MBA in Singapore – Top Universities, Courses, Cost 2023, Eligibility

Looking for a great destination for your MBA? Singapore it is. It is one of the most popular destinations for MBA applicants, where the best universities offer Masters of Business Administration (MBA) programs.

Many students from all over the world apply to an MBA program in Singapore for a variety of reasons, some of which include the availability of numerous job opportunities and a highly competitive and developed economy.

This article will highlight the top universities where you can acquire your MBA in Singapore, courses, cost, and eligibility criteria.

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What is an MBA?

A master of business administration (MBA) is a graduate degree that teaches business or investment management theory and practice. An MBA aims to provide graduates with a deeper comprehension of fundamental aspects of business management.

An MBA can focus on various subjects like marketing, accounting, finance, or relationship management.

Why Study MBA in Singapore?

With 19.96% of its total expenditures going toward education, of which 35.18% went toward higher education, Singapore highly values the education sector.

According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, it is also home to five of the best universities in Asia. The National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University are ranked first and fifth, respectively.

Many private schools, including INSEAD, James Cook University, MDIS, and the SP Jain School of Global Management, rank among the best in the world.

Studies indicate that in 2019, MBA enrollment at Singaporean business schools increased to 3,531, with international students hailing from China, Vietnam, and India. Numerous colleges in Singapore have tie-ups with unfamiliar colleges, welcoming students from across 30 nations all over the planet.

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MBA in Singapore Admission Requirements

The admission requirements needed for you to facilitate your MBA application are listed below. However, in the interim, you can make available scannable documents. When your admission pulls through, you can then present the original documents.

  • Application fees Receipt
  • Passport details
  • Student Pass (for non – Singapore citizens)
  • Past academic documents
  • Tuition grant: if applied for any
  • Financial aid applications
  • Awards/ Recognitions/ co-curricular activities/ extracurricular activities/ competitions
  • Criminal Offence records, if any
  • Medical report stating any disability or illness
  • Scores of tests are required for studying in Singapore.

MBA Courses in Singapore

The MBA programs offered in Singapore cover a wide range of specializations, such as finance, marketing, operations, and entrepreneurship. Some of the popular MBA courses are:

  • Full-time MBA
  • Part-time MBA
  • Executive MBA
  • Global MBA
  • Dual-degree MBA

MBA in Singapore Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must meet certain requirements for successful admission to well-known business schools if they intend to study in Singapore.

Qualification for MBA in Singapore incorporates the fundamental rules each candidate should satisfy for the greater part of the business colleges and college explicit models.

The general eligibility criteria include:

  • Language Proficiency Tests- IELTS, TOEFL( For non-native English speakers)
  • GMAT/GRE scores are not mandatory
  • A Bachelor’s degree in any field from any recognized university
  • A minimum of 2.8 CGPA at the graduation level. This is equivalent to 83% or a B grade
  • A minimum of 2 years of working experience

University-based Eligibility Criteria

Below is what you would meet up with as an international student to apply for your MBA in any Singaporean University.

UniversityStandardized Test ScoresELP Test Scores
INSEADGMAT score requiredTOEFL – 100, IELTS – 6.5, PTE-68
NUSGMAT: 600TOEFL cBT: 260, IELTS: 7.5
Nanyang Technological UniversityGMAT: 600IELTS: 6.5, TOEFL: 100
Singapore Management UniversityGMAT: 600TOEFL: 100, IELTS: 7.0
James Cook UniversityGMAT preferred (No bar)TOEFL iBT: 90, IELTS: 6.5
SP Jain School of Global ManagementGMAT: 650IELTS- 6.5, PTE-600
Nanyang Institute of ManagementGMAT: Required competitive scoreIELTS: 6.0, TOEFL: 100
PSB AcademyGMAT preferred, 3 years of work experienceTOEFL- 93, IELTS-6.5, PTE- 64
Amity Global InstituteGMAT: 610TOEFL: 92, IELTS: 6.5
ESSEC Business SchoolGMAT: Competitive (No bar)TOEFL: 100, IELTS: 7.0

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Cost of MBA in Singapore

The cost of study when studying abroad broadly comprises all your expenses from pre-departure to post-departure and tuition fees for an MBA in Singapore.

Below are the expenses an international student suffers when planning to study in Singapore. It is always preferred that student is familiar with the expenses and plans ahead of them to ensure a smooth experience. 

Pre-departure Costs

These are mostly one-time costs for things like Singapore student visa application fees, college application fees, and the tests required to study in Singapore, among other things.

  • Visa application fees: $42
  • IELTS: $185 – $190
  • TOEFL: $150 – $250
  • GRE: $205 – $350
  • GMAT: $250

Post-departure Costs

Costs that fall into this group are ones that you take care of in your new study destination. It covers your accommodation, tuition fees, and food maybe. Depending on the university, you should expect to pay $100,000.

Generally, the tuition for MBA in Singapore ranges between $19,000 to $100,000. However, noting that higher expenses don’t mean quality education is expedient. The quality of education at many low-cost colleges is very high, and vice versa.

Therefore, do not evaluate any school or course based on fees. Hence, the pictorial representation of fees from top MBA Universities in Singapore.

