College Glow Up: 30 Tips and Tricks for Your Ultimate Transformation

college glow up

You see that bright clear skin, acne-free face, healthy weight, and emotional stability; you are about to lose them all in college.

Please don’t give me that look. Most newbies struggle with remaining the same in their first year in college. You can blame attending classes, social activities and having little or no time to care for yourself.

College glow-up is possible if you make time for it. Glowing up in college is not just the makeup. It cuts across balance across your studies and general well-being.

Using the most expensive makeup products would not give you the desired university glow. Stay with me while I take you through an easy yet profound way to glow up while in college.

This article reviews the right products, exercises, podcasts, and easy DIY activities to keep you healthy.

What is College Glow Up?

It is tough to define the term college glow up. But by searching online, you know exactly what you desire. A bright clear skin, healthy weight, acne-free face, and social and emotional glow can best explain college glow-up.

Trust me; you must create a skincare routine that keeps your skin clear and beautiful. Despite the boisterous nature of college activities, you must intentionally exercise and tone your muscles.

Listening to some motivational speeches, words from your mentors and role models can help you derive the energy you need for each day’s activity.

As easy as this sounds, college glow-up is a challenging task. However, if you do not want your family and loved one’s complaining about your general well-being, the tips and tricks below are all you need.

Why Do I Need a College Glow Up?

Many students suffer self-doubt in their first few years in college. You are dead worried about your grades, the extra weight, and other struggles.

The college glow-up challenge garners all the necessary information to stay on your game. Trust me; some days won’t be perfect. However, with a college glow-up challenge, you will overcome these struggles.

In clear terms, you need a college glow-up strategy to ensure your mental health, body, and grades are top on the list.

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30 Tips and Tricks for Your Perfect College Glow-Up Challenge

If you desire to be part of the community of college students interested in health, fitness, and overall well-being, these tips and tricks are perfect for your college’s glow-up routine.

#1. Glow Up Your Hair

For women, men are not left out either. Your hairstyle speaks a lot about your personality. It’s okay to comb and brush your hair every morning. However, if you want that perfect university to glow up, pay more attention to it.

This physical college glow-up tip encourages you to find time to style your hair. Whatever works for you, once every two days, twice a week, or fortnightly in a month. Be consistent with glow up your hair.

This cuts across choosing the right hairstyle and products to maintain it. You are unique, perfect, and beautiful. Let your hair make the statement today.

#2. Let Your Skin Glow

Sunburn, pigmentation, and acne are some skin challenges you may face at college often because you are more outside than inside these days.

It’s okay. What is college without running around meeting up with daily tasks? However, a good skincare routine will aid you in combating the effect of the weather or stress-induced skin issues.

To create other perfect skincare, you would need good skin care products. A cleanser, face cream, sunscreen serums, and masks are a great way to start.

Remember, you must consider your skin type while choosing these products. Need to know what to settle for? Consider these skincare products below.

  • CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion
  •  Augustinus Bader The Body Cream with TFC8 Moisturizer
  •  Sarna Sensitive Anti-Itch Lotion
  •  EltaMD UV Clear Sunscreen with SPF 46
  •  ​​Eucerin Sun Sensitive Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50
  •  ISDIN Eryfotona Actinica Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50+
  •  Good habit Catch Flights Not Feelings Skin Shielding Serum
  •  EltaMD Skin Recovery Serum
  •  BeautyStat Universal C Skin Refiner

#3. The Trick for Your Face

If you embark on it, your face will be the first beneficiary of your college glow-up challenge. Below is a simple trick to glow up your face while studying hard at college.

  • Wash your face twice a day
  •  Use a mild cleanser
  •  Apply an acne-fighting agent
  •  Apply a moisturizer
  •  Exfoliate
  •  Choose makeup that won’t clog your pores

#4. Exercise your body

If you want to stay healthy, move your body. Physical activities have been proven to improve the body and mind. If you are overwhelmed at college, exercise can help lessen your anxiety. You could also benefit from a better sleeping pattern.

#5. Get some fancy workout bangles

Sticking to your exercise routine takes a lot of determination and commitment. One way to encourage yourself is to invest in fancy workout bangles. The idea is to feel you are putting on accessories instead of some loose-weight items.

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#6. Sleep

You may be wondering what sleep is doing on the list. Well, the benefits of sleep should be considered. The National Sleep Foundation posits that a college student should get 7-9 hours daily.

Ensure you get at least 7 hours a day so you don’t wake up with a grumpy face that ruins the rest of the day.

#7. Drink Enough Water

One major way to achieve clear and glowing skin is by taking enough water. Drinking enough water daily is beneficial if you want to wade off acne.

#8. Eat Healthy

Eating healthy means eating the right type and amount of meals daily. As a college student, what you feed on can affect your skin entirely.

You should eat enough vegetables and fruits for clear and glowing skin.

#9. Pay attention to your eyebrow

The perfect glow isn’t complete with uneven eyebrows. If they are overplucked, it is time to carve them. However, you may have to shave and regrow to achieve the perfect brow if they are overtly thin.

#10. Lipcare

College glow-up entails glowing in all parts of your body, including the lips. Is your lip dry and flaky? If yes, the time to fix it is now. You should include a lip scrub in your daily skin routine care. A DIY recipe you can try is sugar and olive oil. It does magic to your flaky lips.

