30 Graduation Party Centerpieces You’ll Want To Display On Every Table

Graduation Centerpieces
Graduation Centerpieces

Decorating your tables is one of the simplest ways to make your graduation party appear spectacular. How should a graduation party table be decorated? Of course, with graduation centerpieces!

Graduation centerpieces are crucial since guests will devote much time to eating, drinking, and searching for entertainment at tables.

Don’t worry if you need help designing any graduation centerpieces for a graduation celebration or what to use to decorate your table; we’ve covered many lovely, effortless options in this post. 

Get ready to entertain yourself with up to 30 graduation party centerpieces you want to display on every table. 

What Goes in the Centerpiece for a Graduation Party?

Before exploring the most excellent ideas, let’s discuss what to put in graduation centerpieces.

The specific objects you select will depend on your graduation centerpiece design. However, the following components make excellent graduation centerpieces:

  • Childhood photos of the graduate
  • Their favorite type of flower
  • Graduation year signs
  • The graduate’s senior photos
  • Quotes about the graduation

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Graduation Party Centerpieces You Will Want to Display on Every Table

In this section, we have listed outstanding graduation centerpiece ideas for you with brief information about them.

#1. Graduation Cap Centerpiece

Make the graduation cap the focal point of your party decor since it is the focal point of every graduation and should be among your closest options for graduation centerpieces.

My favorite aspect of this arrangement is the stunning blue color, which is popular among those who organize graduation parties.

The striking color, gender-neutral and representing academia and education, is appropriate for a boy’s graduation party, which is uncommon in the graduation party planning world.

#2. Graduation Glitter Sign and Mini Flower Bouquet

This is one of the most simple graduation centerpieces you can think of. While maintaining the traditional floral arrangements that are a must-have at every graduation party, the décor makes the most of the pink trend.

The small-size graduation-themed signs that give a touch of shine to the elegant design and honor the graduate’s upcoming degree make this a standout centerpiece.

#3. Graduation Table Centerpiece with Glitter Year Sticks

This centerpiece for the graduation has a bit of everything. It has glamor and glam and fits the theme of a sparkling party well.

This is one of the graduation centerpieces ideas that are simple to create with paper, cardboard, wooden sticks, and a little imagination.

Use a base to support your lovely work so everyone can see it. Fill a vase with crinkly paper to add texture. 

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#4. Costumed Grad Centerpiece Box in College Colors

Graduation parties frequently serve as send-offs as well. This piece is incredibly colorful. Thanks to the use of college colors as part of the graduation centerpiece ideas shows that influence.

Moreover, the crinkled paper is on trend and adds an exciting texture kick to this exciting graduation centerpiece. Add personalized signs to make this decoration all the more charming and fun. 

#5. Flower-filled Balon Box Table Centerpiece

This is one of the fantastic graduation centerpieces ideas. These days, balloon boxes are trendy. They were previously seen at baby showers, but for a good reason: they are starting to crop up at many kinds of celebrations.

They are all of the decorations together. It’s a creative, striking centerpiece design that attracts attention and praise, from the themed foundation to the gorgeous flowers to the glossy, lavish sheen of the translucent balloon overflowing with glitter. 

#6. Large Jar Centerpiece: Diy

Here is a centerpiece that you can put together quickly. Like some graduation centerpiece ideas, it is inexpensive and consists primarily of cardboard or paper, making it essential but effective.

You can easily design this yourself, unlike some expensive graduation centerpieces ideas.

#7. With Grad Photos, Personalize a Centerpiece Box

It stands to reason that since the graduate is the day’s main attraction, decorations would feature their likeness.

Place their most incredible photos in unique frame centerpieces, such as ones of them with friends, with their favorite teachers, or at a tournament or match.

Add some flowers or other decorations in the middle of the frame to finish the effect. This is one of your catalog’s most attractive yet simple graduation centerpieces.

#8. The table centerpiece is made of gold and silver.

Gold and silver have been a go-to color combination for graduation parties for a few years. This is among the fabulous graduation centerpieces ideas you can quickly develop.

The less informal, more formal contrast between the exquisite and sophisticated elements is remarkable and formal, perfectly fitting the current graduation trend.

