7+ Things That (Actually) Happen At Prom In The UK?

what happens in prom in the UK

Prom in UK is a one-night highly anticipated event for many high school students in the United Kingdom. It is a time to celebrate the end of an era and bid farewell to school life.

This event is an American culture, yet prom has gained popularity in the UK over the years, and it’s now a significant event on the social calendar.

We will take you through the happenings during Prom in the UK In this post. From glamorous outfits to emotional farewells, you will find seven things that happen at a Prom in The UK.

We will also talk about what prom is and it’s significance for UK students. with tips on how to navigate through the night.

About Prom Parties

Prom in the UK, is a school Prom season, an industry, and is normally held in June or July, at the end of the school year after students have concluded their test period. Students use these times to celebrate their accomplishments with their friends.

School proms are a great opportunity to celebrate the conclusion of one chapter in a student’s academic career before moving on to the next.

They could take different forms, from an informal meal in the school hall itself with music balloons, fancy dresses, and transportation to an extravagant celebration at five-star hotels.

What is Prom in UK?

Prom, short for promenade, is a formal dance party that marks the end of secondary school education in the UK. It is usually held for students in their final year, typically aged 16 to 18.

This event creates an opportunity for students to dress up, socialize, and have a memorable night with their friends before they embark on their next chapter in life. Proms in the UK is most time held in grand venues such as hotels or banquet halls, adding to the sense of occasion.

What Age Group Attends School Prom in UK?

School proms are majorly conducted for students between the ages of seventeen and eighteen in America, as you may have learned from TV series and movies.

Just consider any corny high school adolescent film, like She’s All That, Mean Girls, or Back to the Future.

In the UK, this isn’t the same. Students in their final year of secondary school, year eleven, are the ones that attend school prom the most in this case. They are therefore either fifteen or sixteen years old.

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How Much are Tickets to Prom in UK?

In most UK schools, the prom is a fun, free event that the students who have attended the school for a long time pay for in full.

But not every school operates in this manner. Students must pay a predetermined fee to many schools’ proms to attend the final school celebration alongside their peers.

Normally, each institution has a different procedure for determining the precise amount required to obtain a ticket to the prom. At the very least, a single prom ticket will cost students about £5.

On the other hand, having low-cost prom tickets is not easy. On the opposite end of the scale, some UK schools may charge very high prices for their prom. The prom is such an extravagant occasion in the American way. These tickets have a maximum price of £70.

All things considered, prom tickets cost between £20 and £30. All of the extra services that are required at a prom are the reason the tickets are being sold for this amount.

What Do You Wear to a Prom?

It’s more of an opportunity to flaunt yourself at the school prom in the UK than on non-uniform days. However, there’s no need for students to worry too much—all it takes to make an impression is a well-fitting suit or a striking outfit.

After all, it’s probably the first time they’ve had the chance to go out among their friends in more formal attire. Students’ prom attire ultimately just comes down to how bold of a statement they want to make, the dress code, and whether or not there will be an awards ceremony.

7+ Things That (Actually) Happen at Prom in the UK?

Here are things that happen at Prom in the UK:

#1. The Outfits: Dresses and Suits Galore

One of the most exciting aspects of prom is choosing the perfect outfit. For girls, prom dresses are a big deal. They spend months searching for the dress that will make them feel like a princess.

From sleek and elegant gowns to fun and flirty dresses, the options are endless. Boys, on the other hand, opt for sharp suits or tuxedos. The aim is to look dapper and sophisticated, complementing their dates. The excitement of finding the right attire adds to the overall experience of prom.

The pre-prom preparations involve hair, makeup, and accessories. Girls often book appointments at beauty salons to get their hair and makeup done professionally. It’s a chance to experiment with different styles and feel pampered.

Boys focus on getting their hair styled and ensuring their suits are perfectly tailored. The effort put into the outfits and grooming enhances the glamour and makes prom in UK night truly unforgettable.

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#2. The Grand Entrance: Arriving in Style

Prom night is all about making a grand entrance. Most students arrive at the venue in style, either in luxurious cars or classic vintage vehicles. It’s an opportunity to showcase their personality and arrive with a bang.

