10 Best Cyber Security Courses Online for Beginners and Experts In 2023

Hi dear, if building cyber security skills either as a beginner or expert is your goal this year, then reading this article with a comprehensive list of Cyber security courses online is right for you.

Just like I compiled a list of the best Linux courses, best data analysis, and best Blockchain certifications weeks ago, I will discuss the best cyber security courses for beginners and experts from different online learning platforms.

First, you’ll agree that cyber security is an integral part of the world. It is important for national safety and the corporate world, where more businesses are also moving their storage to cloud-based solutions.

As a result of its relevancy, the demand for it has continued to be on a geometric increase. More people want to be captains in this field.

The major challenge they’ve been facing is knowing how to start with the limited time they have and without paying through their nose.

This is why Cyber security training courses have come to stay.

Cybersecurity online training courses are probably the most affordable and best way to develop in-demand skills.

Before now, learning advanced security techniques easily was like trying to crack a hard nut, but today the case is different. It is like taking a walk in the park!

Continue reading to learn more about cybersecurity and the best online training courses that can help you build a career around it.

The table of content below will guide you!

What is Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity is an area of information technology concerned with protecting computer systems and data. It refers to computer hardware, software, and data threats like theft, hacking, and virus infection.

The field of computer security has exploded in growth as more devices become internet-connected and more services migrate online.

A high-profile breach of cybersecurity in the United States, or cyber-attack, occurred in 2014 with the theft and leaking of confidential information from Sony Pictures computer systems.

The malware breached network security and stole confidential communications, employee data, and even unreleased films.

Typical cyber-attacks target individuals in the private sector, stealing credit cards, personal information, and sensitive data.

Data center security breaches affect organizations and businesses ranging from banks to retail stores, online retailers, and anywhere consumers use their digital information.

Unfortunately, identity theft is a regular occurrence in the United States and worldwide.

Hackers also use fraudulent emails and social media to obtain end-user-sensitive data. Security risks are vital topics of study for IT and cyber-security professionals to better safeguard their consumers in today’s society.

All businesses that use the internet must have some form of cyber safety and security measures to prevent data loss or business interruption, which puts cybersecurity specialists in high demand.

Security technology and cybersecurity initiatives are crucial components in assisting businesses in safeguarding their critical information.

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Why Cyber Security?

Companies and corporations spend millions of dollars on defense systems, including software and hardware, to safeguard their valuable assets in today’s society.

Regarding securing your valuable resources, cybersecurity knowledge is the first line of defense.

Proper software and technology and skilled cybersecurity personnel can safeguard your assets from data breaches, data leaks, and other forms of harmful cyber warfare.

How can Online Courses assist you in gaining knowledge in Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity courses assist learners in comprehending modern information- and system-protection technology and methods.

  • How to apply cybersecurity concepts to real-world business situations
  • The various types of cyberattacks
  • Operating system and database vulnerabilities
  • Topics such as cryptography and digital forensics.

Cybersecurity lessons are taught by professors with expertise in Computer Science, Information Security, and related fields and are delivered via video lectures, expert interviews, readings, and quizzes.

Why take a Cybersecurity Course?

Here are some excellent reasons for taking Cybersecurity Courses Online:

  • Cybercrimes are a real threat to families and businesses, and knowing how to protect yourself and your children is vital.
  • All types of businesses, smallest to the largest, are vulnerable to data breaches, DDoS attacks, and other malicious cybercrimes.
  • Cybersecurity is surely the fastest-growing and most lucrative field to get involved with if you are interested in such technology.

How long does it take to earn a Cybersecurity Certification?

The time required to study for a certification exam will vary according to your prior knowledge and what you need to learn.

Preparation may range from a week to many months. To understand more, read our post on prominent cybersecurity certificates.

How can I know if studying cybersecurity is a good fit for me?

Anyone interested in pursuing a career where they can put their detective talents to work could benefit from mastering cybersecurity.

Additionally, learning about the subject can help you explore different opportunities in computer technology.

