high school with grades 7-9 was founded when the school leased the previous St. John’s Military Academy in Chatsworth. This expanded Chaminade’s educational offerings from 3 to 6 years.

In 1989, the institution added a seventh-year and a sixth-grade class to the junior high school. Then the ninth grade was transferred to the high school campus in the same year to accommodate the sixth grade to the junior high school. This would now become the middle school.

Finally, Chaminade College Preparatory became co-educational in 1972 and had its first female graduates in the class of 1974. Also, its two campuses were used as the central locations for the 1976 movie, The Pom Pom Girls.

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Chaminade College Preparatory Tuition

Chaminade middle school’s tuition information for the 2023-2024 school year is as follows:

Technology Fee$530
New Student Fee$550

Meanwhile, Chaminade does not require an annual re-enrollment fee. You can visit the school’s frequently asked questions page for further information.

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Chaminade College Preparatory Middle School: Academics

The school’s academic year is split into two semesters, and classes take place each day for 87 minutes. However, since the pandemic, classes have lasted for 80 minutes with an easy block schedule. In the 2020-2021 school year, classes met for 50 minutes through Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Again, Chaminade gives out three progress grade reports each semester. But you can only see semester grades on your permanent record at the end of every semester (in January and June). It also operates a 4.0 grading system: A = 90–100, B = 80–89, C = 70–79, D = 60–69, and F = 0–59.

Further, Chaminade offers 23 Advanced Placement and 18 Honors courses. To maintain a balanced course load, you cannot take more than nine-year-long Advanced Placement courses: two in tenth grade, three in eleventh grade, and four in twelfth grade.

473 Chaminade students took 911 Advanced Placement examinations in 2014. Out of the comprehensive examinations taken, 17% were a score of five, 22% were a score of four, and 24% were a score of three. With a score of three and above, you can earn credit at several universities and colleges since it is a passing score.

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Chaminade College Preparatory Middle School: Faculty

The faculty/staff at Chaminade College Preparatory Middle School comprises the academic and non-academic staff. And the tables below show the various faculty across different departments in Chaminade College Preparatory Middle School.


Michael Chiuri, SM ChaplainChaplainmchiuri@chaminade.org 
Carolina GunterVice Principal – Curriculum, Instruction, and Technologycgunter@chaminade.org 
Dorothy KaneVice Principal – Academics and Parent/Faculty Concernsdkane@chaminade.org 
Michael ValentinePrincipalmvalentine@chaminade.org 


Name Office Email 
Joseph NortonAssistant Athletic Directorjnorton@chaminade.org 
Walt StewartAthletic Directorwstewart@chaminade.org 

Campus Ministry

NameOffice Email
Kate BeskidDirector of Campus Ministry/SHINE Moderatorkbeskid@chaminade.org 
Michael Chiuri, SM ChaplainChaplain mchiuri@chaminade.org 
Gail Glassergglasser@chaminade.org 
Jacqueline Rodriguezjrodriguez@chaminade.org 

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Name Office Email 
Heather EatonDirector of Counselingheaton@chaminade.org 
Jason Kertzjkertz@chaminade.org 
Cheryl Lovejoyclovejoy@chaminade.org 
Sara ShenoudaCounselor sshenouda@chaminade.org 


Name Office Email 
Alicia Gonzalezagonzalez@chaminade.org 
Jason Kertzjkertz@chaminade.org 
Sara ShenoudaCounselorsshenouda@chaminade.org 


Name Office Email 
Christina Khouryckhoury@chaminade.org 
William Adler IIIFaculty-Religion and Englishwadler@chaminade.org 
Susann Bachelsbachel@chaminade.org 

Kristin Del Pizzo
Carolina GunterVice Principal – Curriculum, Instruction, and Technologycgunter@chaminade.org 
Kerrie O’Sheakoshea@chaminade.org 
Emily Piperepiper@chaminade.org 
Kimberly TomasoskiSubstitute Teacherktomasoski@chaminade.org 
Jennifer Yujyu@chaminade.org 


Name Office Email 
Kathleen Baucom-AckerKBaucomAcker@chaminade.org 
Pauline Breedenpbreeden@chaminade.org 
Annette DamienDirector of Student Activitiesadamien@chaminade.org 
Joseph NortonAssistant Athletic Directorjnorton@chaminade.org 
Kerrie O’Sheakoshea@chaminade.org 
Kristina Pinekpine@chaminade.org 
Kathy Rohrskrohrs@chaminade.org 
Mike Russmruss@chaminade.org 
Cynthia Snydercsnyder@chaminade.org 
Walt StewartAthletic Directorwstewart@chaminade.org 
Jill Teehanjteehan@chaminade.org 
Lee Thorneycroftlthorneycroft@chaminade.org 

