27 Best Scholarships for Catholic Students in 2024

Best Scholarships for Catholic Students
Best Scholarships for Catholic Students

The most significant part of the young individual’s life is learning, which gives them the knowledge, skills, and various chances of progressing. Catholic pupils’ desire for advanced schooling is mainly based on their confidence and internalized values.

On the other hand, the students and their families will likely face some critical problems like growing fees and other costs associated with college.

Thankfully, Catholic students can rely on scholarships to ease their financial stress and make the former seem more realizable. This overview will explore the 27 best scholarships available to Catholic students in 2024.

These scholarships – whether to students at the commencement or already in the progress of their education – offer a plethora of monetary awards and cover many, if not all, academic fields.

It matters not where you are–a high school student looking to apply to universities, an undergraduate working on a bachelor’s, or a graduate whose goal is to secure a master’s–this piece will provide you with the necessary information on scholarships that seek to support and empower Catholic students.

See the table of contents below.

Table of contents

About Scholarship for Catholic Students

Scholarships for Catholic students provide financial assistance and support to students who identify with the Catholic faith. These scholarships aim to recognize and reward academic excellence, leadership qualities, community involvement, and a commitment to living out Catholic values.

Various scholarships are available for Catholic students, including those offered by Catholic organizations, educational institutions with Catholic affiliations, dioceses, and other philanthropic groups. These scholarships can target students at different academic levels, such as high school, undergraduate, and graduate programs.

Scholarships for Catholic students may cover a wide range of academic disciplines, allowing students to pursue studies in medicine, engineering, humanities, social sciences, theology, and more. Some scholarships may have specific requirements for the chosen field of study, while others focus on general academic achievement and involvement in the Catholic community.

While the specific eligibility criteria, application processes, and award amounts may vary for each scholarship, it is essential to show a strong commitment to the Catholic faith, active participation in the Church, and a desire to contribute to the Catholic community and society.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for scholarships for Catholic students can vary depending on the specific scholarship and the organization offering it. However, here are some common eligibility criteria that you may come across:

  • Catholic affiliation
  • Academic achievement
  • Leadership and extracurricular involvement
  • Financial need

It is essential to carefully review the eligibility criteria for each scholarship you want to ensure you meet the requirements before applying. Also, be aware of any additional documentation, letters of recommendation, or interviews that may be part of the application process.

27 Best Scholarships for Catholic Students

#1. The Knights of Columbus Scholarships

The Knights of Columbus, a fraternal organization within the Catholic Church, offers several scholarships to Catholic students, including the Fourth Degree Pro Deo and Pro Patria Scholarships.

These scholarships recognize outstanding academic achievement, leadership skills, and commitment to serving the Church and the community.

#2. Italian Catholic Federation

Catholic high school students pursuing higher education have long received support from the Italian Catholic Federation. Since 1964, the association has granted over $2 million in school grants for Catholic understudies.

The scholarship is sustainable and grows in value yearly:

  • First-year award: $400
  • Second-year award: $500
  • Third-year award: $600
  • Fourth-year award:1,000

#3. Lucile Murray Durkin Scholarship For Women Discerning Priestly Ordination

This particular grant upholds ladies and non-twofold individuals on their scholarly and profound ways, knowing appointment.

The essential focal point of the Lucile Murray Durkin Grant For Ladies Knowing Clerical Appointment is ladies and non-paired individuals who wish to be appointed Catholic ministers (counting Ecumenical Catholic and Roman Catholic Ladies Ministers).

On the other hand, it will consider those aspiring to become priests in different denominations.

#4. Catholic Order of Foresters (COF) Scholarships

Members of the Catholic Order of Foresters, which offers life insurance and other financial solutions, can apply for this award.

Up to 100 scholarships are awarded each year, and the money goes to the recipient’s college or university. If a scholarship is not awarded, applicants are encouraged to apply again the following year.