Top Universities for MBA in Singapore

MBA programs are becoming increasingly popular among students and professionals looking to advance their careers in Singapore. Here, we’ll provide an overview of the top universities offering MBA programs in Singapore.

#1. The National University of Singapore (NUS)

One of Asia’s best business schools, the NUS Business School offers a full-time, 17-month MBA program. There are two parts to the program: The first section focuses on core business classes, while the second section lets students focus on specific subjects.

The program is available to candidates with no less than two years of work insight, and the all out cost of the program is around $90,000.

This University ranks #1 in Singapore and #13, globally. This is according to QS World University Ranking. Its eligibility criteria include:

  • Bachelor’s degree 
  • At least two years of full-time work experience. 
  • Good scores in GRE/GMAT. EA (Executive Assessment) is allowed for those with 7+ years of work experience
  • TOEFL (Minimum 100) or IELTS (Minimum 6.5) scores are needed if a student’s undergraduate course was not taught in English


#2. Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

The flagship program at Nanyang Business School is the Nanyang MBA. Through a combination of academic rigor and real-world relevance, this adaptable and interdisciplinary program, which is highly ranked among global MBA programs, prepares you to innovate, lead, and transform.

In addition to improving fundamental skills in business management, participants can expand their knowledge of e-business, sustainability, business analytics, and technology.

The Nanyang Business School at NTU offers a full-time MBA program that lasts for 12 months. The program is designed for mid-career professionals with at least three years of work experience. The total cost of the program is around $62,000.


#3. Singapore Management University (SMU)

The Lee Kong Chian School of Business at SMU offers a full-time MBA program that lasts for 12 months. The program is designed for mid-career professionals with at least two years of work experience. The total cost of the program is around $74,000.

According to the QS World University Ranking, this university’s MBA program ranks #3 in Singapore and #36 globally.

To apply b-school, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • University degree 
  • At least two years of full-time work experience 
  • Admission test (SMU Admissions Test/GRE/GMAT) results 
  • TOEFL scores are needed for students who did not study their undergraduate courses in English



A ten-month full-time MBA program is offered by INSEAD, a global business school with a campus in Singapore. The program is intended for experts with something like three years of work insight.

The total cost of the program is around SGD 107,000. The eligibility criteria for this institution’s MBA is listed below.

  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution 
  • GMAT scores- above the 70-75th percentile in verbal and quantitative sections and six or more in Integrated Reasoning
  • GRE scores are also accepted (80%+ in verbal and quantitative sections are recommended) 
  • 2-10 years of work experience 
  • Fluency in English 


#5. James Cook University, Singapore

The MBA program at james Cook University comprises of 12 subjects browsed a wide range covering all fields of contemporary administration.

Students can specialize in one of six majors and demonstrate a focus area for potential employers, or they can pursue a general stream:

  • Analytics and Business Solutions
  • Creative Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Global Talent Management
  • MICE, Tourism and Hospitality

The curriculum aims to instill a mindset of creative business solutions, equip students with data-driven decision-making skills, and engage students in experiential learning to meet the needs of business partners.


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#6. ESSEC Business School

A full-time, 12-month MBA program is offered at ESSEC Business School’s Singapore campus. The program is intended for experts with three years of work insight. The program is about $65,000 in total cost.

The eligibility requirements you must meet include:

  • Be at least 25 years of age when applying 
  • A minimum of three years of professional experience 
  • Foreign or global work experience 
  • Bachelor’s degree 
  • GRE/GMAT scores 
  • Advanced English levels 


#7. Rutgers, Singapore

With an elite personnel, profoundly positioned scholarly projects, solid industry associations, persuaded understudies and a strong graduated class organization, Rutgers Business college is upsetting business schooling.

The Singapore-based Rutgers Executive MBA program focuses on more than just business managers surviving rigorous academics. It’s about immersing yourself in a situation that helps you develop into a leader in your field; the kind of leader who not only knows the rules of the game, but also writes them down.

It’s also about making connections that will last a lifetime and help you advance professionally and in life.


#8. LSBF Singapore

LSBF Singapore has been named as one of the top Universities for MBA in Singapore especially for bookkeeping and money.

This is according to a yearly investigation of advanced education rankings and learning inclinations in Singapore by the web-based work entryway JobsCentral.


MBA in Singapore Deadlines

There are normally two admissions for MBA in Singapore:

  • July Admission: The application period typically begins in November and ends in May of the following year for admission.
  • Intake in January: The last applications nearby October end.

Note that the NUS MBA begins each August, for which the applications open in October, and the confirmations cycle shut in Spring of the next year.


Is MBA in Singapore worth it?

Singapore is one of Southeast Asia’s major financial centers and one of the most sought-after educational destinations due to its competitive economy. Many MBA programs are offered by B-Schools in Singapore, some of which cater specifically to students with technical backgrounds.

Are there scholarships to study MBA in Singapore?

Yes, candidates can check a comprehensive list of a variety of scholarships on the preferred school’s website

How long does it take to complete an MBA in Singapore?

The length of reading up for a MBA in Singapore is between 1 to 2 years.


In conclusion, Singapore provides a wide range of top-tier MBA programs with varying specializations, fees, and eligibility requirements. As a prospective student, painstakingly carry out your research and contrast various projects to pick the one that best accommodates your professional objectives and individual conditions.



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