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#9. The centerpiece of a personalized flower jar

This is such a cute and easy graduation party centerpiece concept. Put a few stems of flowers in jars or vases, and then top each one with one of these personalized graduation signs from Etsy.

Personalizing them with your graduate’s name and graduation year is fun. Additionally, you may send visitors home with bouquets after the party as a simple treat.

#10. Centerpieces with led balloons

This will be among the fantastic and straightforward graduation centerpieces idea if you have your graduation celebration at night.

When these balloons are fully lit, they genuinely have a great appearance. Put one on each table or create a lovely arrangement like the one in the picture.

#11. Chalkboard signs and images

These table graduation centerpieces for graduation parties are an excellent way to highlight your graduate’s achievements!

Photos that showcase their senior pictures, sports shots, and other activities from their time in school should be displayed.

The chalkboard signage with the graduate’s name and graduation year is a great addition. These chalkboard signs are pretty reasonably priced on Amazon.

#12. Guidance jars

Some people are fixated on these graduation centerpieces! These can be dispersed throughout your celebration so your guests can offer advice for your graduation.

Ensure you provide them with pens and small pieces of paper. This centerpiece concept is simple to DIY, or you can purchase them already prepared.

#13. A custom paper lantern

This is such a creative concept for graduation party table decor. You can personalize these paper lanterns with your graduate’s name and year.

I suggest lighting a flameless candle inside to create a charming atmosphere.

#14. Old-fashioned book centerpieces

Anyone who likes reading or retro design will love this graduation party table decor! People adore the centerpiece of the book stacks with teacup vases.

Additionally, it would be effortless to reproduce this centerpiece design with items from thrift stores. Old books and vintage teacups may always be found in thrift stores!

#15. Globe Centerpieces 

This is the ideal centerpiece concept for a graduation celebration with a travel theme.

If you don’t intend to use the globes for anything else, you could affix decals with your graduating year on each one.

#16. The centerpiece of Flags And Flowers

Are you looking for charming and easy graduation centerpiece ideas? Put a personalized flag in a floral vase.

The flags can be purchased and personalized with the graduate’s name and graduation year. What a sweet concept for a graduation celebration in the backyard!

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#17. Centerpieces made of honeycomb in black and gold

Looking for graduation centerpieces that are the most reasonably priced? This cost less than $20 and comes in nine honeycomb centerpieces.

#18. Candles and succulents

This is undoubtedly one of my favorite suggestions for graduation centerpieces. To make a lovely and straightforward appearance, set up a few little succulents and place votive candles around them.

You could even distribute the succulents as party favors when the celebration ends!

This is a cost-effective party treatment idea because succulents are relatively economical when purchased in quantity.

#19. Lighted Mason Jar Centerpiece?

How lovely would these illuminated mason jar centerpieces be as dusk fell?

You can purchase the finished item online or manufacture it yourself. To fill the jars, buying mason jars, battery-operated fairy lights, and flower or eucalyptus branches.

#20. Metallic Bursts Centerpiece

Want to make the most simple centerpiece ever? The metallic burst centerpieces from Amazon don’t need to be combined, and they look great.

They would be ideal for a graduation celebration with a black and gold theme. They are the ideal height at 15 inches, allowing for table discussion.

#21. The Adventure Begins Frame

I adore graduation parties with an adventure theme since you genuinely go on a new adventure when you graduate.

This beautiful centerpiece concept would go great with a party theme centered around travel or adventure.

Nevertheless, you could apply this centerpiece concept regardless of your theme! Purchase the frames, then create any image or design matching your decor.

#22. Bouquet With Graduation Year Tags in a Rustic Style.

Another excellent option for a graduation party centerpiece is this one.
Add these personalized graduation year tags with twine to any jars or vases around the house, or thrift them!

You may fill them with any flowers you like, but for a graduation party with a rustic feel, you will like this baby’s breath bouquet.

#23. Picture Frame Centerpiece with Eucalyptus

This is one of the most beautiful graduation party centerpieces and effortless to make!

Just add a few flowers and some eucalyptus stalks to a mason jar. Then, place a cardholder in the center and add a photo of the graduate. Place the jar on top of a wooden slice and add a little frame with a saying or biblical verse to complete the effect.