If you already work in the cybersecurity industry, continuing education is necessary to keep your knowledge and skills current; the more you study, the better at your job you will be.

Knowing cybersecurity may also be advantageous if you own a business or operate your website if you want to understand how to keep your data secure.

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Is Cyber Security Course Difficult?

Whether cybersecurity is tough to learn is subjective. If you’re intrigued about technology, love the thrill of solving complicated issues, and thrive on learning new things, you may find cybersecurity an exciting and worthwhile endeavor.

If you’re pursuing a career in the sector, you’re probably scared by the thought of learning (and maintaining) the technical skills.

While some of these skills are undoubtedly difficult to gain, you can lay the groundwork for lucrative and in-demand employment with the correct mindset and a game plan.

What are the Best Cyber Security Online?

Here are the best Cyber security training courses available for you to enroll in this 2023:

  • The Complete Cyber Security Course: Hackers Exposed!
  • Cybersecurity Leadership and Management Specialization
  • The Absolute Beginners Guide to Cyber Security 2023 – Part 1
  • Risk Management for Cybersecurity and IT Managers
  • Mastering Linux Security and Hardening
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity Tools & Cyber Attacks
  • Complete Cyber Security Course using Kali Linux: Hacking OS
  • The Complete Cyber Security Course: Anonymous Browsing!
  • Interview Preparation for Cyber Security Roles & SOC Roles!
  • Master Mathematical Cryptography 2023: Crack Any Code

Let’s go!

#1. The Complete Cyber Security Course: Hackers Exposed!

Instructor: Nathan House
Cost: $38.21
Duration: 12h 5m total length
Level: Beginner

The Complete Cyber Security Course is one of Udemy’s best courses for beginners who want to become an expert in security, privacy, and anonymity.

This Udemy course on Cybersecurity focuses on the fundamental building blocks of your required skill set.

During the course, you’ll learn everything related to global tracking and hacking infrastructures that nation-states run.

You will also understand the foundations of operating system security and privacy functionality.

#2. Cybersecurity Leadership and Management Specialization

Instructor: Cicero Chimbanda
Cost: $35.80
Duration: 12 hours total length
Level: Beginner

The Cybersecurity Leadership and Management Specialization is one of the top introductory cybersecurity courses accessible on the Coursera learning platform.

This course introduces you to the critical objectives of cybersecurity leadership.

The teacher will focus on the critical objective elements (KOE) by discussing the alignment of information security plans with organizational strategy, regulatory systems, and operational excellence while referencing industry standards, frameworks, and models.

This course teaches you the fundamental principles of cybersecurity leadership and management.

Following that, you’ll discover how to connect information security with the business model and the fundamental concepts, techniques, and vocabulary associated with leadership and management.

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#3. The Absolute Beginners Guide to Cyber Security 2023 – Part 1

Instructor: Alexander Oni
Cost: $35.80
Duration: 3h 57m total length
Level: Beginner

Have you been seeking a course that teaches you all the foundations of information and cyber security in a fun, relaxed manner? If so, then you will find this course perfect for you.

This course is suitable as an introduction for persons and students interested in becoming cybersecurity or information security experts.

It is also great for students who wish to understand the main ideas in information security fully.

You don’t need prior cyber security knowledge to take this course. All you need is a computer and know how to use it.

#4. Risk Management for Cybersecurity and IT Managers

Instructor: Jason Dion
Cost: $35.80
Duration: 3h 57m total length
Level: Beginner

Are you an information technology manager, cybersecurity manager, or aspiring manager? This Cybersecurity training course is for you!

This course will teach you the fundamentals of risk management in the field of Cybersecurity and information technology.

Additionally, you can discuss networks and projects using qualitative risk measurement methodologies. Then, while discussing networks and projects, employ quantitative risk measurement tools.

Furthermore, you will learn Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Measurements and how to calculate the risk of uncertainty because of vulnerabilities and threats.

