Oglethorpe Charter School: What to know before Applying in 2023

One of the choicest things to do is to be on the lookout for which charter school to send your ward. In your findings, you’ll get to know what their admission process is like, a historical backdrop of the charter school, and what student life in such a school entails.

Hence, this article is on Oglethorpe Charter School. We’ll provide you with all there is to know to aid your application process in 2023.

History of Oglethorpe Charter School

Oglethorpe Charter School is a public charter school in Savannah, Georgia, USA. A group of community members who were interested in establishing an alternative to traditional public schools found the school in 1999.

The school is named after James Edward Oglethorpe, the founder of the Georgia Colony in 1733. Oglethorpe Charter School was established with the goal of providing a rigorous academic program for students in grades 6-8, with an emphasis on college preparation.

Initially, the school was located in temporary facilities at the Savannah State University campus. In 2002, the school moved to its current location in the former Savannah High School building.

Since its inception, it has consistently ranked among the top middle schools in the state of Georgia. The school has also been recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education.

Why Oglethorpe Charter School?

There are several reasons a student or parent/guardian might choose Oglethorpe Charter School:

Rigorous academic program

Oglethorpe Charter School has a reputation for providing a rigorous academic program that prepares students for high school and beyond.

The school places a strong emphasis on critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills, which are essential for success in college and the workforce.

College Preparation

Oglethorpe Charter School is committed to preparing students for college. The school offers a range of advanced classes, including honors courses and high school credit courses.

Students are also encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities, such as academic clubs and competitions, that help them develop their interests and talents.

Safe and supportive environment

This Charter School has a reputation for providing a safe and supportive environment for students. The school has a zero-tolerance policy for bullying and harassment and has a team of dedicated teachers and staff who are committed to helping students succeed.


Oglethorpe is a diverse school that attracts students from a wide range of backgrounds. The school’s diverse student body provides students with the opportunity to learn from and interact with peers from different cultures and perspectives.

Community involvement

Oglethorpe Charter School is deeply involved in the local community. The school has a strong network of partnerships with local organizations, businesses, and universities, which provides students with opportunities for internships, volunteer work, and community service.

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Student Life at Oglethorpe Charter School

Student life at Oglethorpe Charter School is designed to be engaging, challenging, and supportive. Here are some of the key aspects of student life at the school:


Oglethorpe Charter School provides a rigorous academic program that challenges students to think critically and creatively. The school offers a range of advanced classes, including honors courses and high school credit courses.

Extracurricular activities

The school offers a variety of extracurricular activities, including sports teams, academic clubs, service clubs, and fine arts programs. These activities provide students with opportunities to explore their interests and develop their talents.

Community service

Oglethorpe Charter School has a strong focus on community service. Students are encouraged to participate in service projects and volunteer work, both individually and as part of a group.

The school also has partnerships with local organizations and businesses that provide students with opportunities for internships and other work experiences.


This Charter School has several athletic programs for students, including basketball, cross-country, soccer, softball, and volleyball.

The school’s athletic teams compete against other schools in the area, providing students with opportunities for competition and teamwork.

Student leadership

This school encourages students to take on leadership roles within the school and the community. The school has a student council, which provides students with the opportunity to plan and organize events and activities for their peers.

Oglethorpe Charter School’s Faculty and Staff

Oglethorpe Sanction School has a devoted group of personnel and staff who are focused on giving a difficult and steady instructive experience for students. The following are some important facts about the school’s staff and faculty:

Exceptionally qualified instructors:

Oglethorpe Charter School hires teachers with bachelor’s or master’s degrees in their fields. Most of the school’s teachers hold certifications and advanced degrees in education.

Administration experts:

The school’s administrative team has many long stretches of involvement with training and school organization. They are liable for dealing with the everyday tasks of the school, as well as creating and executing strategies and methods.

Support personnel:

Oglethorpe Contract School has a group of care staff, including life mentors, attendants, and clerical specialists, who work to help understudies and their families.

Continuing professional growth:

Faculty and staff at the school have access to ongoing opportunities for professional development. Workshops, conferences, and other types of training help educators and administrators keep up with the most recent research and education best practices.

A student-centered strategy:

The teachers and staff at Oglethorpe Charter School take a student-centered approach to education, so they are focused on meeting each student’s unique requirements.

These teachers work to create a learning environment that encourages academic success, personal development, and community involvement and is inclusive and supportive.

Oglethorpe Charter School 2023 Rankings

Oglethorpe Charter School is ranked #4 as the Best Public Middle School in Chatham County, #5 as the Best Charter Middle School in Georgia, and #43 among the Best Public Middle Schools in Georgia, according to Niche.

Additionally, the school receives an overall grade of A+ from the website.

According to the U.S. News and World Report, Oglethorpe Charter School is positioned #9 in Best Public Middle Schools in Savannah, GA Metro Region and #49 in Best Public Middle School in Georgia.

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Oglethorpe Charter School’s Resources and Facilities

The facilities and resources at Oglethorpe Charter School are up to standard to assist students in their academic and extracurricular pursuits. The following are some important school resources and facilities at Oglethorpe:

Technology: Each student receives a laptop or tablet during the school day as part of the school’s 1:1 technology program. The school likewise has a PC lab and media assets to help with digital learning.

Library: The library at Oglethorpe Charter School is well-stocked with a variety of books, magazines, and other resources. The library likewise has a space set apart for calm review and exploration.

Research labs: To facilitate hands-on learning and experimentation in STEM subjects, the school has multiple science labs outfitted with innovative equipment and resources.

Fine arts facilities: A theater, music room, and art studios are housed in a separate fine arts building at the school. Drama productions, art classes, and music classes all make use of the facilities.

Facilities for sports: A gymnasium, soccer fields, a softball field, and a basketball court are among the school’s many athletic facilities. The school’s athletic teams hold practices and games at the facilities.

Outdoor spaces: The school has a huge open-air patio with seating regions and a stage for exhibitions and occasions. Additionally, the school has an outdoor classroom and a nature trail for environmental science classes and other outdoor activities.

Financial Assistance & Tuition at Oglethorpe Charter School

Because it is a public charter school, Oglethorpe Charter School does not charge tuition. However, there may be costs associated with attending the school, such as fees for extracurricular activities or field trips, textbooks, and supplies.

Oglethorpe Charter School takes part in the federal Free and Reduced-Price Meal program for families who may require financial help. Families who meet specific pay rules can get free or discounted cost feasts at school, which can assist with counterbalancing a portion of the expenses that come with attending the school.

Students who show financial need or have exceptional academic or extracurricular accomplishments may also be eligible for scholarships or other forms of financial help from the school.

It is, however, expedient to inquire about opportunities with the school’s administration or guidance counselors.

School’s Website

The website address below is where you should click to make your findings about the charter school before enrolling. Cheers.



What is another name for a Charter School?

Another name for a Charter School is a Public School.

How much is the cost of tuition at Oglethorpe Charter School?

There is no charge if you’re attending the Oglethorpe Charter School. However, there may be costs associated with attending the school, such as fees for extracurricular activities or field trips, textbooks, and supplies.

Are there student resources and facilities at the Oglethorpe Charter School?

Oglethorpe Sanction School has many resources and facilities to help students in their scholarly and extracurricular pursuits. Learning, creativity, and personal development is the goal of these resources.


Generally, Oglethorpe Contract School is committed to giving a challenging, supportive, and instructive experience for students. They work intimately with students and their families to assist them with accomplishing their intellectual and individual objectives.



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