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What Do Colleges Look For In Essays
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As high school students embark on college applications, one question looms: What do colleges look for in essays? The college essay is an integral part of the application process, giving students a unique opportunity to showcase their personality, passions, and potential. 

With thousands of applicants vying for limited spots, it’s essential to understand what colleges look for in essays.

In this guide, we’ll unlock the treasure trove of some critical factors that colleges consider when evaluating essays and provide you with the best tips to craft an impressive and memorable piece that captures the attention of admissions officers.

How Important Is The College Essay In The Admission Process?

The college essay is crucial in the admission process, often differentiating between thousands of applicants with similar academic profiles.

While colleges assess various components of an application, such as grades, test scores, extracurricular activities, and recommendation letters, the essay offers a unique opportunity for students to showcase their individuality, writing skills, and personal experiences.

Admissions officers recognize that the college essay provides a glimpse into the applicant’s personality, values, aspirations, and potential contributions to the campus community. It offers a chance for students to go beyond numbers and statistics, allowing them to express their authentic selves and compellingly tell their stories. 

The essay helps admissions officers understand the applicant deeper, beyond what can be gleaned from the rest of the application.

An exceptional college essay can captivate the reader, leaving a lasting impression. It allows applicants to demonstrate their ability to articulate their thoughts, convey their passions, and express their unique perspectives. 

College essays allow students to align their narratives with the values and mission of the institution they are applying to. It will enable applicants to demonstrate their knowledge of the college and how their goals and aspirations align with the educational opportunities and campus environment provided.

This alignment between the applicant and the institution’s values can leave a positive impression on admissions officers.

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What Makes A College Essay Stand Out From The Rest?

With a sea of college essays flooding admissions offices, it’s crucial to create an essay that stands out from the rest. But writing an essay that stands out, it’s not an easy task; below are some factors you should consider when writing your college essay:

#1. Authenticity

A standout college essay reflects your true self. It should be genuine and honest and reflect your unique personality, experiences, and perspectives. 

Admissions officers value authenticity and seek essays that showcase your individuality rather than conforming to a generic mould.

#2. Unique Storytelling

Engage the reader by telling a captivating and distinctive story. Consider personal experiences or challenges that have shaped you and share them in a way that highlights your growth, resilience, or transformation. 

A fresh and original narrative can make your essay memorable and leave a lasting impression.

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#3. Emotional Impact

Connect with the reader on an emotional level by sharing your passions, values, or moments of vulnerability that have significantly impacted your life.

By evoking emotions, you can create a memorable essay that resonates with the reader and showcases your depth of character.

#4. Clear and Concise Writing

Craft your essay with clear and concise language. Be mindful of grammar, spelling, and punctuation to improve your writing.

A well-written essay demonstrates your ability to communicate ideas and engage the reader effectively. Avoid unnecessary jargon or overly complex language that might hinder comprehension.

#5. Depth of Reflection

Go beyond surface-level descriptions and provide thoughtful insights. Reflect on the meaning and significance of your experiences, lessons learned, or personal growth.

Admissions officers are interested in your capacity for introspection and critical thinking, so delve into the more profound implications of your story.

#6. Demonstrated Fit

Show a genuine interest in the college or university you are applying to. Research the institution thoroughly and see specific aspects that align with your goals, values, or intended field of study.

Demonstrating your knowledge of the college and explaining how you will contribute to its community can make your essay stand out.

#7. Creativity

Explore creative approaches to your essay, whether through the structure, writing style, or use of anecdotes and metaphors. A well-executed creative element can make your essay memorable and showcase your ability to think outside the box.

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Personal Experience or Academic Achievements – What Should Be the Focus Of Your Application Essay?

When deciding whether to focus on personal experiences or academic achievements in your application essay, it’s crucial to balance and consider the specific requirements of the college or university you are applying to.

  • Follow the Essay Prompt: Start by reading and understanding the essay prompt from the college or university. Some prompts may explicitly ask for personal experiences or reflections, while others may require you to discuss academic achievements or goals. Following the prompt ensures that you address the specific expectations of the admissions committee.
  • Showcase your Individuality: The primary purpose of the college essay is to provide insight into your personality, passions, and potential contributions to the campus community. Whether you focus on personal experiences or academic achievements, convey your unique qualities and values. Admissions officers want to see the authentic you, so choose the angle that allows you to express yourself most effectively.
  • Balance and Complement: Instead of viewing personal experiences and academic achievements as mutually exclusive, find ways to intertwine them in your essay. You can discuss how specific academic pursuits or accomplishments have influenced your personal growth or shaped your aspirations. This approach demonstrates a holistic perspective and how your academic endeavours have impacted your character development.
  • Context and Relevance: Consider the context of your application and the significance of the experiences or achievements you want to highlight. Personal experiences can provide valuable insights into your character, resilience, and problem-solving abilities. On the other hand, academic achievements showcase your intellectual curiosity, dedication, and potential for success in a college setting. Choose the focus that best aligns with the overall narrative you want to present in your application.
  • Research the Institution: Research the college or university you are applying to and understand its values, mission, and academic programs. Some institutions may prioritize academic achievements and intellectual prowess, while others may emphasize personal qualities, community engagement, or extracurricular activities. Tailor your essay’s focus to align with the institution’s priorities to demonstrate your fit and enthusiasm.