#5. First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association (FCSLA Life) Fraternal Scholarship Award

The Primary Catholic Slovak Women Affiliation gives this liberal honor, a fraternal advantage society that embraces Catholic qualities and Slavic practices. To qualify for this honor, candidates must have a passing strategy with FCSLA Life.

The following criteria are applied when selecting recipients:

  • Academic standing
  • Church/community value
  • School involvement/essay

First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association, Fraternal Scholarship Awards, can only cover tuition.

#6. Kolping Society of America Scholarship

This award aims to help Kolping Society members and immediate family members (spouse, child, grandchild, or great-grandchild) pursue educational goals.

High school students are eligible for a $1,500 scholarship from the Catholic educational and action-oriented Kolping Society, while current college students are eligible for a $3,000 scholarship.

Five awards worth $3,000 and four prizes worth $1,500 are given out each year, and recipients can reapply yearly.

#7. National Catholic Committee on Scouting (NCCS) Scholarships

Catholic scouts planning to attend college can apply for one of nine $25,000 scholarships offered by the National Catholic Committee on Scouting. Applicants must have demonstrated leadership in four areas to be considered:

  • Church
  • School
  • Community
  • Scouting

Church School Community Scouting Applicants must submit a letter of recommendation from a representative of each sector to show their merit.

#8. Catholic College Info Catholic College Scholarship

One of the easiest Catholic scholarships to apply for is the Catholic College Info Scholarship. To be eligible to win this generous college award, all you need to do is complete a brief questionnaire on the Catholic College Info website.

Champs are chosen indiscriminately, and the grant is paid directly to the establishment.

#9. Catholic College Admission Association (CCAA) Scholarship 

Anyone planning to attend one of the 124 member schools of the Catholic College Admission Association is eligible to join. The association grants 16 of these one-time grants yearly, and applying is simple. Finish a short application.

#10. Polish Roman Catholic Union of America (PRCUALife) Education Scholarship 

This renewable award, whose value ranges from $1,000 to $2,000 and $25,000 annually, is given to Polish American students to help them pay for their education.

To be considered for this honor, candidates must have effectively finished their most memorable school year and submit four letters of proposal showing their Clean legacy and local area administration.

Among the selection criteria are academic achievement, participation in Polonia, and community service.

#11. The Catholic Financial Life Scholarships

Catholic Financial Life, a faith-based financial services organization, awards multiple scholarships to Catholic students who are members of their organization.

These scholarships recognize students’ academic excellence, community involvement, and commitment to living out their Catholic faith.

#12. The National Catholic Society of Foresters Scholarships

Catholic students who are members of the National Catholic Society of Foresters are eligible for scholarships. These scholarships help students who want to attend college in medicine, engineering, education, and other fields.

#13. The Catholic United Financial Scholarships

Catholic United Financial, a Catholic fraternal organization, offers scholarships to students who are members of their organization. These scholarships aim to assist students in achieving their educational goals and embodying Catholic values through their actions.

#14. The Catholic Daughters of the Americas Scholarships

The Catholic Daughters of the Americas offer scholarships to Catholic students who show leadership, academic excellence, and a commitment to serving others. These scholarships are available to students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

#15. The Catholic High School Scholarships

Many Catholic high schools provide scholarships to their students based on academic merit, financial need, or a combination of both. These scholarships help support students’ educational journeys within the Catholic education system.

#16. The University-Specific Catholic Scholarships

Scholarships are available to Catholic students only at several institutions, including Notre Dame, Boston College, Georgetown University, and the Catholic University of America.

These grants frequently consider a student’s academic accomplishments, contribution to extracurricular exercises, and obligation to their Faith.

#17. The Catholic Leadership Scholarships

Many Catholic organizations, such as the Catholic Leadership Institute, provide scholarships to students who exhibit exceptional leadership abilities and dedication to their Catholic faith.

The purpose of these scholarships is to support the educational aspirations of young leaders and empower them.