#11. Glow Up your Teeth

What is glowing skin with unkept teeth? Absolutely no glow. Take care of your teeth. You can quickly get a teeth whitening kit if they are bad already. Alternatively, visit a dentist to fix any bad tooth.

You want to feel confident when speaking to your coursemates or professors.

#12. Treat Your Hair

Wearing new hairstyles is impressive. However, if you struggle with rough edges or hair damage, try some home remedies to fix it.

#13. Get a Pedicure and Manicure

A perfect skincare routine must contain both. Take care of your nails. You either keep them short and neat or paint them artistically.

#14. Work on your mind

It will profit nothing to have clear skin with an unhealthy mind. The college glow-up challenge wants you to have a healthy mind as well. So, you need to flush out all negative thoughts.

Replace every negative thought with its positive counterparts. For instance, if you are struggling with low self-esteem, now is the right time to remind yourself every minute that you’re enough.

#15. Love Yourself

The act of loving oneself is under-preached. You need to love yourself consciously. Loving yourself entails embracing your weaknesses and strengths.

Your glow time daily should include beautiful self-affirmations and a time for gratitude. Appreciate the moment you are in.

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#16. Meditate

Daily meditation has its way of making you stay strong for the rest of the day. Meditate on things that matter to you—wondering how to get started?

Think about things that make you happy, things you would love to achieve in the ‘near’ future, and spiritual beliefs if you are religious.

#17. Journaling

Get in touch with your thoughts and feelings through journaling. By journaling, you walk through your emotions and feel better afterward.

What is to journal? Well, write about your day and experiences daily. Jot down what was exciting and bad and what you would do differently if you could start your day afresh.

#18. Spend Sometime in the Bathroom

Take your time leaving the bathroom every time. A relaxing, soothing bath with salt can calm your thoughts and relax your nerves. Had a bad, glow up your body with a long soothing bath with salt.

#19. Adorn your body with essential oils

Aromatherapy can help you deal with the following at college

  • Headache Relief
  •  Improve Circulation
  •  Reduce Pain and Inflammation
  •  Enhance Mental Well-Being
  •  Heighten Relaxation
  •  Decrease Anxiety

#20. Read Inspiring Quotes

Quotes can uplift your soul when you feel down. Interestingly, there are quotes for almost every challenge. Find one that applies to the current situation and affirm it is possible to overcome.

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#21. Read Wide

You need to be widely read to build your confidence—intelligence cuts across the course of your study. Find time to read what interests you in maintaining your college glow. Read a magazine, blog, novel, or Forbes list in preparation for becoming the next millionaire.

#22. Set and Smash New Goals.

Smashing new goals has its way of keeping you motivated and committed to achieving more. The college glow-up challenge encourages you to set new goals for yourself. Here is a trick. Please start with the littlest things till it becomes a habit.

#23. Review Your Goals and Values

You probably set some goals when you were in high school or elementary. Well, with how far you have come, are they aligned with your desired future? If not, now is the right time to review your life goals.

#24. Glow Up your lifestyle

Do you have a great ‘me time’? If not, create one immediately. You need to have yourself together to face the world. Take your time with what to do during your me time. One or more on this list can be part of your me time.

#25. Learn new things

Try a new recipe, attend a yoga class, and why not a dance class? You never can know other strengths you possess. So, get moving and learn new things to improve your college life.

#26. Glow up your dress sense

You have perfect hair, brows, makeup, and high self-esteem. Your style says a lot about your personality before any of these. So, review your dressing pattern. You do not have to break the bank to get new clothes. Make do with what you have and learn new ways to style them to build confidence.

#27. Join a College Glow Challenge

If you are overwhelmed and need help figuring out where to start, join a college glow challenge immediately. Get a friend or team with the same views on the need to glow up and create a challenge. This way, you all serve as accountability partners to each other.

#28. Download A college Glow Up Planner

Do you want to do this but avoid getting anyone else involved? Download a glow-up planner. With a glow-up planner, you get reminders on when to glow up your face, hair, mental health, etc.

#29. Get Some Fresh Air

Of course, I know you are breathing already. However, try activities that are different from your course of study. Visit the beach, and go on a picnic. Trying out activities that interest has its ways of boosting your morale.

#30. Inspect your Beauty Products

You must review your beauty products from time to time. Determine which is perfect for your skin and which needs to be changed. Avoid using heavy chemicals on your skin because of the damage it causes in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age does glow-up happen?

There is no specific age for glow-ups to happen. While some experience it early, others do it later in life. Glow up anytime you need to change your appearance and gain some confidence.

What is the meaning of glow-up?

Glow-up means a notable transformation, typically in physical and general appearance.

At what age do you lose youthful glow?

40 to 50 years is when you may lose your youthful glow.

Can you still glow up in your 20s?

Yes, you can still glow up in your 20’s. Glowing up can happen anytime you are ready.


The college glow-up is a transformative journey that involves growth not only in appearance but also in mindset, confidence, and skills. Through self-reflection, hard work, and perseverance, students can achieve their personal goals and become the best version of themselves.

College glow-up is an essential challenge you should embark on while at college. You do not know what to get the ‘Are you sick’ question whenever you visit home. So, read through this piece for a simple, easy-to-abide college glow-up tip and tricks.



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