How Long Should College Essays Be?

The length requirement for college essays usually depends on the college or university and the specific application guidelines. Generally, your essay should be a maximum of 650 words, although there’s no rule on the word limit. 

While It’s crucial to carefully read and adhere to the application guidelines provided by the college or university, if they specify a word count or page limit, stay within that range. Admissions officers often review numerous applications, and not following the guidelines may reflect poorly on your attention to detail and ability to follow instructions.

While it’s crucial to meet the specified requirements, the focus should be on crafting a high-quality essay that effectively communicates your ideas and showcases your unique qualities. Admissions officers value well-written, concise, and impactful essays. Avoid unnecessary repetition or filler content to meet a specific length requirement.

Regardless of the essay’s length, it should be engaging and capture the reader’s attention from the beginning. A well-structured essay with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion can effectively convey your message even within a limited word count.

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What Do Colleges Look For In Essays?

When evaluating college essays, admissions officers look for five key factors that help them assess applicants’ qualities and potential.

#1. Authenticity and Voice

Admissions officers seek essays that showcase your authentic voice and personality. They want to hear your unique perspective and see your individuality shine through your writing.

Avoid writing an essay that you think will impress them but does not truly reflect who you are. Your keyword should be ‘Authenticity.’

#2. Writing Skills and Articulation

Strong writing skills are crucial for effective communication in college and beyond. Admissions officers want to evaluate your ability to express yourself coherently, use appropriate vocabulary, and convey your ideas effectively.

Well-structured essays with clear organization and proper grammar make a positive impression. Also, avoid using overly complex words when a simple word can effectively convey your idea. 

#3. Connection to the College

Your college essay should be able to answer why you’re a better option than thousands of other applicants. Admissions officers want to know why you’re interested in their institution and how you would contribute to their community. 

Highlight specific aspects of the college programs, research opportunities, and campus culture that align with your goals and interests. Show that you have researched the college and convey a genuine enthusiasm for being a part of it.

#4. Impact and Growth

Colleges are interested in understanding how you have made a difference in your life or the lives of others. Discuss experiences or challenges that have shaped your character, values, or goals. Highlight personal growth, resilience, or the lessons learned from setbacks.

#5. Clarity of Goals and Future Plans

Everyone loves someone with a clear goal and plans for the future. Admissions officers also consider your aspirations and dreams.

Clearly articulate your academic and career goals, showcasing your motivation, ambition, and alignment with the college’s resources and opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the college essay in the application process?

The college essay allows applicants to showcase their personality, values, experiences, and potential contributions to the campus community.

How long should a college essay be?

Your college essay should be a maximum of 650 words. 

What should I write about in my college essay?

Your college essay should focus on a topic or experience that is meaningful to you. Consider personal experiences, challenges, achievements, or moments of personal growth.

Should I highlight my academic achievements or personal experiences in my essay?

It depends on the essay prompt and your overall narrative. Both academic achievements and personal experiences can be relevant and valuable to include in your essay.

How important are writing style and grammar in a college essay?

Writing style and grammar are essential in a college essay as they reflect your ability to communicate your ideas effectively. Admissions officers appreciate well-written essays with clear organisation, proper grammar, and coherent language.

What should I avoid in my college essay?

When writing your college essay, it’s vital to avoid clichés, generic topics, or trying to impress admissions officers with overly elaborate language.

Can I get help or feedback on my college essay?

Seeking feedback on your college essay is a good option. You can ask trusted teachers, counsellors, or mentors to review your essay for clarity, coherence, and effectiveness. They can provide valuable insights and suggestions to help you improve your essay.

In Summary: What Do Colleges Look For In Essays

Understanding what do colleges look for in essays and following the best tips can significantly enhance your chances of making a positive impact with your application. Admissions officers seek authentic, well-written essays that reflect your unique qualities.

By showcasing your insights, demonstrating your writing skills, and connecting your experiences to the values and mission of the college, you can create a standout essay.



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