17 Study Items For Students In 2023 | Best Uses

Students are told exactly what school supplies they’ll need for classes from elementary school through high school. However, with the independence that college brings, you can pick what supplies work best for you.

As a student, you strive for academic success, and one of the keys to achieving your goals is effective study habits. To optimize your learning experience, having the right tools and resources is essential. This blog article will explore 17 study items for students looking to enhance their productivity and maximize their educational potential.

17 Study Items For Students In 2023

Here are 17 study items for students that will revolutionize and set you on a path to academic excellence.

1. Desk and Chair

Having a comfortable and ergonomic workspace is crucial for concentration and focus. Invest in a sturdy desk and a supportive chair to maintain proper posture during study sessions. This is one of the most important study items every student must have.

2. Adequate Lighting

Next on our list of study items for college students is lights. Ensure your study area is well-lit to prevent eye strain and promote alertness. Natural light or a good desk lamp are ideal options.

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3. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Block out distractions by investing in noise-canceling headphones. They will help create a quiet environment, allowing you to concentrate on your studies.

4. Planner or Calendar

Stay organized using a planner or calendar to keep track of important deadlines, assignments, and study schedules. Plan your tasks efficiently and stay ahead of your academic commitments.

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5. Sticky Notes and Index Cards

These tools are excellent for jotting down quick reminders, creating flashcards, or organizing key concepts. They are portable and can be easily stuck on your desk or in your study materials.

6. Stapper

This stationery is going to be very useful for you. It contains everything you often need while bookbinding, making notes, or doing any work- A stapler with staples, Binding Clips, Tape Dispenser, and a Staple remover.

Students and an office also need this stationery set in their day-to-day work.

7. Highlighters and Colorful Pens

Use highlighters and colorful pens to annotate and emphasize important information in your study materials. This technique helps with retention and comprehension.

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8. Flashcards

Employ flashcards for active recall and self-quizzing. They are useful for memorizing vocabulary, formulas, and other factual information.

9. Mind Mapping Tools

Visualize complex concepts using mind maps. These diagrams help establish connections between ideas and enhance understanding and recall.

10. Timer

Do you want to test your patience? A timer is necessary for these tasks when studying for exams, answering challenging questions at a specified time, or doing your schoolwork quickly.

These timers are excellent for increasing your time efficiency and productivity. But you may also use the timer on your phone.

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11. File folder

In school/college, you get many important documents like syllabi, practice sets, result cards, notes, and more in hard copies. If your classes run online, you can skip this stationary item.

To better organize all your hardcopies in one place, you must have a File Folder. You can easily protect your documents with durable, waterproof, and tear-resistant poly files.

12. Textbooks and Course Materials

This is one of the fundamental study items every student must have to excel in academics. Ensure you have your academic program’s required textbooks and course materials. These resources are the foundation of your studies and provide in-depth knowledge of your subjects.

13. Pen Stand

Multicolor Pens, Pencils, Highlighters, and more, organizing these stuff in a place is not easy. Here is an essential stationery pen stand that you can use.

This pen looks great, but you can also hold your phone there, so you can also avoid your phone while studying.

14. Portable Whiteboard

The whiteboard is one of the useful stationery study items that students must have. Whether you have to solve math problems in rough or make a time management, study plan, or exam preparation strategy, you can use a whiteboard.

Not only for students, but a whiteboard can also be helpful for everyone who makes some plans before doing their work. If you don’t have one, then you should buy one.

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15. Internet

When studying, you’ll undoubtedly refer to your class notes, but what if there’s a concept or subject you still don’t fully comprehend? Making sure you comprehend the content you need to master for your test can be made much easier by having one or two go-to websites you can utilize to search a topic and discover clarifying explanations.

16. Water and Snacks

It’s simple to convince yourself that you must stop studying in the middle of a session to get up and walk to the kitchen because you’re hungry or thirsty. By keeping a bottle of water and some wholesome snacks nearby, you can avoid this problem. These supplies will keep you energized for the long (or short!) hours of studying that lie ahead, keeping you concentrated on the subject at hand and preventing you from using the excuse of dallying in the kitchen.

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17. Blue Light Glasses

Hours on the computer often mean eye strain and headaches caused by blue light exposure. These glasses filter out blue light, sparing you from eye strain. Available in multiple designs, the ZZD blue light-blocking glasses feature untinted lenses, preserving color while sparing your eyes.

18. Notebooks

You may have many notebooks already for different subjects. However, two types of notebooks you should have- one is for taking notes in class, and another one is for fair or making notes by yourself. 

In this digital world, if you have a laptop, you can use note-taking applications like ‘Notion’ which is great for making notes and setting productivity goals. Now you must find which system you’re comfortable with and good at.

What Study Materials Are Essential For Academic Success?

Essential study materials for academic success may vary depending on the specific subjects and courses you are taking. However, here are some commonly recommended study materials:

1. Textbooks

Textbooks provide in-depth coverage of the topics and concepts taught in your courses. They often contain explanations, examples, and practice questions that help you understand and apply the subject matter.

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2. Course Notes

Taking comprehensive and organized notes during lectures or studying is essential. These notes serve as a condensed version of the material, making reviewing and reinforcing your understanding easier.

3. Lecture Slides or Handouts

If your instructors provide lecture slides or handouts, these materials can supplement your notes and help you follow along with the class discussions. Reviewing these resources reinforces the key points covered in class.

4. Reference Books

Depending on your field, reference books specific to your subject area can be valuable resources. They provide additional information, explanations, and examples to deepen your understanding and broaden your knowledge.

5. Online Resources

The internet offers many educational resources that can enhance your learning experience. Websites, educational platforms, and online libraries provide access to articles, research papers, interactive tutorials, videos, and other multimedia resources that can supplement your studies.

6. Journals and Research Papers

Academic journals and research papers provide the latest findings and scholarly discussions for more advanced or specialized subjects. They can provide valuable insights and references for essays, projects, or deeper exploration of specific topics.

7. Practice Questions and Workbooks

Practice questions and workbooks allow you to apply your knowledge and test your understanding. They help reinforce concepts, identify areas for improvement, and prepare you for exams or assessments.

8. Online Study Tools

Digital tools like flashcards, interactive quizzes, and online study platforms like Quizlet or Khan Academy can facilitate active learning and self-assessment. These resources offer a variety of study materials and practice exercises for different subjects.

FAQs On Study Items For Students

What study items are essential for creating a conducive study environment?

To create a conducive study environment, consider investing in an ergonomic desk and chair, ensuring adequate lighting, and using noise-canceling headphones to minimize distractions.

Are there any specific tools to improve focus and concentration?

Noise-canceling headphones can help block distractions, while techniques like the Pomodoro Technique, which involves studying in short bursts with breaks in between, can improve focus and productivity.

How can I effectively use highlighters and colorful pens?

Use highlighters and colorful pens to mark important information, key concepts, or specific sections in your study materials. This visual emphasis can aid in memory retention and comprehension.

How can I maintain consistency with my study routine?

Set realistic study goals, create a schedule that fits your lifestyle, and stay motivated by rewarding yourself for achieving milestones. Find a study routine that works for you and sticks to it, making it a habit for long-term success.


Incorporating these 17 study items into your academic routine will revolutionize your approach to learning. Assess your study environment, improve organization and time management, develop effective study materials, and adopt efficient study techniques. By implementing these strategies, you can enhance productivity, retain information more effectively, and excel academically.

Take charge of your educational journey and equip yourself with the right tools. Commit to developing strong study habits; the results will speak for themselves. With determination, focus, and the right study items, you are on your way to mastering success. Start today and unlock your true academic potential.


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