Fine Arts

Name Office Email 
Mike Russmruss@chaminade.org 
Ana MadariagaAmadariaga@chaminade.org 
Kathy Rohrskrohrs@chaminade.org 
Cynthia Snydercsnyder@chaminade.org 


Name Office Email 
Linda Andersonlanderson@chaminade.org 
Brenda ZeyrekLibrary Assistant Chatsworthbzeyrek@chaminade.org 


Name Office Email 
Colleen CheekTeacher ccheek@chaminade.org
Rick ChamanaraFaculty-Mathrchamanara@chaminade.org
Danielle Del Cidddelcid@chaminade.org
Catherine Eckleyceckley@chaminade.org
Eric Esbyeesby@chaminade.org 
Gregory KleeDirector of Admissions and Enrollment Managementgklee@chaminade.org 
Andrew Mussackamussack@chaminade.org 
Anthony PloeschInstructional Technology Specialistaploesch@chaminade.org 

Physical Education

Walt StewartAthletic Directorwstewart@chaminade.org 
Brandi CirlinCoach/ Substitute Teacherbcirlin@chaminade.org 
Michael EvansTeachermevans@chaminade.org 
Mary Hausermhauser@chaminade.org 
Joseph NortonAssistant Athletic Directorjnorton@chaminade.org 
Lee Thorneycroftlthorneycroft@chaminade.org 


Trimeka Calderontcalderon@chaminade.org 
Catherine Eckleyceckley@chaminade.org 
Alicia Gonzalezagonzalez@chaminade.org 
Robert Jonesrjones@chaminade.org 
David Kaczordkaczor@chaminade.org 
April LeyvaScience Teacheraleyva@chaminade.org 
Christine Mutellcmutell@chaminade.org 

Social Studies

Stephanie Moneysmoney@chaminade.org 
Dorothy KaneVice Principal – Academics and Parent/Faculty Concernsdkane@chaminade.org 
Christine Mutellcmutell@chaminade.org 
Kristina Pinekpine@chaminade.org 
Mike Russmruss@chaminade.org 
Martha Sipingmsiping@chaminade.org 
Ian Tindellitindell@chaminade.org 


Kate BeskidDirector of Campus Ministry/SHINE Moderatorkbeskid@chaminade.org 
William Adler IIIFaculty-Religion and Englishwadler@chaminade.org 
Annette DamienDirector of Student Activitiesadamien@chaminade.org 
Michael EvansTeachermevans@chaminade.org 
Jacqueline Rodriguezjrodriguez@chaminade.org 
Nicetas RussTeachernruss@chaminade.org 
Martha Sipingmsiping@chaminade.org 

World Languages

NameOffice Email 
Jacqueline Rodriguezjrodriguez@chaminade.org 
Kathleen Baucom-AckerKBaucomAcker@chaminade.org 
Kathleene Bauerkbauer@chaminade.org 
Kira Johnson-Howekjohnson-howe@chaminade.org 
Jill Teehanjteehan@chaminade.org 

The above tables provide information concerning Chaminade College Preparatory Middle School’s staff/faculty alongside their various offices/positions and email addresses. Hence, this information can be helpful if you want to contact any Chaminade Middle school faculty highlighted above.

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Chaminade College Preparatory Middle School: Maps And Directions

Chaminade College has both high and middle schools in two different locations. Below are directions to each school:

Middle School

10210 Oakdale Ave

Chatsworth, CA 91311

Phone: 818-363-8127

High School

7500 Chaminade Avenue

West Hills, CA 91304

Phone: 818-347-8300

Visit their website for further directions and maps to Chaminade College Middle and High Schools.

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Chaminade College Preparatory Middle School: Reviews

According to niche.com, Chaminade School has the following ratings from parents and students:

Ninety-six people gave it a 5-star rating for Excellent.

One hundred four people gave it a 4-star rating of Very Good.

Thirty-four people gave it a 3-star rating of Average.

Three people gave it a 2-star rating of Poor.

Four people gave it a 1-star rating of Terrible.

The above rating indicates that Chaminade College Preparatory School is one of the best. Below are other reviews from individuals about Chaminade College Preparatory School.

A parent said:

“Personal attention, excellent work ethic taught, personalized interaction, encouragement of students to think for themselves. Recognition of the individuality of students, focus on what the student needs regarding college prep and on to Medical School. Athleticism is strongly encouraged; the student is enrolled in the Tennis program and excels there and in the classroom. We are 100% sold on Chaminade College Preparatory!”