#18. The Catholic Women’s League Scholarships

The Catholic Ladies’ Association gives grants to Catholic female understudies who show scholastic greatness, initiative characteristics, and a commitment to serving others. These grants support ladies in seeking after their instructive objectives and adding to their networks.

#19. The Catholic Interracial Council Scholarships

Catholic students actively promoting racial justice and reconciliation can receive scholarships from the Catholic Interracial Council. These scholarships encourage students to work toward creating inclusive communities and acknowledge the significance of diversity.

#20. The Catholic Education Foundation Scholarships

The Catholic Training Establishment gives grants to Catholic understudies out of luck, empowering them to go to rudimentary Catholic and optional schools. These scholarships ensure students receive a high-quality Catholic education regardless of their financial situation.

#21. The Catholic Youth Organization Scholarships

The Catholic Youth Association offers grants to Catholic understudies who partake in their projects and show great authority, local area contribution, and a pledge to their Catholic confidence. These scholarships aid young people’s holistic development.

#22. The Catholic Social Services Scholarships

Catholic students who have overcome significant obstacles and demonstrated resilience, determination, and dedication to their education are eligible for scholarships offered by Catholic Social Services. These scholarships encourage and empower students who have faced hardship.

#23. The Catholic Press Association Scholarships

Catholic students pursuing journalism, media, or communication careers are eligible to receive scholarships from the Catholic Press Association. These scholarships honor students’ abilities, enthusiasm, and commitment to serving the Catholic Church and its mission with their talents.

#24. The Catholic Medical Association Scholarships

The Catholic Medical Association offers scholarships to Catholic students pursuing medical, nursing, or healthcare-related careers. These scholarships support students committed to integrating their faith with their profession and promoting Catholic ethical and moral principles in healthcare.

#25. The Catholic Lawyers Guild Scholarships

Catholic law students who show a dedication to social justice, advocacy for the marginalized, and the ethical principles of the Catholic Church are eligible to receive scholarships from the Catholic Lawyers Guild.

These scholarships encourage aspiring lawyers to use their legal knowledge to improve society.

#26. The Catholic Theological Union Scholarships

Through the Catholic Theological Union, scholarships are available to Catholic students pursuing theology, ministry, or related fields. These scholarships help people commit to learning more about the Catholic faith and preparing for leadership positions in the Church.

#27. Catholic United Financial Post-High School Tuition Scholarship

Members of Catholic United Financial, a faith-based financial services organization pursuing their first degree or certificate after high school, can apply for this scholarship. Catholic Joined Monetary has received over $4 million in grants since 1955.

Beneficiaries going to Catholic schools, colleges, or establishments are qualified for a $500 donation, while a $300 gift is accessible to those going to non-Catholic schools, colleges, or foundations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these scholarships only available to students attending Catholic institutions?

No, while some scholarships may be specifically designated for students attending Catholic schools or universities, many scholarships on this list are open to Catholic students attending any accredited institution. Be sure to review the eligibility criteria for each scholarship to determine if there are any specific requirements regarding the type of institution.

Can I apply for multiple scholarships simultaneously?

Yes, you can apply for multiple scholarships at the same time. Exploring and applying for as many scholarships as possible is encouraged to increase your chances of receiving financial help.

Can these scholarships be renewable for multiple years?

Some scholarships are renewable for multiple years, while others may be one-time awards. The scholarship descriptions or the respective organization’s website will inform the scholarship’s duration and whether it can be renewed.


In our current reality, where schooling is progressively expensive, grants help Catholic students seeking advanced education. In 2024, Catholic students will have access to many opportunities beyond the scholarships discussed in this article.

Besides alleviating financial burdens, these scholarships also acknowledge and reward students for their academic accomplishments, leadership skills, devotion to their Catholic faith, and commitment to serving others.

It is fundamental for Catholic students to investigate these grants’ valuable open doors, research their qualification prerequisites, and submit solid applications.



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