#5. Mastering Linux Security and Hardening

Instructor: Packt Publishing
Cost: $40.61
Duration: 4h 5m total length
Level: Experts

Are you a systems administrator or a network engineer interested in making your Linux environment more secure? This Udemy Cyber security course is for you!

This course covers in detail tactics that will assist you in preventing intruders from penetrating your system by establishing a far more secure Linux environment.

During this online cyber security course, you will study a variety of security approaches, including SSH hardening, network service detection, firewall configuration, file system encryption, user account protection, and authentication processes.

Additionally, you will gain practical experience with complex Linux permissions, access control, and unique modes.

Finally, this course will cover best practices and troubleshooting approaches for efficiently completing your work.

By the end of this course, you will feel confident in your ability to deliver a much more complicated system to compromise.

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#6. Introduction to Cybersecurity Tools & Cyber Attacks

Instructor: IBM
Cost: $10.81
Duration: 20h total length
Level: Experts

This course provides you with the background necessary to comprehend fundamental Cybersecurity.

You will understand the history of Cybersecurity, the forms, and motivations of cyber assaults, and how to combat contemporary risks to companies and individuals.

As an introduction to cybersecurity, essential vocabulary, fundamental system principles, and technologies will be reviewed.

You will understand critical thinking and its significance for anyone interested in pursuing a career in Cybersecurity.

Finally, you will become acquainted with organizations and resources dedicated to furthering cybersecurity research in the modern-day.

This course is for anyone interested in gaining a fundamental understanding of Cybersecurity.

#7. Complete Cyber Security Course using Kali Linux: Hacking OS

Instructor: Sunil K. Gupta
Cost: $10.81
Duration: 54m total length
Level: Experts

If you’re interested in building a career in Cyber Security industry, this is one of the Cyber security training courses you should enroll in this 2023.

This Cyber security course online will teach you everything you need to know about ethical hacking, penetration testing, Wifi hacking, Kali Linux, Website hacking, etc.

During the course, you will have different practicals on using Kali Linux, such as information gathering, vulnerability analysis, web application analysis, database assessment, and password attacks.

With this, you will better understand the Hacking system and have some hands-on experience.

#8. The Complete Cyber Security Course: Anonymous Browsing!

Instructor: Nathan House
Cost: $38.21
Duration: 13h 32m total length
Level: Experts

The Complete Cyber Security Course is one of the best online training courses. It is ideal for anyone interested in advancing their security, privacy, and anonymity knowledge.

Throughout this Cybersecurity course, you’ll develop an advanced practical skillset for remaining anonymous online, maintaining privacy, and bypassing firewalls and proxies.

After completing this course, you will thoroughly understand how to attain online anonymity against various opponents, from corporations to adversarial nation-states.

Additionally, you will learn how to implement adequate OPSEC or operational security to retain online anonymity. OPSEC is the set of activities and behaviors that must be followed to maintain security and anonymity.

Additionally, you will discover how proxies servers protect your privacy and conceal your IP address.

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#9. Interview Preparation for Cyber Security Roles & SOC Roles!

Instructor: Sai Acuity Institute of Learning
Cost: $64.64
Duration: 8h 35m total length
Level: Experts

This is one of the best cyber security courses available and will provide vital insight into what to prepare for, where to find practical, real-world scenarios, and so on.

Throughout this online cyber security course, you will learn to ace interviews using insights from this role-play-based course.

Additionally, you will understand the job description from the recruiter’s perspective and have sufficient material to prepare for and ace interviews.

#10. Master Mathematical Cryptography 2023: Crack Any Code

Instructor: Kody Amour
Cost: $10.81
Duration: 5h 9m total length
Level: Experts

Have you developed cyber security skills and are interested in working with the National Security Agency? This online course in cyber security is for you!

Master Mathematical Cryptography 2023 is one of the best online cybersecurity courses available because it teaches you how to crack any security system and comprehend and crack the current AES cryptosystem.

Throughout this course, you will study both traditional and modern security methods employed in the past and are still in use today.

Additionally, you learn how to crack each one and why specific security methods are weak while others are robust.

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