#24. Flowers And Graduation Centerpiece Sticks

This centerpiece concept is just too cute. It completely adheres to the graduation concept without seeming corny or out of place, which you will enjoy.

You may buy these sticks for graduation centerpieces from any supermarket in the city and insert them into any flower vase.

#25. Wine bottles with gold paint

This eco-friendly and incredibly stylish graduation centerpiece idea! Spray-paint your used wine bottles gold and fill them with flowers to reuse them. With this graduation centerpiece concept, you can enjoy an intriguing table beauty.

#26. Centerpieces with enormous balloons

How stunning and elegant do these enormous balloons appear as table centerpieces? They significantly improve this graduation party’s decor.

The enormous balloons are available in marketplaces. To make them float, make sure you fill them with helium. You can fill them at Party City or another nearby party supply store.

#27. Candy Jars

You will adore spreading candy jars for guests to nibble on at each table. It serves as both a decoration and a snack. Additionally, since they have to go to other tables to get different kinds of candy, it encourages your guests to mingle. The tiny graduation-themed puns on each kind of candy are just too adorable.

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#29. Customized Paper Lantern

This is such a creative concept for graduation party table decor. You can personalize these paper lanterns with your graduate’s name and year.

I suggest lighting a flameless candle inside to create a charming atmosphere.

#30. Graduation Cap Picture Holder

This is one of the fantastic graduation centerpieces you can try out.

They are designed like graduation caps, which fits the party’s theme well! They’re also a fantastic method to show senior images during your celebration.

Other Graduation Centerpieces 

  • A list of accomplishments- made from a tri-fold display board.
  • Awards.
  • Balloon Stand Kit for Graduation Party with 20-80 Inches of Adjustable Stand Base for Floor Table Balloons and LED Lights
  • Create a table for graduation gifts and cards.
  • Guest Book for Polaroid
  • Create an image collage.
  • Set up a wisdom jar.
  • Diploma.

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How to make cheap graduation centerpieces DIY?

To make cheap graduation centerpieces DIY, choose a graduation centerpiece theme most relatable to you.

This way, you can source materials locally and save costs. The best cheap graduation centerpieces DIY are:

  • DIY Graduation Party Football Guestbook
  • The World Market Graduation Party Theme
  • Prosecco Grapes for Graduation Party
  • Create Simple Photo Centerpieces 
  • Mason Jar With Flowers and Personalized Tag

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of attire is ideal for a graduation party?

If the invitation doesn’t specify the attire, wear a classy dress, skirt/slacks, and blouse combo. You’ll always feel more at ease dressed up than down, so it’s a sure thing. Avoid wearing jeans!

How is a graduation ceremony conducted?

Doctoral degrees are often awarded last and bachelor degrees are typically awarded in ascending order. Honorary degrees are given out with unique citations before or after the acquired degrees are awarded. Some colleges flip this order, awarding baccalaureate degrees last.

How should a guest be greeted at a graduation party?

Welcome, every guest. Your guests will realize their presence is valued in just a few minutes. They came to applaud your accomplishment. Please spend some time with each person as they arrive and be nice. Please encourage them to sit, have food and drinks, and, most importantly, enjoy themselves!

What do you call the graduation party?

Other names for the graduation ceremony include commencement, congregation, convocation, and invocation.

Who should give the graduation speech?

The event will begin with greetings and introductions from the principal, board, and student representatives. Speakers – Motivational talks by a guest speaker, a former student, and the student speaker (often the class president).

What statements go on a graduation cake?

Your graduation cake should have a brief statement. “Congratulations, Graduate!” is a straightforward statement that conveys a heartfelt sentiment in just a few words. In addition, you can use phrases like “Class of (Graduation Year),” “You Did It!” or “Congratulations” before the graduate’s name.


With up to 30 Graduation party ideas in this article, there are many beautiful options for the graduation centerpieces you’ll put on your table.

If you need more than a centerpiece to decorate your tables at a graduation party, there are various ways. You may include a vibrant tablecloth, graduation-themed confetti, or some icebreaker cards for your guests to use.


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