Some students even hire limousines and arrive with their entire group of friends, making a statement before they even step foot into the venue. The grand entrance sets the tone for the night and adds an element of excitement and anticipation.

Once inside, the venue is beautifully decorated, creating a magical atmosphere. There are often themed decorations, such as fairy lights, balloons, and elegant table settings. The ambiance adds to the sense of occasion and makes the night feel even more special.

#3. Dancing the Night Away

Once the formalities are over, the real fun begins. Prom night is all about dancing the night away. The dance floor becomes the center of attention as students let loose and celebrate. The DJ plays a mix of popular songs, creating an energetic and lively atmosphere.

Students show off their best dance moves, laughing and enjoying the company of their friends. It’s a chance to forget about exams and coursework and simply have a great time.

Slow dances are also a significant part of the evening, providing an opportunity for students to share a romantic moment with their partners. Couples sway to romantic tunes, creating memories that will last a lifetime. The dance floor is a place of joy and celebration, where students bond and create unforgettable experiences.

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#4. Prom King and Queen

Some UK proms have the tradition of crowning a Prom King and Queen. These individuals are typically elected by their peers and are often seen as the most popular or respected students in the year group.

#5. Prom Photos

Just like in the US, prom attendees in the UK often take a lot of photos to commemorate the event. There might be a designated photo area with backdrops and props for group and individual shots.

#6. Prom Awards

Some UK proms include awards or superlatives for students. These awards can be humorous or meaningful, recognizing achievements, talents, or unique qualities of the graduating class.

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#7. Dinner and Toasts

Many UK proms begin with a formal sit-down dinner, complete with toasts and speeches. This part of the evening allows students and teachers to reflect on their time together.

#8. Yearbook Signing

Prom is often one of the last opportunities for students to sign each other’s yearbooks. It’s a sentimental moment as friends and classmates leave messages and well-wishes.

#9. Emotional Farewells and Goodbyes

Prom night is not just about fun and celebration; it’s also a time for reflection and saying goodbye. As the realization sets in that school life is coming to an end, emotions run high.

Prom is a bittersweet event, as students bid farewell to their classmates and teachers who have been a part of their lives for years. Speeches are made, memories are shared, and tears are shed.

The end of prom often involves a sentimental finale, where everyone gathers for a group photo or a symbolic gesture. It’s a way to commemorate the end of an era and capture the essence of the night. Goodbyes are exchanged, promises to stay in touch are made, and the journey towards adulthood begins.

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How To Navigate A Prom Night: Dos and Dont

  • Don’t:
    • Get drunk before the party; they won’t let you in hammered.Drink and drive.Wear anything that might easily slip off your body.Take your eyes off your drink at the afterparty. Date rape drugs can be lethal, and if you taste something salty in your drink, call 911.
    • Do:
    • Make sure your outfit’s appropriate for the party (lots of schools have dress codes for prom, keep an eye on that).If you absolutely have to drink at the afterparty, make sure you have a responsible designated driver.Wear decently comfortable shoes; if you’re not the dancing type you’ll be standing around a lot.Have fun.

FAQ About Prom in UK

When is prom usually held in the UK?

Proms in the UK are typically held towards the end of the school year, usually between May and July.

Do all schools in the UK have proms?

Not all schools in the UK have proms, but they are becoming increasingly popular.

Can students bring a date to prom?

Yes, students are usually allowed to bring a date to prom. It can be a fellow student or someone from outside the school.

Are prom tickets expensive?

The cost of prom tickets varies depending on the school and the venue. Some schools subsidize the cost to make it more affordable for students.

How long does prom night usually last?

Prom night typically lasts for a few hours, usually from the evening until late at night.


Prom night in the UK is an unforgettable experience filled with glamour, excitement, and emotional farewells. From the anticipation of finding the perfect outfit to the grand entrance and the joy of dancing the night away, prom is a milestone in every student’s life.

It’s a night to remember, filled with laughter, tears, and memories that will be cherished for years to come.



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