100+ Compatibility Questions To Ask Potential College Roommates

Many students undervalue the significance of getting along with their roommates and may need to know questions to ask potential college roommates. They could believe that they can get along with just about anyone. That is rarely the case in practice. 

Others might believe that the university can match them with a terrific roommate if they live in the dorm. The college has been managing it for a while, so they must be skilled at it, right? While it is true that schools occasionally make excellent choices for roommates, they can also go horribly, horribly wrong.

Fortunately, students may improve their chances of finding a compatible roommate by being prepared with questions to ask potential college roommates. 

Here is what they need to know if they are unsure about the questions to ask potential college roommates.

What Kind Of College Roommate Questions Can You Ask?

Students should generally concentrate on questions that assist them in determining whether they are compatible with a possible roommate.

It’s acceptable to inquire about their ideal living arrangements and surroundings. This can include how often they want to have guests if they see food as a shared resource and how tidy they want to maintain their home.

Let’s say your student will live off-campus and have a roommate to help with rent or other expenses (like utilities).

In that instance, it is also acceptable to inquire about their sources of income or employment. They need to be confident that whoever they choose to live with can keep half of the agreement.

However, you shouldn’t conduct an interrogation-style interview with a prospective college roommate.

While most queries are acceptable, your student does not have unrestricted access to ask whatever they want. There are some issues that are very private and have no bearing on whether a person would make a decent roommate.

In most circumstances, omitting a question is preferable if it violates the Fair Housing Act. Even though roommate-choosing procedures might not have to adhere to these guidelines, asking about concerns in certain areas might be considered impolite.

Students should generally stay away from certain areas of research as a result.

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Why Should you know the Compatibility Questions to Ask Potential College Roommates?

The most exciting step after picking where to attend college is deciding where to live and who you’ll be living with!

Finding a roommate, or several suitemates is very necessary for first-year college students. 

Essentially, your new roommate is your first friend from college. You’ll learn to know one another as you arrange your dorm room, walk across campus to the dining hall, go on late-night cookie runs, and spend hours studying together. 

Your roommate will observe you at both your best and worst moments during the year.

Also, you should pick a roommate who won’t drive you nuts in your cramped shared dorm room and has the potential to become your new best friend. 

You need to know your potential roommate by asking a lot of insightful questions! 

Students can typically choose their roommates at institutions. You can browse potential housemates on your college’s Facebook page, in roommate groups on Instagram, or on the roommate matching website. 

You should inquire extensively about any prospective roommate for a number of reasons.

Find out what matters to them and what they are enthusiastic about. 

Also, you can find out what they plan to study and the reasoning behind their college choice. 

You’ll get a feel of the activities they intend to engage in, their level of socialization, and whether your study habits align.

In the end, you want your dorm room to feel safe and like a second home.

If you and your roommate get along well and respect each other’s tastes and requirements, you are far more likely to feel at ease in your dorm room. 

So, before you share a dorm room, you may find out when you might disagree with your prospective roommate by asking them questions. Also, discuss how to handle any disputes before you are roommates.

What are the 100+ Compatibility Questions To Ask Potential College Roommates?

Here are the compatibility questions to ask potential college roommates.

  1. What types of activities do you enjoy doing?
  2. From whence are you?
  3. Will you return home frequently?
  4. Do you anticipate feeling homesick?
  5. Are you sibling-free?
  6. What kind of family do you have?
  7. Do you own animals?
  8. When were you born?
  9. Have you ever stayed in a shared room?
  10. Have you ever resided away from home?
  11. Do you know any other students at this university?
  12. What made you choose to enroll in this university?
  13. What are you most anticipating during your first year?
  14. How tidy or disorganized are you?
  15. What essentials would you bring to college that you simply cannot live without?
  16. Do you get up early or stay up late?
  17. What time do you prefer to wake up?
  18. When do you typically go to bed?
  19. Do you require a nightlight or complete darkness to fall asleep?
  20. Do you like to fall asleep to silence, music, or television?
  21. What do you think about splitting up the cleaning duties in our room?
  22. Do you sleep more soundly or less soundly?
  23. Do you talk or snore while you sleep?
  24. How hot or cold do you prefer a room to be?
  25. Do you tend to sleepwalk?
  26. Do you ever sleep?
  27. How clean do you consider to be sufficient?
  28. How frequently do you wash your clothes?
  29. Do you feel comfortable sharing items like snacks, clothing, or a refrigerator?
  30. What information do you not wish to divulge?
  31. Are you silent or loud?
  32. Do you use headphones or public speakers to listen to music?
  33. Do you enjoy making new friends?
  34. Are you interested in playing video games in our room?
  35. Do you prefer being an introvert or an extrovert?