A senior said:

“I loved Chaminade, and while the school has several issues, I can proudly say it is where I discovered my second family. My major challenges with the school are that it underfunds certain programs and overemphasizes other (sometimes less successful) teams/organizations. It also looks as though some changes that can be made are left untouched, where a lot of money is invested into areas that seem less pressing. I’ve had some unsettling conversations with teachers (nothing so serious). However, that is the extreme minority. Majority of my teachers have been wonderful, and I have gotten an amazing education. It is, however, highly competitive. Hence, that should be taken into account. At the end of the day, I recommend Chaminade to high school students that can afford it, especially for the robotics program”.

An Alum said:

“Chaminade College Preparatory is an excellent school that offers its students a quality education and a supportive family-like environment. Regarding academics, the school provides her students with various types of courses to participate in, with helpful and personable teachers. Again, the teachers go above and beyond to ensure students understand the material and are helped through obstacles. Another thing that distinguishes it is the immense family spirit. Student culture and activities allow for a community-like feel where all Chaminade students have school pride and are connected through their school. I feel like Chaminade allowed me to grow as a person in my education and mindset in the four years I attended. I love Chaminade and hope to send my kids there someday”. 

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Why is Chaminade Middle School The Best Now?

Chaminade College Preparatory is indeed one of the top Catholic schools. But then, what makes the school stand out? Let us show you why Chaminade Middle School is the best now and why parents have continued choosing it.

Strong support system

At Chaminade, there’s a team to help each student reach their best. Their teachers understand that learning should be active, interactive, and experiential. Hence, they use diverse learning approaches tailored to each student.

Furthermore, Chaminade’s Academic Support Program provides additional support for those who need it through a Writing Lab, an After School Academic Program, an Academic Lab, and Study Skills Support. Their unique learning approach also involves academic and guidance counselors who work directly with students on any challenges they encounter.

Chaminade’s pastoral care also involves a collaborative effort between Coaches, Resident Directors, House Mentors, Parents, and other learning consultants and student advisors. Meanwhile, college counselors work with families on personalized programs to establish timelines, develop college goals, and finish applications.

Overall, college counselors are always available for students and parents. 

Rigorous curriculum

Typically, there are seventeen students in any class. Thus, it is small to enable teachers to support different learning approaches and help students to achieve more. Also, Advanced Placement courses allow students to take on college-level work while still in high school and earn college credit and placement.

Chaminade students start preparing for this from middle school by honing pre-Advanced Placement skills like critical thinking and reasoning. This prepares them for high school, where they can take the 26 AP classes.

Generally, this introduces them to college-level expectations and enables them to earn over 40 college credits while in high school. So when they enter the university, they will be one step ahead of their mates.

Technologically equipped and has several extracurriculars.

Chaminade provides students with the latest technology that prepares them for the challenges and benefits of the digital age. These technologies are embedded in the curriculum, offering various opportunities to learn, create, and explore.

This educational technology allows teachers to navigate between various instructional activities effortlessly without connecting to a computer. Unlike traditional projectors, lessons are dynamic with Promethean boards with built-in Android Operating Systems.

Among its facilities include the ZSpace lab featuring 24-inch flat-screen computers with immersive 3D technology. So, students interactively explore their curriculum, such as dissecting a human brain, analyzing the inside of a volcano, or dissecting a human brain.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How many students does Chaminade High School West Hills have?

Chaminade College Preparatory High School is in West Hills, CA. The student population of Chaminade College Preparatory High School has a student population of 1,272.

What is the dress code for Chaminade West Hills?

Students at Chaminade are required to appear in a uniform that consists of khaki or navy bottoms and a Chaminade polo shirt in either white, navy, or gray. The school’s primary uniform provider is Dennis Uniforms.

What is the meaning of Chaminade?

Chaminade means presbytery, rectory, or priest’s house.

Where is the biggest High School?

Penn Foster High School is the most prominent high school in the United States, with more than 60,000 high school students.

How big is Chaminade University?

Chaminade University of Honolulu is a private university that was established in 1955. Its campus size is 65 acres.

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With its rigorous curriculum, modernized educational tech facilities, faculty of professionals, and small class size, Chaminade College Preparatory Middle School is one of the best Catholic schools in California, United States. In addition to imbibing good christian morals in students, the institution also prepares students for the university. Therefore, students at Chaminade are often one step ahead of their mates when they get to the university.


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