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More Compatibility Questions To Ask Potential College Roommates

  1. Do you require a lot of solitude
  2. How much time do you spend in the restroom?
  3. When is better for you to shower—in the morning or at night?
  4. What do you anticipate majoring in?
  5. Are your classes in the morning, the afternoon, or the evening?
  6. What courses are you enrolled in for the first semester?
  7. What’s the structure of your class schedule?
  8. How do you typically study?
  9. Do you prefer to study at the library or in your room?
  10. Do you prefer studying in silence or with ambient noise?
  11. How was high school for you?
  12. What sort of activities did you participate in while in high school?
  13. What extracurricular activities catch your attention?
  14. Do you intend to play an instrument?
  15. What clubs are you planning to join?
  16. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
  17. Do you intend to play an instrument?
  18. Do you enjoy playing any sports?
  19. Will you participate in collegiate athletics?
  20. Do you enjoy attending sporting events?
  21. Do you enjoy working out at the gym?
  22. What do you consider to be a good Friday night?
  23. What do you enjoy doing on the weekends?
  24. Are you going to a party?
  25. What genre of music do you enjoy?
  26. What television series and movies do you enjoy?
  27. Do you consume alcohol?
  28. Which book is your favorite?
  29. Are you a smoker?
  30. Are you contemplating joining a sorority or fraternity?
  31. Do you know which sorority/frat you want to join? Why?
  32. Are you interested in studying abroad?
  33. Do you enjoy going on vacation?
  34. Will you be working while in college?
  35. What political beliefs do you hold?

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Other Compatibility Questions To Ask Potential College Roommates

  1. What kind of dorm room would you like to design? 
  2. Have you already bought anything for your dorm?
  3. Is it okay if we split the cost of the dorm room’s rug, minifridge, microwave, etc.?
  4. What is your spending limit for the dorm room’s interior design?
  5. Do you already know the dorm you intend to reside in? (If your college permits it!)
  6. What do you think about having visitors over?
  7. Do you currently have a romantic partner?
  8. Do you intend to host guests overnight in our dorm room? 
  9. How do you feel about overnight visitors staying in our dorm room? 
  10. What do you think about a trans person spending the night in our dorm room?
  11. How would you feel about your boyfriend spending the night?
  12. Is there a weekly maximum for the number of nights someone may spend with you?
  13. Is it bothersome if we have visitors in our room during the day?
  14. How do you deal with stress?
  15. How have you previously handled disagreements with friends?
  16. What kind of communicator are you? (Passive or confrontational aggression?)
  17. Do you want to draft a contract with your roommates?
  18. What are your top culinary favorites?
  19. What are your favorite foods to eat?
  20. How should we resolve conflicts, in your opinion?
  21. What is your standard order for coffee or tea?
  22. Do you suffer from food allergies? (And how severe are they?)
  23. Do you have any other allergies?
  24. What do you feel very strongly about?
  25. What’s most significant to you?
  26. Before we move in together, are there any guidelines or limitations you would like to establish?
  27. What annoys you the most?
  28. What are your professional aspirations?
  29. Do you have any health issues I should be aware of?
  30. What do you want the future to hold for you?

Insightful Questions To Ask Potential College Roommates

  1. Will you engage in your interests in the room?
  2. What courses are you enrolled in for the first semester?
  3. How many hours a week do you attend classes?
  4. Which high school course did you enjoy the most?
  5. Do you enjoy outdoor pursuits?
  6. Are your religious beliefs significant to you?
  7. What attributes do you want in a roommate?
  8. Are you driving a vehicle to the university?
  9. What is your general style?
  10. How do you plan to utilize your dorm room? (Laptops, hangout areas, or study areas?)
  11. Do you prefer that we each decorate our own portion of the dorm room, or do you prefer that they all have a uniform appearance?
  12. What about cohabiting would be a deal breaker?
  13. Do you prefer which side of the room you are assigned to?
  14. What should I know about you that is the most important?
  15. What else would you like to learn about me?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the five traits of the perfect roommate?

1. Communication. Making relationships work, particularly those between roommates, requires effective communication. 
2. Considerate. A considerate person is thoughtful in their acts, just as a skilled communicator is deliberate in their words. 
3. Respectful. 
4. Cooperative. 
5. Cleanliness. 
6. Responsible.

What would you say about yourself to a prospective college roommate?

Talk about your favorite pastimes, relaxation techniques, standout characteristics, interesting trivia, or odd lifestyle habits that you might share with others.

How should I behave with my roommates?

Gottsman lists the following behaviors as characteristics of a good roommate: “Keep your space clean—bathroom, bedroom, and beyond—and pick up after yourself; don’t eat each other’s food (or use each other’s products) without permission; and no surprise sleepovers without a heads-up first.”

How do you ask someone to be your college roommate?

Send them a considerate message or a straightforward greeting, such as “What’s your major?” Most importantly, just ask directly: “Are you looking for a roommate?” Find common ground by disclosing some of your personal information. Tell them about yourself, your hometown, your major, and your interests. 

How significant are college roommates?

Having a roommate is frequently a requirement for first-year students at many schools and universities who must live on campus. You can pick up useful skills like compromise, communication, and respect for others’ limits by sharing a space with a roommate.


Before you share a dorm room with someone, ask a lot of questions to learn more about them. It’s crucial that you and your roommate get along and understand one other’s priorities.  

Your new roommate and you might or might not become best buddies. For college roommates, you don’t even have to agree on all of your responses to these questions. Simply be able to accept each other’s responses. 

You can start a conversation with your prospective roommate with this list of questions to ask, which will help you get along with them right away.



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